🔥🔥 IMG Academy Football v Venice High (Venice, FL) - Action Packed Highlights

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🔥🔥 IMG Academy Football v Venice High (Venice, FL) - Action Packed Highlights
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Comments 80
Robert Parham
Robert Parham 17 days ago
12 trying to be Lamar Jackson
Rod Crumbley
Rod Crumbley 2 months ago
www.hudl.com/v/2BcWv9 My nephew locked up this game on 4🌟 WR Miami commit we took a spanking but he did his job at a high level. 2021 4🌟 CB Charles Brantley twitter @cbrantley22 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Layton Pleasant
Layton Pleasant 5 months ago
Who else gets confused of who is home and away so you never know who won till you see which team is hyped after the game or is that just me
Madelyn 5 months ago
bruh why they all got airpods
elongated balls
elongated balls 6 months ago
I got to venice high
LilShrimpToast 6 months ago
i would rather see IMGs varsity team play venice instead of IMgs travel team. then it would be a rip for IMG
LilShrimpToast 6 months ago
I was at the game and.... yeah this was um...
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto 6 months ago
The green team fkn suck and there to skinny lmfao
Gabe Suarez
Gabe Suarez 6 months ago
Y’all should’ve played the none instrumental version of the intro song. and compared to there previous years (meanin players size) they look like a JV team
Trey lefeged
Trey lefeged 6 months ago
How does IMG have 2 players wearing #12?....... look closely
Eric Van Zytveld
Eric Van Zytveld 5 months ago
One might be a varsity player who suited up for a game with the national team. Just a guess.
SWFL Fishing
SWFL Fishing 6 months ago
It must be horrible, being so under privileged, that you have to go to a $40,000 a year private school specializing in sports. The struggle is Real
JustFlex 6 months ago
Img new helmets make then look like trash
James Payne
James Payne 6 months ago
I wonder what the score was
elongated balls
elongated balls 6 months ago
FoShizzle 6 months ago
0:25 did he play for mater dei or am I trippin?🤣
FoShizzle 6 months ago
Steezy Vlogs oh ight Thnks bro🤙🏽
Steezy Vlogs
Steezy Vlogs 6 months ago
FoShizzle he did
Hunter Parenti
Hunter Parenti 6 months ago
I’m here for that Alex Atcavage 77 🤟🏼
Trace 1k
Trace 1k 6 months ago
Venice vs #12😂
Ruvik Mccowan
Ruvik Mccowan 6 months ago
#1 on Venice is a dog
chicagoparker 6 months ago
Nobody wants to see a full 2mins of guys warming up.. tf?
chicagoparker 6 months ago
@Blackest Mamba it's called getting over 10mins so he can monetize it.. idiot.
Blackest Mamba
Blackest Mamba 6 months ago
its called build up and cinemeatography skills bozo
Being Framed & Setup Storm
Limitless 6 months ago
In all of my years of watching/playing football... I’ve never seen a quarterback do kick returns. Not knocking it... just different Oh... and he returns interceptions for TD’s... who is this guy? Lol
Baxter Stocksandbondsman
They have 2 #12's
Bad Donkey
Bad Donkey 6 months ago
IMG got sponsored by Xenith and now they have those ugliass helmets
raybandz_ 6 months ago
3: 00 good pass 3:04 good catch
Snippetville 7 months ago
IMG still whooping ass but it ain’t the same like 2017 & 2018 team
Art Giddens
Art Giddens 7 months ago
all these damn holdbacks on tht img squad shit sad
Monte' Mason
Monte' Mason 7 months ago
Holy crap #4 is fast
D Scott
D Scott 7 months ago
The QB for IMG not Good. He too pretty out there on the field for me
sQueak305 7 months ago
Am I tweaking or they have two #12
6ROVE 5IDE 7 months ago
IMG keep taking all the Texas talent. But you'll have Florida kids throwing IMG name around when comparing Florida and Texas smh Now they just took my bro from Skyline, a Ole Miss commit. These recruiting schools need to be stopped
6ROVE 5IDE 6 months ago
@Stuucky dumbest comment of the year award goes to you 😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️
Blackest Mamba
Blackest Mamba 6 months ago
Lol these recruiting schools. You mean every HS thats nationally ranked and private school right?
Stuucky 7 months ago
6ROVE 5IDE Lol stop. No one from Florida claims IMG. How about your bring your soft Texas self down to South Florida and play the gauntlet. From Deerfield to Miami Central, STA, or Miami NW we have 50 schools that will put some hits on those Texas QBs and make them go back to playing baseball. This is the state of defense and these boys are hungry for those soft Texas teams.
