(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'i'M THE TREND' Special Clip

(G)I-DLE (여자)아이들 (Official YouTube Channel)
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(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'i'M THE TREND' Special Clip
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Jul 7, 2020




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idletrash 5 hours ago
*IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING GIDLE* (G)I-DLE is nominated on *3* different platforms / shows. Neverlands, please *vote* for our girls on the *following apps / websites:* (Voting is free and does not cost anything.) *1. STARPLAY APP* - Download the Starplay App - Sign in with your E-Mail or Google account - watch ads to get voting tickets - vote for our girls as much as you can in the pre-voting - Repeat everyday *2. VMAS 2020 BEST KPOP* - Visit the website of MTV - Go to the category _"vote"_ - Sign in & vote for each category - When the category _"Best Kpop"_ appears make sure to vote for Idle - Repeat everyday until August, 30th *3. MNET* - Download the Mwave app - sign in with your mail, Twitter, Google, Instagram, etc. - go to "pre-voting" & vote for DUMDi DUMDi - Repeat everyday Let's support Idle and their comeback! They work soo hard to make us proud - so let's make them proud!
Guerlie Francois
Guerlie Francois 8 hours ago
Why is nobody thinking this is a summer song it was in July
Park Kooki
Park Kooki 9 hours ago
2 Bul
2 Bul 11 hours ago
Minnie with her hair up is 🔥
다바 15 hours ago
노래 너무 좋다 정말 ㅠㅠ 우기, 민니 좋은 노래 만들어줘서 고마워!💖💖 다 같이 즐기는 모습 너무 좋아 아이들 최고🤍
신기찬 16 hours ago
dolyn rosly
dolyn rosly 18 hours ago
1:36 We can see cameraman
Professor Tox
Professor Tox 20 hours ago
Shuhua dance QUEEN
Matute Drum Cover
Matute Drum Cover 21 hour ago
This group man.... this group... i was not going to watch this cause i read "special clip" so i thought "oh its not a comeback song, its just a special thing with a random video made of clips" bla bla bla.... THANK god i watched it, i love this... lets see... the video, its really made of random clips, but it works, it shows them relaxed having fun, it goes well with the song. The song, is really great, the chorus that says the names of their songs, Soyeon's rap, and the fact that is a really chill song, kinda funky, kinda latin for moments, that saxophone, those keys creating that chill atmosphere, really cool. I have mixed feelings tho, cause i love (G)I-DLE, but i also love CLC, and i know the girls have nothing to do, and i would love to say WELL DONE CUBE, but at the same time i know CUBE is not actually doing much with CLC and its kinda annoying, so i won't say well done CUBE, but i will say WELL DONE (G)I-DLE, i really like this group.
소요 22 hours ago
Whatz Up
Whatz Up 23 hours ago
Hello Miyeon👐 I came back here because i realized somethin about the words printed on your shirt.I don't know whats your real reasons but i would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH💚💚💚
rabbana najina ajmain wa Ham
استغفر الله
sam tu
sam tu Day ago
Gary Do Jupiter
I love this Song Hi from México
ismais Day ago
my rank is : 1. (G)IDLE (how they compose their song, and there is no bad at all, how they are so stable, I LOVE THIS TALENTED QUEENS, they get their own color) 2. BLACKPINK 3. RED VELVET THEY ARE QUEENS EVERYBODY GET OFF!!! XD
iam a potato
iam a potato Day ago
This song is really good.
marie marieee
Shushu dance break yessss!!!
이예솔 Day ago
노래에 타이틀곡 제목 다들어간거 같은데 넘 좋다 ㅠ
Angelie Cullen
I super love this! 😭
Angelie Cullen
Whose idea is this? 😍 I'll give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
kawaii shoutan
Naeron Day ago
0:12 mmmmmmhhh
Gulu Cabbarova
M M Day ago
eyesonme09 Day ago
Im a new fan and i love them all there is no such thing as bias in their group they are all great :)
Kang Jihyo
Kang Jihyo Day ago
Who's here after watching DUMDI DUMDI? ❤️❤️❤️
silverpretty Day ago
Let's stream their songs!!
HaKu Day ago
Hola Hello
andre caetano
Still can't get over with Minnie rap......
