✔ 11 Storage Build Hacks in Minecraft

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Some things you didn't know you could do with chests and barrels. Fun ideas and useful designs. Put em in your house... Enjoy! :D
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Magma 4 months ago
Hi, if you know Spanish, German, Portuguese or some other language, please help me translate titles and descriptions! :D (No Google translate): ruvid.net/u-timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA&tab=2
EDROMAN s. r. o.
EDROMAN s. r. o. 15 hours ago
RACKHY 2 days ago
I'm romanian
RACKHY 2 days ago
Sunt român
Kuba Studziński
Kuba Studziński 3 days ago
Magma im poland :(
Şevval.şeyma Güler
I transleted your video about piglings to turkish
Di Rhemann
Di Rhemann 6 hours ago
cade minhas esmeraldas
Di Rhemann
Di Rhemann 6 hours ago
cade os meus bolos infinitos!!!
Di Rhemann
Di Rhemann 6 hours ago
cara vocêfala portugues ou ingles
Lyvia Nalon Vilela
Lyvia Nalon Vilela 8 hours ago
MOUHAMAD GAMER 8 hours ago
huppuninja XD
huppuninja XD 14 hours ago
Can i be a member too?
Nga Ho
Nga Ho Day ago
Có ai người việt ki
Gamer muffin
Gamer muffin Day ago
Eine frage
Tomasz Wiśniewski
thank you
love ur work i saw all ur videos love from INDIA
Nak Nol
Nak Nol Day ago
hey magmamusen how to build a working machine
Bugce Sana Yavuz
Krish singh
Krish singh Day ago
Hii me also became a member of this familiy
Gacha MeWorld:3
How about the barrel were on the floor? Stay away from Thievery! 😊
Rogério Camargos Martins Camargo
Sou o único português aqui?
Hector Ordoñez
Hector Ordoñez 2 days ago
Magma pro
Rafel NomercY
Rafel NomercY 2 days ago
Smart idea!!
nino gamgebeli
nino gamgebeli 2 days ago
es ras nisnavs??
Roberto Bungaro
Roberto Bungaro 2 days ago
Ma sei italiano???
J Blaze
J Blaze 2 days ago
Replace the signs with iron doors with redstone somewhere
lock GAMing
lock GAMing 2 days ago
Helpful and usefull
Jose Quemel
Jose Quemel 2 days ago
gacha tr OĞUZHAN
Türkish lagunnche
Lara Kids
Lara Kids 3 days ago
emeralds? I changed my like I think there is a square pig in contraband I WANT EMERALD
Tropang Onesimus
Tropang Onesimus 3 days ago
I didn't know that the fridge throws out the food when you open it...
Nekron 3 days ago
"Place a minecart with a chest and set it into motio- *ADVERT*
LeafzClan 3 days ago
Your 66 . Dude that’s awesome to still be a RUvidr at that age
Wioletta Urbańczyk
Lol lol
Funny Game TV
Funny Game TV 3 days ago
Я тут 1 русский
Funny Game TV
Funny Game TV 3 days ago
Magma ты крутой только ты понимаешь русский
Trần Tony
Trần Tony 3 days ago
Tủ lạnh hoài z
Mikołaj Hawryluk
This tricks are GREAT and amazing thanks Magma for this :3
TheUltimate Efe
TheUltimate Efe 4 days ago
I just came for the cover photo
ĐẠT KPMJ 4 days ago
Me:i gotta put my diamonds here Also me:done putting it now ima go mine some more Still me:wait that was a trap chest And me:I QUIT MINECRAFT
Redd Camacho
Redd Camacho 5 days ago
I love this
twin vs twin
twin vs twin 5 days ago
I just subcribed and your vidios are dope
Kelechi Anyanwu
Kelechi Anyanwu 5 days ago
Yay I'm a member
Francheska Espinoza
I really wanna be a member but my yt is not updated for that :(
Leonard B
Leonard B 5 days ago
If say he's a very very cool youtuber
Mr. PLIZER 5 days ago
Tatalino Sicorata
What's the seed of that world Mr. Magma
FENTOM GAMERZ 5 days ago
to pocket edition
Deanna Bae
Deanna Bae 6 days ago
If it requires red stone I usually can’t do it...
Thanos Endgame
Thanos Endgame 6 days ago
Everithing is so bord🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Rainbow GuyYT
Rainbow GuyYT 6 days ago
Do a face reveal pls!
Ploscaru Ade
Ploscaru Ade 6 days ago
Tare! Sunt româncă!:-)))
Souvik Naskar
Souvik Naskar 6 days ago
I am a member
mac J
mac J 6 days ago
I really want to be a member please make a working trucking and i like your videos!!!!!!!
Keila Irawan
Keila Irawan 6 days ago
yay im a member
Кур Куров
Shulker boxes in chest (In single game)
Cantona7vbg Cantona7vbg
3:21 u use the minecraft christmas Song. like it
illusions 7 days ago
MR جيكاره
MR جيكاره 7 days ago
Strix- Channel
Strix- Channel 7 days ago
Hey I'm a member
Kerime Vitta
Kerime Vitta 8 days ago
Jaime Borrego Pintado
You are incredible
Jaime Borrego Pintado
I'm spanish person
James Wepsic
James Wepsic 8 days ago
This a very good video!
Taha ÖZMEN 8 days ago
✅Turkısh✅English (What)
EfeEvren _
EfeEvren _ Day ago
RUvid kendisi çeviriyor
Samuel Liboon
Samuel Liboon 8 days ago
Ellie Gunnell
Ellie Gunnell 8 days ago
I use blue ice for my fridge. I just put it on top of the dispenser instead of iron so it looks frozen inside. It’s really cool. Then I just cover the sides with trapdoors or something.
External GAMING
External GAMING 8 days ago
Pls send these type of videos an check more like we unsee
Radek Põldma
Radek Põldma 9 days ago
Louige Cleon Canales
wheres magma musen?
Hanz M
Hanz M 9 days ago
*C U R S E D T H U M B N A I L*
mussarelinha games
Almeida da fonseca na capa
Vinnie Wimble
Vinnie Wimble 10 days ago
I like magma
Hack Craft
Hack Craft 10 days ago
Please help how you make automatically pool please
Ayan Ali
Ayan Ali 11 days ago
Iwhosb sis soz Kaz zzjz
Adam Ramírez Ríos
Felicidades as encontrado un comentario en español
Amanns The Gamer HD
The music is the old nether music
Tiny Gamer
Tiny Gamer 11 days ago
Magma is one of the only people that makes easy and simple tutorials that I understand and can follow. Thank you for doing this magma👍😀
Jone papas
Jone papas 11 days ago
Είσαι Έλληνας magma🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🙁🧐🧐🧐
Raoul Bockhorn
Raoul Bockhorn 11 days ago
Welche Sprache spricht du?
Mighty Dogz
Mighty Dogz 11 days ago
Awesome vids
Sharon Basan
Sharon Basan 11 days ago
wow so good now im new member
Anthony Vega
Anthony Vega 11 days ago
Magma is the BEST MINECRAFT RUvidR great you were supposed to be born!
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