이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "NCT 127 (엔시티 127) - Cherry Bomb" Dance Cover

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이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "NCT 127 (엔시티 127) - Cherry Bomb" Dance Cover

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May 22, 2019




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Comments 100
Irene Kpop
Irene Kpop 40 minutes ago
My favourite girl is the one with the shoes
MIUU 3 hours ago
이게 그 이수만이 시청한 영상이구나
B r o
B r o 3 hours ago
Dudes help me stan pleaseee??
Jessica somi
Jessica somi 6 hours ago
At this point I don't even know who the main dancer is
송송 파
송송 파 7 hours ago
13명이 다 메댄인 그룹.....진짜 미쳤다...
게임에 감이 1도없는 친구구만
이분들 찐이다.. 열일곱 노래 커버하면 쩔거 같은데... 멤버 수도 비슷해서 ...
Faith Snyder
Faith Snyder 7 hours ago
ok but the hair is
ka cruz
ka cruz 11 hours ago
Mia Jo
Mia Jo 11 hours ago
sosooooo great!!!!!
Kim Jungeun
Kim Jungeun 11 hours ago
Vivi is sure an underrated dancer
gianna 13 hours ago
im pretty new to loona but Olivia's stage presence is so good
i'm just moa
i'm just moa 15 hours ago
meu cu é todo de vocês.
《Elif Azra Bala》
Çok fena be
cozybexxn Day ago
They slayer it with that smoothness ❤️
Cibele ___
Cibele ___ Day ago
2:41 Eu juro que eu fui tentar fazer isso e eu acho que quebrei o quadril :,)
이재현 Day ago
얘네이렇게잘하는데...한번만더 하이하이같은거 시키면 죽x버릴거야요
LeeJieun's Love
Not an orbit but I think I have a crush in Olivia 😺
lu shirui
lu shirui Day ago
best dance cover.periodt.
G Saito R
G Saito R Day ago
Is no one gonna talk about how this cover has more views than the original dance practice by nct127 themselves..... if that doesn't prove world dominance idk what does... stan loona get clear skin and good grades.
한지유 Day ago
언니들,, 나 또왔어,,
Stefanie Day ago
Damn!! Heejin movement and facial expression is so amazing!!!!🔥🔥🔥
꾸타 Day ago
쩌는데 싫어요 왤케 많음??ㄷㄷ
Leah :3
Leah :3 Day ago
2:52 there you go
Jeff Day ago
They are so synced wow
ArmyOnce; MoaOrbit
Being straight was never an option
k j
k j Day ago
Damn...the way I shouted "fk loona" ..when they back bent on knees....fkn fk...STAN LOONA....every set of eyes who didn't saw this .... should never say they saw😎 badass dance girls!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
웅냥냠 Day ago
언니들 존나멋져요ㅠㅠ
Blessing 2 days ago
Cherry Bomb 🔥🔥🔥
Jasmine Wairuri
Jasmine Wairuri 2 days ago
Now NCT needs to cover hi high
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller 2 days ago
MellowCandy 2 days ago
어 또 왔냐 출첵하고 가라
Park Jiminie
Park Jiminie 2 days ago
BBC please, let LOONA cover kick it by NCT so i can leave peacefully
Danielle Chan
Danielle Chan 2 days ago
still streaming till this dayyy
akhsuna 2 days ago
Give them comfortable sweatpants and watch them slap you with this choreo....
Jang Yeeun
Jang Yeeun 2 days ago
More than a year and still I cannot get over this
Arden Pamintuan
Arden Pamintuan 2 days ago
how come the likes in here surpassed some of their Mv I’m-
Ariana Espinoza
Ariana Espinoza 2 days ago
if anyone needs a playlist to stream why not on spotify you can use this one: @t
Angelic -
Angelic - 2 days ago
Freaking impressive..❤️👏
깨비 2 days ago
still not believing that Lee Soo Man helped produce [12:00] because of that cover 🗣🗣
taeyeon's nose
taeyeon's nose 2 days ago
olivia ATE
윥윥 3 days ago
하.... 수영.. 하...... 수영.. 하.......하아....
Avantika Singh
Avantika Singh 3 days ago
Someone please give member time stamp?.
