’90 Day Fiance’: David & Annie Dish On New Quarantine Spinoff | #AccessAtHome

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“90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk” stars David and Annie Toborowsky talk with Access Hollywoood about the newly-announced TLC limited spinoff series, “90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined.” They also reveal if they’re rooting for Darcey and Tom and if they think David and Lana are the real deal.


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Apr 2, 2020




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Gloria Rael
Gloria Rael 2 days ago
David and Anny I have watched you both from the beginning. You two are my favorite. We go to Suprize AZ in the winter. How 🤔 can I say this not to scare you. But, at you convinance,I would love to meet you two. I am on FB you can look me up. It will tell you about me. Anny, you crack me up and David, you laugh is full of wonderful. 🥀 Gloria Rael
erlina kartikasari
i love this couple. Annie you are so funny and pretty
retha theron
retha theron 11 days ago
I absolutely love u guys!!! Most people thought u guys would never last but to me u guys ended up being the perfect couple. David, u are true and do ur best. Annie u clearly love David with all of ur heart and u have an awesome sense of humour. u guys are awesome together!!! I really hope that Davids stuck up daughter has made peace with the fact that u will be together forever. xxx
Viv Roodt
Viv Roodt 11 days ago
Annie you are my favorite 90 day fiance person. I just love your personality.
Kathy Albright
Kathy Albright 13 days ago
Aww, Annie is so pretty.. I love this couple..they are perfect for each other..
λεωνιδία Fakiola
Totally get what David means about the weather. The glorious sunshine makes it hard to believe there’s a world crisis happening. It draws you into a false pretence.
Mkhealthyskin Forever
Loving my Girl Annie’ loving you, having fun at home now new in America . Keep glowing my girl.
Rayanna Andrade
Rayanna Andrade 21 day ago
Love annie and david! Such a fun lovely couple
Maribel Chacon
Maribel Chacon 21 day ago
Truly one of my favorite couples!!
mr zurc
mr zurc 21 day ago
david, have you paid your dowry yet??????
katherine EGJ
katherine EGJ 22 days ago
these 2 have turned into the nicest couple , she really brings out the best in him
Nydia Ahlmann
Nydia Ahlmann 24 days ago
Welcome to Scottsdale guys!
midgetBBY 26 days ago
Annie. I love her bluntness and she is just so hilarious and witty.
Lany Rotairo
Lany Rotairo 27 days ago
Me and my husband love ❤️ you guys...we are your fans....we are happy seeing you 😊 well and having a happy life now....my husband is from US also we are living here in the Philippines...we have 41 yrs..age Gap also...hihihi...age doesn't matter...God bless guy's....hope you can visit here in the Philippines
Athena Lebron
Athena Lebron 28 days ago
I love them together he doesn’t look like a dirty old man he really loves her and she loves him there funny😻
Pat Burton
Pat Burton Month ago
They are so cute. Love them.
Sonja Diwo
Sonja Diwo Month ago
anne you are narack and sanuk mag mag. i live in Thailand and I am a chef...........you are very cute too and chai dee
Joanne Gemignani
You guys have come so far and I'm glad for you. Annie is just glowing and both of you look so happy. Best of Luck always.
Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person
I love these guys ,everyone take care and god bless ,stay safe!
Jelena Jelenković
I like Annie very much, she is honest and great women.
Tina Shaffer
Tina Shaffer Month ago
I love erica but I swear steph is enough to make you want to rip ur hair out. If she says my medical issues one more time. I think I will shoot my tv.
Tina Shaffer
Tina Shaffer Month ago
I live in Litchfield park AZ. I would love to be friends with her.
Tina Shaffer
Tina Shaffer Month ago
I will watch because of anna. She's so funny but I am starting to warm up to her hubby. I didn't like him in the beginning.
