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💸 $12.50 HIGH LIMIT BONUS 💰 $2000 @ Cosmo Las Vegas ✪ BCSlots (S. 7 • Ep. 4)




14 мар 2019




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MGSlots 21
MGSlots 21 4 дня назад
Loved today’s video Brian!
SEASWELL2010 6 дней назад
I think you were spinning to fast slow down a bit
Michael Buckner
Michael Buckner 6 дней назад
Have a good time Brian or get the bonus Brian and one more thing😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙈🙈🙈😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎😎💕💕😎😎
Denise Brooks
Denise Brooks 9 дней назад
Congratulations. Now to Friday’s video. I missed this one because I was busy celebrating my birthday yesterday.
VANBEAR SLOTS 10 дней назад
les Dudes Imparfait
les Dudes Imparfait 10 дней назад
That jackpot party ad comes up too often u lost me as sub.. bye
les Dudes Imparfait
les Dudes Imparfait 7 дней назад
thanks for the answer i m sorry then. count me back in..
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 8 дней назад
The ads that are shown on youtube are different for every person, and are chosen by youtube based on your views. I have no control over them.
steven Lehmann
steven Lehmann 10 дней назад
Happy pi day Brian.
fatin salaymeh
fatin salaymeh 10 дней назад
Not bad so far. For four days. Looking forward to tom w that tease. 😃
Kristen G
Kristen G 10 дней назад
Yes,,, great tunes !! Love The Killers!!!! Good luck always!!!!
Chicken Little
Chicken Little 10 дней назад
Brian, I didn't know that on the Mustang Fortune machine when you hit the '""STOP" button not only it stops the reels from spinning, but also starts the next spin. RUDE! (I don't believe I just said "rude"!) LoL!
LilStampBug 10 дней назад
Brian you have such an adorable personality and laugh... I enjoy watching you play :). You make us feel like we are playing right along side you and I
Imelda G. Torres
Imelda G. Torres 10 дней назад
Buffalo !!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💞💞💞💞
Imelda G. Torres
Imelda G. Torres 10 дней назад
All caught up!!! Yahoo!!! I'm ready to see you win humongous !!! 🍀🍀🍀🍀💰💰💰💰🙏🍀🍀✨✨❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉
Vanessa Ramirez
Vanessa Ramirez 10 дней назад
Ohhhh I like the tease....
Ulices Aguilar
Ulices Aguilar 10 дней назад
Brian just won the major $1,650 on lock it link on a .50 cent bet 🤑🤑🤑
Kevin U.
Kevin U. 10 дней назад
I prefer when you end without the bonus spoilers for tomorrow. Just my 2 cents.
sandy jean
sandy jean 10 дней назад
👍That was fun,thanks for sharing!
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
My pleasure!
tr3pr3n3 10 дней назад
Brian is awesome for that confession. 😁
hann spree
hann spree 10 дней назад
Terrible what you did last taking that bonus and walking away from the people u played with,really low I thought
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
Incorrect. I stayed on the machine because I had a group of 15 people behind me waiting to get paid. It didn’t make sense to leave them without them being paid. It’s tough trying to please everyone and clearly it upset you. I know, I study and I preach how Slot Machines work. There is no such thing as a hot or cold slot machine, and each spin is unique and based on a random number generator. So it really should not matter if I stay on a machine or go to the other side of the casino.
hann spree
hann spree 10 дней назад
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY I know exactly how a group pull works,, you stayed on the machine knowing it was playing well that was obvious to everyone and just left with the money after getting someone else to give everyone there 160 dollars,, it's wrong that u stayed on that machine to keep playing I also know how slot machines work you should have gotten up like everyone else and went to another machine in the casino
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
Perhaps you don’t realize how group pulls work. Each person puts in the same amount of money and we all share spins. Then at the end we all share the wins and losses evenly. When the group pull ends, it ends. If I happen to win with my own money after, it is not the expectation that I share my wins with anyone. If you understand how Slot Machines work, you know that timing is everything. Had the group pull continued, we wouldn’t have hit the bonus I got on my own. What matters is the micro second one hits the button. Not to mention that I changed the denomination and bet amount different from what we were betting. We all had a great time and participants all enjoyed themselves.
