‘KD hasn’t been KD!’ - Stephen A. wants Kevin Durant to step up for DeMarcus Cousins | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith is adamant that Kevin Durant must step up his game for the Golden State Warriors against the LA Clippers in the NBA playoffs now that DeMarcus Cousins is sidelined with a left quad injury.
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Dr. Lesia the Preacha
SCHOLARSHIP needed: ruvid.net/video/video-0kH2vauJjsw.html
Alexander 3 Face
This will be the BEST 2Nd round of NBA playoffs in the history of the game when you look at it from both sides East and West and the BEST part is people said the warriors broke the NBA....NO the warriors made the NBA the most competitive it's Ever been the warriors created Harden and the Rockets the Warriors made LeBron play so great the east lost so much to him they got better draft picks and when he left how many west stars went to the East? It's all because of the warriors that this happened and I want to thank them for that and if K.D leaves with all the money hes making and the legacy this warriors team has built he's going to no longer be in my All-Time favorites and he's top 5 right now on my all-time starting list but Duncan didn't leave Tony didn't leave Manu and Them boys didn't leave and left a dynasty don't come here to win a couple and leave please KEVIN DURRANT Keep pushing the game and keep this dynasty alive and win 7 rings you become greatness like HIS-AIRNESS Great...Them Lakers built dynasty with Kareem and Magic and them boys y'all need to do the same in the Bay...Magic considered the one of if not the greatest PG. Ever Kareen All-Time leading scorer in some pros eyes the greatest player ever James Worthy is a top 5 Small forward All-Time and that's just those 3 those guys stayed together and built the Lakers into THE LAKERS So do the same in the Bay cement your legacy fam You Steph Klay Draymond and Boogie can be the greatest dynasty since the Lakers and Create better players by people wanting to beat you just like how MJ became who he is cuz he wanted to win and them champions drove him to that
Alexander 3 Face
*Stephen A. Voice* DRAYMON is BETTER THAN BOOGIE?!?!?! That is Laughabley moronic and feloniously blasphemy 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Jan Letang
Jan Letang Month ago
Max is right, this time
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Month ago
Stephen A should just stfu and stop rambling
SagiCorn T
SagiCorn T Month ago
Can't stand Steven at all..🤮. Fuck him
iGetBuckets Month ago
lol y’all just fucked up
If it's in the Word Then it's in the word
Now that KD blew the Clippers out.... Watch this panel change their toon..... AGAIN!!!!!
roberto3196 Month ago
If KD doesn't do well and takes a night off then the Warriors still have a good shot at winning a game. If Lebron or Kawhi or even a guy like Derozan takes a night off, their team has no shot at winning the game. That's the difference.
OSN’s old broken controller
here after he dropped 40....all i can do is laugh lmao.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Month ago
C'monna !!!!!!!!!!...when he is quiet you criticise him, when he 'mans' up ya'll complain like a bitch.....he is doing just fine !! you go KD !
Futurestar Month ago
As long as KD dnt go to the lakers ppl gonna be fine but I want him to go to the lakers & I’m speaking it into existence
Chris V.
Chris V. Month ago
For once they’re both right
Marquis Lester
Marquis Lester Month ago
Max is so right
klevdavful Month ago
Ha ha ha ha ha I'm one of the most coveted players in the league , win or not I leave y'all gone have to change time es for next season if u gsw
invictus thraxx
invictus thraxx Month ago
The media is about to make KD drop 50 on the clippers
If it's in the Word Then it's in the word
I can't believe these guys and how they flip flop so much. You know good and well that KD is going to single-handedly destroy these clippers. Every time the lawyers lose one game in the playoff they act like they're going to lose the series or not make it to the finals oh, this happens every year and what has been the results? Warriors championship
andrew marks
andrew marks Month ago
Boogie says he doesn’t want to be called boogie. #Respect the boogie. Give way to the boogie.
Geno Bourn
Geno Bourn Month ago
KD do your thing! SAS is not in your shoes! You know that you don't cater to or entertain SAS will!
The Punisher
The Punisher Month ago
They disrespect kd so much on espn I’m tired of it
DwadeFL4SHMV3 Month ago
Why doesn’t KD get nearly the scrutiny Lebron gets if y’all want him to be the next greatest. Imagine if that was lbj putting up the performance KD put up in game 2. But if KD does end up putting up a 35 pt performance sooner or later everyone’s gonna say he’s the goat. What about all the games when he’s not the best player on the court. Lebron’s never allowed to have those type of games but when KD has it no one bats an eye.
