‘I wouldn’t change anything’ - Magic on failed Anthony Davis trade | First Take

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Magic Johnson opens up about the Los Angeles Lakers’ trade talks with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis leading up to the 2019 NBA trade deadline.
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May 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood 2 months ago
head honcho
head honcho 3 months ago
People acting like Fox is way better than Lonzo. Zo is better than Fox now all around
Suad Markovic
Suad Markovic 3 months ago
Stephen A left Magic off the hook. When they were talking about the Zubac trade Stephen A. mentioned Zubac's numbers like they weren't much but he didn't mention that he was averaging those numbers in just under 10 minutes per game! Zubac averaged 5 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in 9.8 minutes per game during the postseason for the Clippers. Those are great numbers in under 10 minutes. I expected Stephen A to mention that to Magic when Magic felt he made his case by trading away Zubac, but he didn't.
Rashad Atkins
Rashad Atkins 3 months ago
🔥🔥 *nice tricks* 0:41 🔥🎥🧡 👇 👇 👇💝
ARI L 4 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *like if u also like basketball* 1:34 🖤❣💞 👇🔥💃
Axel !
Axel ! 8 months ago
Zubac about to make Magic look like a fucking fool
Michael Sireci
Michael Sireci 11 months ago
Magic tellin stephen a to stop mumbling. I wonder what he’d tell charles barkley lmao
fuhjrvr Year ago
Magic “I’m not a regretful guy” Johnson
Morales Pdx
Morales Pdx Year ago
Did anyone catch the clippers logo on the screen at :56?? Lol wtf
xevilninjax Year ago
Welp. Bruh's been traded
John Doe
John Doe Year ago
I wonder if I drove a fortune five hundred company into the shit hole then quit right before being fired and blamed it on office gossip if everyone would believe me to.
hüřŕïćăñə ķäťŕìňâ
Who else came back here after AD signed?
K.I. R
K.I. R Year ago
ChiefR0cka Year ago
Yeah cause you would’ve still left them in that dumpster fire
Flashkid 2000
Flashkid 2000 Year ago
At least rob got the deal done
Harry Year ago
Magic Johnson is a man of gold
tucker derosier
Gets Aids* "Im not a regretful guy"
Mitchell Kmatz
This was a poor trade. The guys they were offering are the lakers future. I'd rather have 3 or 4 good players than one great player because 1 great player cannot win a championship when Bron Leaves. Build a dynasty not a 1 and done!!!😡😡
Steven Year ago
fuck magic hes not a true laker
Kirby Olsen
Kirby Olsen Year ago
The greatest laker of all time
Andrei Catbagan
Zubac is playing great with the clips, been averaging a career highs in points and rebounds.
S E N S i
S E N S i Year ago
You guys are still forgetting that when all the guys were healthy we were 4th damn seed in the West!!!! Like holy shit! C’mon..... get a grip we are on the rise guys!
EPFPJr Ponferrada
fuck Magic!
starburst Jones
So Lebron had no input on the trades like everybody was blaming him for ha smh
Wyatt Russell
Wyatt Russell Year ago
I know, I know, I know...but we’re going to go with someone who’s never played basketball.
fordlandau Year ago
Magic acquired HIV from ridiculous promiscuity. Does he accept that responsibility?
Sharrieff Vincent
Watching this made me hate Rob Pelinka even more Magic had a game plan and had LA heading in the right direction shame on Rob
Sharrieff Vincent
Magic straight sonned SAS lmao
Sharrieff Vincent
Fuck Dell Demps im glad they fired his bitch ass !
Kha'len McCoy
Kha'len McCoy Year ago
This man is so real
Nathan X D
Nathan X D Year ago
Magic wanted Luke Walton who imo was horrible for the Lakers besides coaching a team that had the deepest cheimstry in the leage for a decade (imo). He wanted to trade 4 years of our drafting for a guy who said he would love to play here regardless of what we can do. So imo No mather if it was Palinka or Johnson we would still be in a shithole
Magic made a decision and he sticks by it.
labdr Year ago
D Fraijo
D Fraijo Year ago
Fuck magic now hes not a true laker to me anymore hes a traitor
youngbuck0911 Year ago
All I'm hearing is this player doesnt suit Lebron, that player doesnt fit Lebrons system haha. KD could fit in anywhere. Kawhi could. PG could. Lebrons ugly offense needs it's own system.
youngbuck0911 Year ago
"I love Lonzo Ball" "Hey Pelicans, you want Lonzo and 90% of our talent for A.D?" -Magic
youngbuck0911 Year ago
Magic out here trying to cover his own ass.
Magic: just listen to me! Steven A Smith: Yes Sir ❗️ Lmao that’s called respect 💯💯💯
P Erickson
P Erickson Year ago
I miss Magic already ...Having him as part of the Lakers Organization was Priceless...
chito glen Deslate
His mouth is his curse
thirdEYEsix Year ago
Magic hate Zubac. I knew he was a real one. #TraderZubac
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon Year ago
Magic just poorer gas all over new ors office and lit the match ... nobody is going trust doing a quite trade
Lamont Year ago
This segment needed more time on Zubac, I wanted answers damn it.
