‘The GOAT’ | Game of Zones Series Finale S7E4

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The battle between the Realm and the Dream Team has been decided, while the one true GOAT has been named. The epic conclusion of the series is here. (@StateFarm)

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May 21, 2020




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Comments 100
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Day ago
I really don't think that a 35 year old Jordan would beat a PRIME Michael Jordan, also, Dirk has a much better story than Paul Pierce
Michael Fatner
What a great wrap up for the series couldn’t have asked for a funnier send off
John Davis
John Davis 2 days ago
This is a Great Show.... man they really know the players!
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas 2 days ago
Fahad Faruque
Fahad Faruque 2 days ago
Game of Zones was unbelievably amazing. Absolutely mad respect for Bleacher Report.
Matthewious 3 days ago
Kareem with the sky hook lmao
wakin monster
wakin monster 4 days ago
Lmao try playing with 90’s ruless😤🤣
PocketPierce✝️ #PaulPierceTheGOAT
Mr. Paul Pierce.
Physix 5 days ago
I don't know why I'm crying
Fabiola Belibi
Fabiola Belibi 5 days ago
kyrie is straight comedy
thespotlightkid 5 days ago
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH Are we sure he is better than Jordan?
stoic romulan
stoic romulan 5 days ago
Paul pierce the goat
Uwubacus 6 days ago
“He had the courage to say he’s better than Dwayne Wade” 💀
Cod_y890 7 days ago
It’s about my teammates 🤣🤣😭
Elliott Pierce
Elliott Pierce 7 days ago
The truth to the GOAT argument was the Truth.
Nahj 8 days ago
Awful ending same as the original HAHAHA
Dante Shakespeare
this is actually really clever, really clever
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 8 days ago
Paul Pierce 😂😂😂😂
Bennett Thompson
Bennett Thompson 10 days ago
The rebuilding the meddiadel part is so good
ValensBellator 11 days ago
My god that Paul Pierce choice was the absolute perfect twist on that GoT ending 😂
Julien Hinckson
Julien Hinckson 12 days ago
Lebron snubbed for MVP again not surprised
STH 13 days ago
I don't know if I love or hate LeBald James
Cristoff Gomez
Cristoff Gomez 13 days ago
Cristoff Gomez
Cristoff Gomez 13 days ago
I think game of zones made wanted Kobe as a goat but since he is dead they used lebron as a sign of respect for RIP KOBE BRYANT
Chop Stick
Chop Stick 13 days ago
Jayson Tatum the GOAT 😂 💯
Benny Lu
Benny Lu 14 days ago
Game of zones always on that bullshit
Chris Ruiz
Chris Ruiz 14 days ago
Kyrie: Melo your on the bench. Melo: Come on I'm good again
Nate Saintil
Nate Saintil 15 days ago
When you realize Game of zones’ allen iverson is better than 2k’s😂😂
King Rai
King Rai 15 days ago
I don't like this one lol the King the GOAT LeBron james
Teran Icer
Teran Icer 15 days ago
Why does Larry Bird have 3 eyes? It fits him tho. 👍
Theo Mann
Theo Mann 15 days ago
The creators at 3:07
Ty-Ron Morrow
Ty-Ron Morrow 16 days ago
we will never know what really happened in the game of zones since all 7 seasons were created by paul pierce. this might be the best ending i've ever seen in any type of entertainment.
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 16 days ago
game of zones’s real ending was probably just lebron getting his crown blah blah blah
Raven Marby
Raven Marby 16 days ago
kian and jc
Gregory Sabuncuyan
Gregory Sabuncuyan 17 days ago
Bill Russell
Kyle Kivaria
Kyle Kivaria 17 days ago
"russ your the guy that throws bricks from a distance"
DeadInside 18 days ago
bald lebron looks weird lol
Bamboo God
Bamboo God 18 days ago
"hOw dO yOu LiKe tHe sIzE oF mY hAnDs?"
Dan Jimenez
Dan Jimenez 19 days ago
They shouldve added 'Paul Pierce once postponed a game and acted like he was injured because he need to shit'
James 19 days ago
The finale predicted the bubble Kyrie says “fuck the bubble, fuck the nba” The players all meet after the boycott. Lebron tries to make it about himself
Denie Dbwayi
Denie Dbwayi 20 days ago
so what next, i miss some show that mocks whatever that happens in the nba, maybe the Ball Witcher
Chase Cohen
Chase Cohen 20 days ago
i smell cap mj is better then lebron
lamar boyd
lamar boyd 21 day ago
That ending..lol
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy 21 day ago
Who’s here after the season and playoffs have begun????
The MI6 Sports Network
Who here started watching Game of Thrones because of this series?
Вадим Коваленко
Aivy Gile
Aivy Gile 24 days ago
As no one expected that Bran being the king at the end, no one surely even thought one second that paul pierce was the GOAT. Great representation of how the game of thrones had ended. Totally disappointment!!
Adonis Zoldyck Phurailatpam
I am here after game of zones predicted about kyrie being right at the end and being the most woke player
Elijah Thornton
Elijah Thornton 26 days ago
I’m done Paul pierce wrote his own story at the end
Krithic Anto
Krithic Anto 28 days ago
Bad ending
SeaFu 28 days ago
1st thing in the battle Alright dream team welcome to my eurostep.James Harden 😂
Timotheo Simba
Timotheo Simba 29 days ago
Good farmers 🤠
Gabriel Month ago
