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Funny Animals' Life
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Enjoy new funniest and very cute compilation of the week about try not laugh funny animals' life video.
Cats are surely the most popular pets and awesome animals nowadays. Animals is the best! We love it's so much!
And you can enjoy they in this video.
All their breeds differ by size, features, and color, temperament.
But some cats in this video will actually surprise you!
Dogs are awesome animals. Despite all their differences, they have much in common, too.
And yet, there are dogs that resemble none of their kin in the whole world.

Thanks for wonderful music by Vexento - "Digital Hug"
Look for more music on his channel :) ruvid.net/u-Vexento

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Aug 4, 2019




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Comments 100
Jason O'Connor
This is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sophie Schröcksnadel
hello, i work at an advertising agency and would love to use a part of your video for a production. Can we please get in touch? :)
KiTKOTch 3 days ago
so good. my animals ruvid.net/video/video-TKhsnJFYoAU.html
FarrahGnome 5 days ago
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan 7 days ago
Some very funny ones here. Don't agree with the haircut on the little cutie at the end but.
Karol Julieta Perez Becerra
Son mascotas mui lindas y divertidas.
Goran Kopcic
Goran Kopcic 8 days ago
When will those idiots going to learn to record videos HORIZONTALY, not VERTICALY??
Jena le petit renne
oh perfect vidéo ;)
Nice Hacks
Nice Hacks 8 days ago
when dogs start learning ninjitsu lmao 1:30
Silvio Aldo TRIONE
Silvio Aldo TRIONE 10 days ago
Io credevo che il mio THOR fosse un cane un po' scombinato... ma vedo che è in buona compagnia (gatti compresi)!!!
Arthur Varady
Arthur Varady 11 days ago
I would like to nominate this video for the Nobel Prize for TOO CUTE
Alexander Brasher
Alexander Brasher 11 days ago
when cats take over the world these will be banned
Peter Martin S.
Peter Martin S. 11 days ago
Rename this video into "Cats and Dogs on drugs", plz ;)
Angela Williams
Angela Williams 11 days ago
Aww :3
Phil M
Phil M 12 days ago
Please!!!! Only take videos with the camera Horizontal! Please!
علم المعرفة
ماشاء الله احلى وردة لااجمل قناة
Cass Brown
Cass Brown 12 days ago
So cute!!
Bear Knight
Bear Knight 14 days ago
13:40 Seal puppy
LDish 14 days ago
My best buddy Zack the cat passed away this afternoon Zman forever RIP
TigerZero aka Allen
I feel your pain! Please read. I have a story to tell. I think you will like it. My "Girl". (Black soft fur cat that adopted me from the cat lady across the street showing up on my porch often.) Girl was a lap cat. My guess, Girl was about 1-2 yrs old when I started letting her in my home. (I already had "Billy", tabby cat for many years with me at that time. He didn't see her as a threat. He ... tolerated her. That was good.) Many years later and a home move that the two of them adjusted to.. It was good. Then both passed away with time. Billy went first. But Girl was the most painful. She was about 14 yrs. She lost her mind. She couldn't find the food to eat. couldn't find the litter box. Didn't recognize me. (Placing my hand in front of her nose). The Vet said it was a brain thing, anurisum. I could not endure seeing her suffer any more. (Forgive me for choosing to putting her down.) I'll be blunt. Having to give the order to .. kill her, it totally crushed me. It was so sudden. I cried more for her more than anyone before. More so than Billy before her. ... Billy's passing. was not sudden. Billy, age 17 (His passing.. a couple years before Girl, was a slow thing.) I saw it coming over several months. He was old. (He was not a lap cat. But we were close.) I did what I could to help him. Vet and stuff. One day he insisted to go outside. He was very week. I knew what could happen if I let him go. I let him go. He went into the woods and didn't come back. I miss him and Girl. "Daddy cat". When we, Billy, Girl and I moved to here back in 2003 there was this stray adult sized male cat in the neighborhood. 17 years later he is still around and becoming very underweight now. I see he has lost wome theeth over tinme.He waits in my driveway and is slow to move when I pull into when I come home from work. He does that because I do give out food to him. To add to that. This summer. I don't know where she came from. She follows Daddy cat around. She is a black cat. She is so much like "Girl". She wants contact and lets you pick her up for petting/snuggles. Going through the past pain. I had thought. No more pets. I don't want to go though that again.
Max Mellado Meyer
Max Mellado Meyer 14 days ago
¿where's the cat of miniature? ¡It's funny!
