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The following show features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, VMT and the producers must insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this show.

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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 100
teramasz 4 days ago
2:34 funny or not, surely the Police should be looking to see these two, dangerous people.
MegaCAPTAINCHRIS 5 days ago
Jumping post to post hurt me.
Duckling 3 days ago
Hahaha 😂 yah
James Von Maxwell
1:52. That girl OWNS it. Haha
C M 11 days ago
And it looked like a tooth in the zit cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evan Gelist
Evan Gelist 12 days ago
Elephants like "do me now"
أبوبكر boubker
from morocco...i hate peoples who use bad words cheaply whithout reasons.....pure stupidities and evil...the farmer dont stop saying F**
Nick Nick
Nick Nick 13 days ago
4:41 Guys - is the start of a brain tantrum! laughter therapy provided 😂🤣🤣🤣
tina cline
tina cline 16 days ago
Omg the farmer dude sounded just like my dad lol.. and the look on that man's face when the girl with the solo cup
Andrew Mead
Andrew Mead 17 days ago
That's the fakest koala I've ever seen
andesta86 aja
andesta86 aja 21 day ago
0:55 so cute 😘😘😘
super paperissima molto spettacolare ciao da valerio
Iain young
Iain young Month ago
1:58 super hot 😍😍😍
Haite Ishima
Haite Ishima Month ago
4:32 song???
Big Red Dallas
Big Red Dallas Month ago
I was about to subscribe and then you showed that cake. You are too stupid for me to support you.
nafisa syeda
nafisa syeda Month ago
That was next level 1:10
Sylvia Jumeau
Sylvia Jumeau Month ago
BlackNine Month ago
3:26 Dom's car (Fast&furious)
pro- rex
pro- rex Month ago
My Bonner @ every morning 3:27 😆😆
How Crazy
How Crazy Month ago
Subscribe to my new RUvid funny channel on these link:ruvid.net/show-UCkY5qOyd9h9-osz3n0vwVKQ?view_as=subscriber
Stef Lee
Stef Lee Month ago
13.56 c'est beau.
Stef Lee
Stef Lee Month ago
12.01 moteur japonais. !
Stef Lee
Stef Lee Month ago
10.25 ???
Stef Lee
Stef Lee Month ago
3.00 dégueu !! mais mort de rire !!!
Stef Lee
Stef Lee Month ago
1.12 hahahaaar
STG 05
STG 05 Month ago
Nii....ice Steller's Sea Eagle Honey! That S.O.B's a brute! 0_0
Joey M
Joey M 2 months ago
4:32 is the real Silence of the Lambs.
Atomic Gaming
Atomic Gaming 2 months ago
flat stanley entered the room
K Jones
K Jones 2 months ago
Love the pimple popper cake!🍰🎂🤣
AussieSlashFan 2 months ago
@11:00 mins it's like the pigeons at the Oasis shopping centre on the Gold coast Australia. Birds in the stores trying to eat haha
Silvia Raquel Lopez Lozano
Belify conder fanlo dred gtras
Deepak Raj Arya 007
Deepak Raj Arya 007 2 months ago
Lisa Mightylund
Lisa Mightylund 2 months ago
Wat de fuk doet jer hier
Death Witch
Death Witch 2 months ago
turn music off....
russ bilzing
russ bilzing 2 months ago
"Oh, you said PUFF pastry?!?!
Viking Power
Viking Power 2 months ago
That chick that got up without rolling over or using her hands or arms then did the little victory dance is just hot. Flexible cute and sexy.
Alex Mercier
Alex Mercier 2 months ago
1:52 ....omg im at a loss of words
jason bouvier
jason bouvier 2 months ago
Big bird was amazing
jason bouvier
jason bouvier 2 months ago
10:40 freaked me
jason bouvier
jason bouvier 2 months ago
The baby one was adobs
Carolina 2 months ago
05:50 fake. That's his hand
Toni Bauer
Toni Bauer 2 months ago
Wtf was up with those poor animals in a bar? That was a tiny baby gorilla who needed to be with its mother. They looked drugged.
Santiago Vienni
Santiago Vienni 2 months ago
Daniella Letizia Mart�nez Vidal
What fun!!! XD LOL
Desiree Gatlin
Desiree Gatlin 3 months ago
MY GOD THE THUMBNAIL I don't think I'm gonna survive this😂😂😂
Nizita Maruvaka
Nizita Maruvaka 3 months ago
Proof you don't have to be skinny to be athletic and flexible.
Fatima Lachger
Fatima Lachger 3 months ago
Raluca Sturzu
Raluca Sturzu 3 months ago
Wow! It is fantastic!
themuffinlad 4 months ago
2:50 bruh I was about to eat lunch 😒
De Void
De Void 4 months ago
1:57 I suppose that was a fail for the one filming? Because that girl was awesome.
TXX 4 months ago
12:20 that's a staircase from Inception🤣
noel hutchins
noel hutchins 4 months ago
3:25 those hicks don't talk to physicists much do they? "Make it gots big tires, and make it stupid loud; cuz thats what horse-power comes frum!" "Hold my beer: I'm gona drive it fast!"
Lynnaloysius 4 months ago
What's the song at 4:33?
