(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Oh my god' M/V Teaser

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(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Oh my god' M/V Teaser
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Apr 5, 2020




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Comments 80
Pink Idle Nation
Pink Idle Nation 12 hours ago
Minnie evolution: Latata: Eew that girl, just has a voice, she isn't much talented Hann: Her looks are okay though Senorita: Woah, she is one of the prettiest one, here, I love Minnie Uh Oh: Her swag and dance is another level, Minnie is so amazing Lion: Oh my god, she is so talented OMG: OMG, SHE IS THE NEXT FEMALE I C O N
Harleen Quinzel
Harleen Quinzel 4 days ago
Best teaser ever 👑👑👑👑👑👑
Indah Permata Putri
I love minnie's voice 😍😍😍
Yeh Susan
Yeh Susan 4 days ago
I'm too poor for this teaser.
Aldi Aldi
Aldi Aldi 5 days ago
Are this minnie voice???
охвондер 666
the most beautiful teaser in kpop
Nova 6 days ago
How do i make subtitles? I wanna add portuguese
hey yow
hey yow 7 days ago
Still inlove with my fave teaser
can't you see me
can't you see me 7 days ago
this is the best teaser ever it just simplifies the whole song very easily
hey yow
hey yow 8 days ago
June 2020?? anyone!!:
julia 9 days ago
aleluia, arrepiei.
luciana perez
luciana perez 10 days ago
i got 24 wallpapers from this video wtf
Mehdi Bn
Mehdi Bn 10 days ago
We need a ' BEST TEASER AWARD ' at end shows IDLE would get it
Akash Sky
Akash Sky 11 days ago
I still watch this mv teaser and oh my God video daily. Never seen a teaser like this. I even converted it into audio and listening to it during work.
Boom Boom
Boom Boom 2 days ago
Yay I'm not alone 😭
ana carol
ana carol 8 days ago
Omg i though i was the only one doing that
Martina Toledo
Martina Toledo 11 days ago
Yo opino que deberían sacar una película! 🤣❤️
Soso Shi
Soso Shi 12 days ago
This still remains THE best teaser of all times dont @ me.
Musly 13 days ago
Queen !!!
milkyrcsies 13 days ago
B S 14 days ago
The best teaser I have ever seen
Tamara Flores
Tamara Flores 16 days ago
This was insane
mihii 17 days ago
nayeon's diary
nayeon's diary 19 days ago
idlemaknaes 21 day ago
wahh seriously the best teaser that i ever watched in my life😭😭 still cant get over it. TMI : im a 2nd gen fans :v
Minnie Dubu
Minnie Dubu 21 day ago
There is a filipino subtitle
Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa Manoban 21 day ago
UN MES y nO supero este TEASEEER
Đăng Nguyễn
Đăng Nguyễn 26 days ago
Fighting Neverlands 🥰
Kendal Konez
Kendal Konez 26 days ago
I love G-Idle but imo this teaser was 10X better than the MV
amy 14 days ago
agreed,, omg was good but the teaser is incredible and cannot be beat
Nevie 15 days ago
Kendal Konez the teaser didnt have any melody or music and the video of teaser was the same one from the mv i dont understand what do you mean
Tamara Flores
Tamara Flores 16 days ago
It's literally the same but Minnie narrating lmfaooo
Renāte Skujiņa
Renāte Skujiņa 24 days ago
You cant even write theyre name correct sis
Ava nolan
Ava nolan 27 days ago
Minnie:im no longer a prisoner Me:ohh minnieś hot🤣
Nicole NicksHoran
I really love this teaser!!!!
amy Month ago
one of the most incredible teasers ever
Đăng Nguyễn
Đăng Nguyễn Month ago
Fighting Neverlands
ENGR Month ago
BY FAR the greatest MV teaser in any musical genre!
Suga Monster
Suga Monster Month ago
Tell me why this looks like a dark horror movie trailer
real irus
real irus Month ago
The best teaser ever
soo_ shu
soo_ shu Month ago
I've seen omg a million times already but I still can't get over this teaser...
Carysx 4 days ago
I’m still here, I know all the word haha
J S 15 days ago
Then you have problems, big ones
mara rothe
mara rothe 17 days ago
Harleen Quinzel
Harleen Quinzel 24 days ago
The same
ahmadsvids 25 days ago
soo_ shu same
오디오 Month ago
ㅎ ㅏ.. 티저는 진짜 찢었는데 ㅠㅠ 곡 전체가 이런 분위기인 곡 내줬으면 좋겠다 분위기 진짜 도랏어!!!
pink_ pp0901
pink_ pp0901 Month ago
볼 때마다 소름돋네 여름에 이거보면 되겠어...
shafeela rasheed
Any Armies are here?💜💜🔦
Đăng Nguyễn
Đăng Nguyễn Month ago
Fighting Neverlands
한수연 Month ago
Hykal Hapiz
Hykal Hapiz Month ago
cant stop watching this bruhh
hey yow
hey yow Month ago
I wish this was a MOVIE TEASER
Anji Crz
Anji Crz Month ago
this actually remains to be the best kpop mv teaser honestly. the chills.
