[최초공개] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) - 9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려(Run Away) @TOMORROW X TOGETHER Welcome Back Show

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[최초공개] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) - 9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려(Run Away) @TOMORROW X TOGETHER Welcome Back Show
▶[M2] 구독 ruvid.net/show-UCTQVIXvcHrR9jYoJ6qaBAow
▶[TOMORROW X TOGETHER Welcome Back Show] 지금 뜨는 동영상 : www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120195411?from=youtube
▶[M2] 라이브 : www.tving.com/live/player/C17641


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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 9 593
3000 Bitvh
3000 Bitvh 20 hours ago
_Wolfy Playz_
I can’t wait to see them grow up more with their songs. I’m happy I’m with a group since their debut
Eli_ za
Eli_ za Day ago
Tomorrow X Together💜💜💜
Lovesuga Bts
Lovesuga Bts Day ago
Raise and shine like BTS... Still hard working TXT...
jungoo 3 days ago
soobin tiene 0 expresiones faciales..😐✋
Soobin Suga
Soobin Suga 3 days ago
good música
잃줋용 4 days ago
얘네 직속선배는 방탄이지 님들이 아니에요.. 걍 잘한다 이말만 하면되지 왜 꼰대짓들 하세요.. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
LUNA루나 4 days ago
아니진짜연준,범규넘 존잘ㅠㅠ
Idol I Love
Idol I Love 4 days ago
걍 비주얼 그룹이라 해도 과언이 아님.
수아 4 days ago
다들 좋은데 연준이랑 수빈이 미모 폭발하네요 이번 앨범 대박❗
T彬俊奎賢凱 5 days ago
TXT the best rookie groups TXT 👍👍👍👍👍
전유정 5 days ago
뭐지;... 별 관심없었는데 어느순간 끝까지 다 본 나를 발견함 3분36초 순삭
staccato1920 5 days ago
휴닝 카이가 멋있어진 거 같은데 키도 크고 뭔가 달라보여요.
블랙망개 5 days ago
treysi coaguila
treysi coaguila 5 days ago
Harry Potter👦👓⚡📙 :3 Run Away 9 3/4 I love You #TXT
#이현 [ 버전 & 시리즈 유튜버 ]
아니 근데 약간 깜깜한 그 계단 옆에서? 그쪽 부분에서 약간 태형 오빠 목소리 난것 같애..
김채연 6 days ago
뭔가 남자판 오마이걸같음 몽환+소년미
Flickering Creature
did they all came straight from anime? ✨
Saraí R.
Saraí R. 6 days ago
1:14 - 1:18 Idk why I feel that I have seen those steps somewhere else🥺
해피스마일 7 days ago
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 얘들아 누나 입덕했다 얘들아 누나 앨범도샀다 얘들아 누나가 격하게 아낀다 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
쿵야 7 days ago
머글인데 이번 타이틀 휴닝카이가 계속 눈이감 목소리도 잘어울리고
A XZ 7 days ago
0:19 0:51 1:14 1:30 2:05 2:54 3:22
it is what it is
it is what it is 7 days ago
if you listen closely to 00:01 you will hear someone whispering "rookie of the year"
Banshee A
Banshee A 7 days ago
I love the choreo, the concept, the song, the lyrics, their voices, their facial expressions. it's perfect 💕💕
Melanie Bieber
Melanie Bieber 7 days ago
TXT: this video Big A$$ Artist: Watches vídeo and tries to contact BH
Reia Laveign
Reia Laveign 8 days ago
at first I didn't liked this song, but after a few listens I'm starting to get into it and now I'm obsessed with it. Best rookie award goes to txt !!
irameshywa maeishi
Can somebody tell me what shirt does Soobin is wearing?? T^T
Isa Arrence
Isa Arrence 8 days ago
suckerforbts 8 days ago
okay but hear me out: are we sure that beomgyu isnt taehyung's long lost brother?
Xoë Suejung
Xoë Suejung 8 days ago
Yeonjun really stands out to me. I like this comeback a lot.
