청하 (CHUNG HA) - "벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)" Music Video

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청하 (CHUNG HA) - "벌써 12시" Music Video
청하 두번째 싱글 '벌써12시' 공식 뮤직 비디오
CHUNG Ha's 2nd single 'Gotta Go' Official Music Video
청하의 두번째 싱글 "벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)" 는 파워풀한 드럼비트위에 중독적이면서 매혹적인 flute 사운드가 매력적인 EDM곡으로 지금까지 Tropical한 느낌과는 반대로 섹시하면서도 감각적인 청하의 보컬과 “아쉬워 벌써 12시”라는 메인 테마의 가사처럼 적극적이면서 도발적인 청하의 또 다른 매력을 느낄수있다.
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2 янв 2019

CHUNG HACHUNGHAKPOP청하김청하벌써 12시청하 벌써 12시청하 신곡청하 컴백chungha gotta gogotta go김청하 신곡김청하 컴백김청하 벌써 12시12 o'clockchungha 12 o'clockchungha alreadyChung Ha Already MidnightChung Ha Already 12 O'Clock아쉬워 벌써 12시청하 아쉬워 벌써 12시두번째 싱글싱글벌써 12시 Gotta GofluteEDM




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Kawtar EJ
Kawtar EJ 13 минут назад
Let's go for 15 M now
Mariane Rodrigues
Mariane Rodrigues 36 минут назад
Viciada nessa música a partir de hoje ❤❤😍
Jennifer Laguna
Jennifer Laguna 39 минут назад
Te amo
Pxrpley []
Pxrpley [] 52 минуты назад
Wow she is beautiful
최낙현 2 часа назад
ㅎㅎㅎ 15555555 고고!
장정미 2 часа назад
청하언니 너무 멋져요ㅜㅜㅜ 계속 노래해주세요
LoL_KeK_4eburek :3
LoL_KeK_4eburek :3 3 часа назад
dario pro5
dario pro5 3 часа назад
puta mierda de musica es una basura
Queen AngAng
Queen AngAng 2 часа назад
💤 así como tu boca.
Kawtar EJ
Kawtar EJ 4 часа назад
Less than 30K
Катя Филипова
Катя Филипова 4 часа назад
Воу....Это афигительно😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😃😃😃😃😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Zumildha Novtariany29
Zumildha Novtariany29 4 часа назад
Kawtar EJ
Kawtar EJ 4 часа назад
Less than 40K views to reach 14M views on this channel, come on people!!!!
NKI JUST 5 часов назад
I just want to know who is her stylist. Her outfit is always on point!
안나민 6 часов назад
Chung Ha before Jennie *for me*
Dea Saphire
Dea Saphire 6 часов назад
I love taeyeon, but chungha.. I love u too 😝
park chanyeol byun baekhyun
park chanyeol byun baekhyun 6 часов назад
Unnie is just perfect. No word to say......... I M SPEECHLESS
liara florallyours
liara florallyours 7 часов назад
came here after hyunjin danced to this
Elisha Khan
Elisha Khan 7 часов назад
We stan a QUEEN
dipa ritchil
dipa ritchil 7 часов назад
I love her songs.
dipa ritchil
dipa ritchil 14 минут назад
She is from china
Watch MONSTA X 'ALLIGATOR' MV! 9 часов назад
Hi CHUNGHA STANS. Please help us to stream ALLIGATOR 🐊 mv. Currently has 12M views. Our goal is 15M views. Monbebe will help to stream GOTTA GO too.
Aestaekook 9 часов назад
woahhh chungha why so beautiful
jisoo trash
jisoo trash 10 часов назад
S a r a h
S a r a h 11 часов назад
is it just me or does Chunga look like a bratz doll? she's hella stunning
Alan Tan Miao Thong
Alan Tan Miao Thong 11 часов назад
Still die every time I listen and watch this MV. She just slays so hard, and deserves so much better. The true solo QUEEN of 2019.