Frank Varela
Frank Varela 7 months ago
IMG is not cheap to attend. This probably why they are getting weaker
twok_ tay00
twok_ tay00 7 months ago
Number 1 went dumb for Venice his team🤷🏾‍♂️
Monte' Mason
Monte' Mason 7 months ago
UK IMG is getting worse when they put they starting qb on kick return
Monte' Mason
Monte' Mason 7 months ago
@Demorean McGensy he plays both sides of the ball
Demorean McGensy
Demorean McGensy 7 months ago
Wasn’t their qb, it was one of their defensive guys
George Productions
George Productions 7 months ago
Congrats to venice for using local talent and not americas talent.
Chris N
Chris N 7 months ago
I could do without the music. I wanna hear the game
Monte' Mason
Monte' Mason 7 months ago
Them xenith helmets is tuff🔥🔥
Tony Arciniega
Tony Arciniega 7 months ago
Fuck IMG bro
Jesse Garcia-saenz
Jesse Garcia-saenz 7 months ago
Why is img allowed to play regular high school teams ?
Eric Van Zytveld
Eric Van Zytveld 7 months ago
Those 'regular' teams are usually among the top teams in their respective states. IMG plays whatever teams agree to schedule them. No one has to schedule IMG. But some see it as a chance to play a top-team in preparation for a playoff run.
Tyiun Ingram
Tyiun Ingram 7 months ago
Jesse Garcia-saenz I don’t think this is their travel team but I could be wrong
Brianna Hernandez
Brianna Hernandez 7 months ago
They looking bad out there and they should of put the scoreboard
Ntela Diekumpuna
Ntela Diekumpuna 7 months ago
what’s the intro song called
Preston Berg
Preston Berg 7 months ago
Img aint shit lmao come play some SoCal ball again
Eric Van Zytveld
Eric Van Zytveld 7 months ago
Get SoCal to lift their boycott. I'm sure IMG would love the opportunity to play CA schools again.
Clint Anderson
Clint Anderson 7 months ago
Venice needs to do some tackling drills... pitiful
Anthony Arena
Anthony Arena 6 months ago
Or just not play a school where the kids focus on football like 5 6 hours a day
Darryl Padgett
Darryl Padgett 7 months ago
the Corner 12 played for Mater Dei last year. Thats crazy lol
Bad Donkey
Bad Donkey 6 months ago
Darryl Padgett Elias Ricks transfer szn
Mick Mccarthy
Mick Mccarthy 7 months ago
am I tweaking or did number 12 play QB, punt return and defence?
Corbin H.
Corbin H. 7 months ago
Diffrent people same number pretty sure. They got ERicks at #12 and DJ Boney
anthony rich
anthony rich 7 months ago
All those missed tackles really got me cringing smh, wideman is a monster
Yaya 27
Yaya 27 7 months ago
California 🏈 is looking way to strong compared to any other state ! Florida aint looking to good 😳
Jeremiah Hill
Jeremiah Hill 7 months ago
At 4:18 of course elias ricks gets the interception the first time they throw to his side
TaylorTheGamer 7 months ago
Yo-Kari 7 months ago
Am I watching fast and furious 10 or football highlights nigga got the instrumental playin the whole vid
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 7 months ago
#12 is every where
I feel like I always expect img to be better lol
Leandrew25 7 months ago
I just wanna know who produces the beats for these videos... they definitely make the video 10 times better...
Smacced 7 months ago
They have two number twelves on the team
ShogunG 7 months ago
12 qb and cb
Royalfilms4k 7 months ago
ac 7 months ago
start putting the scoreboard or ima start watching other channels that post these
Wtf Bi
Wtf Bi 6 months ago
I like it
boricuafrican 6 months ago
@Michael Kaneko why is that hard? timeout? record the score. injury? record the score. TD? record the score. FG? record the score. Halftime? record the score....then just put it on the damn video.
Cristos Ortega
Cristos Ortega 6 months ago
@Michael Kaneko it's not that fucking hard lmao
Ureial 6 months ago
@Michael Kaneko maybe during timeouts or half time they have time in between plays to look up at it.
Michael Kaneko
Michael Kaneko 7 months ago
What other channels post games with scoreboard besides ballervisions? Y’all gotta understand how hard that shit is
Marcus Bryant
Marcus Bryant 7 months ago
Is Elias ricks at Quarter Back???
Bmo O
Bmo O 7 months ago
Y’all had to change the song smh
Max Miranda
Max Miranda 7 months ago
5:07 look at that block!
Dylan McCormick
Dylan McCormick 7 months ago
IMG COULD NOT BEAT Centerville elks
Dylan McCormick
Dylan McCormick 7 months ago
Fun fact in 2007 ya all played us in THE sky line chili showdown and beat us at home centerville it was in tripple overtime
Burns Fam
Burns Fam 7 months ago
hopper1415 7 months ago
Venice D doesn't want to tackle. Too scared to get hurt.
Kloqqye 7 months ago
IMG should play against a college team
therealterrance k
therealterrance k 7 months ago
Intro beat/song ?
