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Jan 8, 2019




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Marie Cole
Marie Cole Month ago
Maybe the government and these huge conglomerate companies should stop what they're doing. They done enough damage to our mother earth. Learn to live with as is. Oh you say it creates jobs no it doesn't. Destroying nature creates disaster for us and gives the government and conglomerates huge profits.
cucharlie2006 28 days ago
Marie Cole and stop hiring people with no common sense or no clue to safety standards..
Prezado(a) ... você quer uma experiência hipnótica ? quer ser hipnotizado por vídeo agora ? assite a este vídeo agora: ruvid.net/video/video-GaiQDY9deKst.html=39s
Lalri Mawia
Lalri Mawia Month ago
I did not see that
Lalri Mawia
Lalri Mawia Month ago
Lalri Mawia
Lalri Mawia Month ago
Ka me ra na
たかまな Month ago
sportbiznes . c o m . p l
wow straszne
Felix Edmoondovich
7,03 - real DJ !
Jamaliah Md Shah
Sempek bumi ALLAH dikerjakan manusia ni.
caturro 82
caturro 82 Month ago
1:15 ctm!!!!
ICE raid DOGS Month ago
nice Video upload, THANKS
LordNord 2 months ago
Die sind doch irre !!!
攻城狮 2 months ago
Kadal Terbang
Kadal Terbang 2 months ago
2019 indo
Jörg 2 months ago
令人敬畏的重型機械作業過程!整個場面讓所有的人都震驚了 Wirklich ? Menschmeier ......
123 yang
123 yang 2 months ago
Qasowsky 2 months ago
well, tells only how stupid assholes these twats can be...
Kaung Ma Lay
Kaung Ma Lay 2 months ago
Windows Gamers ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞
Min 223 ni loco trabajo ahi,
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis 3 months ago
That was cool seeing the track hoe falling
Black Shadow unit
Black Shadow unit 3 months ago
After math! There is none
ᄏᄏᄒᄒ 3 months ago
千寻 3 months ago
Pradip Thapa Magar
Pradip Thapa Magar 3 months ago
What a mind bloying video
IM MI 5 months ago
Нахрена на такой высоте почву долбить?!
александр Егешев
earn right now shortedlink.ml/IdHd
Mc Marcelly
Mc Marcelly 6 months ago
saiuuuuu clipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ruvid.net/video/video-eOG8vTvaA4g.html&start_radio=1&list=RDeOG8vTvaA4g
JungleYT 6 months ago
Well, safe bet none of these Idiots will ever work for NASA...
72Tyumen 6 months ago
حسام العراقي
اكووووو عرب بالتعليقات 😂😂😂
Paul Triplett
Paul Triplett 6 months ago
What the heck did they expect??
Rolando Escadabaixo
Rolando Escadabaixo 6 months ago
Muito bom .... não mexam com a natureza com essas merda de patrola
Anderson Mendes
Anderson Mendes 6 months ago
Estupidez pura desses operadores!! Saudações do Brasil!!!
chantrea phat
chantrea phat 6 months ago
dowhat5084 6 months ago
I gave it a thumbs down just because of the Clickbait picture
Mdruhul alom
Mdruhul alom 6 months ago
no good
Danny boy
Danny boy 6 months ago
Love this because the comments are from all over the world! The very same world that's taking some abuse from 8billion insects & one day, she's going to give those above ground, a very nasty & deadly shock..
Marie Cole
Marie Cole Month ago
Maybe the government and these huge conglomerate companies should stop what they're doing. They done enough damage to our mother earth. Learn to live with as is
Salamun Sasaji
Salamun Sasaji 6 months ago
adriano de abreu
adriano de abreu 6 months ago
10:30 o que é isso que estão fazendo?
Dhoni Dengklang
Dhoni Dengklang 6 months ago
GoodMan CM
GoodMan CM 6 months ago
Kakoakhtar K
Kakoakhtar K 6 months ago
Avi Chaudhary
Avi Chaudhary 6 months ago
Chalana nahi ata hai
Avi Chaudhary
Avi Chaudhary 6 months ago
sachin singh
sachin singh 6 months ago
Risto Rinne
Risto Rinne 6 months ago
How can someone be so stupid like these in video? Not in Finland. Do they not think at all?
Charles Harris
Charles Harris 6 months ago
3rd world...
Pakksamampu 6 months ago
kopok itu kau dapat
Kevin Tejada
Kevin Tejada 6 months ago
pacific_wave 6 months ago
Нахера отсылать на Марс всякие марсоходы....запустите туда экскаватор!!!
#ultrabarqueros2 #mateypucho
Avoidance Technologies
"When one or "you" / whatever team of workers doesn't have bigger equipment, enough equipment, (the under and over's of sliding scale needs versus wants and finances dictating - those jobs being done / at all); and, a lot of the times, in isolated locations, smaller capital reserves / geographic location (s) and those resources, being little"; and, in custom specifics about "workers" - how, sometimes... many of them (the team of workers) are standing around "in some type of support" watching one, two or how many ever people "doing the work" due to, the limited amount of resources and that to those specific high risk, limited amount of equipment to use / being used, and - "things can like be at a stand still, having other people... watch on" with, ["peril, anxiousness, stress (and, the ability to not really assist and or help the situation and - technically are waiting for whoever it is / others / other people, to do... the set tasks that need to be done, completed, whatever finalized and finished) - at and for that time (whenever and wherever that is)"].
Az Desert News
Az Desert News 6 months ago
Thank god its cleaning the gene pool!
francisco soto
francisco soto 6 months ago
a la verga esta de su puta madre )))))))))))))))
Michael Blackwell
Michael Blackwell 6 months ago
(Foreign pop music) + (guys standing around with t shirts and flip flops) + (yelling abstract instructions) + (no sense of direction) + (a piece of highly destructive heavy equipment) + (questionable maintenance record)= bye bye, I'm outta here.
Dispro Greavette
Dispro Greavette 6 months ago
And my boss was mad when I dented his truck with the bucket of the bobcat.
Fauzi beladas
Fauzi beladas 6 months ago
Subscribe channel aku yah, Salam dri indonesia 😊
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