‘You’re not champions, you’re cheaters!’ - Stephen A. reacts to the Astros' apology | First Take

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Rob Manfred's exclusive ESPN interview: ruvid.net/video/video-yq1bX6F1FwU.html
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Houston Astros owner Jim Crane and players Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve addressing the sign-stealing scandal.
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Comments 80
SuTartsDad 3 days ago
SuTartsDad 3 days ago
SuTartsDad 3 days ago
SuTartsDad 3 days ago
C Dio00426
C Dio00426 8 days ago
This sport is dead to me. Basketball players and football players are held to the stake for doing something outside of an athletes proper etiquette whether that be sexual assault or smoking illegal drugs. Yet a baseball player abuses his child and wife to the point where he gets a 75 game suspension and a team brings him on to get a chance at a World Series. That’s not right and then you have executives saying thank **** we have that player to female reporters. Then you have a cheating scandal with the same team and nothing happens to you as a player. Absolutely nothing. It’s clear to me that this game is so slow and dumb to proper punishment that this is a reality that baseball fans face. The main reason why I did not explicitly name the astros or Roberto Osuna was simple. There are other teams doing this. I would not be surprised if it came out that the Cubs or Nationals or any other team were cheating and other teams will consider cheating as a viable option to win. All because Manfred and Major League Baseball are so slow to punishment and incompetent.
Okay i might get slewed for this tell me if you don't agree. I'm an astros fan and I have been since I was 5. what they did was messed up and they should not have done it. The thing is they are being harped on when other teams have done it as well. You can't single out a group of people because of what they did and not do it to others who have done the same thing. My condolences do go out to yankees and dodgers for what happened. Sidenote, you can't blame the yankees lack of scoring in houston on the cheating because how are pitchers going to cheat using technology.
Toxic YT
Toxic YT 19 days ago
Indians never mind
Gtmyk24 19 days ago
Who’s here knowing there might not even be an mlb season.
Dankest Leader43
Dankest Leader43 21 day ago
Both the Yankees and the Dodgers were cheated out of a World Series. Houston better get ready for the heckling all season long.
8NBA KING24 23 days ago
What if after this whole cheating situation is over, and then the mlb finds they cheated this season
Rillo 806
Rillo 806 24 days ago
Think about the new guys coming up in baseball and will be playing for the astros.... i feel bad for those guys..... ud have to pay me x4 just to sit in the dugout or i wouldnt do it. If u want me on the field.... x10
Matt Balderrama
Matt Balderrama 26 days ago
Houston *'s
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois 26 days ago
A fish rots from the head down. The Astros cheating was known from the head down. They are cheats and an embarrassment to MLB.
Phillip Cabrero
Phillip Cabrero 27 days ago
So patriots are held so high and are legends even after they got caught but dont let the astros win
show kase
show kase 27 days ago
Yankees fans are pissed
A-HVlogs 28 days ago
Pete Rose was on the juice.. and fueled is gambling addiction by charging people 60$ for pictures and autographs in vegas.
Andrew Rockwell
Andrew Rockwell 28 days ago
Pete Rose is the G.O.A.T.!
Jake Peach
Jake Peach 28 days ago
Love the actors/robots in th background 😂😂😂I'm ☠☠
Walter Hunter
Walter Hunter 28 days ago
They all cheat
Rich reyes
Rich reyes 29 days ago
Houston A**holes!!
I dont always agree with Steven A but IMO he is spot on here
marquezivan Month ago
I don’t care if they cheat again. EVERY team and player cheats in professional sports. From their food to what they drink to there meds and use of technology. And if you can’t see it you need to look deeper into professional sports. It is very well documented that every MLB team has cheated so please acting like they are the only ones.
lets go cubs
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Month ago
Stephen A. doesn’t understand what “immunity” means.
Isn't that the current theme of our country, cheat lie and steal and get away with it. ASK THE HEAD CHEETO BET HE WOULD SAY NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.
SouthPhilly Spud
Everyone seems to forget the Patriots were caught cheating multiple times during multiple seasons. Nobody took their Trophy and rings back..
gamelvr1 Month ago
Which is just as much of a crock
?????? Month ago
How did the cheating help the Astro pitchers shutdown the Yankees in Houston?
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor Month ago
What does the Astros stealing signs have to do with the Yankees inability to hit the ball.
Max Weinberg
Max Weinberg Month ago
I remember when Max called the allegations against the Astros for cheating ridiculous? Both Max and Stephen are the dumbest analysts in the world.
Zac Grant Aviation
still waiting for Stephen A's outrage over the Patriots.....
