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In this video we have collected top 10 high voltage fights in cricket or say top 10 fights in cricket. As we know cricket is gentleman's game but many times the ground becomes warm because of some unexpected actions. In this video there are multiple clips of sports fight like Mitchell Johnson's fight with Kevin Peterson, MS Dhoni fight with Mitchell Johnson, Gautam Gambhir fight with Shahid Afridi, Harbhajan Sigh fight with Shoaib Akhtar, Virat Kohli fight with Rubel Hussain, Shane Warn fight with Marlon Samuels, Wahab Riaz fight with Ahmed Shehzad, Ahmed Shehzad fight with Tilakratne Dilshan etc. fights in india vs pakistan match etc.
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Comments 80
AG Flex HD
AG Flex HD 3 months ago
*_Ultimately All Players Are Good Humans. Please Don't Abuse Any Player. It is sports and anything can happen at heat of the moment._* Peace. *Thanks for your awesome response* :)
Pak Hindi
Pak Hindi 5 days ago
@Priya Roy phir galia bhu suni bruh
Sufian Aki
Sufian Aki 20 days ago
Plzz sir
Sufian Aki
Sufian Aki 20 days ago
Nam bta day plz jo sath tune hai video ky sath
Sufian Aki
Sufian Aki 20 days ago
Plz yh jo video ky sath tune hai yh bta dy nam
Veeresha Veera
Veeresha Veera 6 hours ago
Aaryan Jaiswal
Aaryan Jaiswal 9 hours ago
2nd one
Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan 16 hours ago
Shysta Iqbal
Shysta Iqbal 17 hours ago
Wahab Riaz bro😜
Gaastly 23 hours ago
Paksitan ke hai hi chutiye 🤣🤣🖕🏻
Shubham Sharma
Last one is good
Sheaikh Mahim
Mohammad Farooq Siddiqui
india and pakistan
isma sohail
isma sohail Day ago
Wahab riaz
Dolly Jha
Dolly Jha Day ago
no one
Vbeast human
Vbeast human Day ago
F--- mitchell johnson
umaid aghani
umaid aghani Day ago
wahab na akhr ma kaha bosrika
Miga Day ago
Indian se panga mat leyu Jai hind😎😎
Md Masud
Md Masud Day ago
india faltu tv
ilan jiyan
ilan jiyan Day ago
I like dhoni vs johnson
Athar Ahmed
Athar Ahmed Day ago
Murder toh ni kiya na... Caption kuch aur dikha the kuch aur...
Jit Halder
Jit Halder Day ago
Vag 😉😜🤔☠️☠️☠️💀😊👮👮😯
Low voltage
Dharmendra Kumar
Harbhajan Singh vs Pakistan last ball pe six maar kr jita dete hai🤗🤗😘
majjor ali khan
majjor ali khan 2 days ago
islam he gandgi hi
Venkataramanan Sivakumar
MI vs RCB, Starc vs Pollard.
Ashwani kumar /Ashwin/
Ms dhoni and Micheal Johnson
talha741 3 days ago
It suppose to be a gentlemen’s game. I see some are losing their temper and that’s not to be condoned.
LOCal boyZ official
Muhammad Hashir Ali
🔥🔥🔥 hard to watch 0:37 💕💟 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
Awais Tayyab
Awais Tayyab 3 days ago
Indian team ha he fsadi
Tapabrata Chakraborty
Saying someone to change religion and talking about religion was a very disrespectful and drastical incident ever happened on cricket field. Ahmad Shahzad had past issues also .. the drop catch incident.e.t.c. He also had body contacts.
akashjohnplayer 3 days ago
In most of the fight dhoni is involved Either at non striker ends or himself involved😂
khairul Alom
khairul Alom 3 days ago
Abbey...Javed miandad ki awaj ki mimicry kanne wale...kaumse kaum baat Kisi aur ko Karne dete.....
