.07 Gauge Guitar Strings Sound Absolutely Ridiculous

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Sep 11, 2020




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Music is Win
Music is Win 2 months ago
Proud to be the first man to bend 3 steps. I owe it all to you, my loyal viewers. I wouldn't have made it to this monumental milestone without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I bend up 5 steps. Floyd rose whammy lift as well as string bends. I also play scales with the tuning heads. After training with the sitar crowd, it becomes very obvious that bending is a lyrical technique that is under-explored in western music.
flashy5150 2 days ago
5:38 Gotta love your facial expressions lol.
Max Gunnink
Max Gunnink 11 days ago
I already bent 3 steps
Malachi Bozikis
Malachi Bozikis 19 days ago
Lol but you're not the first in fact my dad did 4 months ago
Evan Davidson
Evan Davidson 23 days ago
Way to bend em, dude!!! I got an 8 - 38 set from watching the rick beato channel...but I'm too chicken to put em on...haha...What I get from the comparison is that the .007 gauge strings seem to fret out a lot to my ears...the .013 gauge have the least of that sound...for me the .010 gauge would be my choice of the 3...which is what i use on my strat...in standard...I'd like to try a heavier gauge tuned down to E#, but not .013s!! .011 at the biggest for me...I would just pull the .007s out of tune all over the place as well...I think it depends on your style of playin ...if you are stevie ray vaughn,...then...13s....if you are the rev billy gibbons, then 7s...if you are yngwie malmsteen, then 7s...(I have no idea how)
Hery Superb
Hery Superb 2 hours ago
What😈😈🤣🤣u banding kluar dri neck guitar nya bos
NiteRider Band
NiteRider Band 4 hours ago
With a 15.76 inch scale length makes .7 feel like am .8 or .9 though.
Timothy Ragland
Timothy Ragland 4 hours ago
Who else freaked out when he did the 3 step bend?
osiris towers
osiris towers 5 hours ago
What kind of musicmam guitar is that?
Brett Robinson
Brett Robinson 7 hours ago
definitely a tone difference. the thicker gauge strings are warmer, fuller and less airy sounding. the 7 gauge sounds tiny in comparison to the others . id say 10s are the best middle of the road.
Bradley S
Bradley S 7 hours ago
Why would they snap? If it's lighter it will bend much more in standard tuning.
Michael Guarneiri
Michael Guarneiri 7 hours ago
I can bend five steps with nine gauge strings.
Aliyah Aintnobodygottaknow
5:23-5:28 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍
T Zero
T Zero 11 hours ago
Billy used to play with heavier strings, until BB King asked to try his guitar. Then he asked, "Man, why you workin' so hard?"
nick w.
nick w. 13 hours ago
You should do 13 gauge on the lower 3 strings and then 7 gauge on the higher 3 strings
Justin Kuznar
Justin Kuznar 15 hours ago
1:50 So what you're saying is: You trick the hole into thinking its going to get something bigger until you can sneak your smaller one in there. Life lessons.
Ni Hao ma
Ni Hao ma Day ago
Why do we all play the same stupid licks? me included. It's not you bro. We need to come up with some new shit! really, Fucking boring. Again, me too!!
Got that excitement boys had at 12/13 in the bathroom. Haha what??? This is crazy. Haha!!!
Michael Miles
Billy Gibbons likes them because he don't like to work too hard.
Andrew Ferrara
just got a new subscriber, this is great content
Mikey Kingston
Locking tuners, what a bitch
Paul LeBon
Paul LeBon Day ago
I'm 54 years old. Had I been an SRV fan growing up, I probably wouldn't be able to play at all now. I've been playing 8s for a few years. I'll never go back. I have locking tuners but they manually lock. Thanks for teaching me to never get automatic ones. The Good Reverend Billy Gibbons plays 7s. So, no. They are not a gimmick.
gerald jones
gerald jones 2 days ago
I think toni used 7s as well due to his finger accident. Thanks for the video. I worked my way up from 9s. Starting to rethink my string gage.
Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans 2 days ago
I know this is crazy late, is there a way for 9:58 to be transcribed?
Kait Dee
Kait Dee 2 days ago
pinch harmonics or stfi.
PizzaChet 2 days ago
I bought some .007 strings in Houston in 1982. It's like using a flimsy pick. Only for a few.
Steven Carswell
Steven Carswell 2 days ago
Come on guys. Its not like this gauge is a well kept secret....
championchap 2 days ago
That first bend that surprised you bothered my cat, woke her up like she heard something terrible happening. Damn, yeah she really hates this video 😂
Cassandra Speltz
Cassandra Speltz 2 days ago
This man has the time of his life all the time.
Mason 3 days ago
That has some beautiful tone, I can’t tell if it’s the guitar or the strings but either way it has some amazing tone.
Cam Sipe
Cam Sipe 3 days ago
Yep, those are definitely single coils
richard V.
richard V. 3 days ago
Agreed, you'd break a string ever other song.
Mikey Ashworth
Mikey Ashworth 3 days ago
i guess he really did a -giant step-
Joseph Mulvaney
Joseph Mulvaney 3 days ago
This is the equivalent of playing a video game from the very beginning with all your abilities unlocked lol
Mikey Designs & Silk Screen
Tell that to Billy Gibbons...
OFR 4 days ago
WIMP. Tony Iommi with .007 tuned down to C#!!!! And he sounds like the biggest orchestra ever.
William Torbenson
I’m pretty sure lead zeppelin used .7s for a while
William Torbenson
I heard that .7s used to come with two e strings cuz you were definitely going to break them.
N Tropy
N Tropy 4 days ago
So this is what Radiohead went through to record “The Bends” album.
Issei Sherman
Issei Sherman 4 days ago
“I have to turn on some gain” proceeds to play clean tones with a tinkle of gain.
D V 4 days ago
J mascus plays really light strings
Reborne Art
Reborne Art 5 days ago
Complete beginner here, literally 2 weeks in - cheap 2nd hand guitar I bought for my daughter ages ago which never got played, decided to have a pop myself. Getting absolutely nowhere. Watched a video a couple of nights ago comparing strings and wondered if lighter strings would help... Amazon and 24 hours later, I'm putting 7's on and suddenly I'm able to start getting a sound and moving on from the first chord learned to new ones..... I'm happy to learn the basics this way then move up in gauges, so they do kinda have their uses!
Old Grimey
Old Grimey 5 days ago
I've always used Ernie Ball Slinky 9's since I was a kid. Flexible, but robust enough to hold the tone.
Kevo Cabb
Kevo Cabb 5 days ago
Wait.... new guitar has new strings made of dental floss forehead
Don Keninitz
Don Keninitz 5 days ago
I'd be interested in hearing how heavy your pick is. I like lighter gauge strings - used .10's for years but moved down to .095's a couple years ago because I'm getting some arthritis. I've traditionally used heavy picks (1mm to 2mm) but have always felt I need my strings to provide some resistance or "bounce". I'd like to try .08's, but figure I'm going to have to go to a lighter pick as well with lighter strings. I recently read Paul Gilbert is now using .08's with a .6mm pick.
Hermann 5 days ago
The way he just cut those brand new strings.. My poor student eyes..
Rodolfo Licks
Rodolfo Licks 5 days ago
The smaller the better.
Hercules Hercules
🤯🤯🤯🤯😮😮😃😃😃mind blown
Rick The Explorer™
Nashville Tuning is all high E strings. Did it on Angie by the Rolling Stones, I think, but I don't remember. Also, Dust in the Wind was recorded like that. Epic, right?
