“The Question Has Changed “ | Cam Newton’s Open Mic with @Inky Johnson

Cam Newton
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Cam Newton invites @Inky Johnson to share his words of motivation in this installment of the "Open Mic" series.
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May 4, 2020




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Comments 100
Linda Parker
Linda Parker 5 days ago
Welcome to New England, big man
Michelle Collins-Windle
Congratulations!!! I am a Designer who would Love to Bless you with one of my Fashion FACEMASK
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith 9 days ago
£eT'$ G𝙾!!!!
coopers trains
coopers trains 9 days ago
If you think he is good👇
coopers trains
coopers trains 9 days ago
If you think he is good
coopers trains
coopers trains 9 days ago
You got this
Bryson Johnson
Bryson Johnson 13 days ago
"It so much on mind right now that I cant tell you but I'm keep it brief,I'm at yo neck" goosebumps baby
Andrew Young
Andrew Young 13 days ago
With Cam, it was never about his talent or ability.... it was about his attitude. He needs to loose the chip if he ever wants to be great.
Vanilla blah
Vanilla blah 15 days ago
You are inspiring me sir. You are making me be a better me. I hope you know I will be a better person thanks to you being great. Your presence in this world is liberating me and others, you are powerful beyond measure 💪👀 Let’s get this season sir 💰❤️
BANKUP 18 days ago
They played my nigga can wit all these dirty hits bruh, i know it’s ball but took way more than Brady and Payton for a quarter back bruh 💯 i always said that shit, but come back stronger than they every seen you, ever than you seen yourself, and unleash on these niggas, all love G 🤟🏾
Pryce Roberts
Pryce Roberts 18 days ago
Crazy that people can look at this dude and see a bad quarterback or a crybaby. Crybabies don’t work this hard, and he’s a former MVP for gods sake. I hate the patriots but I hope cam can win a super bowl to shut up all the haters
Marco Oliveira
Marco Oliveira 21 day ago
What's the name of the music?
TamBam Gamer
TamBam Gamer Month ago
That's was 2012 ur 2011 real talk big fan
TamBam Gamer
TamBam Gamer Month ago
Nando Red Malachovski
I, Cam Newton is in love with Carollynn Porter you are are not cutting her up
Nando Red Malachovski
Carollynn Porter is now Cam Newton #1 on the New England Patriots is Unit #3 Gostkowski at 501 Warren Street Roxbury Mass 02120 the throw was to #87 Gostkowski touchdown
Kendra Marcos
Kendra Marcos Month ago
Ca you are AWSOME that is why you are number 1. Shout out from Tewksbury Ma. Go Patriots ❤️💙🏈
ImGolds YT
ImGolds YT Month ago
The way inky walked away from the mic 🎙 that was dope
YonnieTV Gaming
YonnieTV Gaming Month ago
Motivation 🗣
Cheyanne Labante
Christopher Hobbs
Christopher Hobbs 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-syGAjxN5y-E.html MUST WATCH!!!!
CELESTIALKU 2 months ago
ImpoverishPoet 2 months ago
I been going through it and your channel hit my mind. I feel like rn, Kobe would be proud of the change in mindset we’re seeing in you Superman! Thanks for the inspo. 💪💪💪
Brady Muhammad
Brady Muhammad 2 months ago
Allah (God) is with you Cam. #ImAtYourNeck😱
Dawit The Dog Whisperer
“I drink my coffee mad cuz somebody tried me” That hit me deep....powerful words of war
Just your average dad
Huge Pats fan!! And I’m so glad we are getting him! This is a different Cam. Like my wife is a Panthers fan so I have watched him a lot and he has changed. There is a fire and intensity that hasn’t been there. I feel the showboating has been laid to rest and now he is motivated and ready to prove he’s still got it! Go get’em Cam!!!
Sameer Bhatia
Sameer Bhatia 2 months ago
Never been more inspired. thanks for making the difference in the lives of fans by motivating them..
MAK 3 2 months ago
What is the name of the soundtrack?
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez 2 months ago
The Pat's have a much better organization than Carolina!
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez 2 months ago
Cam's going to do work in NE!
