❓ What Are Issues With Renewable Energy?

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Table Of Contents
0:00 - Intro
0:30 - Why aren't we using 100% renewable energy?
0:45 - Interruption #1
1:23 - Definition for: Capacity Credit
2:45 - Will our CO2 emissions always be high?
3:38 - Interruption #2
4:33 - Why isn't the US & other countries building more hydroelectric & geothermal power plants?
4:58 - Definition for: Turbine
5:48 - Interruption #3
7:48 - Kyle answering "Why haven't we converted more Unpowered Dams?"
8:14 - Interruption #4
9:07 - Kyle answering "How does power get to my home from a distant plant?"
10:44 - What would a 100% USA look like?
10:55 - Kyle answering "What would a 100% USA look like?"
13:10 - Exploring other energy sources
14:11 - Conclusion
15:03 - Ending
15:49 - Intrigue
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Cities: Skylines - www.citiesskylines.com/
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24%+ Capacity Credit - cleantechnica.com/2012/07/27/wind-turbine-net-capacity-factor-50-the-new-normal/
Renewable Energy in the US - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_power_in_the_United_States
Renewable Energy in Denmark -
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Longest Powerline in the world - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_Madeira_HVDC_system
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Intrigue - ruvid.net/video/video-a4FDngunNps.html
How do hydroelectric dams work: ruvid.net/video/video-rnPEtwQtmGQ.html
How do geothermal power plants work: ruvid.net/video/video-mCRDf7QxjDk.html
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Who Knows - NICOCO
Pizzy Walk - NICOCO
Heavy One - NICOCO
Curious Process - Pondington Bear
Bass Walker - Kevin MacLeod
Clean Soul - Kevin MacLeod
Metaphysik - Kevin MacLeod
The Dream - Project 5am
Just Wait - Jabril Ashe

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Oct 16, 2016




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Comments 332
Defe Aleladia
Defe Aleladia 10 days ago
Whoever said climate change ain't real. Ya mom's a ho
J Wing
J Wing 2 months ago
The US doesn't dam up ever river for hydroelectric power because there are other environmental concerns it would cause. *o* Dams require destroying by flooding huge areas upstream of the dam, eg 3 Gorge Dam in China displacing millions of acres of agricultural, civilian, and animal lands. *o* Dams also ruin spawning rivers and streams and disrupt spawning swims for fish. *o* Dams during construction use lots of resources to dam up thereby adding to the CO2 emissions you are trying to prevent. These are only a few impacts. The return of investment for ecological damage, makes Dams not feasible unless like socialist countries you don't care about ecology nor CO2 emissions like China. This isn't like a video game where you click and drop a dam into place. Wind as good as the leftist media has been trying to paint it. The truth is wind not only doesn't always blow leading it to only generate 24% of its true capacity but wind turbines BREAK A LOT and it KILLS birds. ruvid.net/video/video-MVHzfUWul2Y.html Also they require certain very rare and expensive elements. Same with Solar. ruvid.net/video/video-ObvdSmPbdLg.html The leftist environmentalist has been more or less lying to all of us that renewables would be enough to power all our needs when it can not. The best and consistent power with the least amount of problems is nuclear power but the media has scared us out of using it. Coal is by far the cheapest which is why its still used but it has lots of environmental problems. Lastly we are also lied to about how much of a problem CO2 emissions are. Did you know that CO2 is the smallest portion of greenhouse gases? All scientist agree that WATER VAPOR makes up 80 - 95% of all the greenhouse gases and man's contribution to CO2 emission is around 4% of its total 4% of its greenhouse gases. *If environmentalist lied to us about CO2 and renewable energy being all the power we need via using bullying tactics, what else are they lying to us about?
James Rosemary
James Rosemary 3 months ago
While it is true that Costa Rica generates 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, it is not true that this makes the country completely "green". Costa Rica still has its entire vehicle fleet consuming gasoline and therefore generating CO2.
David Wahlert
David Wahlert 3 months ago
Climate change may be real, but how much is man made???
ThisIsKii 4 months ago
:D a solar energy ad on this video ;D
Cole Nichter
Cole Nichter 5 months ago
This is a great video that deserves a billion views...it's insane that renewable energy isn't a priority....I believe it's held back via conspiracy because if we released our actual knownledge on this stuff it would be such a do dramtic shift in our economy and where dollars come from. ....
alian logic
alian logic 6 months ago
this is one of the best videos I’ve seen. Ever. I’m writing a test tomorrow and needed exactly this information. Thank you :-)
Yehya Amari
Yehya Amari 6 months ago
This is a new and very important, analysis and declaration about renewable energies. ruvid.net/video/video-CES196wX-io.html
Erick Rosa
Erick Rosa 8 months ago
Outside of environmental impacts, we need energy that can be started, adapted, maintained, and be cost effective for companies and consumers.