Norma Espinar
Norma Espinar 11 часов назад
Nicole Gabrielle Pingol
Nicole Gabrielle Pingol 12 часов назад
Good way to start a year
*-Kelsey-* 13 часов назад
no entiendo porque no tiene mas likes y vistas,esta cancion es genial ^^
suzy kim
suzy kim 13 часов назад
UGH SHE SLAYED 😭😭 I keep coming back to this
Army once
Army once 15 часов назад
i love chung-ha -why? i love her concept,so mature and elegant,sexy and she is so beautiful!!!!
Moon태양 15 часов назад
chung ha es alta diosa, mUAK.
Isaac Rahman
Isaac Rahman 16 часов назад
Damn this video had about 1 mil views a few weeks ago.
John Finnick
John Finnick 16 часов назад
BTS مينا
BTS مينا 16 часов назад
شكد حلوة هالاغنية 😍
dashyea Durham
dashyea Durham 17 часов назад
I rushed over when this add poped on the phone for this song and I liked what I heard so I love this now is she a solo artist or is she just doing a solo song
lne euler
lne euler 8 часов назад
She was in I.O.I, but after disbandment she went solo. I must say now she is one of the best solo artists.
Barbie Ann
Barbie Ann 17 часов назад
Pause it at 0:25 you'll have nightmares...Lets talk about it..
Laeihyuba 17 часов назад
{XX} kpoper
{XX} kpoper 17 часов назад
イチゴ cake
イチゴ cake 19 часов назад
Was making bops in ioi, still making bops now.
BANA CARATS 19 часов назад
SOTY 2019 Go Go
Dawson Ting
Dawson Ting 19 часов назад
Lol saw Isaac from in2it played this song in his vlive. Still need practice but it's fun to watch.need to give some credits for appreciating chungha sunbaenim . ruvid.net/video/видео-cNNTpv_RPco.html
Little One
Little One 19 часов назад
She is giving me major sumni vibes.
• I P U R P L E Y O U •
• I P U R P L E Y O U • 20 часов назад
I fell in love with this song at first listen
KPFTV Eddie 21 час назад
Every single video on this channel is Chungha .. MNH should just rename the channel Chungha .. it would grow way more if they did .. they could always set up another MNH Channel for when they have more rookies or artists
김윤김 21 час назад
2 0 2 0 ?
Liliana Michelle Cano
Liliana Michelle Cano 22 часа назад
Scrimbo 22 часа назад
This is incredible this deserves so many more views wow
Zanouba Rose
Zanouba Rose 22 часа назад
a bop!
cat m
cat m 23 часа назад
This song made me gay
drayi kpop
drayi kpop 23 часа назад
Omg that's Amazing music
micamoon День назад
ninday ZilFoxx18
ninday ZilFoxx18 День назад
Chungha is more than a queen. She always slay it her own
seesaw День назад
Unpopular opinion: this song deverse better like she end all girl group carrer 💜
anna sun
anna sun День назад
королева этого мира
Teffy Kastro
Teffy Kastro День назад
Me encanta esta canción😄😍😍😍
Pcy Ukiyominhyuk
Pcy Ukiyominhyuk День назад
I really like this more than roller coaster I wish there would be more songs like this one
Miho Kyoshi
Miho Kyoshi День назад
Miho Kyoshi
Miho Kyoshi День назад
How tour feelinnnnnnng~!!!!
tinfawn День назад
I nominate Chungha for having the *_DEADLIEST_* EYES her gaze pierces through my SOUL
Ofocodododo Fmfkrjfkro
Ofocodododo Fmfkrjfkro День назад
I usually don't like Chungha, BUT THIS IS A BOP
Sweta Saha
Sweta Saha День назад
The high note KILLED ME
Kawtar EJ
Kawtar EJ День назад
The doctor says listen to this song at least 20 times a day!!!
나리 День назад
i'm so proud of chungha. i still can't believe she's gone this far. chungha fighting.
i need some milk
i need some milk День назад
Nathifa Ahmed
Nathifa Ahmed День назад
Wig? Snatched Heart? Beating fast Quality Content? Hell Yah Hotel? Trivago
Roxy vgh
Roxy vgh День назад
Marvin Castillo
Marvin Castillo День назад
Literally been listening to this everyday since the 2nd of January.
