❤️ BTS & BigHit staff sweet moments

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Hello :)
And welcome back!
Here are a few moments of BTS interacting with their staff.
They get along so well :D and Jiminie loves stylist noona so much xD haha Let's make this a ship.
BTS and the staff members act like a family.
A staff member even cried of joy when BTS won an award.
This will video will warm your heart xD
Please enjoy! :)

BTS & BigHit staff sweet moments
❤️ 방탄소년단 &직원 - 달콤한 순간
❤️ 防弾少年団 & スタッフ - 甘い瞬間




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Comments 80
celsakura Year ago
Hi Omg i'm first xD
مهدي Games
مهدي Games 10 days ago
celsakura Your first
RedRobloxGamer XD
MisuP thats kind of rude everyone deserves to be an Army not only one army a day
Walter 6 months ago
Sap, you got an award for being first? Some choco?
ARM F2H SPEED 7 months ago
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 7 months ago
@honeylei b. Dont leave me by bts
꼬꼬마한솔 5 hours ago
아니 그만좀 엮어주세요 여자랑 같이 있으면 사귀는겁니까? 아니잖아요
Diba Raj
Diba Raj 6 hours ago
Bts are amazing
Airaknyameyla Meyla
Ah!!!! Jungkokie❤
Tøxic_ Randa
anne marjorae esteban
Sorry to say this but stylist noona should not be wearing a skirt when taking care of BTS.. she should be wearing pants, after all she is a professional .. please dont get mad at me.. 😇
Ardeell Day ago
To be honest.. 😐 They're so lucky... 😭❤
Priyanka M
Priyanka M Day ago
4:30 is just so precious!! 💕
Isolab TabA
Isolab TabA 2 days ago
This is every army dream work🤣🤣🙆‍♀️✌🥰🇰🇷
taehyungieee 29
taehyungieee 29 3 days ago
If I can’t marry BTS then I’ll marry their staff hehe
Dim Wit
Dim Wit 3 days ago
8:53 what is the full name of this interview?
Thư Trần
Thư Trần 3 days ago
Noona ah ~
Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety 3 days ago
At 9:40 why was that staff member dancing with them on stage?????????🧐
kpop_girl Lisa
kpop_girl Lisa 3 days ago
I want to be stylisht Noona
Eka Fitriani
Eka Fitriani 4 days ago
Baby kookiee
미비Mibi 4 days ago
이야기 한 거 같이 있는 거 자신에 일을 하고 있는 건데 달달하다 하넼ㅋㅋ이딴 걸 왜 만들지? 드럽고 역겨워요 그만 좀 해요 이걸 만든 사람은 솔직히 관종 아니예요? 아미라 하면서 방탄 옵들이 엮는 거 싫어 하는 것도 모르곸ㅋ
No Jams
No Jams 5 days ago
Idk, I think the contract for working in big hit is to NOT FALL FOR ANY OF THE ARTIST😂😂
화양연화 5 days ago
달콤이라뇨,,달콤이라는 뜻을 모르십니까..(속상)
ItsLegendaryLily Roblox
That Noona is super lucky lmao
moon daddy
moon daddy 5 days ago
Kookie is a good boy cleaning up 🥺🥺
n a m i
n a m i 5 days ago
how do i become a bighit staff??
Flame gacha
Flame gacha 6 days ago
My class: who’s you’re favourite bts member again? Me: *noona* My class:.....who is noona... Me: oh well it’s bts’s amazing manager keeps them warm in the cold helps them while they are hurt and gives them hair cuts, and helps them with their clothes. My class: I’ll just ask _________ who your favourite member is
sn Shafina
sn Shafina 6 days ago
What title in 0:34 i want to watch
Risma alptr
Risma alptr 6 days ago
Ika Jeon Jung Kook
OK OK I'm totally same as Jin Oppa My reaction when they bring stingray to Jin Oppa me and Jin Oppa screaming at the same time I can't even laugh 😅😅😅😅
Ankurika Boruah
Ankurika Boruah 9 days ago
4:29 that was the best part of this video.
MGArt DZN 9 days ago
Intro song?
princess v
princess v 9 days ago
I want this job
Teaify 9 days ago
Bighit being the healthiest company out there
Jenya Johnson
Jenya Johnson 10 days ago
9:40 😂😂🤣 Well done👍👍👍💙💜💙💜💙💜💙🖤💙💜💙💜💙💜💜
Poorva Kasture
Poorva Kasture 10 days ago
Someone please make a 10 hour loop of Jimin saying NOONA MY Hearteu😭
ISUCKJINTOES 11 days ago
oh lord XD
KG Entertainment
KG Entertainment 11 days ago
2:37 I agree with his noona. He will look so good with that boy in love look 😍😍 He became my bias in that MV . I actually have diff bias for diff mv's 😊😊
Helga Catalan
Helga Catalan 12 days ago
Español algen español?
사랑망개 14 days ago
와 누나아!!!이거 겁나 설레와ㅠㅠ
Lucky noona i wish im noona T.T
αlιηα ও
αlιηα ও 15 days ago
can i please be noona or yeontan in my next life🥺🥺
Wahyu Cahyaningsih
Wahyu Cahyaningsih 15 days ago
No one: Kookie: they abandoned meh Cute little kookie with the staf trying to keep him warm
αlιηα ও
αlιηα ও 15 days ago
0:25 where is this video from??🥺🥺🥰
유진 16 days ago
1:30 1:54 4:36 6:30 7:13 8:16 8:48 9:14
roseyy 16 days ago
My face the whole time while watching this: 😀
Banani Dawka
Banani Dawka 17 days ago
