현아 (HyunA) - 'I'm Not Cool' MV Behind The Scenes

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현아 (HyunA) - 'I'm Not Cool' MV Behind The Scenes
* 'I'm Not Cool' is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.
🎧 Spotify : spoti.fi/36jDhbe
🎧 iTunes & Apple Music : apple.co/3pqTEKp
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🎧 VIBE: bit.ly/36mQ2Su
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Feb 1, 2021




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Comments 100
roblox freak
roblox freak 17 hours ago
Damn I might just have to be a fan of her she’s so kind and sweet but badass at the same time 🤩💕😇
Sunnie Day ago
R.I.P Purple socks.😔✊
grecia velasquez
grecia velasquez 2 days ago
ese es tu novio
Hamna pradeep
Hamna pradeep 2 days ago
Idk......but sometimes I feel like psy is really thirsty for young girls............
Michael Suh
Michael Suh 4 days ago
The hospitable deficit incidentally watch because robert covalently serve out a weary rake. bizarre, nonchalant walrus
Alexander Cepeda
Alexander Cepeda 4 days ago
It is the best in the world. Unique and special so feminine and beautiful
Shina Sin
Shina Sin 4 days ago
딴건모르겠고 존나 열심히한드아아아
GMA Store
GMA Store 6 days ago
esta chiquita
its vsco v
its vsco v 7 days ago
0.40 I prefer Hyuna ❤️❤️
진민준TV 9 days ago
Army Kookmin Forever국민
HyunA es una diosa es tan hermosa me muero
My favorite singer.
deku my heart and my bias Jisoo
Kim sara
Kim sara 11 days ago
강복수 ツFrank
강복수 ツFrank 11 days ago
Me encanta 🤩
꧁ Kim m a r a m ꧂
MI) ♡1000000 love you HyunA
Kim sara
Kim sara 11 days ago
BlackKat Plus
BlackKat Plus 12 days ago
Please check out our newest dance cover video for this song here : ruvid.net/video/video-tjSaTpaLl4g.html Much love and support from Vietnam
쳬쏘 13 days ago
언니..만히 아팟구나ㅜㅜ 나 언니 아픈꼴 못봐ㅜㅜ 관리 잘 해야대?ㅜㅜㅜ
พรณภัทร ผาสุขเลิศ
ฮยอนอาดูมีความสุขมากเลย Thanks to HyunA for fighting various events and returning to work for us again.
순대 14 days ago
나 양희진인데
aya kim
aya kim 14 days ago
Ilove you hyuna
狼オオカミ 14 days ago
와...다예쁘고 다멋있고.... 쩐다...
qt'q 15 days ago
I'm inlove with you
칠칠이 15 days ago
난 둘다좋아여
Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast 15 days ago
She may be crusty on the outside but soft and floofy in the inside. That's what I like my bread.
Kyra K.
Kyra K. 10 days ago
She's a queen. She got herself a young handsome pleb.
Choa Park
Choa Park 15 days ago
rip purple socks
família lemos
família lemos 15 days ago
우리구피 15 days ago
6:30 현아 온니 너무 귀엽잔아
Denna Epure
Denna Epure 15 days ago
I preffer cool Hyuna
무웅 16 days ago
현아는 촬영하느라 개춥게 있는데 이던은 누구보다도 꽁꽁 싸매고 있어서 더 병약해보이고 웃김 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Soomin Park
Soomin Park 16 days ago
0:40에 난 걍 현아언니가 조하욤!!!너무 멋져!!!!!!정말 이뿐언뉘......
arez yaqub
arez yaqub 16 days ago
l love you hyuna😍👍
Sharon Vega
Sharon Vega 16 days ago
0:03 me parece o la sunmi también hizo esa pose jaja
1-15Adriana Gutierrez marquez
Que padre que el CEO este de apoyo en los MV
gabby 17 days ago
jennie?!?! 2:59
Jaiyda Surles
Jaiyda Surles 17 days ago
This such an iconic song from HyunA
Bom Lee
Bom Lee 18 days ago
진짜 현아답게 찍었다. 볼때마다 행복해지는 현아잉
Mateo Siller uvu
Mateo Siller uvu 18 days ago
I think HyunA is cool (yess a now that in the song is not cool) withthe dancers
J.G.R.rouge 18 days ago
BTS ارمي
BTS ارمي 18 days ago
ماشاءالله امبين كلهم انكليزيين
저방송댄스하는데현아 아 어떡하지 🤦
Bcj. l
Bcj. l 18 days ago
Oh god how many times did i rewind her hugging psy, never seen a artist and ceo realtionship like he's the best no cap!! That was the best thing ever
Bcj. l
Bcj. l 18 days ago
Damn the back up dancers are so hot and beautiful gosh evyone in this mv is soo gorgeous
Milan Kadmany
Milan Kadmany 18 days ago
Love you🤧💕💕💕💕❤
Punki.R 19 days ago
omg pSY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blink Midzy Once
Blink Midzy Once 19 days ago
I was one of the haters of Hyuna in the past, I really didn't like her that whenever my friend talked about her I will be annoyed.(Don't worry I Didn't write any hate comments). Until I was told that StayC Isa became an idol with her support, then I gradually felt good about her. I understood more about Hyuna and found out she is soooo considerate and caring, I started supporting her and loop her MVs. I just want to say----Hyuna, keep it up! You have haters but some of them will support you one day!