Vi 2 days ago
0:05 Yves center with the green pants strings 0:17 Choerry center with the purple hair 0:26 Olivia Hye center with the crop top 0:32 Heejin center, 'rapping' with the black shoes 0:56 Gowon with the red stripe pants and blonde hair 1:06 Chuu to the left with the redish hair 1:11 ViVi towards the center with the orange hair 1:34 Kim Lip with the black shoes, white socks 2:17 Jinsoul center with the blonde hair 2:34 Hyunjin center with the low shoes, white socks 3:08 Yeojin, the shorter girl towards the left with brown hair Hope this helped :)
sunshine chan
sunshine chan 3 days ago
i searched “cherry bomb cover” and this cover appeared and i don’t regret watching it. this cover is so good. ngl i never knew that loona was this good at dancing
nur 3 days ago
*”Who’s the main dancer in loona?”* loona: I’m pretty sure all of us
nur 3 days ago
the one in the black tho
nur 3 days ago
the one in the black dances so aggressively good
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy 3 days ago
쁘린 3 days ago
나 퍼포먼스 쳐돌인데 개쩡다 방탄 세븐틴 다음에 이달소를 좋아하게 될 줄이야,,
Jung Lee
Jung Lee 3 days ago
걸그룹 중에 여자친구 이후로 팔 다리 각도 세세한 것까지 칼군무 쩌는거 오랜만에 보네
Khumaidi nur
Khumaidi nur 3 days ago
Why is haseul not in there ?
lidette711 3 days ago
Her grandmother passed away around the time they shot this. But I have watched an OT12 performance of this in KCon 2019, she knows the choreography and she has a spot in the formations.
donyou donyou
donyou donyou 4 days ago
Imagine they are your gf
J M 4 days ago
they NEED to cover a snsd song next
seven hours
seven hours 4 days ago
heyy check out loona's new mv 'why not?' !!!
Aura K
Aura K 4 days ago
Apakah ini saingan ku? Wow beningnya...
NCT best boys
NCT best boys 4 days ago
Loona best girls Nctzen loves you
Srishti Singh
Srishti Singh 4 days ago
Even their hair can dance better than me!
Aphrodite Kim
Aphrodite Kim 4 days ago
Is this seventeen girl group version?😅
더워고양이 4 days ago
않이이게무슨...언니들...살앙해...🖤🖤🖤🖤나이걸왜이제봣냐 ㅠ
Blackpearl_officiel_channel *
Waouh they are amazing. I'm fan now
Blackpearl_officiel_channel *
@Nakoring Ch thank you !
Nakoring Ch
Nakoring Ch 4 days ago
@Blackpearl_officiel_channel * if the link doesn't work List- Sweet crazy love, Loonatic, love letter, heat, Egoist, vivid, oh yes I am, D1, fairy tale Orbit recommendation - eclipse, girl front, singing in the rain, day & night, etc
Nakoring Ch
Nakoring Ch 4 days ago
@Blackpearl_officiel_channel * they have like 60+ songs and they are all good 😭 I can't pick. Listen to my playlist on Spotify. Here- open.spotify.com/playlist/6Tfcxmh5qq1WOr31UsUcFL?si=4bWwWIv8TU-aM_wSKx3Ceg And check if any of the song is your taste.
Blackpearl_officiel_channel *
@Nakoring Ch can you propose me songs of them ?
Nakoring Ch
Nakoring Ch 4 days ago
Thank you 😊
Jenn Kocis
Jenn Kocis 4 days ago
this video lives rent free in my head
Daniella Ganaden
Daniella Ganaden 5 days ago
휴은 5 days ago
생각날때마다 보러오는 영상.. 한번만 보는 사람없을듯
이하늘 5 days ago
서은서 5 days ago
수만리를 홀려버린 전설의 그 영상
anathandra 5 days ago
I'm glad the Koreans took over the comments, it looks like they are starting to recognize Loona
Dana Martínez
Dana Martínez 5 days ago
Can we talk about how this cover saved them from disbandment, we owe cherry bomb our wigs
Eden Blue
Eden Blue 2 days ago
its choerry bomb now..they literally snatch this song🤡😂😭
역마살 5 days ago
아 손혜주 미친거같애 진짜로 혜주야.................
Rachelle Betances
Who is the main dancer?
Nakoring Ch
Nakoring Ch 4 days ago
@Rachelle Betances the one in the middle at the beginning. She also has a solo music video "New" please check it out. Infact each 12 girl has one solo each
Rachelle Betances
@Nakoring Ch Who is Yves?
