‘The Masked DJ’ Brings Drama to Ellen

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You’ve heard of “The Masked Singer,” and Ellen has previously played “The Masked Dancer” on her show, but she had a new idea - “The Masked DJ.” Play along with Ellen and try to figure out who is under the mask!




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Comments 80
Diana Mason
Diana Mason 7 days ago
I had a feeling it was someone from the bachelor after he said his perfect date had drama and wine
Nemo Tompkins
Nemo Tompkins 15 days ago
How come he didnt even DJ
claude christopher Scott
Chris harrison just like break people heart on the bachelor and bachelorette because most of couple after they proposed they break up
HeyItsN Today
HeyItsN Today 16 days ago
the cat in the hat knows a lot about that
miss_midge_6515 29 days ago
Pineapple on pizza, I say yes as well.
Beth White
Beth White 29 days ago
Who is he🤷‍♀️
Beckett Eller
Beckett Eller 29 days ago
More than dramatic is...traumatic
Kesa Rweya
Kesa Rweya 29 days ago
All along there has always been a masked singer.. SIA... she perfoms masked maybe they invented the idea from her.. I love Sia Just saying
But who is he? Ellen's audience u should help me out because u seem to know him well
Jennifer Coleman
I had to look him up. I haven't seen his shows in a while. I recognized his face. But not from where.
Caden Gibson
Caden Gibson Month ago
the DJ didnt even play music
Sal Lopez
Sal Lopez Month ago
Who wants to be a millionaire 😂😂😂
Stacy Moscotti
Stacy Moscotti Month ago
As soon as he said a little drama I knew who it was
sa as
sa as Month ago
71st Avenue
71st Avenue Month ago
Still cannot believe they have not gotten sued!
blaqkhavok35 Month ago
Who ?
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Month ago
Good Show
Ellen looks so dead inside
Maidan LEBON
Maidan LEBON Month ago
Are they firing Twitch indirectly ? I wanna see twitch in there
Jonell De Los Reyes
Bring back the MASKED DANCER!!!
Brent Davis
Brent Davis Month ago
Carrie Wright
Carrie Wright Month ago
Even after she said his name I still don't know him
Amelia Chastain
Amelia Chastain Month ago
No! I loved Madison! Hannah Ann and the crying girl are so ugh
jose ap santos
jose ap santos Month ago
Boa noite, um belo vídeo divertido e fascinante.Adorei o vídeo.
buttonslives Month ago
But Jimmy Kimmel and his wife chose Hannah Ann as their pick!
matt delormier
matt delormier Month ago
I know! But I think the tides are turning
Ace 1o7
Ace 1o7 Month ago
Ellen is so shady these days, I love it!
theresa cangelosi
i love Chris
bhappyyyy Month ago
Bring Tony back for a day!!!!! 😭😭 I miss his laugh!!!!!
J. Kaduru
J. Kaduru Month ago
Tony now acts on 'Bob hearts Abishola' It's a new series. You'll love his character
Janelle Ce’Lee
i just want a chance to get on the show and share my talents 😩
Chortzy Month ago
Swanan Madhu
Swanan Madhu Month ago
The masked dancer was a lot better!!!! Ellen didn't even ask much questions or guess much It was more like "Just take off the mask"
Swanan Madhu
Swanan Madhu Month ago
@K N Very true
K N Month ago
Exactly! I’m like please next time go back to ‘the masked dancer’ 🙄
Swan Htet
Swan Htet Month ago
The guy took of his mask and I still dont know him.
djguillyd Month ago
Swan Htet same
Karishma Sharma
Karishma Sharma Month ago
English Garden
English Garden Month ago
He’s not a DJ. SMH
Melz Month ago
Took the mask off..still don't know who that is. Ok..
Sparkle P8nter
Sparkle P8nter Month ago
I know who this is!!
Jenny Mao
Jenny Mao Month ago
I love Chris Harrison !
Jane lauren
Jane lauren Month ago
I wanted it to be tony
Corey Malison
Corey Malison Month ago
LIES. No DJ was revealed. lol. I was expecting a DJ. Disable the comments....
Charlie Roch
Charlie Roch Month ago
They should bring the Masked Dancer back instead
Regan Roseveare
Regan Roseveare 28 days ago
she can't she literally said Fox brought the masked dancer. which means it being produced into an independent show.
Randomized Content
@K N They're not being "greedy," Ellen took the "masked" idea of FOX anyways, not to mention that she *agreed* with it.
