“Shah Rukh Khan- Betaaj Badshah, Salman Khan- Jigar Ka Tukda, : Sanjay Dutt | Rapid Fire

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#SanjayDutt in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Faridoon Shahryar plays a super fun and entertaining rapid fire and answers some very interesting questions. He answers questions about #ShahRukhKhan, #SalmanKhan, #RanbirKapoor, Amitabh Bachchan etc. Don’t Miss!
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 358
Click here to watch the full video: bit.ly/2lZAr6U
Wahida Nooristani
I watched the movie I really love it.
Rashid Mehmood
Rashid Mehmood 2 months ago
BollywoodHungama.com its my request if can plz talk in hindi or urdu
Rashid Mehmood
Rashid Mehmood 2 months ago
BollywoodHungama.com suppose people want hear their superstars but mostly dont know english then what they understand?
Rashid Mehmood
Rashid Mehmood 2 months ago
BollywoodHungama.com why always talk in english its india national language is hindi
TAHMID HELAL 19 hours ago
Iftekhar Alam
#kingkhan #kingofbollywood #srk #baadshah
MD rehan Ali
MD rehan Ali 7 days ago
Bhaijaan is the best
Abhishek Vishnoi
Abhishek Vishnoi 8 days ago
Sanju baba love you yaar 😘😘❤❤❤❤
Gulzar Hussain
Gulzar Hussain 9 days ago
I dont know but I find this host and his English extremely weird and vexed. 🥶
husanpreet Singh
husanpreet Singh 15 days ago
Brtaaj badshah Srk😍😍😍😍😍
Mithun Chakraborty
Mithun Chakraborty 16 days ago
Sanju baba your best hero...
Sanjaychavda Sanjaychavda
Tiger tiger tiger....... My bhaijaan
ASEEM SHAIKH 21 day ago
Betaaj baddhah.
ASEEM SHAIKH 21 day ago
Always 2nd choice after khan sanju baba
Prabhakar Devkota
Prabhakar Devkota 22 days ago
Sanju baba ❤️
James Bon jone
James Bon jone 24 days ago
Sanju is a bap of Bollywood
Sujan Ghimire
Sujan Ghimire 25 days ago
He said MBBS because there was his father.
Shubham Triapthi
Shubham Triapthi 25 days ago
Sanjuuu Bawa 👌👌
Moinak Bhattacharya
I really liked two sanjay dutt movies - kabzaa and naam
Sherry Tube
Sherry Tube 27 days ago
Only Sanju Baba ❤️
Akbar Shah
Akbar Shah 27 days ago
What are you most afraid of - NOTHING 😎
TopGear4Kidz 28 days ago
The best rapid fire to date😍😍 baba is the best love him to bits😍😍
Rishav Srivastava
Agar shahrukh ne Kch bhai ko bola na to sanju baba pel dega
jangez pathan
jangez pathan Month ago
Bollywood big pawer of sanju baba👍💯💯
General Knowledge
The real Maharaja of Bollywood is Aamir Khan ... The rest are also good but Aamir is at different level altogether.
Rohit Yadav
Rohit Yadav Month ago
Bsdkk har baar srk pr view leta he
Balochistan Times
Raja Imran
Raja Imran Month ago
Jiyain to jiyain kaisay...wah Sanju lgta hai abi Madhuri ka love abi ni utra....goooood Sanju
anil jaiswal
anil jaiswal Month ago
Despite all the odds in his life, Sanjay dutt is optimistic, so humble , respect for everyone..That's why 99% of all Bollywood lover loves him as a person and as an actor
Bannaee Music
Bannaee Music Month ago
big B : Maharaja Ranbir: dilwala Salman: Tiger Srk: Badshah Misleading Title..
Faruk Md
Faruk Md Month ago
Salman Khan Amazon
Michael Moti
Michael Moti Month ago
can i get 5k subscribes kalia
The One
The One Month ago
Has this women had a hair transplant
King of Bollywood Shahrukh khan
Dot Dot
Dot Dot Month ago
He turned me on even in this age - looking way more better with this beard and moustache than his young days.
Haunting World
Haunting World Month ago
modi ji ki railpatdi par hugti gand
whadda Sunjey Dutt rhenda nii............ye dialog uss waqat bola jata tha jab koi Hero ban-nay ki koshish karta tha............
Shanmugaraj Muthuveeran
Beg to differ with you sir. Ranveer Singh could have pulled off Sanju as well. 1) Saw him enacting Sanjay Dutt in a TV show and he was bang on with his mannerisms. 2) He can get into the skin of any character. He is a chameleon.
Ajinkya Gave
Ajinkya Gave Month ago
Who enjoy #vastav in nowdays
Proud Punjabi
Proud Punjabi Month ago
Luv u baba
Syed Raiyan
Syed Raiyan Month ago
Takle madarchod jhat faridoon teri maa ki choot haramkhor
Bilal Shaikh
Bilal Shaikh Month ago
You really like cocaine ? baba : yes I DO !
Sanju Baba
Sanju Baba Month ago
Agar koi ies video ko dekh liya na tab guarantee h ki wo sanjay Dutt ke bare me 50% to jane lega👍
Luqman Khan
Luqman Khan Month ago
SRK sach me king hein
üã DÄD
üã DÄD Month ago
Baba ky sb true fans hai yr💗✌️
arun arun
arun arun Month ago
I watch all your clips and i could find that sanjay dut is the only one who has spoken all truth here rest all hesitate to tell or they don't tell
Shani Das
Shani Das Month ago
Baba hit.
Harshal Randive
Harshal Randive Month ago
Hindi me bola karo yar angrej ho kya
Pakistan the land of beauty
siraf sanju baba keliye subscribe kia
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh Month ago
Jigar Ka Tukda Bhaijaan Salman Khan ❤️ If You Do Like BHAI Than Please Thumbs Up .
mamun rashid
mamun rashid Month ago
salman khan ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ from Bangladesh ❤❤
Sameer Mangtani
Sameer Mangtani Month ago
Iconic iconic iconic! Could not hear anything else! Why lick so much!
Shakti Prasad Sahoo
90% comments r about SRK😍
Raul Gsxr
Raul Gsxr Month ago
One of the most humble superstar in bollywood since the time he entered stardom. You will never hear any other actor bitch about him.
Sam Khan
Sam Khan Month ago
Fardeen never miss to asked about srk.
Jatin Sharma
Jatin Sharma Month ago
One thing that Sanjay dutt is most afraid of :- Nothing... Baba rocks
Faridoon ko itna zada attentive or charming kbhi nhe dekha...
He done a hair transplant
BAAM 25th
BAAM 25th Month ago
Which actor who is above 40 hasn't, they need to look perfect. At least the guy isn't taking steroids like most of the other stars.
Samuel Raveen
Samuel Raveen Month ago
Only for srk
poomi malik
poomi malik Month ago
Only for srk
Faiz Khan
Faiz Khan Month ago
For SRK...
junaid Galaria
junaid Galaria Month ago
Why do we Indians try to talk in English when our viewers mostly understand Hindi, clearly they are struggling.
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