Nakoring Ch
Nakoring Ch 4 days ago
They have no position but Yves maybe! The one who dances best
• kyoko saikou •
• kyoko saikou •
go won
Camila Nunes
Camila Nunes 5 days ago
yes, i'm lesbian.
## rui
## rui 5 days ago
this so good but they did vivi so wrong here :/
kim yerim
kim yerim 5 days ago
when they ask me why i like girls:
Juliana Deluna
Juliana Deluna 6 days ago
I want to tie their hair
Kim Arwita
Kim Arwita 6 days ago
세상에 너무 멋져요 😍
리아 6 days ago
이브 진짜 멋있다...
koopabo 6 days ago
또 왔어? 나도...
헐 진짜 잘한다...
somi somi
somi somi 6 days ago
This cover is just masterpiece
Nisa 6 days ago
BLACKPINK TV 6 days ago
My bias is Choerry soo.... *choerry bomb*
Orbital Wig
Orbital Wig 6 days ago
stan loona
nuna_ pcy27
nuna_ pcy27 6 days ago
15 million viewers 😱😱 like 700k coment 40k
r xo
r xo 6 days ago
did u know All of the views on this video are me
Ruru Ssi
Ruru Ssi 6 days ago
i thought i already click the like botton 🤔🤔🤔
Lets Winwin
Lets Winwin 7 days ago
omy-who played taeyong's part?
Muhammad Shehzer
Muhammad Shehzer 6 days ago
At the end Olivia hye.
Saphirra Dianta Kumala
Anushka Shendkar
Anushka Shendkar 7 days ago
MISS SECRET 7 days ago
Which one is yves??is she a main dancer?
ahya' syahirah
ahya' syahirah 7 days ago
@MISS SECRET great! :)
MISS SECRET 7 days ago
@ahya' syahirah i will watch it
ahya' syahirah
ahya' syahirah 7 days ago
@MISS SECRET u're welcome dear.. btw, they're hving a cb on this oct 19.. just letting u know :)
MISS SECRET 7 days ago
@ahya' syahirah owh tq so much for ur information
ahya' syahirah
ahya' syahirah 7 days ago
Loona doesnt have fixed position, all of them can dance, sing n rap well.. but, top 5 dancer in loona among our fandom would b yves, heejin, kimlip, olivia hye n choerry (doesnt mean the others doesnt good at dancing, just look at all of them in this video) Yves is the one with neon tied tracksuit :)
Krupa Rajeev
Krupa Rajeev 7 days ago
female version of seventeen boy group in all aspects.
ahya' syahirah
ahya' syahirah 7 days ago
They're remind me of seventeen :)
Efemme Joy Reyes
Efemme Joy Reyes 7 days ago
I'm not a fan of them but this cover really whipped me👏👏
Violent Serenity
Violent Serenity 7 days ago
ok, fine. THIS is the best cover of Cherry Bomb. f me. That was awesome to watch.
복숭아 안 살 거면 찔러 보지 마세요
올혜 이브 뒤지게ㅜ사랑한ㄷ
not so ordinary dancer
Why are they still underrated?!?!?! STAN LOONAAAA💕💕
Muhammad Shehzer
Muhammad Shehzer 6 days ago
They having a comeback on Monday. Support them.
Sritee bharti
Sritee bharti 7 days ago
Nice..... i liked it as much as the original....... loved it..... you go girls....!!! all of them looking so chic with track pants on.... gotta go watch what other works these girls have.....!!!
ahya' syahirah
ahya' syahirah 3 days ago
@Sritee bharti please do, u will get amazed :)
Sritee bharti
Sritee bharti 3 days ago
@ahya' syahirah not yet... but let go watch it now
ahya' syahirah
ahya' syahirah 7 days ago
Their choreo, butterfly n so what, really mindblown.. have u watch that?
staxkvck uwu
staxkvck uwu 7 days ago
They tell me that LOONA dances badly and I kick their faces.
재은: 7 days ago
여돌도 이런 간지 컨셉 내주라..
mikay /
mikay / 7 days ago
0:55 Who' the girl in the middle? I think im in love
onceu twiceu
onceu twiceu 7 days ago
Its yves
renoir 7 days ago
I'm here again
가라고개럼 8 days ago
나 이런 게 좋아하네....
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