🦅 5 best eagle attacks caught on camera

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This video will show you the smartness of eagles.
The beast of eagles’ attacks caught on camera - new #Bubble video!
Here I will tell you about the incredible facts about eagles and show you some tough fights between eagles and other animals.
3. Eagle vs child - goo.gl/rWXii8
1. Eagle vs Chamois - goo.gl/1Z9EzX
5 shocking attacks of eagles on people and animals caught on camera - do not hurry to judge these birds, just watch this video to the end.
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Jun 10, 2017




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Comments 2 989
ICE FLAME 11 hours ago
2:14 the dog was like: OKAY..OKAY..OKAY...I AM SORRY I AM SORRY
Tymoteusz Kasza
Eagle: this Hare is mine Hare: Im gonna do something whats called a pro gamer move
truth teller
truth teller 2 days ago
More contrived bullshit
Ven Andrew Paler
Ven Andrew Paler 3 days ago
Wtf eagle vs child😂
Ven Andrew Paler
Ven Andrew Paler 3 days ago
*Happy but sad music* goat dies Narrator: the poor goat destined to die
Waqas Maqbool
Waqas Maqbool 4 days ago
6:07 thank me later
Maximilian Beyer
Maximilian Beyer 4 days ago
2:06 look at that peregrine eagle
Mr Flores
Mr Flores 4 days ago
pitbull vs eagle?
Pampi Tage
Pampi Tage 5 days ago
Eagle's limbs looks like they wearing pants 😂
Drińkxfänta 7 days ago
Video told me eagles are bully’s
LOVE JUMEX 7 days ago
Rip goat
Cleon Pierre
Cleon Pierre 7 days ago
4:28 Cat: Well, this is a strange turn of events I've seemed to have gotten myself into 👀 Oh when the tables turn 😆😆😆😫😫😖
Manuel Haro
Manuel Haro 7 days ago
6:05 that's some advance God level speed
Emre 8 days ago
that last clip was nutty
Ju Blue
Ju Blue 12 days ago
So basically eagles are giant assholes
Arbaz Ansar
Arbaz Ansar 13 days ago
Eagle are king of birds...... They are
Ravi Nakarmi
Ravi Nakarmi 13 days ago
Poor goat
C4alyps0 14 days ago
1 like is 1 prayer for that goat
VIKTOR BIHAR 17 days ago
Yes, they are smart, but they are a hit to courageous. Some are known to even kill wolves. You heard me right. But to be honest, people should feel sympathy for such a creature, for like a shark, they can mistaken us for prey.
Tricia Wilridge
Tricia Wilridge 17 days ago
And that rabbit juke thahim
Tricia Wilridge
Tricia Wilridge 17 days ago
Not the dog like if u agree
The Butcher
The Butcher 18 days ago
That's why they're dangerous to humans. They can kill mountaineers by terrifying them until they fall on sharp rocks.
mudassir khan
mudassir khan 18 days ago
Gatch u bitch 6:04
Paul Zuluaga
Paul Zuluaga 19 days ago
SureCinema kill
sean 19 days ago
The eagle is the most beautiful animal.
Gamerboy71 20 days ago
3:59. ANKLES!!!!!!!!
spidy one
spidy one 22 days ago
Tonio Yendis
Tonio Yendis 22 days ago
Waiter: how do you like your goat? Eagle: I like it on the rocks.
Francisco Ortiz
Francisco Ortiz 22 days ago
Makes me wonder they can easily grave a toddler
Wow!!..Love this!!!..🔥🔥🔥
The Ecuadorables
The Ecuadorables 23 days ago
I don't like eagles any more. ;-;
Ezzah //
Ezzah // 24 days ago
Damn these eagles a brutal 😂 chucking goats of cliff sides
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott 24 days ago
200mph? Bullshit
Eddee What
Eddee What 24 days ago
Most people I believe don’t realize how massive those birds are until you see one in the wild. Only one word could describe it. 🤩
Where oof Begins
Where oof Begins 22 days ago
RW163 24 days ago
Fuckoff just fuckoff
vivek patil
vivek patil 24 days ago
Watch 6:06 at 0.25x You would see that how confident that eagle was in that trick. He actually lifts his claw just before the other bird moves. This bird is truly genius.
Kyle Borboran
Kyle Borboran 25 days ago
The first one is too brutal
Jack The bulldog
Jack The bulldog 25 days ago
mopuri nowshad
mopuri nowshad 25 days ago
'If the bird targets the creature only a miracle could save it'
karan mishra
karan mishra 25 days ago
I'm sure everyone was thrilled in this scene 5:40 Like a climax of a movie
K RICHARD 25 days ago
Apex killer machine 🦅
el costeño
el costeño 26 days ago
5:28 we have a new species of eagles. They call them rodeo eagles.😁
xester GD
xester GD 26 days ago
All the jokes in the comments apart, i really was sad when i saw the poor goat falling
xester GD
xester GD 19 days ago
Dauphin yes that’s true though
Dauphin 19 days ago
xester GD it’s just nature. It’s violent. The lives we lead are anomalies. we’re not used to seeing what real life is. So it shocks us.
xester GD
xester GD 19 days ago
Dauphin I was actually sad lmao
Dauphin 20 days ago
xester GD 😂😂
Carlos Wallace
Carlos Wallace 23 days ago
Me to
aljosa raketic
aljosa raketic 26 days ago
3:07 woah,this dude probably suffered some serious injury.
Jake Stevens
Jake Stevens 26 days ago
Wait a minute, if the eagle is trying to eat the hare what the hell good would it do to play dead lol?
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 26 days ago
Stop talking
Kyle Perez
Kyle Perez 27 days ago
I was sad when goat was felling down
Seawolfaka 27 days ago
Could have done with out your commentary . All false babies getting taken by 🦅 Dudu
Seawolfaka 27 days ago
Could have done with out your commentary . All false babies getting taken by 🦅 crap 💩
Ron Koestlinger
Ron Koestlinger 27 days ago
A branch about 4 feet long about 2 -3 inch diameter will take care of even the bravest golden eagle. You just have to time your swing right.
freshfade28 28 days ago
Hell naw
Irving Taborn
Irving Taborn 28 days ago
Powerful statements of truth
OP-Gamer 28 days ago
Poor animal falling at 1:20
pissoff61 28 days ago
Dont like the narrator
Jacel Christelle Hernandez
I feel sorry but that's how life cycle goes 😭
Ty Clancy
Ty Clancy 29 days ago
Not to be that guy but the second entry is not an eagle that was a hawk
Snazzy Dogs1
Snazzy Dogs1 29 days ago
5:28 Eagles like: I'll ride him!
Toyosi Adigun
Toyosi Adigun Month ago
I feel so sad for the Goat expecially the music 😅
TheRealext Month ago
Some bad mfs
Mubashir Kazmi
Mubashir Kazmi Month ago
1:08 made me cry 😭😭
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