TriGGerHaPPy 5 days ago
Its good to have some fun n all, BUT the .13's were the best sound result and quite frankly the .10's sucked RRRR's
Paul Megna
Paul Megna 5 days ago
😂 😂 😂 dude is like jack black with some speedy blues chops
Quincy Randall
Quincy Randall 5 days ago
What is the riff and lick he's playing to compare the strings called. I want to know asap.
Jordan Spiece
Jordan Spiece 5 days ago
David Gilmour signature strings.
William D. Goble
William D. Goble 5 days ago
1001JungE 5 days ago
Six?!?! No, man seven, seven's the key. Seven chipmunks sittin' on a branch eating lots of sunflowers on my uncles ranch.
Sukie Shepherd
Sukie Shepherd 5 days ago
Basically, the primary differences I heard are the sharp attack and strong sustain of the heavy strings (due to higher tension and vibrating mass), versus the extreme sensitivity to playing dynamics of the light strings. Based on that, I can definitely see why rhythm guitarists seem to prefer heavy strings and leads prefer light. I like the lights a lot, the feather-touch sensitivity seems to make the performance much more lively and organic. Though, when you can accidentally bend a semitone just from fretting a little crooked, you'd better have your technique down rock solid! 😄
EXPOsed /
EXPOsed / 6 days ago
Bruh I can bend 2.5 fine on 12 gauges
BG BG 6 days ago
Welcome to the dark side!
Fabrizio Polonia
Fabrizio Polonia 6 days ago
when I was a kid I used Ernie Ball .009 because at that time everyone used them in my area. then one day, driven by curiosity, I tried the .010s and realized how much better the sound, the sustain and the distortion were much better. if I had bigger fingers I would also play with a .013 set like Vaughan or Vernon Reid. it was up to me they should ban strings from '009 down 😂😂😂 if I remember correctly, in the 1980s Malmsteen used .008 strings tuned half a tone below with jumbo frets and scalloped fretboard. practically "play the air". Bye
Ben Fennell
Ben Fennell 6 days ago
I play 10s but honestly they sound not much different to 9s imo. The output difference is only 10% so I personally just use them because I dont play so often and my calluses wont stay if I used light strings.
Christian Kettlewell
wow, the .7s are way more what i hear in my head when i think classic rock, like Hendrix or Eric Johnson. i'm only 30 though
Joe 5 days ago
I know what you mean. Made my think of rory gallagher
DrPsychedelic 6 days ago
Try 13 for the lower 3 strings and 7 for the lighter 3
Alex Insouratselou
Slappable face.. good playing good video..
Lol 7 days ago
Broooo you shouldn’t just cut all the strings off at once like that 😭 hardest cringe. I’m done with RUvid for the night
Stewart Tomkinson
I use 8 all mine have locking tuners
Charles Mountjoy
Charles Mountjoy 7 days ago
Who plays those strings a smurf..
Rommel Rivera
Rommel Rivera 7 days ago
Bryson Gainey
Bryson Gainey 7 days ago
I like the material you chose to play, I play in a similar style your just much better at it than me but it gives me stuff to work on and try to imitate!
Maggs Gorilla
Maggs Gorilla 8 days ago
Tightened up the bottom end
C G 8 days ago
Shon Sweet
Shon Sweet 8 days ago
I put .07 on my acoustic and love it!
Im Not a Doctor But
Who decided to put violin e strings on a guitar?
Exploring the Forgotten
Sounds real twangy lol
Ryan Mounce
Ryan Mounce 8 days ago
I know Billy Gibbons plays really light strings. Possibly .7's
Frank Speer
Frank Speer 8 days ago
7's sound MUCH cooler!! Damn it; now I have to try it!!! 👍😁
Running Wolf1989
Running Wolf1989 8 days ago
Actually I prefer .07 gauge strings on my Gibson SG
Knifer_Man 8 days ago
You bending gave me anxiety
Jim Marinella
Jim Marinella 8 days ago
I think I'll put some.on my son's guitar, then tell him he must be working out too much. Seriously, I love your content.
james shelton
james shelton 8 days ago
Heavy gauge strings naturally have a darker thicker tone while the thinner gauges have a brighter more tinny sound if you will.
