🦅 5 best eagle attacks caught on camera

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This video will show you the smartness of eagles.
The beast of eagles’ attacks caught on camera - new #Bubble video!
Here I will tell you about the incredible facts about eagles and show you some tough fights between eagles and other animals.
3. Eagle vs child - goo.gl/rWXii8
1. Eagle vs Chamois - goo.gl/1Z9EzX
5 shocking attacks of eagles on people and animals caught on camera - do not hurry to judge these birds, just watch this video to the end.
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Jun 10, 2017




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Comments 100
ahmad waad
ahmad waad 14 hours ago
6:05 the Precision
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks 23 hours ago
1st ori music Second who cares about the goat this man filmed a hawk killing a cat
YeetingChildren4Fun :D
Shit I actually thought the hare was gonna live
YeetingChildren4Fun :D
Thank God I ain't a fucking goat
Muhammad Ammar ASLAM
Iqbal app ka shaeen abhi zinda han
LunaWolfMXS 2 days ago
I love how animal rights activist don't want us messing with nature, until nature kills and eats a cute little kitten. 🤣🤦‍♂️
Trooper Ted
Trooper Ted 2 days ago
This is the theme music to Ori and the blind Forrest lol
Titus Bell
Titus Bell 4 days ago
Well put. Amazing creature.
JASON SKUNI 5 days ago
Ok now am scared of eagles
YNT 6 days ago
For the first one, you played a beautiful music for a murder scene...🤣
Jwon Cook
Jwon Cook 8 days ago
6:06 😂😂😂😂 got em
Marcos Mendoza
Marcos Mendoza 9 days ago
Rahul vs
Rahul vs 9 days ago
Poor goat😪😪
Lost Coyote
Lost Coyote 10 days ago
Eagle vs Dog looked more like a different bird of prey other than a eagle. :/
Randy Balatucan
Randy Balatucan 11 days ago
Hawk can defeat eagle?? I dont think so....
P R 12 days ago
I got hit by eagle some years ago on my head; I felt my skull was opened. The pain was heavy and slightly bleeding! I got so angry and took a stone and threw it in the air but eagle just disappeared easily! Eagle is definitely not a pet bird. Be careful everyone!👍
Morn star
Morn star 12 days ago
I once watched another video wher they hunt tortoise, yup it the same tactics as the goat...wher they drop it from height to crack the shell
EASAR Omaer 13 days ago
This should be titled "5 worst eagle attacks"😢😢😭😭
Devanand Shaji
Devanand Shaji 13 days ago
That eagle on the last clip is a genius.
brenda mikula
brenda mikula 13 days ago
I cant believe the coldness of the commenters below. They are crying over a hare and a goat being prey when the first picture is of a human baby taken to its death by the eagle . I hate people who love beasts more than humans. What the hell is wrong with you people?
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson 14 days ago
And the clip of the here jumping I've seen the full clip the eagle does not catch the hare so its not destined for doom It runs off. Typical American reality bending misinformation
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson 14 days ago
And also peregrine falcons can dive at 200 mph not eagles lol 😂.
Bob Wilson
Bob Wilson 14 days ago
The eagle with the dog just happens to be a fucking saker falcon bloody amateurs
Houdini 15 days ago
Eagle vs dog that was a falcon
Mobile Legends Channel mobile Legends Channel
Pitbull vs eagle lets see
Beaver Barnes
Beaver Barnes 18 days ago
The second one was a Peregrine Falcon
Beaver Barnes
Beaver Barnes 18 days ago
Half of these were falconry birds and they are birds of prey if they didn’t hunt in the wild they would starve.
Serg Sanchez
Serg Sanchez 21 day ago
If you see the eagle in reality, RUN !!!
Da'Shawn Vass
Da'Shawn Vass 24 days ago
Γιώργος Βασιλειάδης
2:22thats not an Eagle it's a peregrine falcon
JAYESS Month ago
And 🦅 is suppose to be a symbol for America. I think a Vulture is a better fit nowadays
Noelle’s Kid Life
JAYESS I have to disagree although Vultures are very cool the eagle fits our country better but if you think vultures well I’m fine with that I like eagles tho :)
Patricia Devine
Patricia Devine Month ago
I know they have to eat but I hate them! That poor goat!
Hamza Yussuf
Hamza Yussuf Month ago
Smart creature
Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor Month ago
Geez that eagle would not let go of that goat....tenacious
Jhonny Thunder
Jhonny Thunder Month ago
Sorry hare but am on the eagles side.he got wicked skills😎
vivek sajeev
vivek sajeev Month ago
Eagles are badass...
Rodrigo Delgado
Rodrigo Delgado Month ago
Damn nature you scary
Noreen Tasneem
Noreen Tasneem Month ago
You are wrong hawk can,t kill eagle
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Month ago
This is why it should not be illegal to kill them.
Set Month ago
I actually feel really bad for the goat.
Trevor the number 10
Damn! I will never look at the eagle the same way it looks at me
Trevor the number 10
An angry man is a hungry man
Al45kan cold
Al45kan cold Month ago
Wow eagles are so badass wish i had 1 as a friend lol
Rachel Wilson
Rachel Wilson Month ago
Pool Test
Pool Test Month ago
Ummn that last scene, I bet you both animals are injured bad >
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Month ago
An unarmed and less intelligent human can be killed by 8/10 animals in the wild! But unfortunately his brain developed so all 10 animals died for him
Ali - azka
Ali - azka Month ago
Gentle bird
Notice that the eagle for most of the attacks in this video is the golden eagle. People can claim the harpy and phillipine eagle are the biggest and what not but they don't call the golden eagle the king of the sky for nothing. That bird can also take down fully grown wolves and many othe animals bigger than it. My favorite bird of prey without a doubt...