J C 2 months ago
CAM lets fucking go bro!!!
Jonah Marquis
Jonah Marquis 2 months ago
Man I wanna see Cam get a Super bowl win. I hope he gels with Belichick. Patriots players will have his back if he shows the leadership. Looking forward to seeing Cam in a Pat's uniform!! Excited!
Drake Drake
Drake Drake 2 months ago
They for real could make a movie about this guy if he was to win a Super Bowl at the pats
Couples63 2 months ago
All Cam will prove this year is why the Panthers saw nothing in him and cut him
Colin 2 months ago
Cam I am gonna be honest with you I see that your working and you don’t deserve the hate but this year your gonna get this respect keep working DAWG ‼️‼️ 1ØVĒ
Yogin Patel
Yogin Patel 2 months ago
I LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY!! I became your fan the day you went to Carolina Panthers! Love your work ethic and how youre an inspiring person man! Ive seen how people have hated you or always counted you out. Let the Haters talk! you a big dawg thats about to blow up! Let em see what they havent seen! Underdogs always have a better story to tell!
Dubba_D _On_Da_Beat
Dubba_D _On_Da_Beat 2 months ago
Welcome to New England! 🙏🙌💪💯
Andre Zubiller
Andre Zubiller 2 months ago
“What am I willing to go thru in order to get it”
Ryan's vlogging it
Ryan's vlogging it 2 months ago
Thanks cam for putting inky on cause i have the samething wrong with me a brachial plexus injury to my right arm i got maybe 50 percent but not 100 % but inky had great inspiration to people when were all struggling thanks cam you the man the cam man mind over matter
Jeriba Shigan
Jeriba Shigan 2 months ago
Welcome to New England. We're more than happy to have you. Let's get them rings 💍💍💍💍💍
Kevin Maxey
Kevin Maxey 2 months ago
it’s time don’t play around with me🏈
GraceLand Ministries
Cam give me the mic bro! Given inspirational preacher a chance! Well check me out yo! I got a message for ya! Facebook Graceland Ministries Don't have many followers yet in the page, but I never stop working! I want the mic!
Robert Bright
Robert Bright 2 months ago
Pats win Super Bowl!!! We at ya neck Bih!!!!
Nico Cavallo
Nico Cavallo 2 months ago
Get work you got this bro
Eric F.
Eric F. 2 months ago
You Own it, 2020 is your season Boss 💥
Hollywood Jones
Hollywood Jones 2 months ago
He definitely boutta snap this year he’s determined. Cam has something to prove & he will do just that 👏🏽
Joe Cool Berry
Joe Cool Berry 21 day ago
That patriot WR core is pretty gross tho
LOOK- OUT Reviews
LOOK- OUT Reviews 29 days ago
O yea, he taken off
Michelle Liston
Michelle Liston Month ago
Check out the new Inky Johnson interview - ruvid.net/video/video-zHjsEH1h244.html
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 2 months ago
I’m a lifelong falcons fan and I’m rooting for Cam!!
Ioan The Bray
Ioan The Bray 2 months ago
Meanwhile Jarrett Stidham: 😐
Pranav Saravanan
Pranav Saravanan 2 months ago
So inspirational man. Hope u ball out with the pats. LFG
MyBudinesd 2 months ago
Go get’em SM
Y!kez 99
Y!kez 99 2 months ago
I needed this 😭😭😤😤😤😤
C. G.
C. G. 2 months ago
I cant wait to see the pats vs balt 💪. 31to27 pats and 37to24 pats ovr KC.
Zane Carroll
Zane Carroll 2 months ago
God, I'm hyped for the next NFL season! Gonna be raw!!! Go get it Cam!!!
Elijah Bapp
Elijah Bapp 2 months ago
You the reason I push myself so hard in football and in life, you’ve always preformed your hardest when there’s a chip on your shoulder which is what I strive to do everyday. You’ve always been someone I looked up too. Love you Cam 💙
Eashoa 2 months ago
This is what cam puts his effort into. Videos. And not reading defenses better pre snap.