Max Myms Music
Max Myms Music 9 days ago
I play drums guitar and bass But still
Fnoffen 9 days ago
0.07 sounds so delicate yet still kinda carries the potential for really heavy sounds. Fascinating!
Dan Almy
Dan Almy 9 days ago
how long until you broke a string ?
Christophe L
Christophe L 9 days ago
Tone vs Timbre??
STEWART KLEIN 9 days ago
Ingvay plays sevens. I know his guitar tech I played one of his guitars it was ridiculous. I believe Billy gibbons also plays sevens but of course two completely different styles.
mekore 9 days ago
is it me or the 0.07 got more overtones
Surury Mahdi Musyaffa
i think 0.9 is perfect
Shobe Productions
Shobe Productions 10 days ago
Pretty much phone app guitar in real life
Jp Spencer
Jp Spencer 10 days ago
I noticed the filling station shirt and recall you mentioning meeting Tosin at NAMM, so I'm going to assume you are a Nashvillian?
Jeffrey Champion
Jeffrey Champion 10 days ago
I felt like these strings would be buzzing and/or getting out of tune or end up being bent way too easily before listening but they sound great! I imagine the fact they’re on a strat rather than another guitar helps a lot. Wonder if they have much sustain though... They KIND OF sound like they’d die pretty quickly.
John Watkins
John Watkins 10 days ago
Would sound unbelievable on telecaster
stuffandjunkanduhh 10 days ago
0:45 thats what she said
FingerAngle 10 days ago
They're brighter
Ken Minahan
Ken Minahan 10 days ago
Setting your intonation and neck might also improve the sound.
Ken Minahan
Ken Minahan 10 days ago
Loosen the lock more and tap on the face of the head stop and the pin will fall enough to let the string thru.
Wingnut Mcspazatron
They sound really good
Mason Young
Mason Young 10 days ago
i play bluegrass on a real acoustic with medium and they feel like this for me but if i would try to bend a strings like this is gonna break the strings for sure LOL
Jarkko Kokkonen
Jarkko Kokkonen 10 days ago
I’ve bended more than that with my Jackson dinky minion guitars. But I share your feeling of the guitar feeling very new. The small scale guitars actually got me excited about playing again. All the staleness was blown away instantly, because every note and bend felt so different.
rizzieboi 11 days ago
sorry, im a beginner, whenever i put on .08 gauge strings, i'd break the e string while tuning...is there any tricks or tips to not let it break before u even can strum it? and .07 is just crazy...how can u pull that off without breaking the e string....whoaaa
musicaleltd 11 days ago
I don't hear a huge difference; i'm going down from 10 to 9 on my strat currently, but i'm getting some work done on my gretsch and i'm thinking of changing those to 8's; got 10's on a tele
Danny McCormack
Danny McCormack 11 days ago
I would hire you based on your 0.10 sound, but neither of the others. No one wants a guitar player with too much bass EVER. The only records you'll hear this on are when it's the producer who is playing guitar also
Brian Woodruff
Brian Woodruff 11 days ago
Why wouldn’t you grab the string up close to push through the locking tuner? Oh right, it’s for a video... 🤪
Kostas Oikonomou
Kostas Oikonomou 11 days ago
Srv would bend 6 steps bends😂
Rodrigo Maravilla
Rodrigo Maravilla 11 days ago
Having a scalloped fretboard with this would be unreal, all you need after that is Yngwie Malmsteen
David 11 days ago
Some people use the 7 as a high “a” for “A D G B e a” tuning.
David 9 days ago
@Loganhatesbeans I’m talking about an .07. You can’t use a .70 for a super high pitch.
Loganhatesbeans 9 days ago
I think that’s a .70 not .07
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 11 days ago
The attack and top end is really good.
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