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Jul 15, 2019





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Comments 8 581
Yorgo yorgo Bardawil
I always play on 1100 ping
mr bear
mr bear Day ago
rather see trap kills than wall stealing
Dinosaur time and Funny videos
What;s ping?
Gorden freeman
Gorden freeman 2 days ago
DDGaxel Nilsson
DDGaxel Nilsson 3 days ago
Muselk: Has 0 ping Me: sitting here with -1 ping
Fun stuff
Fun stuff 3 days ago
What is your internet?/ Who is your internet provider?
Albrecht Kussner
Albrecht Kussner 4 days ago
6:03 bottom left
esther muro
esther muro 4 days ago
He left a gold scar
joey Hutchison
joey Hutchison 5 days ago
Muselk: why can’t my ping go to 0 when I’m trying to make a video Me: let’s go my ping is finally bellow 200
Watches muselks reaction to high ping Me: YES!!!! FEEL MY PAIN!!!
Nicholas Lyndaker
Welcome to my ping every day
Kommo-o UlTrAz
Kommo-o UlTrAz 6 days ago
Or use a hotspot for bad internet that’s what I do
Kommo-o UlTrAz
Kommo-o UlTrAz 6 days ago
Even I take walls quicker even on basically always around 100 through 250 ping
Kommo-o UlTrAz
Kommo-o UlTrAz 6 days ago
3:06 Well
Vac Ban
Vac Ban 7 days ago
Retarded Documentaries
Ahhh I see you have now experienced my daily internet
Deku midorya
Deku midorya 7 days ago
do minecraft now...
Eunice Bellinger
Eunice Bellinger 7 days ago
Lachy once lost to someone he was trying to take there wall and he raged and he said NO!!!!!!!! Ihave 7 ping
Duck Fun Gaming
Duck Fun Gaming 8 days ago
I sadly have that red arrow and x on my internet symbol in fort nite all the time
Brielle Z
Brielle Z 8 days ago
What even is Ping?
GreySucc 8 days ago
Weird flex but ok
Ladainian Dos santos
when he lost against the homeless jonsey skin I noticed he blured the username out, so I looked at the kill feed and it said some stuff that scarred me for life
Roman Chiodi
Roman Chiodi 9 days ago
killfeed still shows name 6:05 but ok
Adam Colyer
Adam Colyer 9 days ago
Lol he blurs the jonesey’s name that kills him but not the kill feed
StealthyZombo 10 days ago
Your lucky my ping I 600 and I get at least 5 kills per game
Jon-Henrik Marthinsen
U didnt blur the kil feed
IAMdumberThanYOU 10 days ago
furiousfade did a video on this
Cargo 5
Cargo 5 10 days ago
You would have got revenge easier if you had a pick and shovel
Matthew Sheehan
Matthew Sheehan 10 days ago
Muselk wearing GUCCI
FOUR - 22 P90
FOUR - 22 P90 11 days ago
Me... 60ping enemy GET ME IN YOUR BOX KID 0ping "jumps through Wall"
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips 11 days ago
He blurred it out but you could see it in the corner 😂
doc the rock
doc the rock 11 days ago
I get an average of 350 to 1100 ping when I play
Jack Kirky
Jack Kirky 11 days ago
9:39 you could just come to my house instead mate
Shahé Arslanian
Shahé Arslanian 11 days ago
MUselk your diedf by daily kids ha ha ha ha ha
Dom Bomb
Dom Bomb 11 days ago
This man is so good if he just played more solos he would be a pro. His aim is great just needs to work on edits and builds
The best among Us
The best among Us 11 days ago
When streamers get 60 ping what the hell is wrong with my internet me when I get 60 ping yes I mean it’s better the 90 ping
Jessy Padron
Jessy Padron 11 days ago
He blurs out the name but if u look in the bottom left you can see who killed him
yazeed alsahil
yazeed alsahil 12 days ago
I play like this everyday
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 12 days ago
That’s how’s my ping is
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson 12 days ago
Your playing like me
Hyper Sonic
Hyper Sonic 12 days ago
I quit fortnite because my average ping was like 600
Top Fortnite Trendss
Anyone else notice the dudes name in the kill feed ? R4p3.Kids.daily
PokeGio Videos
PokeGio Videos 13 days ago
My internet us op too
QSK Swifty
QSK Swifty 14 days ago
6:02, that's the blurred name 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Francesco Marcellino
The name of the bleared guy in the match is R4p3.Kids.Daily
Ultimate Plays
Ultimate Plays 14 days ago
U can’t play on 1000, it happened to me tons of times
Andrea Burns
Andrea Burns 14 days ago
When the bler came up when he won the game u never blered the kill feed
BeastlyGamer 14 days ago
Muslek blocks out name at 6:02 but forgets to do it on kill feed me laughs 😂
Abby M.