“Ref Ref His tunics untucked! His tunics untucked!” 😂
House Grumpy Boys
5:26 What’s wrong with the House Of Grumpy Boys
The Fallin TV
The Fallin TV Month ago
This is the real representation of lebron so desperate to be the goat.
The Fallin TV
The Fallin TV 28 days ago
Because he is desperate to surpass jordan and kobe shadow evem tho he plays the one who get all the attention is the airness.
BruhMoment Why Am I Doing This
I mean, why wouldn’t you?
Epic Mummies
Epic Mummies Month ago
Who's here because of Role Players came out, GoZ was sooo much better, but Role Players seems fun
Hby Dudxy
Hby Dudxy Month ago
Where’s Allen Iverson because he’s the answer
Kuang Eu Tay
Kuang Eu Tay Month ago
Damnit BR I can't see a damn... Wait a minute...
kxrty Month ago
Tatum the goat Les go
Chavanun Siphomsay
I hate the ending so much lol
BruhMoment Why Am I Doing This
Yeah me too 🤣
Alexis Gamboa
Alexis Gamboa Month ago
Kyrie: Boogie, you'll handle the Engineering and blueprints Boogie: But why me? Kyrie: Because you have a vast experience in technicals omg this killed it...HAHAHAHA
Lalnunsanga Ralte
Like GoT, I hope someone makes a brighter version of the actual battle here.
Bio Blitz
Bio Blitz Month ago
I wish they could’ve shown Zion. That would’ve been epic
kopi bin
kopi bin Month ago
Mello was the rejected guy among Kyrie's outcasts, but Mello advanced to the 2020 Bubble Playoffs
Will Patterson
Will Patterson Month ago
Imagine if cash nasty and flight made some scenes in this seriess
mayowa adebambo
mayowa adebambo Month ago
I don’t know why but kyrie be like judas in the bible😂
Isaiah Month ago
Caruso is a killer😂
Chocolate Fish
Chocolate Fish Month ago
"how do you like the size of my hands"
Raphaël Month ago
Harden be talking too much 😂😂😂
Raphaël Month ago
MAN I'M DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Some Random Gamer Animator
0:00-11:39 this episode is awesome 11:40 not anymore
Floyd Billows
Floyd Billows Month ago
I know you guys are done, but a bubble special would be elite... Lou will gettin wings, woj getting suspended, crap teams getting left behind, and supreme overlord Mickey 🐭
Joseph Pae
Joseph Pae Month ago
If we don’t rebuild this we won’t be rich anymore and we’ll have to get real jobs Ok I’m in 😂😂
sailor fanboy
sailor fanboy Month ago
Paul pierce hahaha
bruce lau
bruce lau Month ago
Honestly they just mocked GOT’s terrible ending
Benjamin Gordon
Benjamin Gordon Month ago
As much as I loved this I’m sad it had to end
Jacob Ladin
Jacob Ladin Month ago
It’s subtle, but notice how at the very end Paul Pierce stands up from his wheelchair 😂 Funny call back to when he was wheeled off the court and came back to play 3 seconds later.
Ris3Up85 Month ago
He healed fasted than any marvel superhero I've ever watched. ;)
AMINU bk Month ago
Lebron: Hashtag washed king eh? Kawhi: He He Hue Hue Hue 8:16
Lil BROOMSTICK 20 days ago
Lol at the beginning he says "how do you like the size of my hands"😂😂
Jett Love
Jett Love Month ago
I’m coming back to this from when the NBA is back and bleacher report should def make another season based on the return of the NBA. 🏀🔥
Drewgiles 686
Drewgiles 686 Month ago
Bruh it’s based off game of thrones so they can’t really make another season
Blessed L360
Blessed L360 Month ago
Jalen Smith
Jalen Smith Month ago
Just like the 2016 NBA finals, Kyrie carried the show and Lebron in the finale.
Mister C4
Mister C4 Month ago
Y’all Fr should make more
Luc Raymond
Luc Raymond Month ago
Paul always been the goat
warren johnson
warren johnson Month ago
Russ you throw up bricks from a a distance omg im dead lmfao.............lol damn gina
Bobbytherossy 2 months ago
Does anyone know what the ending song is called?
David Blank
David Blank 2 months ago
6:05 Markelle Fultz Shot😂
DarkEmoNinja *
DarkEmoNinja * 2 months ago
Since there’s no more GoT material to go off of, hear me out...Basket Ball Z
Kristopher Bailey
Kristopher Bailey 2 months ago
LBJ: "Today, is about my teammates." *Shows ZO, Josh, and Ingram* 😆
Amesome Man 33
Amesome Man 33 2 months ago
“Its about my teammates” pans to the ex lakers youngsters seething 😂
kopi bin
kopi bin 2 months ago
Kyrie is one hell of a Tyrion Lannister
Bts King
Bts King 2 months ago
Where’s Yao Ming?!?!
Brendon Tipene
Brendon Tipene 2 months ago
Wish my boy Giannis was more in this :(
mrbam88 2 months ago
Where the fuck is Kobe?? ... the disrespect Kobe gets is unreal....
Drewgiles 686
Drewgiles 686 Month ago
Lmao remind me of those Kobe fanlings earlier
Frog The Kermit
Frog The Kermit 2 months ago
I wish they would have done 8 episodes or even a 9th episode, and showed more like another rookies episode, or even one about the next rookies with lamelo and the other rookies next up, etc.
The Big Fudge
The Big Fudge 2 months ago
I saw "everyone was on ecstasy"😂at the end
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2 months ago
This pagan please
Chrispytempura 2 months ago
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 2 months ago
"This is for Toni Kukoc"....hahahah get that man to the HOF already....
Sid Dhir
Sid Dhir 2 months ago
Owen Olson
Owen Olson 2 months ago
russ throw up bricks from a distance
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