Nicole Lagos Rivera
Oh, just a tip... the question and exclamation marks don't go at the beginning of the sentence 😄 Por alguna razón, los signos de pregunta y exclamación sólo van al final en inglés, a diferencia del español 😉 (Miniatura de video: thumbnail)
mudshot34 15 days ago
that thumbnail is more scary than funny lol
April Mclay
April Mclay 15 days ago
GARFILED lOvER 15 days ago
whoever dislikes this video obviously doesn't have a heart
Sukijopa 12 days ago
Except that poor little dog being blown in the wind by forward motion of a motorcycle, with nothing to hold on to but a slippery helmet, and struggling not to be blown away.
TONKtag 15 days ago
5:46 イジリー岡田いて草
LizzyBoo 16 days ago
that dog jumped like a pole vaulter
DANICA HAYES 16 days ago
on the tree
DANICA HAYES 16 days ago
my dog can jump higher then that
Adam Kennedy Palfrey
Why are bulldogs, pugs and pitbulls so popular in the US? In my land we are more fond of hounds, retrievers and sheepdogs.
dd 16 days ago
MY CATTTTT SOOOO FUNNYYYY ruvid.net/video/video-Z-92m-4aEfI.html
tk9780 16 days ago
A few times; You think 'What a Twat' that person was.
VvicsieE78 16 days ago
Fat cat watching football :D
Mariela Jimenez
Mariela Jimenez 17 days ago
Un cachorro llora en una jaula... y es tomado como gracioso...miles de animales son usados, maltratados, para beneficio de tanta gente y lo ven como normal y gracioso...definitivamente algo o todo está mal en esta sociedad. .
Kakaroto 512
Kakaroto 512 18 days ago
Man: "Oh my God are you okay? " Cat: "Meow meow"
mein reich
mein reich 18 days ago
LeeLee78ify 18 days ago
Animals r the best thing in this world 🥰❤️💕😍
Nancy Hammons
Nancy Hammons 19 days ago
I'm always surprised at the things humans develop to keep our furry friends happy.
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood 19 days ago
13:45. Looks like a baby Harp Seal. LMAO.
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood 19 days ago
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood 19 days ago
Cats who are panting. There is something wrong. DUH!
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood 19 days ago
It's not cute to drive a Motorcycle with a Dog on your shoulders. IDIOT!!!
Crazy Gacha
Crazy Gacha 20 days ago
0.32 that's lit what my cat does lol Edit: 2.52 that cat is very trusting cats sit with their tummy facing up when they feel calm and safe
9 9
9 9 20 days ago
Respira... Desanuvia... Toma um café... Da um rolê...
mandy moore
mandy moore 20 days ago
OMG! I love the daddy bulldog like GET OUTTA HERE CHUMP! BEAT IT!
patty fung
patty fung 20 days ago
i really love he cats :DD
Debbie Pequignot
Debbie Pequignot 21 day ago
Watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix, then do what they suggest at the end. It’s the only hope for humanity.
heartbreak71 21 day ago
dog on he motorcycle was dangerous did not appear funny
FailNinja 22 days ago
1:29 barkour.
Ashley Schafer
Ashley Schafer 22 days ago
Poor doge 10:13
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee 23 days ago
2:23 THE TV!!!!!!!😮😮😮
C. C.
C. C. 23 days ago
LOL!😹 I laughed so hard I love the video!
Danana J
Danana J 23 days ago
7:43 teabagging
Raquel De Marchi
Raquel De Marchi 23 days ago
Cris S
Cris S 24 days ago
1:29 I think he heard it too, up is down...
The Sethioz Project
WHY ARE PEOPLE RECORDING VERTICALLY??????? HOW DO THEY WATCH THE VIDEO LATER??? DO they turn their monitor or TV also VERTICALLY when watching the videos??? It's like going back in time, into the age of square monitors or something lmfao. Widescreens were invented for a reason, but seems like people are getting so dumb that they don't realize this. LEARN TO HOLD YOUR CAMERA YOU BRAINLESS SHEEP!
Dopa Hkiin
Dopa Hkiin 24 days ago
7:30 like my boy: winter, walking in a tshirt, carrying the jacket...
Fanpage Charli&Dixie
The Dog Charli was so Cute!
Mike Sahle
Mike Sahle 25 days ago
Thank you for great video, poor pets just be happy with hopeful joy, thanks keep smiling with lol politely & safely
K. S.
K. S. 25 days ago
chien qui tourne en rond = stéréotype, je vois pas ce qu'il y a de drôle
Offline Gamer
Offline Gamer 20 days ago
alors c'est toi le type qui casse l'ambiance en début de soirée
brandon garsh
brandon garsh 26 days ago
someone wanted a Club Penguin Dog 13:37
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez 26 days ago
Yeah she's from that orange cat.
