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Enjoy new funniest and very cute compilation of the week about try not laugh funny animals' life video. But some cats in this video will actually surprise you!
And you can enjoy they in this video. Cats are surely the most popular pets and awesome animals nowadays. Dogs are awesome animals. Despite all their differences, they have much in common, too.
All their breeds differ by size, features, and color, temperament.
And yet, there are dogs that resemble none of their kin in the whole world.

Thanks for wonderful music by Vexento - "Digital Hug"

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Jun 4, 2020




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Chuck Kern
Chuck Kern 23 days ago
this is my daughter and her crazy kitten ruvid.net/video/video-Ct87H1FUV8A.html
Funny Pets Moments
Funny Pets Moments 2 months ago
Funny Animal Videos
Funny Animal Videos 3 months ago
I miss my dog so much. 48
Funny Animals' Diary
Omg These Dogs & Cats are HILARIOUS 😍😍
Armond Cadet
Armond Cadet 3 months ago
Bofl that chicken thuggin fr.... Bustin out the cut on yo ass
Cliff P
Cliff P 3 months ago
Sunroof guys dog is so ugly! Not even cute ugly
TheOutlander82 3 months ago
i can't imagin my life with out a dog.. It's MUST BE!
saraliquefy 3 months ago
1:40 there's a dancing Bill Cosby doggo😆
FinX 4 months ago
Please visit me for the best video 💖💖💖
coyote wild bay
coyote wild bay 4 months ago
My mom's poor poodle was attacked by my French maran hen scared poor bell outa her mind the big sister lil had to go get revenge.............that backfired🐩🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
ttv -heinz
ttv -heinz 4 months ago
2:17 play apex
Ava Michael
Ava Michael 4 months ago
Model dog
Ava Michael
Ava Michael 4 months ago
Epic fail cat
Ava Michael
Ava Michael 4 months ago
millionaire cat
Ava Michael
Ava Michael 4 months ago
One of dem dogs gonna learn how to rob a bank-
rhonda blanchard
rhonda blanchard 4 months ago
That chicken that someone filmed is a trip. Looks like he's gonna try to whip somebody.
Zandi McNair
Zandi McNair 4 months ago
I love cats
Salih Steel Mûzîk
Salih Steel Mûzîk 4 months ago
i like it-i have subscribed in you canal.i hope you will do same.Thanks
Second Hand Guru
Second Hand Guru 4 months ago
1 bowl for all of those cats? Thats not enough food for them
Petz Live Channel
Petz Live Channel 4 months ago
what a beautiful thing
Shahidul Islam Titu
Shahidul Islam Titu 4 months ago
So cute
Shahidul Islam Titu
Shahidul Islam Titu 4 months ago
#gracioso 4 months ago
Great. A lot of people Love that, I also have chanel with new funny viedos. I invite you to watch. #gracioso
cutecats261 4 months ago
cutecats261 4 months ago
Nidhiz Vines
Nidhiz Vines 4 months ago
WR 4 months ago
7:05 That IS perfectly normal during quarantine. It gets to a point when you just give up lol!
cheesegyoza 4 months ago
Who let Fozzie poke his out of the sunroof?
Apache attack Doge
Apache attack Doge 4 months ago
Dog at 1:26 looks like Alf. Lol
Scarlett O'Malley
Scarlett O'Malley 4 months ago
I wish there wasn't that music I got so annoyed that I turned off the volume
eva 4 months ago
Song at 0:53?? I looked in the description, MalBot doesn't seem to exist and anything listed isn't the right song, it's beginning to bug me, please tell me what it is
Zwiebel Salat
Zwiebel Salat 4 months ago
Ich heiße marvin
Sweet Coco
Sweet Coco 4 months ago
I really like this channel!!! 02:13 Coco also enjoys sliding as well!! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jay 4 months ago
Dogs are better beings than 99% of humans.
Garden Joy
Garden Joy 3 months ago
I'm afraid you got that right, mostly.
Antoine Liseaux
Antoine Liseaux 4 months ago
Please, don’t put that annoying music 😢 it was so annoying that I didn’t enjoyed the video at all !
Garden Joy
Garden Joy 3 months ago
Loved the music. Enjoyed the video the more because of it...
Cute Cats & Me
Cute Cats & Me 4 months ago
“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” 🐈
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan 4 months ago
Not according to the cats.. "meh, I cannots believe that my servant is sitting here, talking to me.. ow."
Daniel Walter
Daniel Walter 4 months ago
Nobody Now the title of the song that starts at 0:55 ?
Megladon 410
Megladon 410 4 months ago
Loved this video! 👍😀🐶🐱
nichole francois
nichole francois 4 months ago
So cuuuuute
RIC 4 months ago
BrainFreeze 4 months ago
Jade 4 months ago
11:04 omg he looks exactly like my first foster cat and he also slept like that under the blankets. I miss him so much
poppykok5 4 months ago
I'm hoping all 4 thirsty, excited kitties *BIT* that m e a n lady for making them all share the ONE little bowl... : )
Mermaidz_Unicorns 4 months ago
0:26 do hit different
Maddison Richardson
Maddison Richardson 4 months ago
Love these vids so much u guys should also make a epic animal fails Chanel
Bernard Sherry
Bernard Sherry 4 months ago
"My twenty now" said the 🐈
Isabell Jurenz
Isabell Jurenz 4 months ago
1:30 i swear the dog dance to the Musik from the eddit
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris 4 months ago
😄 too cute LOL