Abby M. 14 days ago
The 1000 ping is mine every time I try to play fortnite lmao
Wiggy Pop
Wiggy Pop 14 days ago
turn on a VPN to AMerican and play on BRazil.
Killing Smalls_op
Killing Smalls_op 15 days ago
Muselk: 0 Ping(Fine) Muselk: 5 Ping(🤬 Im lagging)
Jackson Powers
Jackson Powers 15 days ago
Viks ping is always 0 it’s crazy
Joshua Grubbs
Joshua Grubbs 16 days ago
Yeah 1,000 ping is impressive, but have you played with 10,000 ping?
Torren 1
Torren 1 16 days ago
now no one can say the died because of lag 😤
Samuel Alli brown
Samuel Alli brown 16 days ago
:me: I wish I had the ikon skin and Gucci :( :muselk: but I'm poor to it's ok
Raiden Ridgway
Raiden Ridgway 16 days ago
Bruh you forgot to blurr out the kill feed when you lost the game to the bunker Jones
sterling_ 16 days ago
Sage Pitre
Sage Pitre 16 days ago
Muselk Mafia💙🔫💪🏾
Euan Cameron
Euan Cameron 17 days ago
6:02 slow down and read the name
Juan Rodríguez h
Juan Rodríguez h 17 days ago
Dude he writes the thumbnail like he is screaming it
Vropez 17 days ago
Rap3kidsdaily is the name of the guy that he blerd
kvng_fl4cko 17 days ago
I need your internet
kvng_fl4cko 17 days ago
I need your internet
Kieran Johnson
Kieran Johnson 17 days ago
Your lucky I'm unlucky I go to 200 ping
Olavo Jaqueto
Olavo Jaqueto 17 days ago
ay muselk, I will protect 🇧🇷
Selkie Satin
Selkie Satin 18 days ago
When he didn’t take the scar🥵
Kristin Mannon
Kristin Mannon 18 days ago
Pretty sure Brazilian peeps don’t speak spanish
Diogo Arantes
Diogo Arantes 19 days ago
When I press the space bar to drop I somehow appear flying in the other part of the map ... Sometimes when i manage to enter the game I get to wait 15 minutes in the loading screen
sinnlosTV 19 days ago
Ahhh now you feel the max power my internet cable can handle lol
LightningBolt -_-
LightningBolt -_- 20 days ago
Omg you are so racist I fele ofended sory my inglish is not so good
Hank Hitsahomerun
Hank Hitsahomerun 20 days ago
5:38 leaves scar
YanSimMods 20 days ago
I used to like watching this guy because he was funny but now I think I should unsubscribe he brags alot and acts like every other Fortnite RUvidr
Sniper Swy
Sniper Swy 21 day ago
I have this bad of ping all the time and it sucks
Jaiden Tabbert
Jaiden Tabbert 21 day ago
I take the wall with 104 ping
USif Haq
USif Haq 21 day ago
Look at the kill feed when he places second place 🥈
BLAYDOSS 21 day ago
Now you know hom my ping is everyday
Gaming with DAO
Gaming with DAO 21 day ago
now you know how we fellow bots play and hates the game
Chronic Nickk
Chronic Nickk 21 day ago
so are we gonna ignore the fact that muselk is wearing a gucci sweater
Brayden Liang
Brayden Liang 22 days ago
You should report him for inappropriate name
Brayden Liang
Brayden Liang 22 days ago
You can see the name if you pause it at 6:02 and who names their account that
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