Giovanni Ramirez
Giovanni Ramirez 9 months ago
It always puzzled me how much of China isn't modernized, yet people claim they're leading in renewable energy. Does that mean anything? the country needs at least 4 times the power of the U.S. to power their country.
Arian S
Arian S 9 months ago
j mangogamming
j mangogamming 9 months ago
we need to get this man to 1m subs
Lega-C 10 months ago
Excellent video. One thing to point out about wind turbines, without getting too technical, there is Betz limit, which mathematically proves that the max efficiency a wind turbine can be~under perfect conditions~is 59%. Solar power has the most room for improvement and doesn’t have the limit of 59%. Either way, great job! Keep the knowledge flowing!
Rabbit Piet
Rabbit Piet 11 months ago
I like how he tilted his head in the different directions for contrast and emphasis.
Rabbit Piet
Rabbit Piet 11 months ago
“Why we should but not why we shouldn’t”
dadfud4869 11 months ago
the problem is our politicians total lack of VISION and corruption in our political system!
OverUnity7734 11 months ago
I think most of your questions could be answered if you look at OPEC's and other energy companies yearly profits.
MikeDNC 11 months ago
Well, only ~200 KW per unpowered dam is a very small amount of power -- maybe doesn't seem worth the cost of building into a powered dam? Oh well with that. As the exponential drop in $/W for solar continues, in a few years (2020's), everyone will start wanting to use solar for both power stations and panels on individual homes.
john doe
john doe Year ago
oil industry ?
kal9001 Year ago
The UK built the "national grid" back in the 1920's and 30's. This allows the country to share power. This coupled with a distributed system means load balancing is quite easy, and adding new plants or renewable sources is also quite easy. The US needs to have some serious investment to build a national grid too. I understand the UK and US are on totally different scales! but it is not an insurmountable task, start on a state level, and then connect the states, easy... just expensive, but that's the price for the flexible, modular system that is super easy to add to or reconfigure.
Robin Lefebvre
The fact there are so many unpowered dams is probably because of the importance of private investment in the US. Given that the investment to link a dam to the power grid is huge and selling the extra energy requires licenses might be a big no-no for owners. A proper (international) grid infrastructures is one of the few things I hope I get to see in my lifetime.
Tom Joe
Tom Joe Year ago
My extremely conservative $800 investment on a 1.6KW windmill is barely making $1/month. Its putting out 1% of nameplate rating in an area with 8mph/ave annual wind. It took being stupid for common-sense to set in; If you don't have enough wind to blow over your house - the wind fairy isn't gonna show up and power a dozer that can push over your house. That's just the way it is in the real world.
Shariq Torres
Shariq Torres Year ago
You should have a show on PBS. This show is so good.
Mitchell Malek
Your animated ha ha
Crow Year ago
is acdc's origin commonly known? (as in the band)
Victor Escobar
Hey Jabrils did you ever find out about the whole dam thing?
ObeseWizard Year ago
Pretty sure a lot of dams aren't being used because they aren't worth it. Too old and inefficient, requiring too much infrastructure and maintenance for how little power they produce.