Daniel Walter
Daniel Walter 4 months ago
Somebody know the title of the song that starts at 0:55 ?
Sunflxwer_vibess 4 months ago
1:44 when the dog dances tho :P
Melissa Battista
Melissa Battista 4 months ago
Omg 😆
GameTime 4 months ago
TexasDog3 4 months ago
Lucky cat at 8:27.
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan 4 months ago
3:55 "okay, i'm ready to finish writing my new novel now.. then a walk, play chase the squirrel, supervise the cat (that damn feline criminal used my food bowl as a litter box again..) then another coffee? i'll drive if you buy! ooh, i smell muffins!" all said very, very quickly....💖🐈💖🐕💖🐔
アリーソン - Chan
:o funny lol
Asik Kulibrahim
Asik Kulibrahim 4 months ago
Devin Symone
Devin Symone 4 months ago
Whenever I see birds charge i laugh its too funny
Kirill Kirill
Kirill Kirill 4 months ago
Video from God, music from satan...
J Bond
J Bond 4 months ago
Why do these always say "try not to laugh"?
Anna 4 months ago
There is no way not to laugh
Richard Burke
Richard Burke 4 months ago
Failed already when I saw the picture for the video.
rosa pagliarin
rosa pagliarin 4 months ago
cuel gatto a dei probblemi ah ah ah ah ah zzzzzzzzz
Charles Dahmital
Charles Dahmital 4 months ago
@ 8:20 OK. It's my turn now.
jody.my. jody
jody.my. jody 4 months ago
I have 15 cats and several funny videos of them. How can I send them to you so that you can upload them on your site please give me info. I love cats. You can edit them with your music bc I don't know how to do that.
cat channel k.h
cat channel k.h 4 months ago
Cute ♥️
Kitty Corn
Kitty Corn 4 months ago
How to chat in live chat
Joseph Klause
Joseph Klause 4 months ago
0:27 well THAT caught me by suprise 🤣
Andrea Strong
Andrea Strong 4 months ago
Gggg Hhh
Gggg Hhh 4 months ago
Kalina Stefaniak
Kalina Stefaniak 4 months ago
I love dogs 🐶🐕🐩🐺
Cat_Pliusha 4 months ago
Funny 😹
Andilaa Saragih
Andilaa Saragih 4 months ago
Auto suscribe 😻😻👍👍
steven herrold
steven herrold 4 months ago
you know this is commercial for the animal shelter
しらたま もっち チャンネル
wanna be friends?
Gin Roskam
Gin Roskam 4 months ago
Thanks for the funniest videos
Emerson Pierce
Emerson Pierce 4 months ago
0:27 ummm pretty sure that ain't a cat or dog lol
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan 4 months ago
Светлана П.
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen 4 months ago
Dog in Cage? Animal abuser.
Averie Genge
Averie Genge 4 months ago
I did not know that the cat was behind the curtain and Peed in his thing I said hi it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life like this 👇🏻
Sweet Coco
Sweet Coco 4 months ago
LOL 😂😂😂😂
Cone bombona
Cone bombona 4 months ago
0:00, 0:51, 1:33 the dog of funny animals' life!
Zwi2o vss
Zwi2o vss 4 months ago
Hi, guys! This is a great video. A few minutes ago I was angry, but after watching this cats video, I really laughed like crazy. I want to recommend it. I swear you guys are gonna have fun hhh lol LINK: ruvid.net/video/video-mfklNpQ0fZQ.html
渡辺ボス 4 months ago
Ben Cart
Ben Cart 4 months ago
Awwwwwwww those pets are sooooooo cute 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 how watched this put a thums up right now 😺
April Jackson
April Jackson 4 months ago
Did I just see a chicken!? 🐓
Klaus Klaus
Klaus Klaus 4 months ago
I think these videos are awesome and are hilarious🤣🤣🤣
Cats In Slow Motion
Cats In Slow Motion 4 months ago
Super cool video...the kitten in front of the mirror is a classic and it still gets me 😹
Nazlı Öztoprak
Nazlı Öztoprak 4 months ago
🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 yaa çok tatlılar bunlarrr😍
Diego Bettino
Diego Bettino 4 months ago
Qualche italiano o sono l unico
7:45 I literally threw my phone lol 😂
Woa Doodland
Woa Doodland 4 months ago
wow, so very cute, I want cat
Jens Peterson
Jens Peterson 4 months ago
Love these videos BUT stop putting the same music at the end of every video. It doesn’t make the videos better or original. We just want to see funny animals. Period. THAAAAANKKSSS!!!! Haha
Cats In Slow Motion
Cats In Slow Motion 4 months ago
Strict request....but true and not too bad ;-) I thought so, too sometimes.....
FortniteGod8765 FortniteLife
I love when the music was playing good tune and funny animals my favorite one was the chicken or rooster
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan 4 months ago
Amber Kelley
Amber Kelley 4 months ago
Just Me
Just Me 4 months ago
If you can safely lay a small mirror down flat on the floor and set a small kitten on it, it's pretty funny what happens next.
Cats In Slow Motion
Cats In Slow Motion 4 months ago
That is a pretty cool idea 🙏😻
Sammie Knight
Sammie Knight 4 months ago
Sammie Knight
Sammie Knight 4 months ago
Kno how stupid some animals are ?
Crazy boi
Crazy boi 4 months ago
Borja Caro
Borja Caro 4 months ago
Naomi Osaka
Naomi Osaka 4 months ago
Ой милота😊
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 4 months ago
Thank you for making me smile and laugh. Please keep them coming.
Tina Steer
Tina Steer 4 months ago
7:00 I think you were lucky the dog didn’t jump out the window to get the ball! So glad he didn’t.
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