Samiya ***
Samiya *** 9 days ago
Look at my kiddos! They’re all precious but I have a super soft spot for Yeonjun and Taehyun 🥺
Aracely Fernandez
Amo esta cancion 😍😍#TXT
aco🦁 9 days ago
1:41 beomgyu oppa😍😍😍 사랑해요☺︎
Diphylleia_grayi 9 days ago
연주나...........너 덕분에 영상 다 찾아봐
Mayank Rawat
Mayank Rawat 9 days ago
That hand joining reminds me of DNA
심민지 9 days ago
얼굴때문에 노래가 안 들려...
juliayx 10 days ago
does beomgyu rlly have to look this fine all the time
우우아 10 days ago
혹시 연준이 입은 바지 어디 브랜드인지 아시는분 !! ㅠㅠ
A Afrisley
A Afrisley 11 days ago
TXT deserves win more in music show for Run Away but I can't denied it cuz they need to compete with senior groups and I don't complain it. But TXT still win in our hearts Korea and Worldwide uwuuuu. TXT deserves win ROTY in MAMA Award and MNET please do not playing dirty and being SNAKEUUUUUUUUUUU. *MARKS MY WORDS. I'm not saying the another group not deserve it but please understand my words you all, u got it? Every group deserves win but.... thinking yourself. Don't mess up with BigHit BTS and TXT our boys. Thank you
Karen Velarde
Karen Velarde 11 days ago
I watch this video every day they look so good and Soobin can really have all my love he is too fine
ValePLZ 11 days ago
kai is so perfect
Sheena 11 days ago
These kids are seriously on another level. They are very entertaining to watch. I have rewatched this video over and over. I like the other kpop groups but there is something about this group. Big hit sure knows how to find talent. The fact they are all rookies but perform as well as their seniors is mind bottling. Just by this performance , I will support them now on their musical journey. I wish them all the success in their near future.
Daniela burgos
Daniela burgos 12 days ago
TXT fighting
qwertyuio naeom
qwertyuio naeom 12 days ago
Victon Byeongchan said he watched this before 😊
조길준 12 days ago
진짜 멋있당
cielatenea 12 days ago
Me enamore de TXT!...Y Ahora que hago?
Gladys Kao
Gladys Kao 3 days ago
Stannearlos y darles amor ♡
Gamze K.
Gamze K. 13 days ago
Kiyashi Beekmeyer
Kiyashi Beekmeyer 13 days ago
Are you sure they are rookies! . . . Me (Being the same age as hueningkai) :sitting here watching this Me: *Also feels like I am wasting my life*
MNNVO 13 days ago
이번 노래좋다~ 휴닝카이가 '내이름불러줘~'하면서웨이브할때가 젤좋음ㅋㅋㅋ 전보다 코디도좋고♡ 계속 돌려보는중ㅋ
bangtan only
bangtan only 13 days ago
Daniela burgos
Daniela burgos 14 days ago
MOAs fighting
Kea Kimleang
Kea Kimleang 14 days ago
Kai visual is no joke 🧡
Amalia Hernandez
Amalia Hernandez 14 days ago
I could do with like a slightly more rock version of this it’d bang even harder imo
Vanillacream15 14 days ago
This is the best song I’ve ever heard from a rookie group
ssamjenner shf
ssamjenner shf 14 days ago
let's talk 'bout kai. he's AMAZINGGG
Muhammad Triyobakti
Mereka seperti bukan group rookie. Udah kelihatan pro banget. Walaupun mereka di beberapa talk show gitu kelihatan banget canggung nya tapi gak apa apa, karena saat mereka perform udah pro sekali 😍
Jeon Jungkook_Jikook
violetgirl1996 14 days ago
Taehyun= Kouhei Takeda + Leeteuk Yeonjun= Yoo Ah In + Eric Nam Soobin= Minhyuk of Btob + Hong Jonghyun + Joshua of Seventeen Beomgyu= Taemin's distant relative Kai= somebody I used to know
Francis Gomgom-o Jr
im addicted to this song one of the best song
Daniela burgos
Daniela burgos 14 days ago
MOAs fighting
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