Angelo Colon
Angelo Colon Month ago
Jose did not cheat he did not wont to take his shirt beacause it’s the ws last time they did it he paid a lot so he new he would pay
Marlon Mercado
Marlon Mercado Month ago
Too easy. I won’t forget
Travis Evans
Travis Evans Month ago
The astros rep is ruined, but can someone tell me how them cheating caused the yankees to score less?
gamelvr1 Month ago
Them cheating cause them to score more. Meaning had they not been cheating, they might not have scored enough to win a low scoring game
Male Nurses Rock 2
For starters, I dont want to hear about Yankees fans being outraged by cheating. How many wins were won with steroids and/or money? That would take years of clips compared to bangs on a trash can. So all of yall, oh excuse me, all of "you all" can shut the flip up...and as far as all out outrage goes...Houston Astros fans had to endure a poor little kid holding a sign saying please pitch to my daddy so he can get the homerun record...with tears in his eyes....we didn't even say anything about the amount of steroids his dad was taking. We didn't say that his daddy was cheating, we just simply didnt pitch to him...where was the outrage then!!!! I'm proud to be a Houston Astros fan...couldn't be prouder...you know why? You have ostracized them so bad that they can't leave our team, so we will be winners for a very long time...so keep it up!!!
Annette Gonzalez
Meanwhile the Astros and houston fans dgaf 🤣🤣 GO STROS! 🤘🏽
Annette Gonzalez
RejaxFN that’s cool lol
RejaxFN Month ago
J. Month ago
Baseball isn't anywhere near entertaining to me, so I know nothing about it. However, this drama is entertaining to me, so how does knowing the pitch help a batter?
Emily Lidiak
Emily Lidiak Month ago
I agree with this but if you’re a Yankees fan you have no room to talk
Mr. Mosby
Mr. Mosby Month ago
The cardinals dont cheat tho scouting like that goes on in the NFL every year and even every year in the MLB the astros actually cheated during game play thats bogus and ignorant
TeamRocketWes Official
Yankees been cheating for a very long time but we gonna act like Houston the only team doing that
Chicken Coop 24
Chicken Coop 24 Month ago
Nobody: Sas: you're wrong, and here's why.
Austin Graham
Austin Graham Month ago
Tampa Bay Rays put up a heck of a fight in the 2019 playoffs against some cheating scumbags. Look forward to playing them again in 2020.
Jason Severino
Jason Severino Month ago
I was late to all this news breaking and im pretty much caught up im just wondering i saw the whitesox pitcher figure it out during the game and call his catcher to verbally give him the pitch but did the players call them out coaches did they snitch themselves out im confused how it all came to light
John B.
John B. Month ago
I feel Pete Rose should be inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame. Gambling now legal.
gamelvr1 Month ago
Gambling has has always been legal to an extent. There's a difference though between an outsider gambling and an athlete gambling on their own sport and their own games
kallybloome Month ago
TRUTH365!!! TRUTH365!!!
I’m confused the New England Patriots did the same thing for their first Super Bowls they placed cameras 🎥 in the practice facilities the day before the games but you guys call them the greatest 😂 you people are SAD y’all have morals and principles with certain players and teams SMFH!!!!!!!!!
jeannette Month ago
The Astros....It was Russia.
Is My Whiskey Ready
Altuve deserves every fast ball aimed above the hips!
Dave Gillen
Dave Gillen Month ago
how many lost bets in Vagus , can they sue??
Michael Amanek
Michael Amanek Month ago
It’s over. The Astro’s will forever be marked cheaters. The players will be marked as losers until it’s over and beyond. Their careers are over. Their retirement is over. They will forever be tainted.
Garrett Pratt
Garrett Pratt Month ago
They need to be banned for life
Bswinmo1 Month ago
These guys need to go afterTom Brady and New England Patriots!
jensen king
jensen king Month ago
Stephen A Smith is not qualified to talk about baseball in the slightest, he needs to stick with basketball. I fully understand where he’s coming from in the situation, but like I said he is not qualified to Give much of an opinion in baseball matters.
jensen king
jensen king Month ago
Max Kellerman is the same way as Steven A. Smith
Marty Young
Marty Young Month ago
Where was all this concern when the Patriots got caught cheating..........more than once?!
Emanuel Hernandez
Only way astros wont get trashed on is for the next generation of new players
Avrohom Sheps
Avrohom Sheps Month ago
Is that his real voice?
Julian Flores
Julian Flores Month ago
Let's get over it ,they are just Republicans
Dercey Smith
Dercey Smith Month ago
Strip them or let Bonds in the H.O.F.(S.F. 4 Life)
QCanFixIt1 Month ago
The Patriots never got this treatment
James Davis
James Davis Month ago
That's because the Patriots are the greatest dynasty in NFL history. You can't win over 240 games and six super bowls just because of sign stealing in football. It doesn't work like that. There was no outrage when the Broncos got caught circumventing the salary cap after winning back to back super bowls.
McMurray How're ya now
If you think the reactions to Barry bonds were bad ... Lifetime ban for everyone involved. Void the championships they won. Playoff ban for x years . Take their draft picks . Make them play behind closed doors
Kacy Cat
Kacy Cat Month ago
What about the fans who jumped on the bandwagon and we’re defrauded out of their money for tickets… Hotdogs… Beers… Parking… Jersey’s...hats... give them all their money back!