Torrey Gibb
Torrey Gibb 2 months ago
Let’s hope the outside noise and bullshit doesn’t get in the way of your greatness, hard work and dedication =s success under the hoodie (belichick 6) you are a beast bro so show pats nation that the Superman is back! ✊🔥
Michael Beaulieu
Michael Beaulieu 2 months ago
Shit im hyped AF now!!!!
B5AudiS4 2 months ago
If you read this today cam welcome to new england. No replacing Brady but this is exciting. Love the story behind it and the drive you bring. LFG Patriots Nation.
Dave Kolenich
Dave Kolenich 2 months ago
Wiinipeg Blue Bombers Cam and we just won the championship CFL (Canada)
Dave Kolenich
Dave Kolenich 2 months ago
Come to Canada for a season Cam. Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia all played up here and went to the NFL after and where Pro Bowlers. You will light the CFL on fire then everyone in NFL will come begging that's when you will get you retribution! Make them remember Who Cam Newton is !! MVP!!
mike reyes
mike reyes 2 months ago
Legends never die champ! Onwards to the next battle baby!
Steve 0861
Steve 0861 2 months ago
Go Pats!
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 2 months ago
Anybody know the instrumental? 🔥
YOURBOYABEL 2 months ago
ThisNameIsFake 2 months ago
Welcome to New England buddy! Glad to have you Cam!
Leroy Jenkens
Leroy Jenkens 2 months ago
Yessir baby! Only great things comin from here
Herm Bravo
Herm Bravo 2 months ago
Welcome To The Pats Nation
alberto gonzalez
alberto gonzalez 2 months ago
Post workouts
Nikolaus N
Nikolaus N 2 months ago
Who’s here after he got signed to the pats.
Laz Rodriguez
Laz Rodriguez 2 months ago
Hot take: Pats win the division. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Kube Dog
Kube Dog 2 months ago
Hot take: With Stidham at QB.
khairul azhar
khairul azhar 2 months ago
welcome to new england patriots!!
Tom Brady
Tom Brady 2 months ago
Welcome to the patriots my brother!! God speed to you! Greatness awaits!!
Jeremy B
Jeremy B 2 months ago
Bro about to win a Super Bowl. Good luck Cam.
Manski 2 months ago
lil nino
lil nino 2 months ago
Congrats king
David Uriel Tagano Huchin
Newton pats jersey, I can’t wait to see that 🤠
Kube Dog
Kube Dog 2 months ago
Will it have little hearts and glitter? Cam needs to go ahead and come out of that closet.
TheS3venx 2 months ago
As an Atlanta fan, I've always respected your game. I thought CAR did you wrong but I think you are in a good place now to show your worth so hopefully we see you in the superbowl!
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete 2 months ago
how can you not give this man another chance he clearly wants his career back. Next thing you know Patriots sign Cam newton.
Foltz Art
Foltz Art 2 months ago
OMG! CONGRATULATION CAM MAN!!! I KNEW IT!!!! ✌😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💖💖💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
Gary Tokman
Gary Tokman 2 months ago
Welcome to the Pats!
Sean Langlois
Sean Langlois 2 months ago
Let's go I'm so pumped up he's a New England Patriot
Kube Dog
Kube Dog 2 months ago
@J Smoke Grillin' I'm sure school sounded like a bunch of blah blah blah to you too. LMFAO!
J Smoke Grillin'
J Smoke Grillin' 2 months ago
@Kube Dog talk talk talk. Blah blah blah.
Kube Dog
Kube Dog 2 months ago
@Marique McWhorter I didn't say anything about his age. But since you bring it up, you know that most RBs hit a wall at 30 and it's over. Some hang on and grind out a few more years. Cam played QB like a RB. It's well known he's been hit more than any QB. He's hit that wall most RBs hit at 30. That means he's pretty much done, because he needs his run to play the position. He can't do it as a pocket passer.
Marique McWhorter
Marique McWhorter 2 months ago
Kube Dog he 31 years old bitch you talking like he 40 +
Kube Dog
Kube Dog 2 months ago
@J Smoke Grillin' Cam is the 908th highest paid player. Let that sink in. 907 players make more. Even when Cam was willing to play for the minimum, only 1 of 32 teams was interested. That's the value to the league puts on him. It's doesn't matter how hard he works out, what he does with his hair, how Kardashian he becomes... he's over. You might see a few flashes if he plays, maybe even a good run for 2 or 3 games, but he's done. Him showing out like a queen doesn't change that.
