[미공개] 트레이닝복도 찰떡인 만찢티즈(내돌의 온도차 트레이닝복ver.) | ATEEZ_ WONDERLAND | 내돌의 온도차 | GAP CRUSH

1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널
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[미공개] 트레이닝복도 찰떡인 만찢티즈(내돌의 온도차 트레이닝복ver.) | ATEEZ _ WONDERLAND | 내돌의 온도차 | GAP CRUSH
🔈1theK가 제작한 '1theK Originals-원더케이 오리지널' 채널이 오픈되었습니다:) 많은 관심과 구독 부탁드려요😉
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 923
1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널
한 번 틀면 멈출 수 없는 중독성 🌟끝판왕🌟 내돌의 온도차 단짠티즈 편 보러가기👉 ruvid.net/video/video-rdqHP1wHN1Q.html 🔈 원더케이 꿀잼 소식을 받아보려면👀?👇 Subscribe Now!👉 ruvid.net/show-UCqq-ovGE01ErlXakPihhKDA
The Muffin
The Muffin 14 days ago
@Lenice Bojorge Sanchez me too
Lenice Bojorge Sanchez
1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널 I’m still waiting for the school version
Stephanie Rueda
Stephanie Rueda 17 hours ago
Park jimin
Park jimin Day ago
03:04 San is going between Wooyoung and Mingi bc Woosan is real.😂
Park jimin
Park jimin Day ago
Jonho is litterly Jungkook just in younger.😆
Park jimin
Park jimin Day ago
They are all fluff balls🤣❤️
Bts Reactio
Bts Reactio Day ago
Yeosang is baby
1:17 his actions (?) doesn’t fit his voice at all 😂😂 he’s cute wt
Ольга Радостева
Есть тут еще те, кто не скажет, что эйтиз двуличные? Объясните, как можно быть такими хот на сцене и такими милыми вне ее?
Ashwathi 3 days ago
PJ's and Ateez are a concept.
A.R.M.Y  Forever
A.R.M.Y Forever 5 days ago
Okay wooyoung how do u manage to break something 😂
Hyunjinnie's _Baee
Hi,and welcome to another episode of Lets look at my search history. Todays episode:How to be a smol table
연근 5 days ago
하 진짜 에이티즈 너무 귀여워 행복하다
Hellen Silva
Hellen Silva 6 days ago
Stan Ateez or you'll perish
Ayeeee Seonghwa's so boyfriend material
Panda Muii Muii
Panda Muii Muii 7 days ago
i love cheerleader hong
kays95 7 days ago
1:16 exercise with Mingi! 😆 💕
Jatziry Bhuwakul
Jatziry Bhuwakul 8 days ago
3:45 Sani😍😍
Nemu Nomu
Nemu Nomu 9 days ago
00:55 *devastated*
Abigaëlle Vigier
Hongjoong being the cutest little thing in the world. So soft 🥺
Rashida suma
Rashida suma 9 days ago
1:29 his bang bang is so cuteeeee
red avid
red avid 9 days ago
I smiled so hard i think i'm getting a headache but it's worth it
ieatkookie 9 days ago
This video really made my day 🤣🤣🤣
박뭉치 9 days ago
아니 담당자님 애들 옷을 이렇게 입혀놓고 구매링크는 주고 가셔야죠 이렇게 떠나는게 어디 있습니까....!! 지금 당장 손민수하게 빨리 링크 던져주세욧....!!!
