‘Steakhouse’ Only Has 2 Steaks on the Menu! | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Plastic in the crab cakes, raw onions on the stage, and just wait to you hear what he has to say about the ravioli…
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Jul 5, 2017




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Comments 7 754
Trump Day ago
cooked my own eggs with sandwitch while watching this now
Mario Reinhardt
Mario Reinhardt 2 days ago
Pedazo de sorete. Lo sacó a patadas
The Bounty Hunter
Haha! Should i get a frozen steak or a hidious steak?
Funky Films
Funky Films 10 days ago
Ramsay’s never likes the food he eats he likes only his food when he cooks horrible
The SCP Fan Group Gameplays
Chef : it’s all we can afford Also chef : it’s a fancy restaurant
Mauro Morini
Mauro Morini 13 days ago
Is there even one episode of kitchen nightmare, in which gordon likes the food?
Mom histoso
Mom histoso 14 days ago
Fuck you
G.M. 15 days ago
Crabcakes often have parts of the outer shell mixed in the mush. Hard like plastic but he should’ve known better than to call it plastic when it’s not
Nikolai013 16 days ago
'wow' Thats fucking disgusting
Abdo Sleiman
Abdo Sleiman 23 days ago
Waiter serve the food Me : thats delicious Gordon ramsey : disgusting Me : disgusting
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman 25 days ago
Lazy chef
polloloco mixto
polloloco mixto 26 days ago
*literally eats salt* Gordon Ramsay: it's blend
Jonabelle Casumpang
Wow there is no plastic in my kitchen how would u not notice u ate the chef afterall
What was he?a god of tongue ?😂
porky chops
porky chops Month ago
3:10 she’s in one spot 3:15 she’s somewhere else tf
20000plus Rpm
20000plus Rpm Month ago
Chef: There is nothing wrong with my food. There is no way a man who makes millions with food knows better. Owner: Drunk.
Call me Sarina, thanks
S St Ste Stea Steak Steakh Steakho Steakhou Steakhous-nevermind it’s not a steakhouse.
Queen Fahg
Queen Fahg Month ago
Gorden: is this always served with raw onions? Waiter: yes Gorden: NO
Christopher Dibbs
Nino wouldn't sit on a bar stool watching TV. He'd be too busy cleaning.
Yogitha Chukkala
Chef: I am gonna cook the best food for Gordon Gordon ( after eating): bland ,yuk ,raw
Henna rascal a.
SGG Month ago
At least they would be good at the steaks... right?
Arthox Month ago
Am i the only one that thinks this woman sound a bit like sylvanas from wow?
rebecca rhb
rebecca rhb Month ago
I love the camera (wo)man And the editor And Gordon And who runs this account And my food while I watch RUvid
Little WakoDon
Little WakoDon Month ago
i’m watching this whilst having diarrhoea
Thepowerlies Month ago
more like no-steak house
qasim asghar
qasim asghar Month ago
Imagine gordan in a Mcdonalds
Jasmine Coshall
Jasmine Coshall Month ago
Wow... it’s crap
Rodolfo Sotto
Rodolfo Sotto Month ago
Toni !
Toni ! Month ago
We have steak raw or steak burned to hell.
Shimo Dragon
Shimo Dragon Month ago
“I don’t have plastic in my kitchen” Editor: 👀 👄 God I love the editing in this show
rudy rudolf masoara
Gordon always look pissed in every one of theese thumbnails
Ronald Bilius Weasley
honestly, the plating of the crab cakes looked impressive but the crab cakes themselves looked like some average snacks my mom would make in her free time
Omar Valenzuela
Omar Valenzuela Month ago
“I don’t even have plastic in my kitchen” Cameramen: I’m about to end this men’s whole career
johnny Son
johnny Son Month ago
“Wow, that’s fucking disgusting” Idk why that shit killed me
Suitwo Month ago
"I don't have plastic in my kitchen" "The food isn't frozen" "No I have never used a microwave in this kitchen" "The food is all fresh" You could make a bingo card with everything they say and every episode see if you can fill out a line or two.
Queek 75
Queek 75 Month ago
Or make a drinking game. Mind you it would have to come with a health warning.
My Chemical Bromance
Chef: I don't have plastic in my kitchen Us: Definitely, but there is a spastic in the kitchen Chef: Whose that? Us: The spastic that thinks theirs no plastic in the kitchen
JJJT 2 months ago
What's Gordons obsession with crabcakes?
lol 1:09 is that the sound from empire earth when a house is built
Daryl Halliday
Daryl Halliday 2 months ago
Terrible,how the hell do these establishments get away with serving crap food?Unbelievable.
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