♪ღ♫Goblin OST Full Album ♪ღ♫ Movie Soundtrack 2017♪ღ♫

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♪ღ♫Goblin OST Full Album ♪ღ♫ Movie Soundtrack 2017♪ღ♫
♪ღ♫Goblin OST Full Album ♪ღ♫ Movie Soundtrack 2017♪ღ♫
♪ღ♫Goblin OST Full Album ♪ღ♫ Movie Soundtrack 2017♪ღ♫

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Jun 7, 2017




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Comments 886
Md Saidul Islam
Md Saidul Islam 6 hours ago
i strongly want goblin season 2.......................cause it is one of the best romantic drama that i ever seen ,,,,,,,,,wowww this drama was amusing one ,,,,,,,,,,,thank you for creating such a wonderful drama................
Ema Sanif
Ema Sanif 7 hours ago
I want to be like Goblin.
Janvi Singh
Janvi Singh Day ago
Haven't watched this drama yet but in love with it's ost❤❤
Elnura Eseeva
Elnura Eseeva 4 days ago
Thảo Hoàng
Thảo Hoàng 4 days ago
too much Ads
Hobi Sunshine
Hobi Sunshine 5 days ago
this drama is such a piece of art !! i will never get over this
Riyan Sofwan
Riyan Sofwan 5 days ago
tiki 25
tiki 25 6 days ago
Winter is coming is heavenly 😍
Gina Cano Vargas
Gina Cano Vargas 6 days ago
I love goblin and stay with me as ost is much of a bonus for me. Chanyeol is my favorite son😊☺️😍😍😍
edmer quilantang
edmer quilantang 7 days ago
December 1 2019 😂
melannie Ombal
melannie Ombal 8 days ago
Still listening 2019 nov. 😍😍😍
cheyenne sky
cheyenne sky 10 days ago
I'm on the 8th episode of Goblin now . About a year ago I started watching kdrama's. From SA, so it is definitely strange because I'm English. I won't lie I am hooked, I'm absolutely obsessed with them now 😍❤️
Mercy Morales
Mercy Morales 12 days ago
My heart still ache ….
Samuel Balisi
Samuel Balisi 12 days ago
Where's no.18?
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 14 days ago
Aww man, I thought this was this: ruvid.net/video/video-zQejiArD608.html It wasn't what I was looking for, but this is pretty good too
Blogger Mahesh
Blogger Mahesh 16 days ago
Literally, all the songs are damn good. If you have watched Goblin, you can connect with each song & you don't feel bored listening to them no matter how many times.
小香 16 days ago
冰莫吉尼斯 17 days ago
10cm is a group of KPOP , not song
iverreway 17 days ago
wind beneath your wings is not Goblin ost, it's Descendants of the Sun ost..
Necy Gen Jose
Necy Gen Jose 18 days ago
love it
Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman 18 days ago
hero of train to busan
Just Once
Just Once 20 days ago
why does the instrumental in stay with me sounds familiar?? is it a common preset or what?
Jacqueline Córdoba
Beautiful is EVERYTHING!!! Omg so beaufitul xd soooong. And Round and round just make me remember that awesome scene in the street woooahhh And Stay with me and HUSH.... ohhh I love every song I never going to forget that kdrama.
KATE HOSEOK 22 days ago
2019??I think I am the only one
Rachel Beatrix
Rachel Beatrix 22 days ago
I think no 4 is DOTS's OST, isn't it?
Firdaus Ansari
Firdaus Ansari 21 day ago
yes, you are right.
Fatin Nur Aina
Fatin Nur Aina 25 days ago
when I heard the second 'beautiful' there, "oh wait, this is jungkooks voice, is it". Then, scrolling down the comments, yeah that's my man. HAHHAHA
Barirotun 12345
Barirotun 12345 25 days ago
Rindu 😍
Jamica M
Jamica M 25 days ago
Does anybody know the name of the song when the spirits are at the tea house with the grim reaper and are leaving through the door to go to Heaven?
Siva Priya
Siva Priya 23 days ago
Amnesia (instrumental)
Pia Ch.
Pia Ch. 28 days ago
I know I’m so late but I’m only watching it now,, only ep 2 and already in love with it
Supriya Parmar
Supriya Parmar 28 days ago
Who can't understand the language but is still listening as music is so connecting and is in love with goblin😁
Supriya Parmar
Supriya Parmar 26 days ago
@ǫɪ sᴏɴɢ I need subtitles to understand 😅
ǫɪ sᴏɴɢ
ǫɪ sᴏɴɢ 27 days ago
Supriya Parmar me!!, But I do understand the language
Mariya Sajjad
Mariya Sajjad 29 days ago
I love stay with me ,round and round. I feel very nostalgic 🥰🥰😍
nandita almira
nandita almira 29 days ago
Ngono iku g sah iklan gene???
Moachen Ltr
Moachen Ltr 29 days ago
Love this OST till now 😍♥️♥️
Little Charmyne
Little Charmyne Month ago
I've been wondering what song was this for 1 year I finally found it😭😭
Madison Lee
Madison Lee Month ago
I love this drama so much!!! That scene where she summons him and he's eating tho lol
Fildza Iwani
Fildza Iwani Month ago
I just realized how many beautiful you have
Tamanna islam
Tamanna islam Month ago
Watching November 2019 ❤️ so in love with gongyoo 😍
Ngân Nguyen thi
Cho mình hoi bài phút 13 là cua phim nào ą
Inez Martinez
Inez Martinez Month ago
wow !!!love you so much!!!!
Desy Amelia
Desy Amelia Month ago
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