Ayesha Shaikh
Ayesha Shaikh День назад
I'm so obsessed with this song 💖💫
Haley Waughal
Haley Waughal День назад
she is so pretty.. like seriously. not gonna lie personally the prettiest idol i’ve ever seen
kim Camila 7u7r
kim Camila 7u7r День назад
Tony Thịnh Candy
Tony Thịnh Candy День назад
bik fương cũng hay
Tony Thịnh Candy
Tony Thịnh Candy День назад
blát pin cũng hay nên tôi thik nok
Tony Thịnh Candy
Tony Thịnh Candy День назад
chung ha hay lắm nên tôi thik
GGYU TUBE김현규 День назад
Luan Medeiros
Luan Medeiros День назад
Bumbum tantan da Coreia, só que mil vezes melhor :v
Nathalia Lemos
Nathalia Lemos День назад
This song does not get out of my head, Chungha you're awesome, I love you ❤👏👏👍
Geno Ace
Geno Ace День назад
I really love her music.
Misa Pinku
Misa Pinku День назад
Queen!!!! Chung Ha! LOVE THIS SONG!
Sedat Çetinkaya
Sedat Çetinkaya День назад
Türk'ler likelasın sayımızı bilelim.. Turkey love you
Karoly Gonzalez
Karoly Gonzalez День назад
Te amo
SiraGem Art
SiraGem Art День назад
this is better than roller coaster FIGHT ME
min yoongi
min yoongi День назад
Agnes Batalha
Agnes Batalha День назад
She is so beautiful and your voice is amazing!
Park ChimChim
Park ChimChim День назад
*20 M?*
באנצ'י אינעלם
באנצ'י אינעלם День назад
I lovet it😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗
Kpoper que se respeta
Kpoper que se respeta День назад
I love so Much~
Irene Sanchez
Irene Sanchez День назад
I love this song! This singer! And I give you my best wishes!!! 💕💕😘
MULTIfAN vERsE День назад
Can I just say, one of the backup dancers is my bias wrecker 🤣👏🏻❤
BELA CRAFT 2 дня назад
Canta demaaaaaais
Crazy armys
Crazy armys 2 дня назад
Zainab Elmahadi
Zainab Elmahadi 2 дня назад
Weave:snatched Mind:blown Visuals:amazing Vocals:powerful Hotel:trivago Sorry if it’s annoying but couldn’t think of anything else to comment😅
ELYXION SEBONG 2 дня назад
my baby
•Kim Ryong•
•Kim Ryong• 2 дня назад
Feena Nsr
Feena Nsr 2 дня назад
I may be delulu but i really hope if she come to any award show this yr, i want the vcr to show that from her pd101 freestyle dance - debut as ioi - solo debut - roller coaster - love you to this successful song w 7th win. She really deserve it
ตรีรัตน์ วิสุทธิอุทัย
Park Seulgi
Park Seulgi 2 дня назад
Bish! Chungha slaying in this video 😍
Vee Golden
Vee Golden 2 дня назад
Just Me
Just Me 2 дня назад
I had heard about Chung Ha but l wasn't much into kpop female artists then l was like "let's listen to a song and see why she's so loved" and l was shook since in the first second of the song. That was WOW
Kawtar EJ
Kawtar EJ 2 дня назад
It's 13,41 M views on this channel + 10,58 M views on the stone channel: 23,99 M views in total. Let's keep streaming byulharangs!!
Flordelyn Inopiquez
Flordelyn Inopiquez 2 дня назад
Y this song only have 13M views? It deserves more! This song is sooooo addicting, i stream this every day ♥️✨🎶
Flordelyn Inopiquez
Flordelyn Inopiquez 2 дня назад
Kawtar EJ oh would it count like that? it would be much better if we'll focus on one mv tho~ oh yes this song deserves so much attention!
Kawtar EJ
Kawtar EJ 2 дня назад
There is 10,5M views on the Stone channel, so it's 23,9M in total, let's keep streaming the MV on MNH channel (the song is too addicting anyway)
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