Bobby Whitney
Bobby Whitney Month ago
David & Annie one of my favorite couples on TLC "Pillow Talk" and when David mentioned about learning the culture and being a fan of the 90 Day Fiance franchise David would be 1000% right on this topic and I feel that it missed a lot when TLC is filming the cast. Lisa and Usman and Ed and Rosemarie from the current season of "Before the 90 Days" is a great example of this.
Pokémon master Tips
Annie and David, I adore the two of you! 😂😂😂 You are so funny together, and I’m very sorry Annie has received crap from ignorant people. Glad to see you on this show too. Watching you two does my heart good to see the love between you both. I wish I was a neighbor who received your precious 🧻 gift! I still have one-ply! Annie, when you said “Holy Buddha” I couldn’t help but smile. Stay strong and healthy. 💕😊❤️
curtis lawson
curtis lawson Month ago
Why do these ugly old men go for these predatorial pie face woman ...My mom used to tell me she would cut my balls off if i ever brought one of these things home... You know damn well these old goats are going to wind up living in the garage when she brings her whole family from over seas
cheeky rotties
cheeky rotties Month ago
Love david and annie so much, they're my favourites and I'm so glad they have made it and still together. Your both looking so good.
Carolyn R
Carolyn R Month ago
Aww Annie looks so pretty here.. 💖 her personality, she's always so funny
botaique dream
botaique dream Month ago
Love ❤️ them together come from long way! God bless!
Missie Messoud
Missie Messoud Month ago
I like you guys but David dont forget Chris who Bank rolled you for years, your whole wedding & much more
Country Bumpkin
Country Bumpkin Month ago
I love these two. Life is always are drama with them. Lots of fun😁😄😉
armida tapia martinez
one of my favs! they make a good looking couple!!
Lisa Fellows
Lisa Fellows Month ago
My Favorite couple
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown Month ago
I still don't like David. I don't care for their relationship.
Does annie have a disability!?!?.. Because of the quarantine video and her actions in pillow talk
shea Uva
shea Uva Month ago
Annie has such a vibrant personality and she is so cute and sweet, I love watching her on Pillow talk. I'm glad her and David worked out
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez Month ago
I'm glad their marriage is working out.
Jacqueline Mawhinney
Love you guys your looking so beautiful Annie can’t wait to watch you again xx
Stephen Mawhinney
Love you both keep doing you looking forward to seeing you again can’t wait my wife loves Annie your brilliant
sophie morrison
sophie morrison Month ago
david and annie are a fun couple. i love how funny annie is when she doesn't seem to even be trying.
Diane Gaut
Diane Gaut Month ago
I love you two. Annie I want you to really be happy in the US. you two are so honest and refreshing.
Mana Man
Mana Man Month ago
I love you guys....
Tina Fitzwater
Tina Fitzwater Month ago
I absolutely love you too..I loved watching you get together and now on pillow talk..annie keep me laughing..
Kassey Williams
Kassey Williams Month ago
Love these guys, annie you look lovely xxxx
Ro Ka
Ro Ka Month ago
Wow... Are they still together?
Carol Swaller
Carol Swaller Month ago
Annie and David are my favorite people since day one I have rooted for them to make their marriage work! They are awesome together!
Moku Mizu
Moku Mizu Month ago
annie and grandpa....
Moku Mizu
Moku Mizu Month ago
david has convicted of child molesting in 2009, its public record...
Jordan White
Jordan White 21 day ago
this does not surprise me
G. Ming
G. Ming Month ago
What’s that stupid thing the host has on her head? It looks childish! Things like that are meant for little girls and not grown women!
G. Ming
G. Ming Month ago
I like Annie. She’s come a long way.
Cheryl Bentley
Cheryl Bentley Month ago
You two are my favourite,love watching you guys 😂😂😂💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Tamara Taye
Tamara Taye Month ago
I love you guys! You had a bit of a rocky start but I have seen you grow, accept each other and give each other intimacy and comfort. I am rooting for your continued success in all that you do. Yes, I too love you on Pillow Talk. Can't wait to watch you again.