Smoking Tabasco
Smoking Tabasco Month ago
-Goat has died of fall damage
david uvo-vincent
This is one of the best videos I've ever watched
JP FM Month ago
2:04 isn’t that a falcon or am I an idiot, I am pretty sure that is a falcon not an eagle right?
R C Month ago
3:26 - So many great recordings of Red Tail Hawk calls. Not a single Eagle call in the whole vid. (Spoiler: They sound similar to seagulls)
R C Month ago
2:32 - Wow.....get the video of the Red Tailed Hawk screeching away instead!
R C Month ago
1:42 there's that pesky Red Tailed Hawk screeching behind the Eagle again.
R C Month ago
0:40 - Is that the screech of a Red Tailed Hawk in an Eagle video? #FAIL. #LOL
Nanette Escudero
That hare jump was EPIC!!!!!
Sean Karleone
Sean Karleone Month ago
And no the falcon did not catch the hare.
Sean Karleone
Sean Karleone Month ago
The one with the rabbit in it is a falcon.
Roby Month ago
OMG the last fight
Roshnee Mahapatra
Please tell in hindi
Angel Richards
Angel Richards Month ago
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Lantern_Roblox Flor
srry to say this but bald is very tough and dont have some respect and i love goats
Govanni De vios
Govanni De vios Month ago
Bird of perfection
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
Dude the eagle that lured that bird close with food to attack it was a genius
ABN 2 months ago
Love these videos
Cecilia Perkins
Cecilia Perkins 2 months ago
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Leomerya12 2 months ago
"It grabs the teenager and tries to throw it". IT!?
J Barry
J Barry 2 months ago
"Only a miracle can save the hare"... EAGLE PROCEEDS TO MISS NEXT 6 ATTEMPTS.
frank blah
frank blah 2 months ago
weird how the music sounds like its from the ori game lol
Aaron W.
Aaron W. 2 months ago
I’m sorry but 1:15 is the funniest shit ever. The graceful music and the goat falling super still in the air
Jefryson Ranera
Jefryson Ranera 2 months ago
eagles are smart
Jeremy T. Perlinski
Jeremy T. Perlinski 2 months ago
The bird vs dog, that's not an eagle, it's a falcon. Also the last clip that wasn't caught on camera. It was filmed for the movie 'Brothers of the Wind'. I knpw it cause I have the movie.
Hero Jido
Hero Jido 2 months ago
add some stuka bomber sound.. perfection..
Jeremiah Raphael
Jeremiah Raphael 2 months ago
honestly the one where the eagle droped the lamb had me thinking why do we have a eagle as our sign
ibra budgie
ibra budgie 2 months ago
meet my lovely bird budgie ibra ruvid.net/video/video-AMv5RGzIq4c.html
cem batur kemikkiran
Man, I'm so happy we evolved and developed some tech. Wild is fcking hard.
John Roman Themistocles
Peregrine falcon is also deadly, it is the fastest animal. The one who attack the dog is Peregrine, not a eagle.
Snicker-Meme 2 months ago
Am i the only one who noticed that’s a Hawk or Falcon, not a Eagle, an Eagle would be the double of what that Hawk is. 2:05
Snicker-Meme 2 months ago
Eric Cutrer so what type of Eagle is this?
Eric Cutrer
Eric Cutrer 2 months ago
It's a small eagle
khoirom Milton
khoirom Milton 2 months ago
That last grab on the head was fuking awesome
ZJeong Hopak
ZJeong Hopak 2 months ago
Eagle vs vulture please
aman akther
aman akther 2 months ago
Benjamin Mathias
Benjamin Mathias 2 months ago
Man that heron at the end.
Nuh B
Nuh B 2 months ago
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange 2 months ago
4:38 he says if the man recording was more sympathetic. Let me tell you something buster it works both ways. That eagle was hungry and if he don’t eat he dies so he was sympathetic towards that eagles survival and not the cats either way it was a good clip
Gian Schnapp
Gian Schnapp 2 months ago
Philippine Eagle
Abdulkalam kp
Abdulkalam kp 2 months ago
I feel sorry for the goat 😥
raja thampuran
raja thampuran 2 months ago
Nature is fucking cruel
FUKKDBQ YT 2 months ago
6:04 how smart the fucking eagle is
Sun Jun
Sun Jun 2 months ago
great egle
Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald 2 months ago
Skip. The dog is twice the size? You need better glasses.
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 2 months ago
Saw a bald eagle snatch a blue heron in mid air , dive straight down into a pond, swam with heron in mouth, drug it up from waters edga and stood eating it for about 20 minutes while my brother and I watched from about 30 feet away.
Larry Slemp
Larry Slemp 2 months ago
You fucking pathetic losers!! Take this shit video to your pals over in Romper Room!!
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler 2 months ago
Eagles, the original gangsters.
JustAceComedy 2 months ago
What is the name of this background music?
john card
john card 2 months ago
The images of the eagle trying to grab the infant have been proved to by fake.
Pedro El Jouaidi
Pedro El Jouaidi 2 months ago
It was not a eagle vs dog it was a hawk
Mr. Ben
Mr. Ben 2 months ago
That poor goat
XNXX 8ball
XNXX 8ball 2 months ago
Evil Pokémon
Skraggo 2 months ago
Subscribe to me so I can get monetization. Thanks XD
Meg 32
Meg 32 2 months ago
6:04 Bird:Can I take some foo... Eagle:Shut...
Wayne King
Wayne King 2 months ago
Typical misinformation by people who don't know anything about animals and try to make an animal video. False information, can't tell and eagle from a falcon, etc.
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