Spikes Year ago
I really like your show! I'd like to help answer some of your questions about energy, dams and other items. I am an electrical engineer at a steel mill in Nashville TN. TN has a lot of hydro and nuclear power. As the engineer for a steel mill i get to talk with, and about utilities all the time. Our facility draws 55 MWs almost 24/7. Kyle stated about regulations and power sharing. I see this as the hardest items to over come. First regulations are what make our power the one of most reliable in the world. Generation stations have to have a reserve spinning at all time to cover a loss at any plant. Also you simply can not put more power on the grid than it is using, they must be in balance. With out perfect balance you create instabilities in the grid. The grid also can have harmonics and other issues, think of a car with shitty springs, you go over a bump and it wont stop bouncing. This is what a poor electrical system can do if you don't have strict regulations. Second is sharing over networks. This is a really hard problem to solve, creating loops like you are doing is asking for some strange effects in electromagnetism. For example when you ground a piece of equipment it should only be grounded at one spot. if you introduce 2 grounds, and a loop, it is called a "ground loop" and you can have currents introduced into the system, causing voltage spikes. If/when we have a solar flare, or any other magnetic event, loops that are 100s or 1000s of square miles in area would completely destroy the power grid. Also how we calculate power on flow would become really difficult, some lines could melt, while others carry little to no energy. Sizing the power lines would be a nightmare. Energy dose not just flow uniformly along every path. It can do really weird things. AC current likes to keep loops small and would travel much further than the shortest path to do so. DC current likes the path of least resistance. But resistance in cables can change with temperature, other cables around them. Also on that is that power transmitted over long distances gets lost in the wires. Just the pure resistance in the wires can eat up to 20-30% of what is produced. Some of my insight into un-powered dams, my guess is that many of them are too small/far away to make any difference or worth it to install generation. Many of these are small dams are far from needed loads, thus transmitting this power over that distance would mean almost nothing would make it to the grid before it was lost to resistance. Also many of the small dams i would guess are seasonable and thus generate large amounts of water for 1-2 months and then nothing for the remainder of the year. Again these are just my educated guesses as an engineer. Anyway again i love your videos and i'd love to have a 100% green energy source, but also one that is affordable. Cheap power is what is driving our economy, and i would only want the switch if it wouldn't put half the usa out of a job. PS green energy takes up space and we use a lot of energy so it would need to be 2 things in the future, green energy with new energy storage and people need to cut energy use (not as likely). Its takes so much energy to melt steel, that does not change. If you like having steel for buildings it takes energy to make it. The cheaper the energy the cheaper the steel. the cheaper the steel the more you can build. Here is a video showing green energy and its space requirements. ruvid.net/video/video-E0W1ZZYIV8o.html
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Year ago
If a small country can do it, a small state can do it. If a small state can do it, a big one can. If a big country can do it, anyone can. Although many of those countries are not known for large industry either.
Mega_Gamer_42 Year ago
oil company is why duhhh
Nancy Aronie
Nancy Aronie Year ago
Wind and solar will never power the energy needs of the near future. the only quick and safe way to do it is with THORIUM MOLTEN SALT REACTORS. Please check it out. Also look at U-TUBE Road Map To Nowhere by Conley and Maloney, it tells the whole story.
nicholas williams
I don't like that you do hand wavy physics. Have you even taken an electrodynamics course?
John leslie
John leslie Year ago
The video is pretty very stupid.
Kadin Hernandez
A few families use up electricity freely and end up getting a $200-$500 energy bill. There are times when even a rich family can`t seem to afford amounts like this for the approaching months. This is a generating power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it) to cut your electricity bill and generate your own power.
Richard Hauser
If you want to know why all dams are not powered, open a faucet. If you like water on demand then you understand why we don't turn it all into power.
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Year ago
That water still goes down the hill at some point, why not turn a turbine when the water needs to fall anyways?
Draviator Year ago
I am going to throw a guess out there on why some dams are not used to generate power - could this be because the reservoir created by some dams is used to feed water to cities? In other words, dams would require a constant surplus of water to be really useful as hydroelectric power stations.
Harsh Thakkar
Harsh Thakkar Year ago
Even with theLayman alert taken into consideration ,the turbines don't turn gases or fliuds into energy. Its the movement of fluids that is turned into energy.
Neil Mclaren
Neil Mclaren Year ago
axgeminix68 Year ago
I think it's also important to point out unneccessary regulations on homeowners. Almost all cities and towns have zoning that requires you to be hooked up to the power grid. Even if you build a self sufficient home with your own energy source like solar or wind as well as your own clean and safe water/sewer system, The local government shuts you down over zoning. Energy companies lobby for these laws.
seaplaneguy Year ago
Electricity is $5/gallon at 15 cents/kw-hr (33.7 kw-hr/gallon equivalent....15x33.7=5). Batteries are around 12 cents/kw-hr to put the electricity in and out...$4/gal. Total to run car on grid is $9/gal. Put the brake on and it cost $4/gal to store that energy. It saves having to get more from grid but still costs you in battery usage. In contrast my engine can run on all fuels, including Natural Gas and battery. NG is $1/gal from house. Engine compresses NG so you can fill up at home. About the same efficiency as a Tesla, 60%. When I put the brake on the cost is zero to store the energy and the work is used later so 100% capture. Tesla 100 mpg highway, 200 city. My car 250 mpg highway 500 mpg city. Both maintain efficiency high and low speed. Otto cycle cars do not...hence low city fuel economy. So, mine to Tesla 2.5 to 1 ratio. Fuel ratio (see above) 1:9. 2.5 x 9 = 22.5 times MORE to drive Tesla. 1/22.5 is 95.5% of costs. Otto gas car. 25 mpg vs mine at 250 mpg is 10:1. Gasoline is 2.2/gal without fuel tax. 10 x 2.2= 22 times MORE to drive gasoline car. Tesla to gasoline car is 98% of cost. (2.2/9 x 100 mpg /25 mpg = .98) So driving a Tesla is a wash for fuel. People think it is 1/2 the cost because they don't pay for the battery each time they fill up. But that cost still exists.