Mai Cohen
Mai Cohen Month ago
Minnies voice so soft but yet deadly it’s perfect
林菲比 Month ago
Ultimate Art
Astro Naut
Astro Naut Month ago
I want them to do this as intro in one of the big awards like mama or mma
Kai Rijks
Kai Rijks 8 days ago
yeobbun giam tototoi
valerie ann bautista
Sooojiniess Month ago
I love this teaser
Anji Crz
Anji Crz Month ago
hey yow
hey yow Month ago
The BEST and my FAVE TEASER of all kpop mv songs
kim sn
kim sn Month ago
Chocadaaa estou
Bangtan Boys
Bangtan Boys Month ago
Alguma alma VIVA que fale português? Kkk
Thais Badeca
Thais Badeca Month ago
Nicole NicksHoran
Para mí este es el mejor teaser del 2020!!!
Anji Crz
Anji Crz Month ago
Best trailer of kpop music yes 👑✨
심설하 Month ago
why did the comments turned into a bible study lol
Anji Crz
Anji Crz Month ago
this is still superior i think next comeback would be a very dark concept like vampire in Mama 2018 introoo hmmm
mdw gw
mdw gw Month ago
This is so creeping
heesun kim
heesun kim Month ago
봐도 봐도 질리지가 않아..사랑해 언니들ㅠㅠㅠ
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Month ago
14 on turkish trends i don’t know they had so much fan in turkey
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Month ago
Soyeon barely had any screen time in this teaser ,shout out to anyone who calls gidle soyeon and freinds
dev k
dev k Month ago
@Arsyi Aqsara just go and check the encore inkigayo video where they switched their parts..Then you will understand they have given each person the lines that suit them..
Arsyi Aqsara
Arsyi Aqsara Month ago
@fangirl in neverland who said im not a neverland. in where did i say that ? are you blind ?
fangirl in neverland
@Arsyi Aqsara you have 3 biases in idle and you aren't even a Neverland xD
вυввlє тєα
@Arsyi Aqsara Ok , have some tea and relax.
Arsyi Aqsara
Arsyi Aqsara Month ago
Also she can’t say someting
RainyDay jm
RainyDay jm Month ago
Honestly, one of the most unique and powerful teasers in the kpop industry Edit: I wrote kpoo by accident, sorry 🐸
traumified Month ago
The “a prisoner” at the end made me speechless and really hit my heart 😳
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Month ago
screen like we are opening our eyes to see them and ends while closing our eyes.
doliio volay
doliio volay Month ago
I’ve ever seen, I keep replaying it to try and understand it
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Month ago
STR3AM Oh my god 💜
Fatima army
Fatima army Month ago
Oh my god
greg grey
greg grey Month ago
Soojin - Goddess Soyeon - Goddess Yuqi - Goddess Minnie - Goddess Miyeon - Goddess Shuhua - Goddess
doliio volay
doliio volay Month ago
Why is this unlisted now?
mihii Month ago
공백 Month ago
아 존나 미쳤어 진심 ㄹㅇ 역대급
Tiffany Month ago
from QUEENS to GODS well i mean they are
CJDM310 Month ago
The melody in this teaser is also heard during the prechorus instrumental of the song!
러버덕쿵 Month ago
꺅!! 존예!! 넘 예뻐요오..ㅠㅠ♥♥♥
Lola Lopes
Lola Lopes Month ago
My new fav teaser right with As If It's Your Last!
Byunbae Kimtae
Byunbae Kimtae Month ago
Jimins Left Toe
Jimins Left Toe Month ago
Thats hot
ATEEZ Is Life Month ago
Anyone realise that this is not "public" like it has the paper clip thing?
Lis Frimpong
Lis Frimpong Month ago
ATEEZ is life They had to it because it was trending in like a lot of countries before the Music Video released so they made the Teaser not public and then the M/V started trending in a lot of countries around the world
Anjaliअंजलि안 잘리Kashyap
The song is written as a third perspective of person , that's why there are Lines "She took me to the sky ","She showed all the stars" and notice that Video begins with black screen like we are opening our eyes to see them and ends while closing our eyes.
Maya Vlz
Maya Vlz Month ago
STR3AM Oh my god 💜
xu xi
xu xi Month ago
Who's still here even the mv released 1 day ago??
stan idle
stan idle Month ago
Next videos