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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 8 603
Greg Tucker
Greg Tucker Day ago
My ping is way worse
CrazyFin 2 days ago
💯. 12:14
XxWolfie PlayzzxX
Enemy: *builds 1x1* Mulselk: *ladies and gentlemen,* 𝐰𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐞𝐦
xLegendx7 5 days ago
Can’t say it’s really bad
xLegendx7 5 days ago
That name tho
twitch aplayzzz
twitch aplayzzz 5 days ago
I thought 1 thousend ping is normal well for me it is anyone got any tips
Kaden Bethke
Kaden Bethke 6 days ago
Muselk does notice that people like me actually do have to play like this and that it’s an actual problem and not a joke 🤦‍♂️
HJ gaming
HJ gaming 9 days ago
When the pros are working hard to get 1000 ping but you live in a large family with only 3mbps download speed
Bryson Larkin
Bryson Larkin 13 days ago
6:07 he censored everything else besides the kill feed XD
OneNoobPlays YT
OneNoobPlays YT 16 days ago
Muselk 6:03 bro you can see the winners name in kill feed and it’s inappropriate
Alikk Dd
Alikk Dd 18 days ago
7:00 i play like this ping
ICantThinkOfAName _
6:00 that guys name was R4p3.Kids.Daily
Kakuchi yeet
Kakuchi yeet 18 days ago
A funny thing I find is that on my own servers I play on 1800 ping regularly
Spoopy puffs _
Spoopy puffs _ 19 days ago
Classic muselk screaming to a number
Howdy Partner
Howdy Partner 20 days ago
I like how he happy when he takes a wall on 1 ping me on the other hand over here at 60 to 900 ping there a very big difference because my WiFi is trash but I still take walls on that ping
Susan J
Susan J 21 day ago
y do some people say that eigland severs are the best? i am i austraila and i played eingland searves i got 10 kills in my first game so that means that atsrailan seavers are the best
Eduan Malan
Eduan Malan 22 days ago
Im South African and litterally the lowest ping that any one of us can get is 150 ping... We have to play on Europe servers because Epic Games never added South African Servers!!!!!!!!!!!
Diego Torres
Diego Torres 23 days ago
me:hot muselk:even hoter
Jamie Abrahams
Jamie Abrahams 25 days ago
I live on 365 ms ping I have no choice I have to connect to europe from africa. no wonder im so bad
MainHM Else
MainHM Else 25 days ago
Muselk could not cover the mans name look at the side 6:06
Wave XP
Wave XP 25 days ago
12:28 Me and the kangaroos are coming for you 😂😂😂
Peter Danison
Peter Danison 25 days ago
im used to 1000 ping
Brady De Lew
Brady De Lew 26 days ago
Clxps Editz
Clxps Editz 26 days ago
Muselk edits first name out look at the bottom left lmao
LITCO PLAY 27 days ago
Wel if you think your Internet or pc is bad me play on 80 ping my graphics are 30 fps
SB 737 biggest fan
SB 737 biggest fan 27 days ago
I don’t even need to open streams to lag
SB 737 biggest fan
SB 737 biggest fan 27 days ago
Now you know my pain
Logan Neiswonger
Logan Neiswonger 28 days ago
That’s my normal ping
BlueMew 28 days ago
tbh your connection doesn't do the 0 ping, it's really you gaming desktop PC
WithyCheetah413 28 days ago
I play on 0 ping every game all game
Crey Brister
Crey Brister 29 days ago
That's my regular ping.
AwesomeGamer23 Month ago
The 1,000 ping is just my natural habitat at this point.
AwesomeGamer23 Month ago
Alternate Title: Flexing my internet speed on normal people
Oscar Castro
Oscar Castro Month ago
I'm not lying this is my normal 1000 ping
Pieta Plays
Pieta Plays Month ago
6:07 you blurred the kids name but you can see it on the right down chat
Harbbe Month ago
wish i have that good internet :(
Ryan CARTER Month ago
i get worse ping and i don't even put strems on and download doom.Btw you should put on netflix
Craig the root lamma seve
why did you blured the guy who on the game name
Mark Abilar
Mark Abilar Month ago
1,000 HA I got 10,000 just by joining playgrounds
Erick da Silva
Erick da Silva Month ago
Yo muselk. I am Brazilian and I've had so much fun watching you reading "QUE ISSO NOVINHA" 😂😂 I'm gonna be laughing until 2030 😂😂😂😂 By the way "que isso novinha" means "damn girl" if you wondering. And it's spelled " keh isso novignah "
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