David Stephens
I like how people try to hat Ron the decision. All of us would trade that whole team for Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis is way better than those fools. Even if the lakers made the playoffs Lebron wouldn’t be able to win that terrible crew. It was just the Cavs all over agai.
ime ntekpere
ime ntekpere Year ago
What about Cousins Magic? Could you even have signed him last summer after losing Lopez & Randle?
Rb6 For life
Rb6 For life Year ago
Dell didn’t tell anybody anything damn liar
jso Year ago
2nd time i heard stephen a say brooks lopez
G Lyle
G Lyle Year ago
Zubac was averaging 7 and 7 and Muscala doesn’t even average 3 and 3
G Lyle
G Lyle Year ago
The Zubac trade was the worst thing he did
G Lyle
G Lyle Year ago
Think about the HAUL the Pels could’ve had going into this season. London, Ingram, Kuzma, Zion, Randle. They missed out by not taking our trade.
Andy Horvath
Andy Horvath Year ago
Dudes over here justifying his actions to Molly and Stephen A Smith. Man o man
Andy Horvath
Andy Horvath Year ago
Yikes....Magic don't really keep up with today's basketball
Hakeem Rowe
Hakeem Rowe Year ago
Gotta respect magic for keeping it a buck
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith Year ago
Magic Johnson still hyping up the players for this trade
Chris B
Chris B Year ago
Rob fking Pelinka
Nate Shover
Nate Shover Year ago
some ppl just can't admit they are wrong magic let his business success go to his head however his President skills our at best overrated
Republika Dugave
Some major hate for Zubac they didnt say how many minuter did he play and whats his per 36 average... Edit 18 pts,12 rbs per 36 minutes... Thats nearly all star level, Magic!!!
Jiří Palásek
Zubac certainly played in series, in one game had 17+15 and Clips won that one. He had health issues and certainly was not elevated numberwise by LBJ, he had better numbers after trade...
imserious2187 Year ago
Magic has the Rosco off of Martin face, he could be his father if Rosco was a real kid 😂😂😂😂😂
Colby Spearing
Dont start mumblin now! 🤣🤣🤣
MrlanzTV Year ago
Golden state management afraid with lbj ang ad team up realtalk
καινη κτισις
Zubac is more like a long-term investment. Time is one luxury Lebron doesn't have.
Shifu Sage
Shifu Sage Year ago
Thank magic for showing us what accountability looks like!
Sideline Stories Entertainment
The Lakers signed an old Lebron and now they are going to have to deal with him and his grumpy old man ways.
Luís Alberto Oliveira ;D
Niggas really out there just roasting Zubac in national television 💀
Big H
Big H Year ago
Magic would make a great car salesman.
BIG Flame
BIG Flame Year ago
0:57 Anthony Davis going to the clippers next year 😭
Mike Pollak
Mike Pollak Year ago
Magic say he not regretful, not a regretful person , yet through this series of videos he speaks to the contrary. And how do you learn and grow then? Youd think hed know that more then most, athletes in gen know better. Idk man this whole thing is shady . None of it adds up, that whole franchise done got pretty corrupt over the last decade. Always seem like everybody there lying.
straight shootah
I lost all respect for magic as soon as he disrespected zubac like he was some chump. Don't burn any bridges, you might want to get back in the game, you out here looking like a blamer and a chump. Take responsibility for your own shit.
Perfecto Ali Salaam El
Magic. Make pinka and Tim leave. You stay. Fukkk bro
james lachs
james lachs Year ago
I hate to see Magic no longer a Laker! The Lakers will suffer without the face of their franchise.
Jordan Tanous
Jordan Tanous Year ago
Magic 'I wouldn't change a thing' to "that one was on me...my mistake" Johnson
Christian Andre Fermin Chong
The point about Randle si a lie you had the opportunity to match the offer of New Orleans, you just thought he was not value the try
trza49er Year ago
Wait wait wait, so you don't regret passing on De'Aaron Fox for Lonzo, after watching their lopsided matchup in the NCAA tourney and then seeing Fox definitively surpass Ball in terms of NBA success? If that's the case then you've proven yourself incapable of running an NBA team, and they're better off without you. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you can't be honest with yourself, you'll never learn from them.
Kevin Kinchen
Kevin Kinchen Year ago
Davis should negotiate a buyout with the Pelicans. They owe him $25 million on his final year. He should give back upwards of $20 million and they will make him a free agent. And, of course, he can more than recoup that money in a major market, ideally Lakers.
Elzy Miller
Elzy Miller Year ago
When they ask magic about zuban
King Ghost
King Ghost Year ago
They used magic to get lebron, boom
Paul John Corpuz
well, Zubac was a huge upgrade from Gortat
Danny Dan
Danny Dan Year ago
It's not about whether or not Magic is a regretful guy. It's about what he did right and what he did wrong. I think he is delusional.
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Year ago
Magic- "I Got Time Today Kuz" lmaooo
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