K N Month ago
@AustinLeo Decker That’s ridiculous.. FOX should of just not been greedy and just kept the masked singer. I love when Ellen did ‘the masked dancer ‘
K N Month ago
@Charlie Roch Exactly! That’s the first thing I thought
Mr. Allen
Mr. Allen Month ago
AustinLeo Decker what british channel can I get this on?
Vicky Month ago
@stephaniesoo come and get your boo 🤣🤣🤣
David Walczak
David Walczak Month ago
I didn’t know who he was until I saw the bachelor pictures
Patricia Sigmond
I’m like who is this guy then I realized when they said who it was. I knew right away
coleeg69 Month ago
Dweebix Month ago
Kinda ruined it watching her other uploaded videos first and seeing him before I got to see this video! lol.
sladea19 Month ago
Had no clue who this was.
Sydney Templeton
who tf is that
Virendar Chahal
Virendar Chahal 26 days ago
The Ellen show😜
Awesome Gia
Awesome Gia Month ago
OMG CHRIS 😂😂 yassss lol
ellis small
ellis small Month ago
i was the one that turned this video from having 999 likes to 1k
LilyReggin Month ago
Who’s that?
Yurose Petion
Yurose Petion Month ago
Bachelor host
Yurose Petion
Yurose Petion Month ago
Fox gonna get the masked dj...you know they already buy the masked dancer from her
Sky Month ago
I GUESSED IT WAS HIM ... real bachelor nation right here
Lily Tyano
Lily Tyano Month ago
Who else thought that was mr.mangobutt
Max Month ago
I knew and I don't watch The Bachelor. Side note, Ellen and The Bachelor are both Warner properties.
Emilija Skrastina
Jimmy's wife picked Hannah Ann not Madi
Ophélie Ophélie
Ellen has a ton of famous friends and we get that dude
J R Month ago
Ophélie Ophélie 😂😂
ayijiang bahatihan
this game is boring...i don't even know.who this guy is
She Didit
She Didit Month ago
I swear to God I knew it!!!!
abdullah ahmad
abdullah ahmad Month ago
The people in the audience who didn’t know who he is 😂
Steve Williams
Steve Williams Month ago
LOL ... I watch T.V , yet i have no idea who he is ... or what they are even talking about . Oh well .
Ok Month ago
I tho it was Stephanie fiancé for a while
Carol- Bnice2any1
Who’s also here coz the thumbnail reminds you of Mistermangobutt? 😂 I knew it’s not him coz of body sizes and he won’t wear that 😂
Buenomars Month ago
After Watchmen ended, the Panda lost some weight huh?
P Val
P Val Month ago
My t mom,
Coach_ Lou
Coach_ Lou Month ago
I like it
VEL PEREZ Month ago
That is totally STePHFIAnCE 🙄 If you know you know .... ✅
alix ali
alix ali Month ago
u r genious Ellen, i love u lady
Phineas Flynn
Phineas Flynn Month ago
It should have been Tony ...
Earle's World
Earle's World Month ago
The beach and drama content is what gave it away. Love Chris Harrison.
SJ Thesavage
SJ Thesavage Month ago
When I read the name of the video Am I the only one that thought it was Marshmello
Tareq Nomani Shemul
It is Taye the Twitch!
William French
William French Month ago
That was great. The way they talk and moved their hands is very similar to another famous TV personality, maybe even purposefully.
Shawn Month ago
This guy isn’t a Dj. What a waste
Debbie Lines
Debbie Lines Month ago
😂😂😂😂 Really?
run2thebeat Month ago
Shawn he’s a DJ of drama
Ayush Month ago
Who is he?
Gokul Agrawal
Gokul Agrawal Month ago
Commenting everyday until Ellen replies day 108
Music Is Important
Gokul Agrawal i don't think she even replies on Twitter
Harman Gill
Harman Gill Month ago
Hi ellen I am Harmandeep kaur gill from punjab 😘😘😚😚😍😍love you sooooooo much
Hi B!tch
Hi B!tch Month ago
I thought it was Twitch......
ENU TV Month ago
Faeza Khan
Faeza Khan Month ago
I guess I'm not the only one who had a question mark on face that who is he..lol
djguillyd Month ago
Faeza Khan same
Abdulla Month ago
Your right
xteaen Month ago
Peter has proven ? 😂😂😂😂😂
Barbara Fischer
Barbara Fischer Month ago
Who dis?
Yurose Petion
Yurose Petion Month ago
Bachelor host
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