Roc420 Mr. Slowboogy
Kerr get too much credit. It shows how good he is when you allow your king of all king teams to lose after being up 30. When the team is full of allstars...exactly how good do the coach have to be??..
Virgil R
Virgil R Month ago
Max made an #excellent point!
Roc420 Mr. Slowboogy
Everybody been calling him Boogie for so long I literally had to think about what was his first name
transcendbeyondallunderstanding please
Warriors will need to be the Warriors of last year with Cousins. They were great then and they need to return.
Jamon Jarman
Jamon Jarman Month ago
I wonder if KD is setting up his exit strategy from GS. Let's remember, some say he did the same thing a few years ago when the Thunder lost the 3-1 lead they had on GS. If the Thunder had won that series then it would have made it harder for Durant to leave OKC.
Rob Will
Rob Will Month ago
KD is Superman , Superman is Super when necessary! Playoffs baby The Cape comes out. Also The Dubbs got a sleeper cell! #25 McKinney not sure how he spells his last name but splash Brother # 3
Shammond Thomas
Shammond Thomas Month ago
Molly literally sits there and watches them argue everyday lmaooooo. I'd love that job
Cal Schmidt
Cal Schmidt Month ago
Lmao imagine thinking you're the best getting mindfucked by Pat.
Manuel Consuelo
Manuel Consuelo Month ago
Beverly should think hes playing basketball fuck him off
Ronnie Dozier
Ronnie Dozier Month ago
I agree with Max. I think more pressure is on Bogut than Livingston but it’s the same really. KD better come with it tonight tho 💪🏾💪🏾
Shotta FrmDaSiders
He gone
kim alonzo
kim alonzo Month ago
I have never been a KD fan EVEN when he was with OKC. Having said that, I am glad I am not a professional player of his caliber bc these sports analysts are confidence busters. The noise they generate about shyt they will NEVER KNOW ABOUTOR DO in their LIFETIMES is ridiculous. And this is why I sometimes watch the game with the volume muted. And strangely enough, so does my dad. Sometimes. listening to these MOFOs is TOOOOO much and it ruins the game for me. Especially ANY game with Chris Webber, UGGGHHH.
No Talker
No Talker Month ago
I don’t think y’all know why you even watch these videos on the daily is because they say some stupid shit everyday lmao that’s the whole point if they say the obvious they won’t get views. Controversy attracts
Dinauste Muhammed
He started that crap at the end of the regular season now it Carrie's over into the post season. Why? He was paid off. It costs something and if he does not want to pay. It end up being what we see. If they win another ring remains to be seen.
kester neptune
kester neptune Month ago
i agree with them on this one, KD need to step up, he been acting childish whole season n like he refuse to realize playoffs has started kmt, he need to go back to what people know he can do..
Los Ganns
Los Ganns Month ago
Max the answer is KD bruh lol you sound stupid as hell. cant even watch the rest of this yall have a good day
Michael Broyles
Michael Broyles Month ago
I'm a diehard Lakers fan outside of Kobe KD has always my 2nd favorite player. Max is giving him a complete pass here?. KD is arguably the best player in the world. It's unacceptable the way he's played??. Patrick Beverly is a great defender no doubt about that. But there's no way in hell he should be able to do anything with KD??.. MJ Kobe even Lebron would have destroyed Patrick Beverly Doc would have been known that was not a smart coaching decision.
New Legacy Sports
IF YOU LIKE PAT BEV MUST SEE!!! ruvid.net/video/video-vm0frMsvSyI.html
Rodman Drake
Rodman Drake Month ago
This has to be the dumbest take SAS has ever had. We know what KD is they just don't want to realize it. KD showed us the last two years in the playoffs, not Curry or Klay.