Dallas irwin
Dallas irwin 4 months ago
My life be like 3:25
Jarl Halfdan
Jarl Halfdan 4 months ago
14:15 xd
MysteriousAlien -_-
MysteriousAlien -_- 4 months ago
14:21 that’s what I’d be doing but instead penguin slide
Kiwik The Dragon
Kiwik The Dragon 4 months ago
10:19 WHERE. DO. I. GET. ONE OF THESE!?!?! That is sooooooooo freaking cool!
digupstuff 2 months ago
Seriously, where, please?!? ♥️🙏😷
The Maineiac
The Maineiac 4 months ago
12:36 Was that a fart?
Кровь Бетона
Hamza Halal
Hamza Halal 5 months ago
5:50 that black guy is funny
sillynibble165 5 months ago
That cake looks like Randy Marsh tbh tho
morgan weaver
morgan weaver 5 months ago
One of the best compilation videos that I have watched in a long time!
Darius Gaming
Darius Gaming 5 months ago
infamouspixie 70
infamouspixie 70 5 months ago
13:20 bandy and the ink machine vibes
Gessy ST
Gessy ST 5 months ago
What I the song you use for the outro?
Jackie 49er ForEverFaithfuL
Spud EFC
Spud EFC 5 months ago
3:00 That’s fuckin disgusting
Serena Geiler
Serena Geiler 5 months ago
10:53: That's German, but that accent is great. "Was sehe ich da? Guten Appetit, Vögelchen. Lass es dir schmecken!" XD
Serena Geiler
Serena Geiler 5 months ago
8:09: That was awesome! XD
Gunter the penguin
Gunter the penguin 5 months ago
Those were some happy cows :3
Steven M
Steven M 5 months ago
4:41 I laughed way too much
Supnub Lol
Supnub Lol 5 months ago
Me too
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley 5 months ago
2:13 I felt that.
TheWeardale1 5 months ago
all these fuckers that record in portrait mode...
jorge lopez
jorge lopez 5 months ago
3:07 The new version of Operation.
T.F.K 5 months ago
Does someone know the name of the song from the 1:33 minute marker? I can't find it anywhere. :(
T.F.K 5 months ago
@J R thank you so much! :D
J R 5 months ago
In the hall of the Mountain King
Lora Vail
Lora Vail 5 months ago
How many drones does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Martyna J.
Martyna J. 5 months ago
2:45 I was eating...
Кровь Бетона
fuck you
Flávia Beatriz
Flávia Beatriz 5 months ago
2:42 ''hungry?'' no more
Lexe2009 5 months ago
More stolen tiktok. The era of youtube is ending.
t fanning
t fanning 5 months ago
5:25 " Im a douche!" Lol
Tyra Williams
Tyra Williams 5 months ago
Who else doesn't want to eat cake after watching 3:00 They legit just ruined my day
Nizita Maruvaka
Nizita Maruvaka 3 months ago
I'm kind of hungry. Three time combat vet and I've never lost my appetite.
Jackie 49er ForEverFaithfuL
Tyra Williams 🤣🤣
S Arafean Tawhid
S Arafean Tawhid 5 months ago
5:53 was epic 😂🤣 🤣 the
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly 5 months ago
Lol the last part of this video was great.
willy Wilson
willy Wilson 5 months ago
Boring !!! Except for the girl gymnast ! "Talented "
MTB CAFE 5 months ago
perfect cake video for a birthday person.....:)
Soultaker93 5 months ago
The first one was actually smart
Jason Dashney
Jason Dashney 5 months ago
2:19. Inner thigh splinters. There's not much worse than that.
Jason Dashney
Jason Dashney 5 months ago
@carpathianken Who says the splinters were limited to his inner thighs? Gah!
carpathianken 5 months ago
Hopefully the pain of the inner thigh splinters will help take his mind off the agony of his crushed nuts
JK 5 months ago
14:08 - What a gorgeous bird. Eagle is ok too.
K Friday
K Friday 5 months ago
Lets see who is watching this during quarantine?! LIKE!!!
ALANIS MORALES 5 months ago
K Friday hi
Raymond C
Raymond C 5 months ago
3:25 Motorcycles has two wheels. This car : Hold my gas can
Stefan cookie
Stefan cookie 5 months ago
1:57 easy
Hanna hanna
Hanna hanna 5 months ago
like als je een nl bent
Steven Coates
Steven Coates 5 months ago
That guy with the resistance band, HAH!!! Mr. Know-it-all-expert showing old mate how it's done and SNAP! Serves him right 🤣🤣🤣
Summon Toofak
Summon Toofak 5 months ago
his ego was destroyed with one resistance band snap 😂😂😂
Horia Ruxandra Bran
Horia Ruxandra Bran 5 months ago
1:54 Is fantastic
Lisa 5 months ago
14:17 Me on the bunny slope.
MYdodgeCharger 5 months ago
@ 5:45 that was hilarious. Haha haha!!
Point0000 WoT
Point0000 WoT 6 months ago
Sir Aaron
Sir Aaron 6 months ago
Dude?!!!! i Am EATING ;( 3:00
Rhaine593 Polintan
Rhaine593 Polintan 6 months ago
13:24 Malaysia
Louise Jordan
Louise Jordan 6 months ago
Loved the boy trying to work out what the telephone ☎️ was 🧐😳🤣
rayven smith
rayven smith 6 months ago
4:02 When you are too lazy to change the light bulb lol
Holly VeerNait
Holly VeerNait 6 months ago
10:54 Now offering live pigeon. 😛
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