Sean Langlois
Sean Langlois 2 months ago
He going bring this to the pats let's go
Hiran Maldonado
Hiran Maldonado Month ago
@Kube Dog ..... That's it?.. Well ok im coming with info/personal opinion, and you come back with an insult.. Cool have a nice day lol.
Kube Dog
Kube Dog Month ago
@Hiran Maldonado You're an idiot.
Hiran Maldonado
Hiran Maldonado Month ago
@Kube Dog Brady was the 3rd string when he got to NE.
Hiran Maldonado
Hiran Maldonado Month ago
@Kube Dog Tom Brady started only cause of the injury to Bledsoe.. Pats had just gave a lot of money to Drew that same year if I'm not mistaken. But i hear you on Cam but if there's one coach who can get the best / or put Cam in the best situation... Its Bill my good sir. Hey man we'll see.
Kube Dog
Kube Dog Month ago
@Hiran Maldonado In contrast, Brady was the starter as soon as he signed. Cam's done. Mostly done anyway. League minimum.
dominique perry
dominique perry 2 months ago
Not a patriots fan but all I will say is... WHERE EVER CAM GO WE WILL FOLLOW. Cam bout to go a revenge tour and prove all the doubters wrong.THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN IS APPON US!!!!!
Kube Dog
Kube Dog 2 months ago
@DestroyNations 2015 is Cam's year, let's go
DestroyNations 2 months ago
New England is the best place for revenge, lets go
TheRantGuyYeazy 2 months ago
Welcome to new England cam
Josizzle 2 months ago
Welcome to the Patriots! #DoWork
Daniel Duenas
Daniel Duenas 2 months ago
Now your my teams quarterback, go prove them haters wrong...
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin 2 months ago
It was at this point the third when other teams knew they fucked up!! Hope you kill it out there in New England n show everyone why you are super man. Please continue to be the beacon of light for all young African-American quarterbacks in the United States/world. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin 2 months ago
I meant 31 other teams. Lol
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin 2 months ago
ERICKA BOOKER 2 months ago
This is your year!!
Nickels Cage
Nickels Cage 2 months ago
Vic Sif
Vic Sif 2 months ago
Welcome to New England 🙏🏼
Moises Juarez-Villalobos
The come is going to be real nobody wants it more than Cam1Newton
dtrelz music
dtrelz music 2 months ago
Hope you get another chance to get a ring CAM!
Super Cam is better then stat patty Mahomes
Him and belichik will be working together now
melo 2 months ago
favorite Qb 🤘🏾..
Liam 3 months ago
Cam we believe you have a heart to do this and we are here for you my sister died and I got ver it you are here in the world to keep your spirit and we will always be there for you and support you in any way possible cause you are special and we’re here to protect you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kaden Cooper#42
Kaden Cooper#42 3 months ago
Hey Cam, I have been a huge fan of you since you were in Auburn you are a huge influence in my dream to get to Auburn and i want you to know no matter where you go i am supporting you all the way.
Foltz Art
Foltz Art 3 months ago
Cam Newton In one word!! "INVINCIBLE "!!!!! ✌💥
Liam 3 months ago
🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎖🎖🎖🎖🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈 These are all the ,deals that can should win | | Like FOR CAM TO BACK CUASE WE LOVE YOU CAM ILL WEAR MY JERSEY EVERY TIME I CAN CUASE YOU 💯 SHOULD BE IN FIRST ROUND PICK
Liam 3 months ago
So believe in him
Liam 3 months ago
But cam wouldn’t
Liam 3 months ago
Oh shit I spelled everything wrong
Youlack Realbarz
Youlack Realbarz 3 months ago
Only haters put a dumbs down on this video! I’m behind CAM! He’s going to come back and set the NFL on fire 🔥
Chelsea Daughtry
Chelsea Daughtry 3 months ago
Thats why i love this man the drive the dedication...the mativation..#1
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