‘Steakhouse’ Only Has 2 Steaks on the Menu! | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Plastic in the crab cakes, raw onions on the stage, and just wait to you hear what he has to say about the ravioli…
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Jul 5, 2017




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Comments 80
Musicube 3 hours ago
My first thought when I saw the title: “bruh”
H3art3ater 3 days ago
Wow... ...that's fucking disgusting
Wandaria Newton
Wandaria Newton 5 days ago
They want you to draw in the customers because of who you are. Go to MacDs Gordon way better then the crap in that place.
StarJoker 20 days ago
More like a "Steak shed".
Dean Sam
Dean Sam 23 days ago
Haha i dont suck so bad hahahahahahhaha
Rock God
Rock God 24 days ago
Was that chef just drinking out of the ladldle 😂😂😂😂
smasher 71
smasher 71 25 days ago
Tbh that food looks fine to me 😂
0910yoram 26 days ago
You know when you are at a restaurant and ramsay sits there. It is either really good or horrible
Mr R. Sole
Mr R. Sole 27 days ago
You and i and you you avev too party
Aige Month ago
Lol that's hilarious
StainderFin Month ago
Steakhouse but no steak in a menu lol? guess they dont know what steak is? maybe they thinking it is chicken?
Clutch Month ago
If i would taste that, i would be Sh####g myself
Stefan KOZINA Month ago
him :" i don't even have plastic in my kitchen " also him : keeps all food covered in plastic
Butcher Month ago
The two steaks have more love for each other than Gordon has for crab cake .. Or no wait .. it was rubbish
Rene Jansen
Rene Jansen Month ago
Mcdonalds only have big Mac and gouater pounder
Gbiscuit 456
Gbiscuit 456 Month ago
Who be watching in quarantine
Gauzy Month ago
Crab cakes are shit
Gwen Yew Kar Yin
"Cause I dont even have plastic in the kitchen", and the camera shows shots with plastic all over the kitchen. 🤣
L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard Month ago
That looks like the biggest pile of shit
L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard Month ago
2:33 "NAH"
Shaks Deli House
how come you sewar
Tahir Month ago
He touched a piece of plastic that came from Gordon's mouth 😐
Excitable101 Month ago
pro tip, open a steak house and have 2 steaks on the menu..................
Jiloy YT
Jiloy YT Month ago
U know why steakhouse because its "STEAK" that its one Steak
mac taggart
mac taggart Month ago
If she was on the menu I'd eat there. Even go for more lol
That plastic montage tho
Zakaria Alom
Zakaria Alom Month ago
Ur shit and u won’t throw nothing
Elijah Gollan3978
I am the 134k thumbs up excactly
GGEz z
GGEz z Month ago
Why ramsay love order filet mignon
Sama Sabbar
Sama Sabbar Month ago
I swear the chefs drunk!
The game channel of Nikitos
Ёбаный ад
Lucas Coppa
Lucas Coppa 2 months ago
Im surprised that Gordon hasn’t died from all the toxic stuff he has eaten
Pepe The Frog
Pepe The Frog 2 months ago
Steak house more like trash housr
Big Shrig
Big Shrig 2 months ago
''wow !? ... thats fucking disgusting'' lmao
Dani Londen
Dani Londen 2 months ago
Wauw, thats fucking disgusting
kruemelmonster 2 months ago
I got an ad about frozen food on this
Bert Smith
Bert Smith 2 months ago
Just accept it, if he was served food from the best chefs I the world, it would still be shit. He's a complete tosser.
TurtleBurger 2 months ago
1:04 I thought he liked it for a second
mila 2 months ago
When the owner is naive, the chef is arrogant. When the owner is arrogant, the chef is nice and just follows the rules.
SBG MC 2 months ago
Wait ravi au lit mins good to have you in bed in France
Ludnick Devalus
Ludnick Devalus 2 months ago
1:07 Me when I found out that girls poop too
ferociousgumby 2 months ago
"It looks like Chef Ramsay doesn't like anything"
Marina Papaki
Marina Papaki 2 months ago
When I first saw the kitchen I thought I was in Ratatoulle
anurruti 2 months ago
Owner: I gave up. Well. Time to open another bottle of wine.
