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-Bollywood Fun Games Quiz Video 2019
-Bollywood Quiz Games Questions with Answers 2019
-Hindi Movie Songs 2019 Full Movie HD
-Hindi Movie Quiz Video with Answers 2019
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Nov 6, 2019




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Comments 80
Source of Bollywood
Source of Bollywood 8 months ago
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Jignasa trivedi
Jignasa trivedi 2 months ago
Who is your favorite actor and actresses
Ritesh Biswal
Ritesh Biswal 3 months ago
I got all of them correct
sadath ali
sadath ali 3 months ago
Please make part two it was sooooo fun I loved it
BerryxCreations 8 months ago
Pls make part 2 quick
Mohammed Ismail
Mohammed Ismail 8 months ago
Who is your favourite actor
Kinza Yaseen
Kinza Yaseen 54 minutes ago
Shradha 😂😂
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Tapsi Pannu
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Priyanka Chopra
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Madhuri Dixit
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Shraddha Kapoor
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Sonam Kapoor
Surbhi Markam
Surbhi Markam 11 hours ago
Sri devi
Natasha Saha
Natasha Saha 12 hours ago
Please, do a singer version as well....🙂
Aanya Mittal
Aanya Mittal 23 hours ago
Anupriya Roy
Anupriya Roy Day ago
My score is 9/10
Miftahul Ashra
Guessed all except Disha Patani , I don't even know her... And my most fav part was Kajol , I just love her...
Ami Manush
Ami Manush Day ago
1. Sridevi 2. Sonam kapoor 3. 😑😑 4. Kareena kapoor 5. Shraddha kapoor 6. Madhuri dixit 7. 😬😬😬 8. Priyanka chopra 9. Kajol devgan 10. 😑😑😑 👧❤❤❤
Legend Gamers
I got all right answer
Sonal Talokar
I Got 7
Mousume Hasan
Mousume Hasan 2 days ago
Guesswd allll
AJAY SHARMA 2 days ago
I guessed Karena Kapoor Shri Devi Shradha kapoor
Himani Bannanje
Himani Bannanje 2 days ago
Sri Devi Sonam Kapoor Katrina Kaif Kareena Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor . Deepika Padukone Priyanka Chopra Kajol Disha patani Couldn't guess Madhuri Dixit 🙆
Guria Misra
Guria Misra 3 days ago
I guessed all of them crctly💕💕
Guria Misra
Guria Misra 3 days ago
Kat nd disha's description 😂😂😂😂😂😂... Pure bezzati 😂😂😜😜✌✌
Anushka Yadav
Anushka Yadav 3 days ago
oops i got only 5
Aalia Khan
Aalia Khan 3 days ago
I guess all actress correct ✌✌I am very happy
Praveen Singh
Praveen Singh 4 days ago
My score is 8
Hridya TS
Hridya TS 4 days ago
7 out of 10 ..😃
Manshi Sureka
Manshi Sureka 4 days ago
Glamour Zone
Glamour Zone 5 days ago
I guess 6 name of actresses
Swati Phadke
Swati Phadke 5 days ago
Got 8
Ananya Garg
Ananya Garg 5 days ago
How is PC desi when she married Nick
Ananya Garg
Ananya Garg 5 days ago
Sridevi, Sonam kapoor, Katrina, Karina, Shraddha, Madhuri, Disha,
Manasi Pradhan
Manasi Pradhan 6 days ago
1. Sridevi🥺 2. Sonam 3. ? 4. Kareena 💘 5. Sraddha💘 6. Madhuri💘 7. ? 8. Priyanka Chopra 9. Kajol💘 10. ?
Vandana Pandey
Vandana Pandey 6 days ago
My all answer are correct
Amisha Yadav
Amisha Yadav 6 days ago
I guess all right
Sophiasoffical Shahsoffical
I got sridevi sonam kappor kathrina kaif kareena kapoor madhuri deepika padukhone prianka kajol my fav is kathrina btw😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jiya's corner
Jiya's corner 7 days ago
1. Sri devi 2. Sonam kapoor 3. Katrina kailf 4. Karena kapoor 5. Shradha kapoor 6. Madhuri dixit 7. Deepika padukonke 8. Prinanka chopra 9. Kajol 10. Disha patni That's were my answers And I guessed in 18 sec I hope my answer are right If I am right please like my comment please please 👇👇👇
Kumud Chawariya
Kumud Chawariya 7 days ago
Plzzz...make 2nd part of this..plz and mention Kangana ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez and Bipasha Basu.......all my luv....🧡💛💚❤💙💜🖤💕💕plz..plz
Hanah Mirza
Hanah Mirza 7 days ago
Part 2
Pari Superstar
Pari Superstar 8 days ago
Mujhe katrina, deepika, priyanka, kajol, disha ke alva sab pta lag gye the😃😃
Ayisha Swaliha
Ayisha Swaliha 8 days ago
Who loves the animal tiger
Ayisha Swaliha
Ayisha Swaliha 8 days ago
I recognised everyone but except katrina and kajol
Uzma Sarfaraj
Uzma Sarfaraj 8 days ago
1. Sridevi 2. Sonam Kapoor 3. Katrina Kaif 4. Karina kapoor 5. Madhuri Dikshit 6. Shradha kapoor 7. Kajol
Anamika Das
Anamika Das 8 days ago
I guessed katrina , kareena, shraddha,kajol,disha.