I love when they imitate Bang PD🤣🤣🤣
Banani Dawka
Banani Dawka 17 days ago
The way Jimin called stylish Noona at 1:35 ugh🤧
Panda express x Taetae
It's.... JinHit staffs 😂😂😂 Wow I laugh at my own jokes so sad 😂😂
찐아미 18 days ago
진짜 방탄 직원분들 너무 부러워요
M V 21 day ago
1:11 THIS! This is the humility and teamwork of BTS and Big Hit. Always looking out for each other and doing well for each other.
Lisa 22 days ago
Noona seems like a really nice person
Meilany V
Meilany V 22 days ago
I love when jimin say NOONA 🥺 so cute 😭😍
Rose Wanak
Rose Wanak 22 days ago
I want an hour loop of your intro please
MOARMY BangtanByTogether
I'm jelous af ㅠㅠ
seagookie 20 days ago
Don't jealous, Taekook is real
T A S H A 23 days ago
not how only bts' staff didnt get hate😔❤️
Mahua Roy
Mahua Roy 23 days ago
Can you plz tell me who are big hit ? (I am a new army)
i am dope
i am dope 19 days ago
@Mahua Roy can u search mine!!! @tisharmyyyyyy my user name....
i am dope
i am dope 19 days ago
@Mahua Roy something went wrong.... I can't find ur acct!!!
Mahua Roy
Mahua Roy 19 days ago
Hi can you follow me again in tic toc because by mistake I deleted your account from mine
Mahua Roy
Mahua Roy 19 days ago
Hi can you follow me again in tic toc because by mistake I deleted your account from mine
Mahua Roy
Mahua Roy 21 day ago
i am dope I read in techno India ...
Renesmee Josphina
Renesmee Josphina 25 days ago
All the dislikes are from hitman bang
J-HOPE STAN 25 days ago
I see Hobi I click
Aiiy Cicuit
Aiiy Cicuit 25 days ago
Big hit such a good team. Big hit's staff treated BTS like their own kids 😊
BTS ARMY 25 days ago
I wanna be their staff😭😭
Farah 123
Farah 123 25 days ago
Best thing is that when staff cried for BTS winning
Farah 123
Farah 123 25 days ago
Everyone loves our BTS
Farah 123
Farah 123 25 days ago
Lya _Playz
Lya _Playz 26 days ago
What song did u use for the intro?
Serikzhan Kudarova
Serikzhan Kudarova 26 days ago
subscribed just bcs of a really cool intro
Zooeeeyy 26 days ago
U stan BTS u stan the staff too
Xxmoeka kookieteaxX
a simple rule o gave to my friends that wanted to become an army , once you JIMIN you can't JIMOUT
Moon Suga
Moon Suga 27 days ago
Awwww they loves bts like their parents❤️
J ï M ï N Løvë
J ï M ï N Løvë 27 days ago
hi sorry to ask kkk bad how is the name of the vignette song?
arrianne micah jemio malaluan
taehyung always makes everyone happy and laugh but now🙁.....hes change😪
Salma Ahmed
Salma Ahmed 28 days ago
9:38 this make me cry 🤣🤣🤣😂🤸🏿‍♀️
JiminHasJams 28 days ago
Jimin: *NOONA* Me: *Omg my heart he is so adorable*
Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety 3 days ago
And that noona be like "Uuf!!! what has that kid done again?"...I think after working with them for all this time they are all very comfortable with BTS and don't get shy or anything when they go to them...now they be like "Ok we need to do some touchups here and here annnnd here" and then when BTS is staring at them while they work they be like "This kid seriously think that he can make me blush after all these years...try harder boy" that is their level of swag🤣🤣🤣
Naomi xo
Naomi xo 28 days ago
What's the intro song???
Mireya Gonzalez
Mireya Gonzalez Month ago
🤣 love this they r all cute not just bts but the staff too😁
Im1i Binnie평화
Yo shippeo a BTS con el staff xd
Kokoron Month ago
I wish I was their staff member 😢
Joanna Wohlin
Joanna Wohlin Month ago
Where can i see the "interjuv" with BTS and the staff 4:02
Aysha A.R.M.Y
Aysha A.R.M.Y Month ago
their staff's are one of the main reason's behind BTS's sucess
Devil 3801
Devil 3801 Month ago
That noona is the luckiest girl
4:21 look how the staff cried when they won their first Daesang 😭😍
Levi I Luv me.
Levi I Luv me. Month ago
Bts' staff is the best in the world ,the are so patient with them 😂😂😂 and they work so hard
Hi 2020
Rafae's Fictions
Me on google after this video : "How to get a job at Big hit entertainment "
Rafae's Fictions
Rafae's Fictions 19 days ago
I searched and they say its difficult to have a job there if you are not Korean .....they give you job only if you had Korean nationality and expertise in your tasks ..... and the second thing is they appoint female very few , they prefer males only for the jobs .
GLR LOVE 19 days ago
Mee too
Nada Alazazy
Nada Alazazy 19 days ago
Did you know how?
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