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The Cinematic movie for League of Legends 2020 Season including all Cinematics and Cutscenes up to and including January 2020 pieced together to provide you with a seamless cinematic experience in 4K Ultra HD at 60 FPS.
Video Contents
(0:00) Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)
(3:18) Jhin: Mind of the Virtuoso | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(4:25) Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | Season 2019 Cinematic - League of Legends
(7:46) Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(10:01) The Climb | Season 2018 Cinematic - League of Legends
(12:03) Lucian: The Purifier's Resolve
(12:32) Senna: Shadow’s Embrace | Champion Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(14:40) Ekko: Seconds | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(16:52) ANNIE: Origins | League of Legends
(23:23) A Twist of Fate | Cinematic - League of Legends
(27:33) Call of Power | Ryze Cinematic - League of Legends
(32:50) A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends
(38:50) Xayah and Rakan: Wild Magic | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(41:54) A New Horizon | Star Guardian Ahri Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(43:26) Light and Shadow (ft. Hiroyuki Sawano) | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(46:49) Shurima: Descent into the Tomb | Cinematic - League of Legends
(49:36) Shurima: Rise of the Ascended | Cinematic - League of Legends
(52:30) The Light Within | Elementalist Lux - League of Legends
(54:52) Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(56:29) Overdrive | PROJECT Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(59:08) Outsiders | PROJECT: Reckoning Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(59:52) The Hunt | PROJECT: Hunters Animated Trailer - League of Legends
(1:01:35) Tahm Kench: The River King | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(1:05:08) The Harrowing: Tales of the Black Mist | Cinematic - League of Legends
(1:07:19) Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(1:07:58) Kalista: The Pledge | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(1:09:20) As We Fall | Varus Music Video - League of Legends
(1:12:33) A New Devil’s In Town | High Noon 2018 Reveal Trailer - League of Legends
(1:13:03) Aatrox: World Ender | Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(1:13:56) Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
(1:15:03) Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current) | Worlds 2017 - League of Legends
(1:18:03) Thanks for Watching !
League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The game follows a freemium model and is supported by microtransactions, and was inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients.
In League of Legends, players assume the role of an unseen "summoner" that controls a "champion" with unique abilities and battle against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. The goal is usually to destroy the opposing team's "Nexus", a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures, although other distinct game modes exist as well.
Each League of Legends match is discrete, with all champions starting off relatively weak but increasing in strength by accumulating items and experience over the course of the game. The champions and setting blend a variety of elements, including high fantasy, steampunk, and Lovecraftian horror.
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Jan 17, 2020




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donHaize Month ago
Hello everyone, once again I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched, liked & commented on this video, 5.5 million views is so much more than I ever expected!! If you are a fan of video game movies, clips and cinematics please take a moment to check out my sister channel, ruvid.net/show-UCGQs-48GBpKmfbGBpan3Wkw Thanks again and peace :}
tobbcit tobbcit
tobbcit tobbcit 19 days ago
Really appreciate that u didn't put 300 ads into the vid
micasa fanny
micasa fanny 27 days ago
Y6re0pnpmpn KK
Hayden Tupper
Hayden Tupper Month ago
allergic to bullshit
Lol 🤗
ليث عبدالحسن
هذا فلم لو شنو
Takeda_271 4 days ago
do u know how much money they will make if they just make a movie
AleXaNdria DeSeUs Thicket
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AleXaNdria DeSeUs Thicket
And I have yet to sound my trumpets and now there will be no turning back for anybody
AleXaNdria DeSeUs Thicket
Whoa whoa whoa today inhabitants of the earth Land and Sea for the devil himself has come down to you great wrath🐍🪔🐍🪔🐍🪔🎺👁️👅👁️🎻🌠⚡🌎☄️🌴👙👿🪂
Tom Soicho
Tom Soicho 5 days ago
Has anyone played paragon before it shut down? LOL has to make a game like that. LOL but with these graphics. Not a top down game but a third person
donHaize Day ago
Yeah was a good game, pretty sure the game has been revived under two separate projects,CORE and Predecessor ! Worth checking out
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique 6 days ago
cara namoral se fizessem um anime de lol eu assistiria pra caramba, seria o primeiro anime a assistir
im 16
im 16 6 days ago
People feeling bad for Annie but her stepmother was the true victim here,her daughter and husband is dead and so is she
ong bek gaming
ong bek gaming 7 days ago
Footsite Sneaks
Footsite Sneaks 7 days ago
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music is everything
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Ahmed Çelik
Ahmed Çelik 7 days ago
BuBuModeratorATQ 8 days ago
7:17 ITS ME!!!