Justin Flores
Justin Flores Month ago
Curry is the key
Justin Flores
Justin Flores Month ago
Kd is not in lebron level
KING SO's SHOOTA #IWillSlapCashNasty
kd a little BITCH MADE NIGGA🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
King Godly
King Godly Month ago
I don’t like how everybody is just counting out the Celtics like they won’t make the finals, the only reason they didn’t make it last year was because LeBron James Smacked That Ass, and now he gone, The only team that I feel like the Celtics Can’t Beat Are The Warriors And Toronto, Toronto Because Kwahi Might Be Too Much Of A Problem On Both Sides Of The Court.Kyrie Would Have To Put The Team On His Back For About Two Games
Thahresa J
Thahresa J Month ago
Can’t he just hve a bad game ..Geesh
Max hella disrespectful to boogie, boogie imo key piece in this season playoff run because gsw dont have proper bigs now they cant stop a 6ft9 280lb lbj or a AD in the post, a lamarcus aldridge or a clint capela because when boogies there he can pound the glass and he can give speed bumps to big dudes pounding... kd a stick figure man getting out muscled by a 3ft tall patrick beverley lol they need boogie imo because iggy to small
Jacob Basilio
Jacob Basilio Month ago
Kd is not under pressure. Wtf is sas talking about we still yet to discover who he is? Last 2 finals series he put a dagger through lebron's heart - that's who he is, a cold blooded assassin
Prince smith
Prince smith Month ago
Why are they blaming kd his offense is not the greatest right know but his defense is outstanding Klay is one to blame his shooting from range is not good
Nor Priest
Nor Priest Month ago
Gary Payton and Dennis Rodman would own today's league. Players today are so soft mentally.
A VC Month ago
He did something he knows he gonna get caught for
Dwain Trent
Dwain Trent Month ago
Stephen A Smith is never correct with anything he says or prediction of games
Tmxney Taylor
Tmxney Taylor Month ago
And when gsw win in 5 no one will care
John mac
John mac Month ago
They were up 31points why not just give the clippers credit for the comeback smh
Dylan N
Dylan N Month ago
It's pretty simple. This is a combination of players just straight up bricking and slacking on d. Then you have steve Kerr. Low key his fault as well. Just like any coach. When you have that many all-stars. You're up 31. You rest your all-stars. You throw in some 2nd unit shit to develop them as you go along in the playoffs. You can tell after cousins is injured...kerr tried a few newer lineups. It all made sense until the fucking clippers were within 13 points. How the fuck do you not throw back in your line up and make sure KD gets in his 18 shots. What the FUCK is that shit? You're a great coach. You took them out at the right time but your team couldn't hold the lead so now lets get serious... So now you get serious with KD in and you want to FUCK around with a 4 foul KD while KD is playing DEFENSE? IF KD is in there with 4 fouls in the 4th quarter. Use him for what he fucking is. An ISO FUCKING GOD. Stop that fucking nonsense and force his ass to get the last 15 fucking points. You tell him to go do it in the final how many minutes and he gets fouled out cause of offensive fouls? Ok fuck heads. No curry and the line up when you see your lead slipping away. No KD offensive iso game when you DECIDE not to throw curry in? Yo curry runs that fucking offensive you FUCK nut. KD ISO his ways to wins you FUCK nut. If you don't rely on that and HAVE BAD DEFENSE GOING ON. Why the FUCK would you play spurs ball? Since the FUCK when did spurs ball helped the warriors when they have curry and kd? What the FUCK? lololol You rest curry so he doesnt have to play more minutes but then now you're giving up a game so that 7 minutes you saved curry ended up fucking being A WHOLE FUCKING GAME. Holy fuck. Like i said. Low key super bad coaching. lmfao Give me that 31 lead and i can assure you i'd coach the warriors into that win. There is no fucking way. Kerr just relied on his fucking luck. No respect and you have lou williams coming off the bench for the clippers who can smash any teams defense if he's on fire. If lou is on fire. There is no fucking defense stopping him. No one to guard his ass cause he's like kyrie. He throws up shots. Not consisent but when it is....look what fucking happens. What the fuck steve kerr lol anyways fuck the warriors. This loss is embarrassing. fuck the warriors. Sry cousins i hope you recover and become better then ever but fuck the warriors.
Yung Magic
Yung Magic Month ago
If this was Kenton , Stephen A would be screaming his lungs out
Martyvyx Month ago
Bruh they saying pat a dog n kd a long ugly ass cat
SquirrelyBlake Month ago
Stop NOW with spamming Stephen A. Smith and Linus Tech Tip videos on RUvid Trending!
Andy W
Andy W Month ago
I'll tell what kds problem is.... keep it down to a dull roar though. He missin his homies. ThunderrrrrruUPPPPP.
Jacob Bourquin
Jacob Bourquin Month ago
Celtics to the Finals, heard that Max
Jeremy Balizenter
Why is this show so hard to watch after watching Undisputed?