Maxed Uped
Maxed Uped Month ago
Didn’t they win the World Series. I googled the score and how many games they won. They’re Champions. Begn
Tyler brake
Tyler brake Month ago
The Astros are scum
Darryl Hayes Hayes
SAS is on point 💯%
David Gilde
David Gilde Month ago
It doesn’t mean anything to me if they don’t strip away the title; and I believe it won’t matter to most baseball fans. They’re not champions in our eyes so that trophy doesn’t mean a thing. It will forever be a sign of the area in MLB that the Astros cheated and that is all.
elli003 Month ago
A little DUE PROCESS would be a great start. What the public knows from the Manfred Report is a statement (an opinion), not the evidence. Astros fans just want to know if it was really damaging or not - and we're skeptical of any harmful wrongdoing. Let me emphasize this point, ....... To What Degree ! How many games did the Astros really win that we should have lost because of the alleged (advanced technology) sign stealing. Was this something more like Jaywalking or Murder against the teams of MLB. We would need to see every home-game pitch thrown to even come close to making that kind on determination. I haven't seen any analysis even close to that. Just a lot of malcontent sports commentators spooling together a few re-played segments of heavily edited footage, served as a prop to convince other commentators and baseball players to inform the public their expert analysis that GROSS MISCONDUCT, TREASON, HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANORS had been committed against MLB; and that all teams belonging to MLB and every fan of every team in MLB and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all Citizens within were harmed with suffrage. This is the current narrative. All based on what ? Other peoples opinions? It's an echo chamber of inbred thought. And if there ever becomes undeniable proof that the Astros benefited in the win column to deny others a forwarded position in the post-season, or monetary loss, and other remunerations, then I'll join the rest of you on the fox hunt. The cream rises to the top. See you in the 2020 post-season. Go Astros !!!
Professor Rosenstock
These Astro fans have been disgusting. Buffalo wild wings just spoke about cheating and people began boycotting them.
pgodwin5 Month ago
Agree mostly, but you can’t blame the Astros cheating on the Yankees not being able to score in Astros stadium. That’s not the direction the signs go.
GoldSilver Bullion
Stephen A-hole. Do you realize what you’re even saying about the Yankees? I don’t think you do. I agree with you that the Astros should have their World Series crown stripped from them, but there is no reason that the Yankees shouldn’t have scored runs in Houston. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there was no technology helping the Astros pitchers keep the Yankees from getting hits or runs. There was technology helping the Astros hitters against the Yankee pitchers.
nycjin816 Month ago
what's really sickening are the fans that defend the cheating, the attitude of so what we won in 2017, we're champs. I get sticking by your team but when you're wrong you're wrong.
Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore 13 days ago
Every team cheats you don't care about that.
Kenneth Salyers
Kenneth Salyers Month ago
Where is all the talk about spring training games ? Baseball is back. Everyone knows the ASTROS are cheaters and are branded for life
Seffi Shestopal
Seffi Shestopal Month ago
And you all thought patriots were cheaters!
James Davis
James Davis Month ago
The Chiefs are the real cheats. The refs didn't call holding on them at all in the entire playoffs. Their offensive line was garbage all season long, which makes it even more fishy.
Patrick King
Patrick King Month ago
The Houston Astros are screwed. They cheated and from this season on, they will be labeled as cheaters for a long time.
Kurt Hanke
Kurt Hanke Month ago
What's the deal with having a studio audience???? Most look like morons lol
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson Month ago
Get over it every team does it
loc power
loc power Month ago
L.A Dodgers vs N.Y Yankees We were robbed from probably the best World Series in history. Houston ruined baseball. Never will forgive you.
Lamont Mealing
Lamont Mealing Month ago
Cracks me up its sports entertainment and these commentators make a living talking about it 🤯 when they know the truth behind it! People spend a lot of money watching sports teams all for enjoyment. If you take it too serious you might have a problem!
Charlie Meeks
Charlie Meeks Month ago
How much did using PED's play a part in winning during the 12 years that they didn't even test after banning them in 1991? Where was all the outrage whenever the Patriots were caught videotaping their opponents or during deflate gate? Or where's all the outrage for corked bats and pine tar? Or whenever a organization like the Yankees basically buys a championship because they can afford to. What about the markets that can't afford to compete at that level because the money isn't available? How is that a even playing field? Baseball has a history of cheating in it's DNA so before everyone gets on their high horse lets not forget about that before trying to strip a championship.
Brendan Month ago
if your not cheating your not winning
Mitchell D
Mitchell D Month ago
Don't forget the Patriots are known cheaters as well
James Davis
James Davis Month ago
No, they're not. At least the Patriots had holding penalties called against them each time they won the super bowl. The Chiefs won with zero offensive line holding penalties in their three playoff games. That is unheard of. Their offensive line was garbage all season long, too.
Max “Let me start again Stephen A” Kellerman
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