Name 8 days ago
Is these real movie
Таня Тишина
Hello, what music 45:25- 46:00 ? Please, help...
Joseph G. Newton
Joseph G. Newton 9 days ago
Johan Mendoza
Johan Mendoza 10 days ago
Vik TheGamer
Vik TheGamer 10 days ago
Zed's team feeded Xayah and Rakan that is why he got demolished
Согласны Узнали
30:25 Nasus....
WhoDatBe Dare
WhoDatBe Dare 11 days ago
Fuck marvel. Fuck dc. This stuff is thousands of times more creative. Jeez!
mini maki
mini maki 12 days ago
Aurelion cinematic op
mamiek muharramah
mamiek muharramah 12 days ago
i like thi's wow
뭐왜 12 days ago
7:32 내 최애장면
Владимир Шаламов
Русские , кто смотрел? Я был тут 12.01.2021
Littl Heini
Littl Heini 13 days ago
Nobody: Lux: ults the air
Meinhart Vallar
Meinhart Vallar 14 days ago
2:38 Lux pls AIM. ff @ 15
Katie Tran
Katie Tran 15 days ago
Where Leblanc ;-;
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 15 days ago
damn that galio has one million hp
Енот Партизан
Это просто божественно, я чуть не кончил. А вот еще бы и сюжетку в ЛОЛ вставили, чтоб каждый сезон мы с кем нибудь за что-то боролись , была бы вообще пушка
PRO Gamer 1234
PRO Gamer 1234 16 days ago
No mention of Pentakill?
Harmony Ruiz
Harmony Ruiz 16 days ago
This is amazing . I Hope they will have netflix series ❤️
Chii Anne
Chii Anne 17 days ago
I love the animation is too good, i only watch it for that and cinematic hypes league up wayyyyy too much since it feels like more of a first person kinda game rather than what it actually is lol
Kamil Panasiuk
Kamil Panasiuk 18 days ago
Annie one shot mother KEKW
Jade W
Jade W 18 days ago
Damn Annie’s makes me tear up everytime
Алексей Нохоев
Есть на русском языке
6B Team
6B Team 19 days ago
Mantap annjjiimmmm
Balian Parato
Balian Parato 19 days ago
That intro is sick🔥
MoonByul LoveOfMyLife
3:10 who is she? Woooow so cool
Emre Sarıaslan
Emre Sarıaslan 8 days ago
Furkan Yiğit Akyol
You are the best channel on RUvid
donHaize 19 days ago
Wow, that's a lot of praise, I appreciate the kind words !
Lord Hodor
Lord Hodor 19 days ago
Report urgoto
Pagal Nixon
Pagal Nixon 19 days ago
if they made a movie with this kinda a graphics, i would watch it 100 times.
Осетр Рыбников
Класс! Постарались ребята 👍
Blue Blood
Blue Blood 20 days ago
No matter how far we go, we end up here.
Blue Blood
Blue Blood 20 days ago
No matter how far we go, we returned.
Werner Sanchez Dominguez
Are beautiful girls
Annienin hikayesi beni hüngür hüngür ağlatmaya yetti neden ağladım onuda anlamadım 😭😬
Чингис Сембай
Давно бы уже сделали полнометражку какую ни будь)
badguy blah
badguy blah 20 days ago
Started league a week ago. Maining kayn(blue) and miss fortune. I regret not starting sooner when my friend asked me to 3 years ago.
Dylan Saunders
Dylan Saunders 20 days ago
The first ad I got was a L.O.L Ad, coincident? I think not!