Nesub Abdi
Nesub Abdi 2 days ago
this gave me the same vibes as Itzy's Nobody like you gave me... friends hanging out and having the time of their lives
mokari 2 days ago
(G)I-DLE is the TREND ;D
noemi garcia
noemi garcia 2 days ago
Está canción es un rolón
noemi garcia
noemi garcia 2 days ago
idletrash 2 days ago
*! IMPORTANT !* Please vote for (G)I-DLE on MTV VMAs 2020. *HOW?* 1. Go to the website of MTV and click on the category "vote" 2. Log in with your e-mail, twitter or google account. 3. Vote for each category and when _Best KPOP_ pops up, vote for our girls. 4. Repeat every day until the *30th of August* Thank you Nevies and let's shower our girls with lots of love and support!!
carissa wee
carissa wee 2 days ago
This is the link to the website: www.mtv.com/vma/vote/
My goodness this is so adorable xD
Once Forever
Once Forever 2 days ago
Nervelands Forevers! we are "Neverlands forevers" really forever
kim meta
kim meta 2 days ago
بحبوووووون بحبون بحبون يخليلي البونننن💖😭😭😭😭😭😭
aidilhakimi aj
aidilhakimi aj 2 days ago
hmmm where is shuhua ? i mean when they were swimming in the pool :(
Suravi Sarkar
Suravi Sarkar 2 days ago
She is afraid of deep waters (aquaphobia) because she had an accident in her childhood
호박고구마 2 days ago
Well can I ask why shuhua was excluded in swimming pool scene?Was she sick or somethin’?
Suravi Sarkar
Suravi Sarkar 2 days ago
No she has aquaphobia , she is afraid of deep waters because of her accident in her childhood.
Natchaya Wongpanit
I'm a Thaisfan & I always support you Minnie 🥰
Natchaya Wongpanit
มินนี่เก่งมากเลยค่ะ ชอบมากค่าาา เริ่ดค่าา
Borsha T21
Borsha T21 2 days ago
The song is toooooo cute
Mel Once
Mel Once 2 days ago
J’aime tellement!
조건희 2 days ago
Sat ty
Sat ty 2 days ago
This is the only girl group that I can feel the friendship and a family between them 💜 A squad goal.
ice bear my name is
Omg. I knew this 2:28 part really sounds familiar. And I listen to PENTAGONs intrumentals so when I heard it, yes it's definitely sounds familiar. I tried to listen pentagons RUNAWAY ins. And Like This ins. And yeh. 2:28 is similar to PENTAGONs Like This. Awesome!!! Gonna stan these two.
YSENG胜 2 days ago
YSENG胜 2 days ago
YSENG胜 2 days ago
YSENG胜 2 days ago
YSENG胜 2 days ago
Soyeon 🔥
YSENG胜 2 days ago
YSENG胜 2 days ago
Minnie 🔥
//M.E R.D.C\\
//M.E R.D.C\\ 2 days ago
No one can do it like Idle!!!!
CIT Courtney
CIT Courtney 2 days ago
0:59 3:08
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 2 days ago
Shalinii Ravi 33
Perfect Execution
Sawadeka konthaika korb lkungka 55555 Firstlisten shocked I like this song very much
FVGTRW ASDFHG 2 days ago
بموتتت تجننن العوده
2602강은조 2 days ago
진짜,,,이번에 너무 좋다,,힘 좀 살짝빼고 가벼운데 있을거 다있고 유행에 안꿀리고,,, 진짜 어디 하나 부족한게 없어ㅠㅠ 아이들 최고,,,이번 컴백도 즐기시면 좋겠어요ㅠㅠ!!!!
Amaya IsHere
Amaya IsHere 2 days ago
The title isn't lying about them 🙊
imalexthedancer 2 days ago
Sum of practically every (G)I-DLE song: Minnie, Soyeon, Soojin and friends
wow maryam 112
@imalexthedancer hi just wanted to tell you that this youtibe account is shared between me and my siblings i am her brother
Neverending Neverland
@imalexthedancer It's their decision after all. Soyeon said that she never did something without asking the members opinions, so all of them should agree with the line distribution. It's not only about the amount of lines , it's about preference , capability and comfort too.
wow maryam 112 hey I’ve been a Nevie since the beginning just sayin they should have a little bit fairer line distribution
Neverending Neverland
Of course, all of them are friends !!!
wow maryam 112
Shut up don't say these things in Gidle they choose there lines among there self's no one is deciding they r choosing there self OK so don't try to be a badass people like u make nevies hate Gidle so please if u want to make a very fair line distribution then make your own group foolish!! I take my words back
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