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 27 days ago
I love these videos. Please keep them coming..
Frank Coffey
Frank Coffey 27 days ago
1:30 someone gave the dog one of those energy drinks...
Life Funny Pets
Life Funny Pets 27 days ago
I really love animals! What about you?
KiTKOTch 2 days ago
yes, of course
Lucija Gulin
Lucija Gulin 15 days ago
I love animals 😄,and my dog 🐶,love her to the moon 💕💕💕💕💕🐾💕🐾
Liyang Xiaoxinxin
Liyang Xiaoxinxin 16 days ago
yes ,me too
Cherish Meyer
Cherish Meyer 17 days ago
I like them too but I only have 3 I used to have 4 but it passed she was my little angel I really like the song at the end of the video it’s cute
Wastl Bastl
Wastl Bastl 27 days ago
this singing Dog was the best.. xD
Creation 27 days ago
😂😂 Istanbul’s stray cat enjoys classical music as a regular concert audience ruvid.net/video/video-BbjI6r-CnWc.html
rae-rae Bounds
rae-rae Bounds 28 days ago
This actually shows aninals are great friends an always make you smile.
Ňaraŋĵa 28 days ago
BunBunCherry 27 days ago
Amen :)
Coriantumr Pace
Coriantumr Pace 29 days ago
Egg Dog is happy to be Egh.
Celestine 29 days ago
Omg that dog look like a cotton ball. Lol.
Abd elrahman Habib
Abd elrahman Habib 29 days ago
13:51 that dog looks like a egg🥚😂😂😂
Danana J
Danana J 23 days ago
Looks like a seal pup.
Keri Lampkin
Keri Lampkin 29 days ago
Robert Steinkellner
Robert Steinkellner
Sehr süß
Robert Steinkellner
FunCollectororg Month ago
JakulaithWolff Month ago
4:17 Cat: I've never been this humiliated by a hoomen.
shellly P.
shellly P. Month ago
0:56 race ? 🥰🥰
Lenio lp
Lenio lp Month ago
3:31 uglies aquarium i have ever seen
Donna Wilcock
Donna Wilcock Month ago
These were all adorable- except the guy on the motorcycle with the little dog riding on his shoulders! That terrified me for the dog!
juanma 7v7
juanma 7v7 Month ago
son una amor los peros y los gatos
Melissa Poling
Melissa Poling Month ago
Seriously? You put your phone on the cats face? 😑 just how lazy are you to not hold the phone yourself? Cats don't like that. They don't like if you bring something (like a tree leaf) close to their face and have you, their human, put it on their face like it's a damn hat. They don't know where that leaf came from 🤨
fabien slim deezy
wich is the tv show at 2:23
Jamoo Too
Jamoo Too Month ago
Where it says 'what kind of dog is this' - if it's an actual question, the answer is,.a Norwegian Elkhound. 😉 Definitely a high energy dog that requires an experienced owner....
Justin Bowler
Justin Bowler Month ago
A lion
ART MASTER Month ago
wow!!! ruvid.net/video/video-pGXgSQ6Q614.html
sheelwant veeresh
oke.io/1vGj IMPORTENT
Kelly Watts
Kelly Watts Month ago
oranne viau
oranne viau Month ago
Putin le chat qui a fait tomber la télé je l'aurais tué serait foutu à la porte
Tina Flintstone
Tina Flintstone Month ago
13:41 - To me, she looks like a baby seal.
O ' range
O ' range 29 days ago
✔️ ruvid.net/video/video-0e0KTNfNqmQ.html
Jayden Argue
Jayden Argue Month ago
Dog running on the bed one he dose not need the calm app he needs chill pill and Therapy.
Lillian Garza
Lillian Garza Month ago
We don't deserve these wonderful furry beings. 💕
ART MASTER Month ago
wow!!! ruvid.net/video/video-pGXgSQ6Q614.html
Pattie Shellman
Pattie Shellman Month ago
I loved the dog that jumped the tree
terrilyn willis-robinson
8:32 my friends dog is like that
Camila Month ago
7:16 this is the cutest thing ever ♡
itsumani33 Month ago
8:54 I'm dead xD
Comyx off
Comyx off Month ago
Andrea Vorstenbosch
love it
snow fox
snow fox Month ago
Does anyone now the name of the music that started at 12:03
Goksimin eglence Gezegeni
Abone olup mükemmel içerikleri takip edin ❤️👍💞 Subscribe and watch great content💞❤️👍
massimo mare
massimo mare Month ago
Pets simply want us to understand how much inferior we are physically, they just don't have the possibilities ... tied to the pillow or locked in the house
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