seaplaneguy Year ago
Those wind mills look terrible. Climates change is run by sun, not CO2. Going into cold period. Look up adapt 2030 on you tube.
seaplaneguy Year ago
Wind mills kill birds and Solar does too. Ruins deserts....Not enough land to do it. Need to lower use by using my engine...95% gone...makes kick butt car that can burn tires. Solar on roofs only. Wind is bad for health...frequencies. Why not dams? Water use, that is why. Water rights. Water will be MORE important in the future than energy...water wars. My engine solves both. Engine takes water from air and can distill it....No need for sewer system...stand alone. Can't with Electric. Power should be local because thermal loads are 90% of loads in house, not electrical. Heating and cooling...free...if you do it with my engine. Share energy? Challenge? Try funding my engine that will SOLVE the problem so no lines are needed for a fraction of the cost. Why be a slave to the grid? Look, 1/2 of human CO2 is .... breathing....CO2 is entirely beneficial. Look up "Murray Salby" and learn that CO2 absorbs in less than 10 months...math (Fourier analysis...remember below...) tells you this. Please stop spreading this nonsense about CO2. Life requires CO2. If I had a choice to push a button for 400 ppm or 1200 ppm I would push the 1200 ppm over and over and over. Triple CO2 and the planet will have 3 times more life. The key is to stop enslaving people and the grid is the new chains on man. Independence....not servitude.
seaplaneguy Year ago
No, Costa Rica is not 100%. They have cars and use fuels.
seaplaneguy Year ago
Look up my tweets on twitter. @seaplaneguy. Solutions to world energy and poverty....and no Elon Musk does not have cost effective solutions by 9-36 times worse than mine.
seaplaneguy Year ago
First off CO2 helps the planet. As Freeman Dyson says, it is entirely beneficial. Can a gate half open trap half the sheep? The IR spectrum is open. Look up "attenuation of IR". What do you see? A gate half open by chance? Yah, you have been duped. Fourier, who invented the equations of heat transfer in 1820 said it right...you have to have ALL the frequencies blocked. If any is open (see graphs) then the radiation moves to frequencies that allow heat to vent. For example, CO2 resonates, energy goes back to ground and absorbs into it again. Ground that emits frequencies that don't resonate vent to space and become cold. The heat then travels over to the cold ground, heats it up again and that energy vents to space. Again, a gate half open cannot trap half the sheep. Atmosphere is NOT a greenhouse just as Fourier said in 1820. If you have a yard full of dogs can you trap half the dogs in the yard when the gate is half open? Sheep, dogs or radiation....same idea. Another example...if you have a filter and it cleans dirty water in 1 foot. You then install a filter that is twice as good that cleans it in 1/2 foot and so on. If you add 100 feet, does it make the water any cleaner once it is clean (frequencies extinct)? No! Adding more CO2 just lowers the height to extinction or the distance IR travels before it is absorbed...which is at 40 ft at 400 ppm. Again, have been duped...but why you ask? Money and power...slavery...same old reasons. By the numbers. Electricity is 15 cents/kw-hr. There are 33.7 kw-hr in a gallon of gasoline. 15 x 33.7 =505 cents or $5/gal. Battery costs you around $4/gal to put the electricity in and take it out. When you put on the brake in that Electric car and store it, it costs you $4/gallon so you only cut the "fuel" cost in half. NG is only $1/gal...duped. Total "fuel" cost for electricity is $9/gal. Natural Gas is $1/gal. Gasoline is $2.2 without road tax (same cost all around the world, btw....tax is the difference in fuel costs). In Germany electricity is 30 cents/kw-hr or $10/gal. Try heating you house with that....10 times the cost. Some real rich masters are enslaving us all, regardless of color. Denmark is 40 cent/kwhr or $13.48/gal...So much for your wind energy. Try my new engine in a roadable airplane (seaplane) car that could get 250 mpg highway and 500 mpg city on $1/gal fuel from house. Flying 1 cent/mile at 100 mph, 4 at 200 mph, 9 at 300 mph. Want to fly a 300 mph airplane some day? Engine compresses NG so you have a gas station in your house..... Tesla is 100 mpg equivalent (100 miles on 33.7 kw-hr) and around same efficiency of my engine system (60%), but is 9:1 in fuel costs. 250/100 x 9 = 22.5 times MORE to drive a Tesla than my airplane on the road. Hmm. Why pay $22 when you can pay $1? Because you have been duped! Btw, no smog. It can run on battery if you want to use roof solar, btw, but remember, batteries cost you $4/gal or 4 times MORE than just running on NG and around twice the cost of gasoline (no tax included). When I put my brake on it costs zero to store it at 100%. Big difference. Summary: you have been duped. You are being enslaved. Stop supporting slavery. Happy to be your "science" advisor for future videos....at least you will be credible. Yes, I have a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering...worked at Porsche...world expert in energy...Maybe you can get through to people better than I....and we can stop the insanity.