Phil Price
Phil Price 10 дней назад
Just a thought Brian,Do you record these all on the same day? I’m just curious 😃👍👍
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
Of course I do! Can’t be expected to come 5 days in a row just for 15 minutes ;)
Little Oggie
Little Oggie 10 дней назад
I don't think people necessarily love or hate Buffalo/Buffalo Gold, but that instead some hate that it appears in almost every video...
Little Oggie
Little Oggie 10 дней назад
+Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY Yeah, I don't think anybody has specifically singled out the Buffalo games, I'm just replying to what you said in the video about people either loving or hating because in general there are a lot of complaints lately about the games played being repetitious (and I do understand that - when I go to my local casino there are games they have that I play every single trip for over 10 years... they are just games I like and usually find that I win on)
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
If people thought that, they would surely say it. But so far, you're the only person who has.
Casino Countess
Casino Countess 10 дней назад
yesss mustang fortune - one of my faves! that $12.50 bet has been working for you on the LL and MIghty Cash games lately!
Suddenly 10 дней назад
On the last game you played on this video what was your bet supposed to be, for some reason I thought it was to be $12:50/
Tina Burton
Tina Burton 10 дней назад
Again, I like you. I do. I like watching you win. Sometimes, the chit chat is too much, especially when you are in a bonus! Just sayin'!
Artkin 10 дней назад
series kinda sucks imo...since you actually do it all the same day
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
You do realize that every single series ever created on tv is not shot on separate days, right? 😂 even in film, you film all in one location on one day.
Blonde Mafia
Blonde Mafia 10 дней назад
I LIVE for waking up and watching your videos while I have my breaky ❤️❤️
Tony carbone
Tony carbone 10 дней назад
i wish u much luck in the slots ,thanks for the vids Brian.🎉🎉🎉🏁💵💰
Judith HAYES
Judith HAYES 10 дней назад
I call my guy Goofus instead of Clark.
Travis Gustave
Travis Gustave 10 дней назад
Great backup
Guinevere Talle
Guinevere Talle 10 дней назад
Love your laugh! So contagious! 😂
jerseyinsd 10 дней назад
these are quite entertaining, BUT since he has the same shirt and coat on from the previous 3 sessions i have to believe each "day" is actually about 20 minutes of play, then he takes a break before resuming.
Little Oggie
Little Oggie 10 дней назад
Thats how all these slot channels work: the host might take a trip to Las Vegas and record a few hours of play each day over a 2-4 day trip, then they get home where they might have a dozen or more hours of footage and they trim out the boring bits, the long droughts of no wins/hits/bonuses and end up with a few dozen segments that they combine in to videos that go up each day - in this case Brian lives in California so we can't really expect he flies to Las Vegas every day to play 15 minutes of slots or that he pretty much lives in the hotel for weeks on end.
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
As stated, I record in one day and release daily as a weekly series.
michele berry
michele berry 10 дней назад
get some sleep
Suzie Hart
Suzie Hart 10 дней назад
Good morning Brian have a great day. ...good luck to you win big
Paul T Smith
Paul T Smith 10 дней назад
Good morning!! B&B!!!. Good job staying almost even this week. Hit em hit Friday😄😄!!!
David Bird
David Bird 10 дней назад
Happy Pi Day!
Mary 10 дней назад
Yeah I hate the Buffalo slot. Love you though!
Debby S
Debby S 10 дней назад
On OUR day 5, we'll watch U hit a HP...fingers crossed 4 U. Enjoying our 5 day series. Fun 2 watch!
Blake Cadmus
Blake Cadmus 10 дней назад
you didnt change your shirt from yesterday's video
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
+jerseyinsd No need for either of you to "wonder." I film all five in one day, then I release each episode on different days, hence a series. 😄
jerseyinsd 10 дней назад
or from "tuesday" either, as well as still has the same coat on. makes me wonder about how these videos are being done
Dora Farioli
Dora Farioli 10 дней назад
En todos los videos tenes que poner el bufalo?? no x favor!!
Slot Queen
Slot Queen 10 дней назад
Quarters love you 😱😂💜
BraceDeville 10 дней назад
strong close tomorrow Brian... Good Luck!
Don Yzbicki
Don Yzbicki 10 дней назад
Down 500 in 4 days and maybe 45 actual minutes of play, RUDE
mama j A
mama j A 10 дней назад
Wtg! Is the weekly series going to be the permanent thing? Honestly, it was fun for a bit, but not as enjoyable as the old way.