Reyes Valeria
Reyes Valeria 20 days ago
Aww es tan lindaaa la re amooo :"(((
Micaela Kpoper UwU
Micaela Kpoper UwU 20 days ago
6:28 weon esa parte U.U
Nurul Fatehah
Nurul Fatehah 20 days ago
9:32 hyuna hug psy?he is the best CEO ever!!!
marlon felippini
marlon felippini 21 day ago
o brasileiro nao sabe oq e limites kkkk
Forever K-Pop BTS
ooooouuuuwwww DAAAAAAWWWNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanisha M
Tanisha M 22 days ago
pls she is so cute t-t
SIMON XUANYI 23 days ago
The male dancers are so cool ~~
Kyra K.
Kyra K. 10 days ago
Kyra K.
Kyra K. 10 days ago
Kyra K.
Kyra K. 10 days ago
Cool? More like H
Anna Beatriz
Anna Beatriz 23 days ago
she is so cute 😭💕🌹
Karan 23 days ago
Damn PSY gave really cute advice to the dancers
Richachaslide 23 days ago
Seeing HyunA in that braid all I can think is: Lara Croft found jobless
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 23 days ago
Jimin park
Jimin park 24 days ago
Winter lee
Winter lee 24 days ago
어째 요렇게 오밀조밀 이쁘게 생겼냥
Jessica Daisy
Jessica Daisy 24 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Hyuna and PSY hugged each other, they are just like a father and daughter!🥰 9:31
Sejee Annyeong
Sejee Annyeong 24 days ago
2:50 kind girl hyuna
DANI_ 0_0
DANI_ 0_0 24 days ago
Aun sigo en busqueda de las cejas de Dawn
Maria May
Maria May 24 days ago
Ala hyuna suele rompió la chancla 👁👄👁
mhamad ramazan
mhamad ramazan 24 days ago
l Love
daira novas
daira novas 24 days ago
Hyuna is cute
Danielle Tejero
Danielle Tejero 24 days ago
hyuna is so caring she cared for the purple socks 🥺😭
anne 25 days ago
FATEMH.ESMAILI 25 days ago
The best female singer in the world💗😻😎
yeontan woof
yeontan woof 25 days ago
the line "i like early mornings, dawn dawn dawn" idk if it's just hyuna who wanted to add "dawn" in that line because she loves dawn (her bf) or if it's just the producer btw stan hyuna!!!1
MELY GAMES 26 days ago
Soy la única que no entiendo más de la mitad del video xd
MemeAliCiOUS 26 days ago
Dawn hyping up his women and admiring her without any restrain 😭🤧💞
heystobit 26 days ago
the way she was talking with the teddy bear i'm crying she's so adorable😭😭💜💜💜
Stephen Hermosilla
Stephen Hermosilla 26 days ago
Dancing barefoot is not joke😭 she's the queen!!!❤️✨✨
fatihah86 26 days ago
I like i m not cool
Jolanda Koh
Jolanda Koh 26 days ago
Somehow this video is really touching. I was not a hyuna's fan but after watching this I am.. :) she is humble, kind and caring and there is innocence in her despite her great popularity.. ♥️
Rishel Carido
Rishel Carido 26 days ago
Karla Barrameda
Karla Barrameda 27 days ago
The best!!!
Youngjin An
Youngjin An 27 days ago
Adele Ange
Adele Ange 27 days ago
Cute 🥰🥰🥰
jinsol yoo
jinsol yoo 28 days ago
Hyuna seems like such an introvert and i'm living for it
game and art
game and art 28 days ago
Your voice is so cute And you are also cute
Vini's - Different WORLD
Yeah,she really put all the energy from head to toe of her body in this music video, I loved this song so so much❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hnin Thazin
Hnin Thazin 29 days ago
누가 이렇게 많은 사랑 받고 있는 사람을 사랑 안 받고 있다고 느끼게 해? 100 명은 필요 없고 이렇게 내가 좋아 하고 나는 좋아하는 사람들만 옆에 있으면 다지. 파이팅 언니. 최고!!!
YUMEKO 가차 #freeporçay
Your so sweet 💜
hekate #exo
hekate #exo 29 days ago
HyunA the Best Girl.
yanira caycho
yanira caycho Month ago
1. hermoso MV 2. me encanto ese osito 🥰
Ana luisa Guzman chavezte
Bailas muy bonito HYUNA
Meng X
Meng X Month ago
PSY is fucking awesome! Happy that he’s doing these artists right! Dude is a genius!
Zeynep Rana Buran
Jiselliana Ortiz
6:26 she so cute
Seung Ju
Seung Ju Month ago
04:15 Dawn : Hey salt! When exactly does she look cool? Salt Kim : ... Dawn : When she gives you a snack? Salt Kim : O_O? That's Right!!!!!!!!!
Seung Ju
Seung Ju Month ago
Pretty HyunA 가 좋아요!
Katalina K
Katalina K Month ago
Que dulce!
꧁ÄngëÎic_ßluë꧂ uwu
U are so Pretty :0!
sagikkun jeonghan
that shin chung lim manager is quite handsome tho, anyone got his ig?
ur mom
ur mom Month ago
Luiz Christofolli
I love you hyuna
boi who is u ?!?
Yes y'all please remember her purple stocking 😔😔
Andrei Josh Bautista
PSY is the best CEO ever!
ʟɪʟɪᴏғᴘɪɴᴋ [dlwlrma_]
HyunA yicem sniğ😍🖤
HyunA - 'I'm Not Cool' MV
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