Frith Year ago
City simulators are a pretty good way to show problems with renewable energy. I remember playing SimCity and avoiding wind since the energy density was terrible compared to nuclear plants. One issue in the US is places like the Midwest, wind varies a lot from weeks of no wind over 5 mph to storms that would tear a wind turbine apart. Similar issues with solar, we can have months of sunny days but in spring and fall we have weeks of overcast days. As far as adding power to a dam it would essentially require rebuilding the dam, a lot of dams were made more for flood control to allow building in place that would previously flood once a year. Since electricity is an on demand, predictive industry it is difficult for renewables like wind and solar to reliably supply power. The issue with infrastructure is how it was built. It was done originally in isolated systems that were eventually tied together and when that happened some places were assholes about it like Texas where their interconnects use DC and the rest of the country uses AC interconnects. A remnant of this is seen if you look up NERC Regional Reliability Organizations and interconnects, notice how most of Texas is it's own RRO. In some ways having this system helps isolate problems like the 2003 blackout since you can disconnect from a region experiencing a major blackout and limit the spread assuming your region has enough generation but it also causes losses since interconnects might require transformers between grids such as Southern Ohio which uses 25kV class distribution and Indiana which uses 15kV class distribution. This leaves us with power grids are still highly regionalized since standardizing and modernizing them would cost trillions of dollars on the low end. Also, as a side note this is a similar problem with internet bandwidth in the US.
Anthony Waggoner
ya this is amazing, thanks for good current info
Talha Bin Umeed
too much infrastructure required to line each small dam with the grid
mark haas
mark haas Year ago
CO2 = Plant Food.
mark haas
mark haas Year ago
Fossil fuels and other forms of energy like Hydro and wind are actually indirect forms of solar energy that actually work better than solar panels. If you don't believe that try going off the grid and power your home with just your roof-top stacked with solar panels, especially in Canada or Europe. You'll be lucky to power just your microwave and household lighting, never mind your dryer, washer, stove, air-conditioning. Or TESLA.
Andrew Batie
Andrew Batie Year ago
*My go to book [lin here :: **plus.google.com/112513270274515701022/posts/MqjxhE9Hj25** ] for self installing a small solar system but wish there were more pictures of what the equipment really looked like so I would know if I could do it myself before ordering all the parts.*
Scott Pagan
Scott Pagan Year ago
*I'm taking a training course in solar panel installation, repair and maintenance. My instructor recommended this book [link here ::**plus.google.com/112513270274515701022/posts/EPufXhu4BoD** ] as an excellent resource along with the course. I'm finding it invaluable. By buying it through Amazon, I saved considerable money and received it very quickly.*
Eben A.
Eben A. Year ago
I'm extremely curios as to why tf you left out solar???? if everyone invested in solar roofing imagine how much free power there would be...
Norm Yanke
Norm Yanke Year ago
Cassie Year ago
Not only did I learn more about renewable energy sources, but I learned about Cities Skylines, which I am now loving!! Thanks!!
PetersJazz1 Year ago
Not realy true that Denmarks electricity demand is a lot less than USs. Per capita Denmark uses more electricity than USA.
Eugene Michalak
The numbers don't add up lying or misinformed.
John Benton
John Benton Year ago
Could the answer to up-front infrastructure cost/complexity mean that the entire thing (including electricity generation) be done best at Federal level?