Jonathan Vargas
Jonathan Vargas 20 days ago
Lol em 4k parece o dota 1. Tchau
Caro Bella
Caro Bella 21 day ago
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Mehmet Ali Kahraman
my favourite scene is annie scene
Marlon Germo
Marlon Germo 21 day ago
i never thought that the story of annie is sad 😥 i watch this cuz i play lol mobile and i want to know evert lore, sad
MONO THRESH 22 days ago
se fosse eu de thresh ia dar um predict nesse luciano, ia passar fome
Josh Layes
Josh Layes 22 days ago
that annie video was intense... did she kill her mom??
Felipotas 23 days ago
não gostei 2 adc no time
Phothit chanhdala
Phothit chanhdala 23 days ago
It 's amazing
Yusuf Balkaya
Yusuf Balkaya 23 days ago
fızz ?
Kyungjae Kim
Kyungjae Kim 23 days ago
가슴이웅장해진다 반지의제왕보는것처럼 감격해서 눈물을참는느킴 이렇게롤중독력이 더추가되다니
Marco Castañeda
Marco Castañeda 23 days ago
Omg lux 🥰
Кайманов 23 days ago
Кто с 2021 ?
Lanna Mobile
Lanna Mobile 24 days ago
Christian Felan
Christian Felan 24 days ago
Looks sick
Christian Felan
Christian Felan 24 days ago
Cant for it to come to mobile
Kimberly Graham
Kimberly Graham 24 days ago
黑蝶姬 25 days ago
那隻九尾狐很漂亮, 衣服也很漂亮
Yhojan Jotas
Yhojan Jotas 25 days ago
Abdulrahman Maged
Abdulrahman Maged 25 days ago
Yasuo yone master y is the best character ever 😉😱😂💔
Abdulrahman Maged
Abdulrahman Maged 25 days ago
If u see at 0:55 the ppl who wants to open cage are the same ppl who’s at trailer of master y the legendary skin 😂😂
Lala LuvGames
Lala LuvGames 25 days ago
35:33 League of assassins 2020
Lala LuvGames
Lala LuvGames 25 days ago
Adc role to this day: 34:47
YT krisna
YT krisna 25 days ago
Help me to subscribe my channel ,please :)
taku GUo
taku GUo 25 days ago
I mean, it's simply just putting cuts together. I can do that also, but the arrangements of the scenes are definitely amazing!!!
Яна Юрьевна
Slav Iv
Slav Iv 27 days ago
Красивые мувики, жаль что игра дерьмо.
Alan75 27 days ago
LazyGamer TEW
LazyGamer TEW 28 days ago
i knew galio is huge.. holy sh=+ he big as house
geciara gomes mourao
Como traduzir i?
hennor85 28 days ago
2120 are DOTA gamers ;)
SHOCK SHOCK 28 days ago
Красивые ролики захватывающие дух, но графика отличается от реалии игры((( Каждый поймет это не реклама умершей игры но графика ролика больше похожа на умершую игру paragon!
later 28 days ago
Uni Verse
Uni Verse 28 days ago
Эпичность зашкаливает
Alina Shad
Alina Shad 29 days ago
Kirilon TV
Kirilon TV 29 days ago
11:57 who is it?
name Name
name Name Month ago
Amir ali Akbari
Amir ali Akbari Month ago
Live movie 💑💑💑😍😍
Liphy Month ago
Ну почему у такой говеной игры как лол, такие охуенные создатели. Делают нереальные мувики, рекламу и т д. А у нормальный игры по типу доты, ТАКОЕ ГОВНО КАК ВАЛВ... Если бы они делали столько же ля игры как Riot - это был бы безоговорочный топ 1 среди моба игр...
Денис Барсов
Только за этот фильм можно дать премию как лучший анимационный фильм уходящего года! :)
Noah Abudawood
Noah Abudawood Month ago
Graves had his cigar 😭
The movement in the animation reminds me of the movement of the characters from the polar express pls dont bully me
PuteraRiz Month ago
Me using Annie: HAHAH big bear go brrrrrr After watching this: 😕☹️😖😢😩
просто нарезки
Respect Riot
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