arif qazi
arif qazi 3 days ago
Biased review...😞
Inamul Inamul
Inamul Inamul 3 days ago
Indian player madar chud
Ahmad Sheraz
Ahmad Sheraz 3 days ago
You really hated Pakistani players
Rising Larka
Rising Larka 4 days ago
In sab se 1 hi conclusion nikalta h. Pakistan ki maa ka bhosra
Tarun Sonkar
Tarun Sonkar 4 days ago
Harbajan paaji ne pure pakisatni ki ammi chod di 😂😂
Tarun Sonkar
Tarun Sonkar 4 days ago
Maderchod pakisatni
Aniket Mahadik
Aniket Mahadik 4 days ago
Talk Hindi
Talk Hindi 4 days ago
Help me bro.mein bhi you tub video banaalna chahta hoon
Dildar Hussain
Dildar Hussain 4 days ago
I love India
The FutureEx
The FutureEx 4 days ago
Ms dhoni no 1 stupid in the world
Mayukh Barman
Mayukh Barman 4 days ago
Gautam Gambhir 🔥😈
Manish raja video
Manish raja
Pranav Patil
Pranav Patil 4 days ago
Talis lakh 😅😅🤣🤣🤣
amit bhardwaj
amit bhardwaj 4 days ago
Dharam parivartan shezad lol 0 sportmanship
LEGEND GAMER 5 days ago
Shoib nay harbajan ki gand pad di thi
Bla Bla
Bla Bla 5 days ago
Kutta maga Dhoni
Surendra Manjalkar
Shahzad chya aaichi gaand
Sahadat Ashik
Sahadat Ashik 5 days ago
this is not top fight in cricket....this is indian fight video only
waseem aslam
waseem aslam 5 days ago
Muhammad Arsel
Muhammad Arsel 5 days ago
Lala vs gambhir
Think new do new
Think new do new 5 days ago
Ek baat to pakki hi ye maderchod pakistani kabhi nehi sudhrenge.. 🖕🖕
Ameya Vichare
Ameya Vichare 5 days ago
Footballers be like Hold my beer guys
Ismaeel Amjad
Ismaeel Amjad 5 days ago
9:49 "mank sure"
Nilakantha Behera
All time bed boy in cricket history Jonson.
Pujari venkataramana
Dhoni pushing rubel
Gg Forrnite
Gg Forrnite 5 days ago
This guy is Indian and targeting Pakistanis
The oZumer
The oZumer 5 days ago
"Dont You Fuc*Ing Dare"
ravi kumar
ravi kumar 6 days ago
Abe tmhri commentry jaruri thi
Aamir Ali
Aamir Ali 6 days ago
Wahab Riaz was good work
king Rahim
king Rahim 6 days ago
Chudi tomar india
Vinoth Vinoth
Vinoth Vinoth 6 days ago
umar farooq
umar farooq 6 days ago
afridi and chotia gautam
Sourabh Thakre
Sourabh Thakre 6 days ago
Bhai mat karo commentary , it really sucks
Kajal Mishra
Kajal Mishra 6 days ago
Fassi Shah
Fassi Shah 7 days ago
Because Ahmed Shahzad crack a sixer before his dismissal
Travel ID
Travel ID 7 days ago
u hv monitization on ??
Killzyyy 7 days ago
shut up
md sujon
md sujon 7 days ago
hiy.more human korci
Pasan Chamikara
Pasan Chamikara 7 days ago
Ahmed Shehzad had been a kindergarten asshole :lol:
killer boy
killer boy 7 days ago
Indai is my foot
Ali Jav
Ali Jav 7 days ago
Prasad vs Amir Sohail
khan Movies creator
5:00 Dhoni John Johnson ke sath takra kar Nahin girta balke Khud girta hai aur Johnson ko bhi girata hai Taki unhen runout na kara sake Khud Hi Dekho Dhoni Ka hath
Bhabani Padhi
Bhabani Padhi 3 days ago
Sab ese hi bolenge
Sunny Zain
Sunny Zain 8 days ago
Rubel said,, "BOKCHODA"
Waleed Maqsood
Waleed Maqsood 8 days ago
1 is best
yogesh karware
yogesh karware 8 days ago
Proud to be an India
Aziz Ullah
Aziz Ullah 8 days ago
Afridi and ghambeer
Rana Ayhan
Rana Ayhan 8 days ago
Shahid afridi is my favourite player
Rana Ayhan
Rana Ayhan 8 days ago
you are mentalcase
Rana Ayhan
Rana Ayhan 8 days ago
india you are mentalcountry
Rana Ayhan
Rana Ayhan 8 days ago
you are right
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