RM Viagem
RM Viagem Month ago
Are you serious! What makes Stephen A feel like he has the gift to impress athletes game play. LOL I can see if it was Magic, Bird or Shaq
Luis Ceja
Luis Ceja Month ago
Someone gave him "ojo" (the evil eye) he wont be the same until he comes and see's me to take that away from him only I can cure him!!! Get a hold of me K.D 1(509)379-6906 leave text messge
How Life Goes
How Life Goes Month ago
DFamPlayZ Month ago
It’s thunderstruck all over again
monopolova Month ago
Can’t wait for Bucks to dethrone Warriors
Mr Untouchable
Mr Untouchable Month ago
Warriors about to wax that ass the next 3 games lol
Josue Beauchamp
Josue Beauchamp Month ago
Surprised max didn’t fart again
lenny ash
lenny ash Month ago
when did he pass LBJ i must have missed it stephen a. i never seen LBJ in the last 10 years be locked down in the playoff's
Eric Paguia
Eric Paguia Month ago
Chris paul already walked out before the interview started😂
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Month ago
#12 on trending street
KD BurnerAccount
Kd gonna show up when u need him trust me. Y’all forgot in his 2nd nba finals against lebron he averaged 35 points and hit the biggest shots possible. Curry gonna be curry until it’s time to win a championship and that’s when kd will be most needed
K06E Month ago
Would be fun to watch them get bounced in the first round and watch the clippers win the chip 🤣
jlacsinasr Month ago
step up for boogie please boogie was just a bonus joining the warriors
Katakuri Month ago
Max said three are under pressure he then proceeds to name half the starters and two bench players lol
THE BIG BOSS Month ago
Did someone see snapchat talking about Maxx farting in middle of the show?😭🤣🤣
Tory Month ago
So his Bestfriend being Killed don't mean Nothing?
Ethan Po
Ethan Po Month ago
how that SAS didn't realize the problem isn't about Pat Bev its about KD already mentally out of GSW he just doesn't care about this Playoffs no more that's why KD hasn't been KD
MONK MONEY Month ago
Dale Winston
Dale Winston Month ago
Funny how the preasure is on him but quick to say bum curry is the most important on the team
Jr reynolds
Jr reynolds Month ago
beverly dismantles durant
eKo Toxic
eKo Toxic Month ago
Anyone else see Curry go for the putback at 5:40?
Jeff Léger
Jeff Léger Month ago
People, take it easy. The media is every super star best advisor. These guys want KD to step up. They mean well. KD gotta step up!
Jay Laws
Jay Laws Month ago
Kevin Durant been playing like playoffs hasn’t started. Curry out here playing his ass off.
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones Month ago
KD could go out too and them boys would still win it all. Most pressure is on steph cause he carries the team every game
JPCustomGuitars Month ago
Guys stop calling him Boogie. No one in the real world calls him Boogie.
Luke Month ago
Because somebody shut him down, Stephen A.
James S
James S Month ago
Patrick Beverly using the dark side of the force to fucc with KD's head like a Sith Lord
Redman 2000
Redman 2000 Month ago
KD better tighten up... cause if they clear this round Houston not going to be playing no mind games...
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan Month ago
If KD steps up to push champion for Warriors, he would definitely take "Best player" title from LeBron. Max got his points, Boogie has minimal impact to Warriors. Boogie didn't come to season games until early this year. The core in Warriors is indeed composed of Green, Iggy, Curry, Thompson, and Livingston. KD is just layer guarantee to Warriors. This playoffs will be very interesting. Keep watching this drama.
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama Month ago
You all should be motivating clippers not the stacked all star team
IDIEILIK Month ago
Linguine Month ago
This was a good change. Not yelling everywhere. A nice discussion.
William Fout
William Fout Month ago
'Seinfeld' and the lo-flo shower heads: "I'm not KD!"
Yash Gowda
Yash Gowda Month ago
Golden state should just straight up blow the clippers in there home to redeem themselves
YRK.HARRIS Month ago
The Ladies Man
The Ladies Man Month ago
KD conflicted about something. All over his face and body language. What it is is unclear.
Navam Rantunga
Navam Rantunga Month ago
Patrick Beverly now: NBA player, 10 years later: worst psychiatrist
chad graham
chad graham Month ago
Somebody tell Molly to shut the hell up! She forces her way in the debate when there is no need for her input. She didn't even say that much in this segment but her voice still get on my last nerve.
Dre M
Dre M Month ago
Omg ESPN is so pathetic .....one minute he's the best player in the world....now he needs to blah blah....was this the same man who won 2 conservative finals mvp....am done
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