anisha jain
anisha jain 8 days ago
It is 8
Nidhi Pal
Nidhi Pal 9 days ago
"I love the animal tiger"😂😂😂😂😂
Talha Ayoub
Talha Ayoub 9 days ago
I couldn't guess only of Disha....
Vibha Gupta
Vibha Gupta 9 days ago
1. Sridevi 4. Kareena Kapoor 7. Deepika Padukone 9. Kajol
Vanshika Chaturvedi
Guess only 6
Md. Shahidul Islam
Md. Shahidul Islam 10 days ago
My score is 7 out of 10
Deepika K
Deepika K 10 days ago
I got 8 ques correct
shibangi kumari
shibangi kumari 11 days ago
I guessed all🙂
Tanish Sharma
Tanish Sharma 11 days ago
I guess everyone except sonam kapoor
Mannat Bably
Mannat Bably 11 days ago
Anam Farooqui
Anam Farooqui 11 days ago
1.Sridevi(RIP)😍 2.Sonam Kapoor😏 3.Katrina kaif😘 4.Karina Kapoor🙄 5.Shraddha Kapoor(One of fav)💕 6.Madhuri Dixit💓 7.Deepika Padukone🙄 8.Priyanka Chopra😏 9.Kajol(One of fav.)💕 10.Disha patani(One of fav)❤️
Harpreert Singh
Harpreert Singh 12 days ago
I can guess everyone.
Ricky 13 days ago
Sudha Devdas
Sudha Devdas 13 days ago
Sonam kapoor
Ghulam mustafa
Ghulam mustafa 14 days ago
I couldnt guess kajol and disha
Priyanshi Lunia
Priyanshi Lunia 14 days ago
1.sredevi 2.soonam kapoor 3.Katrina kaf 4.kareena kapoor 4.shradha kapoor 5.madhuri dixit 6.deepeka padookon 7.priyanka Chopra 8.kajool 9.disha patani
Nikunj Kukreja
Nikunj Kukreja 14 days ago
dream music
dream music 14 days ago
Hamne sab Guess kar Liya tha
Mobile User
Mobile User 14 days ago
Disha sonam kajol ko Bas naibpehchan paai
Payal Goyal
Payal Goyal 14 days ago
I guess kareena kapoor , shradha kapoor , maduri dixit, disha patani
Mufeeda Raheela
Mufeeda Raheela 14 days ago
Monu Balyan
Monu Balyan 15 days ago
Yoge Taneja
Yoge Taneja 15 days ago
All was right except Disha
Rituja Borah
Rituja Borah 15 days ago
how did shraddha made a debut with Amitabh Bacchan
Nishi Rai
Nishi Rai 15 days ago
Bhai 😅😅
piyush saini
piyush saini 15 days ago
1 Sridevi 2 Sonam Kapoor 3 Katrina kaif 4 Kareena Kapoor 5 Shraddha Kapoor 6 Madhuri Dixit 7 Deepika Padukone 8 Priyanka Chopra 9 Kajol 10 Disha Patani
Sameer Pasha
Sameer Pasha 15 days ago
Funny as well as intersting😂😂☺
Meenakshi Ranjan
Meenakshi Ranjan 15 days ago
Priyanka Chopra is to easy
Meenakshi Ranjan
Meenakshi Ranjan 15 days ago
I guess shraddha because she is my favorite girl and actress
Khaula Maknojia
Khaula Maknojia 15 days ago
I got 3 right only Deepika kareena priyanka
Meena Bhagat
Meena Bhagat 15 days ago
My score 5
Mohamed shazil
Mohamed shazil 16 days ago
Namrah Hakeem
Namrah Hakeem 16 days ago
I guessed all right 👍
Sadiya Muskaan
Sadiya Muskaan 17 days ago
I guess everyone except Katrina Kaif
Divya Pillai
Divya Pillai 18 days ago
I guessed all except deepika padukon I love tiger 😂😂 My husband is shorter than me 😂😂
Chaitali Pawar
Chaitali Pawar 18 days ago
I can guess everyone except disha pathani
Vaishali Seth
Vaishali Seth 19 days ago
I can only 5
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