NShitty 10 days ago
0:46 of course Jongho is being a showoff
Sumi Jen
Sumi Jen 10 days ago
Park Seonghwa...your hair is so fLOOFFYYYY :')
Aрми Пак
Aрми Пак 10 days ago
San you are the best love you your hairstyle is just chic
jenny penny
jenny penny 10 days ago
Jongho bright green/yellow Wooyoung grey Mingi light blue San red Yeosang white Yunho plad Hongjoong pink Seonghwa orange 💚🌫💙❤️💟🏳️‍🌈💞🧡
Jasmin Addy
Jasmin Addy 10 days ago
I smiled throughout the whole video 😊
Zeke Clemente
Zeke Clemente 11 days ago
Zeke Clemente
Zeke Clemente 11 days ago
Irene Gacha life
Irene Gacha life 11 days ago
So so so... Cute
Sam Maj
Sam Maj 11 days ago
well I absolutely will never regret stan to them💛
Moon Truong
Moon Truong 11 days ago
2:30 wow Jongho can use magic lol ik its a cut
No one wears nothing under a hoodie, even not seonghwa
Lee Chae
Lee Chae 12 days ago
They are so cuteeee 💙💙
lєtíciα fσnsєcα
Hongjoong, Yunho, Seonghwa, San, Yeosang, Mingi, Wooyoung: *hold toys, cookies etc* Jongho: *holds a mf table with one hand*
Cebu Homeph
Cebu Homeph 13 days ago
funny and cute ^^
아우아우 새우
한글이 안보여ㅠㅜ 트레이닝복도 잘어울리는 에이티즈는 완성형인가ㅠ
tomato ketchup
tomato ketchup 13 days ago
My sons are so adorable imma die 🎲
Ain Fatehah
Ain Fatehah 13 days ago
Dorkie Hongjoong xD
Kashmiri Noona
Kashmiri Noona 13 days ago
WHAT IS THIS? seriously the most random and cutest Ateez video!
Namjoon's Titties
Namjoon's Titties 13 days ago
Me: *taking test* My Brain throughout the whole test : 0:17
Namjoon's Titties
Namjoon's Titties 13 days ago
Mingii is literally a baby I love him hair
Namjoon's Titties
Namjoon's Titties 13 days ago
Yunho is soooooo damn. Cute I can't.
Namjoon's Titties
Namjoon's Titties 13 days ago
Please tell me what crack do you guys smoke cause I need some of it.
Mealie Millzzz
Mealie Millzzz 14 days ago
The person that put seonghwa in that orange tracksuit personally attacked me, wow 😭😭💖
_Noemi _
_Noemi _ 14 days ago
They are so sooooft😍🇮🇹
Ateez TeeHee
Ateez TeeHee 14 days ago
I want to say something. So far 2019 has not been a good year for kpop. So far 4 members left their group and I just want to say that I want ATEEZ to forever be 8. I hope that they don't get involved in rumors or any other scandals that can ruin their reputation. 8 MAKES 1 TEAM!!
Merina Mariam
Merina Mariam 14 days ago
So cute
ten out of chittaphon
I love how big of a man Mingi is but still manages to act that cutely :D
im dying pls help
im dying pls help 14 days ago
0:45 no one's talking about how he pointed to us, pointed to his pinwheel, and hugged it guys he loves his fans hE LOVES HIS FANS I-
asyiqin aripin
asyiqin aripin 14 days ago
Irelle Pierre
Irelle Pierre 14 days ago
2:23 🧡
Irelle Pierre
Irelle Pierre 14 days ago
Im still trying to figure out why Jongho is holding a table 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️
Irelle Pierre
Irelle Pierre 14 days ago
jinteresting hoho
jinteresting hoho 15 days ago
I swear 0:56 will be the cutest thing you see all day
jinteresting hoho
jinteresting hoho 15 days ago
Tae Rae
Tae Rae 15 days ago
2:29 this is how I run.
Tae Rae
Tae Rae 15 days ago
In 1:05 yeosang reminds me of one of those mum’s that cheer on their kids at a competition😂
Tae Rae
Tae Rae 15 days ago
M question will still stand TILL it get’s answers: why is jongho holding a table ?
Tae Rae
Tae Rae 15 days ago
Seong-hwa and Yeo-sang are a THING if you don’t believe look at the proof 1:34
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