Dan Conser
Dan Conser Year ago
Congrats on helping to provide some basics to the common man. Good work
Vineet Bhagwat
Did you ever figure out why we don't use our existing dams more? And build more dams?
Vineet Bhagwat
Thanks! This is my first time watching your channel. Love it a lot. And thanks for making updates. Hope to watch more of your stuff.
Jabrils Year ago
i did i did! Please see here for the answer! ruvid.net/video/video-EEmnlIB1inw.htmlm53s - Jabril
Vineet Bhagwat
Did you ever figure out why we don't use our existing dams more? And build more dams?
francois emilia
It's brilliant ! Your way to share your curiosity with us is so good ! I would love if you could develop more about all the problematics on the renewable energies storage (lot of new technologies developed around it), smarter grids, and what are the problems in combining in the same grid energy coming from conventional power plants and renewable energies (current, synchronization, ...) You are a genius !
Eclipse Now
Eclipse Now Year ago
Wind advocates often quote Denmark getting 47% of their energy from wind. But sadly, that statistic is a lie. There's simply no such thing as a 'Denmark grid'. A separate Danish grid simply does not exist! National boundaries are *irrelevant* when discussing an electrical super-grid that serves 400 million customers! Instead, Denmark’s wind is a tiny fraction of the much larger Nordic and European super-grids! Denmark only consumes half that wind energy, because quite often the wind energy surges at inconvenient times and they have to sell it to other countries. When the wind is not blowing, Denmark imports hydro from Norway, nuclear from Sweden, and brown coal electricity from Germany! The numbers are crunched by the World Nuclear Association. eclipsenow.wordpress.com/wind-power-too-unreliable/ Climate change is too important to allow wishful thinking to dictate our energy policy. Dr James Hansen says renewables faces profound challenges from intermittency, so much so that believing in renewables is like believing in the Tooth Fairy. goo.gl/QWPIy5 He recommends that the world build 115 reactors per year. goo.gl/c6FAlB Is that impossible? Not at all! In fact, on a GDP to reactor ratio, the French already beat that build out rate. They converted 75% of their grid to nuclear in just 15 years, building 56 reactors over 15 years! goo.gl/qrlmp7 France now has some of the cleanest electricity in Europe, and is the world's largest exporter of electricity. goo.gl/s10w0g Nuclear is not only the cheapest and safest way to replace fossil fuels, it is the fastest. Dr Hansen recommends this free book about breeder reactors that can eat nuclear waste. goo.gl/2YS1On Then electric vehicles and synthetic diesel from seawater can replace oil. goo.gl/DMj93r We can do this, we just need the political willpower.
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Year ago
see David Hughes Post Carbon Institute. this video is poor by comparison
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Year ago
see videos from Vaclav Smil. David Mckay.
22myself Year ago
That was fantastic. Nice work!
James Whitman
James Whitman Year ago
renewable energy is not just an engineering issue but an economic one as well. As for the un powered dams, many dams in the U.S. control river levels in areas prone to flooding, so there is not a constant stream of flow going through these dams. back to the economic issues, energy changes happen slowly for a reason. It is very inefficient to scrap perfectly functional infrastructure for brand new infrastructure. It's like trashing your 2015 accord and buying a brand new model s only a lot more expensive. Also if you think we have too much carbon dioxide than you obviously didn't pay attention in 8th grade science when they explain photosynthesis. one more key bit of information the Roman warm period was far warmer than 1-2 degrees that climate alarmists are afraid of and yet was one of the most fertile periods in human history. The engineering is good, the technology has practical applications, and we as a society must look towards the future, but don't give people political power because they say your life is in their hands, they have destroyed lives by the millions in the twentieth century, let's keep it from happening again in the 21rst century.
majstealth Year ago
why do so many people think going green will change anything regards the so called climate change. either the "damage" is already done or it is just the usual change we have seen in history, remember, wine in britain? nothing against renewable energy, but please, do it because we want to and not because "stop the climate to change" - you cant stop it to change, never
Richard Kirkpatrick
Germany has 80 million people and 100% clean renewable energy. In America clean energy would look like 1) all electric cars 2) every home having solar panel with battery to cover their need for home and cars 3) Businesses would use solar, wind, and geothermal for power. The reason we do not have this is because the people who sell oil and other forms of dirty energy want to keep making money on what they sell and they persuade our Government to keep it this way. Also some people don't like the idea of having solar on their roof, they think it is ugly. Suntegra and Tesla make solar that blend in to the roof so it does not look so bad but there is a large up front cost to solar. Solar takes about 15 years to break even with the cost of buying electric from a power company.