Pat Burton
Pat Burton Month ago
They make me laugh on Pillow Talk. Keep them on the show. They are great and cute together. I hope their relationship stays strong and for them to be happy.
Pat Burton
Pat Burton Month ago
I love you two.
Susan Livesay
Susan Livesay Month ago
I wouldn’t even watch Pillow Talk if it weren’t for Annie! She is hilarious! Love you Annie!
Budget Jo
Budget Jo Month ago
I love Annie personality My favorite couple on pillow talk.
Live in the present moment
Annie you look so beautiful David you look like a pathetic slob
Mary H
Mary H Month ago
I love David and Annie.
Kathy Paulsen
Kathy Paulsen Month ago
I totally agree with having to learn more about the culture you’re entering into. I’m always amazed on how ignorant and intolerant some of these people are about others lifestyles from other countries. It can be a culture shock but it is their reality.
Nine Fine
Nine Fine Month ago
Annie looks like she is having too much boom boom in that lockdown .. you see that soy sauce glow on her face !
HH H Month ago
Love this couple and their great love for one another.
Blossom learning
Annie you make me laugh. I enjoy watching you. What is Annie going to say next. I love it.. stay safe both of you.
P Rose
P Rose Month ago
Luv you guys!!!!!!!
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K Month ago
This interview is boring
Nina B
Nina B Month ago
Annie is annoying David is nice and sweet guy
helen raybould
helen raybould Month ago
I didnt think david and annie would survive but they have but this season is wrought with not so much fun theres more drama with idiot david going after lana that doesent exist I think ed I think will get dumped after hes run out of money
InWanda Benningfield
I really like David...and I would love to meet Annie
InWanda Benningfield
David was my neighbor.
Anna Roberts
Anna Roberts Month ago
I would really like to see Annie and David have a cooking show. Annie seems like a great cook, basing this on what she has cooked during Pillow Talk.
E7 Month ago
glad everything is going great for them.
Donna Qhalil
Donna Qhalil Month ago
Love you Annie and David , yall great peeps , best couples ever ,
Linda Craig
Linda Craig Month ago
Annie and David you are my favorite couple on 90 Day Fiance. Annie you crack me up. I want you to be my neighbors and best friends. Can't wait to see the new spin off
Carolyn Smith
Carolyn Smith Month ago
You two are the best! So good together! Love Pillow Talk.
Judy Gouthro
Judy Gouthro Month ago
I love Annie, she is so funny on pillow talk. Pretty girl.
Judy Gouthro
Judy Gouthro Month ago
@CrAsh WOW lol you do have a lot to learn
Judy Gouthro
Judy Gouthro Month ago
@CrAsh you have a lot to learn, such as love is not based on someone's size - GROW UP
CrAsh Month ago
David could lose a few pounds though.
Karen Sandlie
Karen Sandlie Month ago
You both are the best! Annie, gorgeous and hilarious! Stay safe and well you guys!
debra martinez
debra martinez Month ago
OMG I love this couple. David has totally proved me wrong. I went from thinking he was a big loser & creep to really admiring him. This couple really proved that age is just a number. And that Annie, not only is she beautiful & hilarious, she is boss.
debra martinez
debra martinez Month ago
@Pokémon master Tips yes it has.
Pokémon master Tips
debra martinez Their relationship has evolved to a happy place. 😊💕
wong Jamir
wong Jamir Month ago
Annie and David please give comments on computer boy he has already reached in some fairy tale world with someone who he haven't met yet hahaha
glam0r0us Month ago
I love you annie. You two are so cute. Im happy for you. Give david our love 💜
linda handley
linda handley Month ago
Y'all look so happy and cute together. I want some of Annie's recipes!!!
Kathryn Drury
Kathryn Drury Month ago
These two are so ridiculous ‘on the couch.’ Her constant screaming, childish voice and affect, her constant talk of ‘boom, boom’...makes me sick! Their whole relationship is disgusting...old guy, 20 something foreigner....who gives a shit! Done!
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