DrifterMW 2 months ago
The owner got drunk's eyes , under eyes
Ratha KH
Ratha KH 2 months ago
Steakhouse more like Fakehouse
Lestat Lunar
Lestat Lunar 2 months ago
Owner sits on the tv doesnt manage everything
Lestat Lunar
Lestat Lunar 2 months ago
I dont have plastic here Food has plastic the chef might be blind on plastic. He sees everything but the plastic.
Benjamin Sherman
Benjamin Sherman 2 months ago
Chef:I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen Camera man: all my years in filming this is my time to shine
Angel and Bhela's Big Big World
I always hear him say disgusting
Malcolm Washer
Malcolm Washer 2 months ago
2 steaks on the menu lol
Thehughbydoo 2 months ago
Plot twist: Gordon loves the food off camera
doge lol
doge lol 2 months ago
Me watching 0:19 and see a handsake
A simple man
A simple man 2 months ago
Let me just call a professional for help and then proceed to ignore every single piece of criticism and advice. Yep good old kitchen nightmares
Diller Hiller
Diller Hiller 2 months ago
why does every restaurant in the US seem to serve crabcakes?
Compilaties_nl op instagram
I don’t have plastic in my kitchen also, cameraman: I’m about to end this man’s whole carrier
Aussie Chunda
Aussie Chunda 2 months ago
I have always wondered if the plastic in the crab was acquired when the crab was still in the water.
matthew keissard
matthew keissard 2 months ago
Chef: I don't even have plastic in my kitchen Video Editor: I'm about to do what's called a _'pro gamer move'_ .
Oli_ve ÙwÚ
Oli_ve ÙwÚ 2 months ago
“ I don’t use plastic “ Camera shows every plastic in the kitchen Camera : what is that then ? Me : corona time
iiiSunsetglow 2 months ago
The fact he orders the crab cakes EVERYTIME and they end up being crap is just-
Scarlet KarmaKora
Scarlet KarmaKora 3 months ago
Look, I may be a vegetarian, but even I know a steakhouse should have more than two steaks on the menu.
Twenty Space
Twenty Space 3 months ago
i don’t understand why kids can make better meals in masterchef junior.
Birdsandbirdys 3 months ago
His own ad on his own video😂
donquixote213 _
donquixote213 _ 3 months ago
Don't you just feel so bad for Gordan having to eat that food
Ty Manlike
Ty Manlike 3 months ago
That chef or whatever has a punch able face
Ty Manlike
Ty Manlike 3 months ago
יואב שוחט
יואב שוחט 3 months ago
I don't even have any plastic in my- Camraman: what did you say?
Caoimhe Dunne
Caoimhe Dunne 3 months ago
I have no idea why but for some reason i love watching theese clips lol
Fraser's Life
Fraser's Life 3 months ago
I don't even have plastic in my kitchen "cue shots of every item covered in plastic zoomed in".
TheWatchernator 3 months ago
"Hello and welcome to B.J.s" "Where am I, back in Bangkok again?"
Charlize Byrne
Charlize Byrne 3 months ago
The way they didn’t even give Gordon a proper steak knife
VBHB 3 months ago
18M views wow lol
Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney 3 months ago
Raw onions with a steak. What restaurant does that?ha
Pi61 3 months ago
honestly... if their food were amazing they wouldn't find themselves in this show
Speclore 3 months ago
I dont even have plastic in my kitchen. Me, John Cena and the Cameraman: Are you sure about that?
Jacky’s Bin
Jacky’s Bin 3 months ago
Gordon: wow Me: oh does he like it *thinking back to chef saying it’s good* Gordon: fookin desgustin
Ozkilla 3 months ago
I thought you was gonna throw it to his face big man
Cam Jordan
Cam Jordan 3 months ago
I watch these videos just for the comments
Luke's TCG Channel
Luke's TCG Channel 3 months ago
It was a misteak going here.
Dereko 3 months ago
They should make a cooking show where Chef Ramsey critiques good but only after he’s been fasting for 2 days.... like they say, hunger is the best seasoning
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