Technology Buff
What is really cool is the emerging science of Ion Harvesting, pioneered by this company I found at IonPowerGroup.com They use nanomaterial to generate clean electricity around the clock. Amazing.
Blah Year ago
Instead of going from fossil fuels to nuclear to renewable. Nuclear is very efficient, produces a tin can of waste each year, and is actually pretty safe if people bothered to research it.
Blah Year ago
Some of the water ones are depowered because they harm the ecosystems they are in. Certain hydropower plants don't affect the ecosystem but many depowered ones do.
Blah Year ago
Hydropower, geothermal, and nuclear need more research. They could be very efficient.
Wyatt Roncin
Wyatt Roncin Year ago
my guess as to the unpowered dam conversion is the cost and risk of converting is far to great for current governments to attempt it.
nsuperdude1 2 years ago
the reason why we don't invest enough in renewable is because of the fat pockets of gas
rowan eisner
rowan eisner 2 years ago
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Anguel Roumenov Bogoev
This channel is awesome. I am subscribing and eagerly awaiting your video on nuclear energy. In my opinion, it's all we need to hold us over until we solve fusion. The US finally approved a project for one that's supposedly going to be capable to maintaining the plasma long enough to produce power. It'll be a while yet before it'll be built and longer still before the tech is developed enough for fusion plants that are actually productive, but we're on the way. Nuclear power can keep us going for quite a while even with just the current Gen III designs(of which the US has zero). Those + Gen IV replacements can hold us over even if we have to wait for two centuries, and gen V would be crazy sophisticated(if we still haven't solved fusion).
Andre Fergie
Andre Fergie 2 years ago
Great video
dabigisland1 2 years ago
informative episode Mr melow
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 2 years ago
Geothermal is such a interesting concept.
Jabrils 2 years ago
yeah it is really fascinating. - Jabril
Nassim 2 years ago
got boored after 2 minuts...go watch coldfusion
HairlessHare 2 years ago
Imagine the cost of the Iraq war (from the start of the invasion in 2003 up to now with the bombs being dropped on isis) having gone towards infrastructure. and it's not just iraq. The US didn't defend kuwait in the gulf war because kuwait exported lettuce.
Rajiv Pokharel
Rajiv Pokharel 2 years ago
Honestly, after seeing for first 30 to 40 seconds, I was like,"wtf is wrong with him?"...but then i continued watching for some more time and was like,"wtf? this video is great.."
Rajiv Pokharel
Rajiv Pokharel 2 years ago
the presentation of this video is awesome....even an uninterested person feels interesting while watching this....I hope u do a video about latest technology regarding Solar....thanks :)
Jabrils 2 years ago
hahaha thanks Rajiv! Glad that you enjoyed it, eventually haha. - Jabril
FirstGoldName LastGoldName
I came to this video/channel thinking that his profile is just a guy smoking weed. Left/subscribed to it knowing it was just stars and that this guy is curious about science.
Jabrils 2 years ago
hahaha - Jabril
kawii Turtle
kawii Turtle 2 years ago
us gov buried the burning water patents, yes it's an oil conspiracy and the police have been bought....hell is not a runor
daniel nolte
daniel nolte 2 years ago
I'll give you a simple answer why they are not being used..... money. That's also the reason why we don't have more renewables is money!
Scott Medwid
Scott Medwid 2 years ago
Who does clean energy well in North America? SEFD Science you should check out www.GridWatch.ca this web app is free and it tracks Ontario Canada's electrical grid 24-7-365. it updates every hour and plots the prior 48 hours of the electricity mix for the province. They ELIMINATED coal a few years ago. Fossil fuels and biofuels combined are rarely near 10% overall and they usually are generating 15,000 to 20,000 megawatts of electricity. the mix is always changing but watch the wind and fossil gas totals sea-saw up and down. www.GridWatch.ca , it's worth some study. lots of good stuff there. Cheers!
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Year ago
We do have 60% nuclear right now too. Also all the cars burn that oil we kill for.
Jabrils 2 years ago
INCREDIBLE LINK! Thanks so much! I will be keeping an eye on this! - Jabril
S Games
S Games 2 years ago
Helium 3 or hydrogen 3 (a.k.a. tritium)? How is helium going to help?
S Games
S Games 2 years ago
Yeah, they talk about " fusion-ready helium-3", which can produce more energy then pure hydrogen fusion (and with less neutron radiation), but will probably be even harder to maintain than regular fusion (which already is hard enough) because the atoms are considerably larger. Thanks for the info.