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
Thanks Mama! But you seem to be in the minority here. The feedback I'm getting is that most (but not all) people like the series structure better. I certainly do, and I'm the one that has to do it. 😉 Still, for people who prefer the old style, I still post those on weekends.
brian maloney
brian maloney 10 дней назад
Awesome, fun video Brian 😁 I loved your mighty cash run last night after the group pull!!!
Ms. Brandy
Ms. Brandy 10 дней назад
Hi Brian !!👋 I was rooting for you today!!😊 Not too bad of an ending on Sahara's Gold👍 Good luck tomorrow!! Till then...✌
Zack Barnett
Zack Barnett 10 дней назад
Good morning 🌞🌞 Brian!.. Enjoyed video today..looks like tomorrow will be a good one too..(crossing my fingers for you).. smiles!.. love and hugs!.. Bonnie
sun flower
sun flower 10 дней назад
Hi Brian . It's nice to see your video but I wish to see u playing until u really got free games 😊😊
His name was George🤣🤣
gumby2412 10 дней назад
Can't wait for tomorrow!..High Limit!!..Thanks Brian!
Christoph 10 дней назад
Why are you teasing us? Quick hit bonus on a $27 bet? I'm so looking forward to tomorrow's video.
Denise Zuidmeer
Denise Zuidmeer 10 дней назад
Brian, you say it is daily, but if anyone is paying attention, he is in the same clothes.
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
+Andy Ritchie Right on, Andy. No "perhaps" about it. That's exactly what I do, and I've made that clear numerous times. 😄
Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 10 дней назад
+1EchoFreeExactly, who cares :)
1EchoFree 10 дней назад
maybe he likes to travel light...no draws ...in the raw...lol...who cares...BTW...BC...your mom is a cutie.
Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 10 дней назад
Perhaps he videos everything at once and then just splits them over 5 days.
gaye mathis
gaye mathis 10 дней назад
Did you delete my question?
Sue Siino
Sue Siino 10 дней назад
Wish you had better luck with Buffalo!!! We’ll see what happens tomorrow. Try to find a Quick hit ultra. 🤔
David Hunter
David Hunter 11 дней назад
I can't wait until tomorrow's vlog. 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀
Meg Road
Meg Road 11 дней назад
Good Morning Bri’ hope your live broadcast went well yesterday. Just watched your Thursday broadcast. Have a great day..weather warming up here. Ct lucky charm gal, says Enjoy your Day!
Mr_K3vin R
Mr_K3vin R 11 дней назад
Great haul, bro! Let’s go Buffalo!!
Sylvia Trevino
Sylvia Trevino 11 дней назад
Does it say in the game rules that it had to hit at or about 5000$? I'm not familiar with games at my casino y that sat that
Claudia Irons
Claudia Irons 11 дней назад
That was a win. Thank you for the video. 💰🤑💵🍀💵🤑💰🍀💵🤑💰🍀💵🤑💰🍀💵🤑💰WIN WIN WIN
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY
Brian Christopher - BCSlots DAILY 10 дней назад
Glad you enjoyed!
Vicki G
Vicki G 11 дней назад
The dead presidents machine always kills me
Marilyn Grimes
Marilyn Grimes 11 дней назад
Hey Brian,
Lavonda Bobst
Lavonda Bobst 11 дней назад
No I hate buffalo gold! 😂
Erin B.
Erin B. 11 дней назад
That was pretty good Brian considering you're only down a few hundred for the week. Hey you should take a look at Slotlady's handpay today on Wonderfour- Buffalo. It was terrific. You would appreciate it for sure.
jackie little
jackie little 11 дней назад
Good morning Brian
Samera Khoshaba
Samera Khoshaba 11 дней назад
Try that shark Nado behind you I did good on it twice
Move For your pleasure
Move For your pleasure 11 дней назад
Win big BC
Matthew Schreiner
Matthew Schreiner 11 дней назад
Morning Brian. Can't wait to see the "big win" Thank for your hard work and dedication. #Rudie4Life
Move For your pleasure
Move For your pleasure 11 дней назад
Good live stream last night
Wendy P
Wendy P 11 дней назад
1st on Thursday!!! Hope your day is great
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