Trevor Chrysler
Trevor Chrysler 7 months ago
that stadium is trash
Astoria 7 months ago
Your local Lesbian69 it’s a 6A schools normal every day high school field. Not meant to be a 30 million dollar arena or something
Kuji Chagulia
Kuji Chagulia 7 months ago
*Hella dangerous at ** 2:54 **. They need to expand the space outside of the field.*
Jason Vyzer
Jason Vyzer 2 months ago
I thought the exact same thing!
Original Red Fox
Original Red Fox 2 months ago
Kuji Chagulia I know
B J 7 months ago
VHS #1 makes it look easy that first TD. Til IMG puts ERicks on him. Crickets from then on.... 4:17
jj lewis
jj lewis 7 months ago
mighty mal
Kendell Hunt
Kendell Hunt 7 months ago
Is anyone going to talk about 5 48
Isaac Owusu
Isaac Owusu 7 months ago
img also got good rbs
Travis Taylor
Travis Taylor 7 months ago
Damm IMG beat the hell outta venice
Irwin Keitt
Irwin Keitt 7 months ago
St Frances about to body these boys
Irwin Keitt
Irwin Keitt 6 months ago
@Derrick Redding they play St Frances from Baltimore this year.......
Derrick Redding
Derrick Redding 7 months ago
Wrong team there kiddo
CHICKEN NUGGETS 7 months ago
Irwin Keitt fr
NottTristan -_-
NottTristan -_- 7 months ago
Fsu08 Alvarado
Fsu08 Alvarado 7 months ago
Malachi Wideman only player out there beasting for FSU !!!
Iran Whitaker
Iran Whitaker 7 months ago
Og #77 for img had a good game and cb Bentley #5 for Venice he locked down Redding holding him to 0 catches
CuhprisuN 7 months ago
#1 from Venice is a baller
Flx Gld
Flx Gld 7 months ago
IMG,You sold out last year to Mater Dei! Either :1. YOU need a New Coach 2. Respect your opponent more 3. SHOW UP TO PLAY HARDER 4. Stay at your schools in your own state.
Flx Gld
Flx Gld 7 months ago
@Callum Stark FIRST off they lost by 4(more than a field goal)! Second - you took my comment the wrong way! I'm EAST COAST ALL DAY! So I was disappointed when they performed the way they did. I will excuse the time zone because that does count,I also AGREE With you about the ejection. There was no way in hell that he should have been. But other than THAT I MATER DEI had no business "WINNING" that game. IMG did what great teams are supposed to do when you go on the road and play a high caliber offense "THEY CONTROLLED THE OFFENSIVE LINE" Trey Sanders and Noah Cain *HAD THERE WAY* On the ground...mater Dei couldn't stop them. But they were out coached and Made questionable play calling at times because (to me at least) they took the foot off the gas and didn't "close out". I said in a comment before the the season even started that IMG SHOULD win by two scores whether it be 10 or 14 points they should win this. THEY WERE stacked and fast! Even said recently that if they played 10 times IMG wins 7
Callum Stark
Callum Stark 7 months ago
@Eric Van Zytveld I can almost guarantee you MD will use some kind of trick plays against them like they did IMG, pretty sure that was literally the only game those game out last year but that was the kinda shit needed + the goodluck with the whistle to beat them. Of course only one game in but I feel like both the MD team from last compared to this year, and IMGs team last year compared to st Francis this year are not as strong but I still think it will be a top 3 game of the year easy
Eric Van Zytveld
Eric Van Zytveld 7 months ago
Ditto what Callum said. On top of that, IMG beat themselves having two punts-TDs called back. Add to that officials ejecting a DE after his first unsportsmanlike conduct instead of after his second. He should have still been in the game. He might have made the difference at the end. MD's winning TD went past his position.
Callum Stark
Callum Stark 7 months ago
Bro they lost by a FG and were the away team in a 3 hour time difference it's not like they got blown out lmao
Korede Folorunso
Korede Folorunso 7 months ago
Y’all production is insane now
Aj Olivier
Aj Olivier 7 months ago
What happened to img and riddell helmets
Robert Moya
Robert Moya 7 months ago
Why do they let this college team play highschool football
Harlem139Convent1 7 months ago
Img vs st Francis is gonna b interesting i live in florida, and went to the st Francis/central game! All i can say is u gotta se that st Francis shit in person!!!
Harlem139Convent1 7 months ago
Jackson Clawson yep they r loaded
Jackson Clawson
Jackson Clawson 7 months ago
Harlem139Convent1 I know what you are saying my football team scrimmaged them and when I saw them I was in aw.
Jake Cella
Jake Cella 7 months ago
Go to vista murrieta
Somalian Jesus
Somalian Jesus 7 months ago
this img qb got the camera man goin in the wrong direction
kevin johnson
kevin johnson 7 months ago
Bruh elias at qb ? 🤣 img out here cheesing
Kyron 🔥
Kyron 🔥 7 months ago
kevin johnson its 2 #12s
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