Jabrils 2 years ago
Helium3 is what the moon has quantities of, & that is a great question. At the moment Helium3 wont help at all because we have no reactors to power it, nor does anyone even have it on their mind to create one. However, if we had reactors to power Helium3, they say it'd be the cleanest, most efficient energy source man has known to date. www.extremetech.com/extreme/197784-china-is-going-to-mine-the-moon-for-helium-3-fusion-fuel - Jabril
Mike Roerig
Mike Roerig 2 years ago
I liked your video. It paused it for a moment to find a graph of US energy consumption per person. FYI, power consumption per person peaked in 1978 and has declined about 10% since then. If solar and wind sources continue to improve efficiency while US consumption per person slowly drops, the percentage of our power derived from renewable should continually rise. That should eventually hit 100% from renewable once there is an efficient way to store the energy through the dark, windless nights.
Jabrils 2 years ago
man what a dream right, what a dream what a dream - Jabril
christdragon 2 years ago
Big OIL and Coal get big government subsadies and control much of the federal energy debate in Washington D.C. They don't want there profits challenged by new more efficent technologies. They spend millions lobbying Senitors and Congressmen to pass laws and veto laws that benefit them. Hence we have severly limited renewable energy growth.
Jabrils 2 years ago
Yeah, I think this is a big issue, but the biggest issue is identifying those responsible & do a collective mutiny for all those that want to try to impose change. But you can see how it gets difficult when allegedly Exxon is now in support of a Carbon Tax for example. Is it trustable intent? I don't know. How do we figure these things out without assumption? fortune.com/2016/07/10/exxonmobil-carbon-tax/ - Jabril
Remon Yehia
Remon Yehia 2 years ago
it was very helpful thanks u
Jabrils 2 years ago
Glad it could help Remon - Jabril
kaido 2 years ago
This channel gonna blow up
Jabrils 2 years ago
thanks for the faith kaido, I hope that you continue to support SEFD Science ;D - Jabril
YoungBlackThoughts Baty
SEFD 💯keep up the good work.
Jabrils 2 years ago
Thanks a bunch for the support Baty :D - Jabril
Carnutzjoe 2 years ago
Another thing is grid storage. Tesla is betting on energy grid battery storage to even out the uneven supply and demand problems. They just finished a small "power pack" for LA.
Jabrils 2 years ago
YES! I will have to do a part 2 or remake or something to include the giga factory & what not 😍 - Jabril
wlad 2 years ago
nice red hat you got there +1 like
Jabrils 2 years ago
hey, ill take what I can get haha - Jabril
Anon Ymus
Anon Ymus 2 years ago
Bigger country with bigger place, much more resources, much more potential. Enough area for lot of Solar Farm or just solarpanel, wind turbine and huge coastline with moving saltwater. Come on... easier to say, more comfortable and faster on this way and the future with degraded environment doesnt care.
Anon Ymus
Anon Ymus 2 years ago
We can't risk to lose the game, saying tersely.
Patel Ravi
Patel Ravi 2 years ago
Good video btw, thumbs up
Patel Ravi
Patel Ravi 2 years ago
How to do 1.5x faster ?
Esa Edvik
Esa Edvik 2 years ago
~100% renewables works for Norway...Mostly hydro though. Denmark even has excess wind power. Scaling that up is hard, it seems.
Russell Fine Arts
Russell Fine Arts 2 years ago
I work in the commercial wind business and have for nearly 10 years, developing and selling thousands of wind turbines. The solution is NOT to connect utilities across the country, the solution is more distributed power, namely: solar PV on every roof top available with battery back-up and much larger wind turbines out in high wind areas. These are the only economical and quick-to-develop solutions. Hydro and geo-thermal are great in small amounts but their future capacity is very small compared to the possibilities of wind and solar. BTW, I power my house with a small wind turbine and solar PV and have an electric car so I'm already living the future talked about here.
Jabrils 2 years ago
+Russell Fine Art Studio thanks for your expertise Russel! While I agree that this is a fantastic solution, I am just not sure how viable it us for everyone seeing as not everyone can / want to pay off solar panels, & not everyone is a home owner, some live in apartments, & even some apartments would have limited roof space that can't accommodate all tenets. I guess in that scenario wed need to construct solar panel glass or bricks or something, but then that would create a whole new can of challenges. I'd love to hear back from you! - Jabril
Dubjayonthetrack 2 years ago
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