‘Dove Resurrection' | Criss Angel BeLIEve

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When Criss and Krystyn spot a lifeless dove, Criss powerfully resurrects the creature and sends it flying back into the sky.
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Criss Angel BeLIEve is the new series that will take viewers inside Criss Angel’s world like never before - to truly see the method to his magic. For the first time, in each episode we get a behind the scenes look at how Criss and his team of experts craft his mind-blowing illusions. They will do whatever it takes to reconfirm that Criss the greatest magician of all time!
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Comments 80
Jufhebcd Bdeijdjs
That is did scoring my broader thoch a dead bird it was black
OXYMORON 6 days ago
So basically criss angel is jesus
Darel Urrutia
Darel Urrutia 11 days ago
Gabriel Philips
Gabriel Philips 24 days ago
I wonder how did the dove lose it's head
Password Word
Password Word Month ago
That bird is not actually alive.. Lilith took control of that bird
D.P.O Saad khan
D.P.O Saad khan Month ago
Black magic people burn always Hell
Are you anti crist??
C J Month ago
I like how he pulled the fake bird out the cam veiw lol
C J Month ago
Thia guy is so fucking fake
DREAM CUTE BIRDS 2 months ago
Vishwesh Manerkar
Vishwesh Manerkar 2 months ago
Boomer thinks we're gonna believe him. 😒
dazed and confused
dazed and confused 2 months ago
Lol 😂
C 2 months ago
Joe Campeau
Joe Campeau 3 months ago
You would expect it to be near or beside the glass, "It hit the window" Bird: Dead 8 feet from the glass
Rofli Kumis
Rofli Kumis 3 months ago
Louiz Trapstar 777
Louiz Trapstar 777 3 months ago
Criss Why did you get that head?
Holliday Vlog
Holliday Vlog 3 months ago
Nora Ahora Simplemente Yo
Ui juega con fuego . Espero que no hayan matado a la palomita de verdad para hacer ese truco
C 2 months ago
Of course they did.
Mppp patay naging buhay ang sisiw magic
CHIMBINHA NEWS 4 months ago
Tá maluco tropa...
Paul Abbott
Paul Abbott 4 months ago
0:55 In the arms of the ANGEL, fly away from here.....
Lüan Cervantes
Lüan Cervantes 4 months ago
Pelo Menos Usou O Pacto Pra Fazer Algo Bom
Emma Contu
Emma Contu 5 months ago
Angel Mendoza
Angel Mendoza 5 months ago
ese tipo tiene pacto con el diablo por fuerza🔥
martha hilda vazquez
benedict adrian
benedict adrian 5 months ago
Geez, simple palming guys....
C N 5 months ago
TurboElite 5 months ago
Fake af
Carnage845 5 months ago
Lol so fake but amusing
YOUSRA ADLY 5 months ago
Oh really he is jesus now raising dead and walk on water??!! Despite that the trick element is clear to figure out i wonder what other scam beneath beside they send their desifers to hypnosis control people to beleive in magic and witch craft to have them buy their fraud?! A kinder garden level from any religious school would figure out their trick and laughs at it alone with who fall for it .🤣
mohsin Khan
mohsin Khan 5 months ago
Satan criss
chriss put the fake pegion head close to the pegion's body...but put the right pegion's head beneath the pegions armpit....
Shahnawaz Alam
Shahnawaz Alam 6 months ago
Go on Toriyama.. teach a dinosaur how to ride aball.
ramona michael
ramona michael 6 months ago
sub for no reason
sub for no reason 6 months ago
The bird was moving when it was dead
David Willey
David Willey Month ago
Simple Figure
Simple Figure 6 months ago
Rational ppl: Wow! looks so real Irrational ppl: fAke! mAgic Aint reAl
LagLog _
LagLog _ 6 months ago
The bird is a better actor than the extras.
Atta Bore
Atta Bore 6 months ago
Siapa yg kesini setelah menonton ceramah Ustadz Zulkifli Muhammad Ali?
Shirėen _ Salsabilaã
@Yoga Setino nani:v?!?!
Yoga Setiono
Yoga Setiono 6 months ago
Aku cantik😍
Shahrokh Teimouri
Shahrokh Teimouri 6 months ago
False prophet
Simple Figure
Simple Figure 6 months ago
hes a magician...
MISSFLIMFLAM 6 months ago
Billy Malagum
Billy Malagum 7 months ago
He's an angel
Harry rezki
Harry rezki 7 months ago
PARK CHIMCHIM 7 months ago
Não entendi foi nada kdksks
القرآن و السنه
Fuckin shit only god can do that
Christ Follower
Christ Follower 7 months ago
BeLIEve , as the name says LIE , Devil is the Father of all lies as the bible says , Jesus warned us of false prophets that will make lying signs and wonders that you should not be decieved , Criss absolutely proves that there is a Spiritual world (Power of Light and Power of Darkness) as written the bible , be careful friends and follow Christ🕯🕊🕯🕊🕯
md moajjem
md moajjem 7 months ago
Erwin Bosma
Erwin Bosma 7 months ago
Presenting to be like jezus Using demonic power and trickery
Erwin Bosma
Erwin Bosma 7 months ago
These are fake miracles
Simple Figure
Simple Figure 6 months ago
its a magic trick... do you understand what that is?
Oka Kymlue
Oka Kymlue 7 months ago
Itu kepala burungnya palsu ,kepala asli si bUrung itu dilipat kedalam sayapnya ,,Kecepatan Tangan Adalah Kuncinya 👍👍👍
Sabine Shatraw
Sabine Shatraw 8 months ago
This is demonic and he is using satanic powers to do this. He mimics what only God can do. I rebuke this in Jesus name and no longer see it as fun entertainment. Stop being enchanted by witches! He needs the blood of Jesus to wash him clean.
Simple Figure
Simple Figure 6 months ago
Dr. Ian
Dr. Ian 8 months ago
Wait what is the trick was so my mom told me to she said it was a fake stuff I have is real or not
Xxxtencion vs ski mask the slump god
Human saves a bird or what the hell it is he fixes the head
Game Over
Game Over 8 months ago
Simple Figure
Simple Figure 6 months ago
Do you understand what a magic trick is?
siby thomas
siby thomas 9 months ago
Simple Figure
Simple Figure 6 months ago
Do you understand what a magic trick is?
Hurdle GamingXD
Hurdle GamingXD 9 months ago
we live in the worst place ever, i'm sure hell and heaven are better than this worthless piece of shit if they exist, mark my word, HUMANS ARE THE WEAKEST CREATURES, THEY CAN'T EVEN REVIVE AN ANT, THEY CAN'T BE GODS...
Сергей Лемешев
Это просто нереально🤔🧐...много читал за него , это колдовство,фокусов здесь уже нет
Gloria Tolaba
Gloria Tolaba 9 months ago
Lo mas pelotudo que vi en toda mi vida😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉
i-one s
i-one s 9 months ago
U dajjal man
Refa e alam Fami
Refa e alam Fami 9 months ago
u fucking killed a dove u dumb ass ...
Punk Girl
Punk Girl 9 months ago
Just this about it, who takes a video about a bird hitting a window/door and bringing it back to life ... Think about it again...
Yandizal 96
Yandizal 96 9 months ago
Son dajjal
irham 8105
irham 8105 9 months ago
Crystal Eanes
Crystal Eanes 10 months ago
Prod Bokirsky
Prod Bokirsky 10 months ago
satan behind man
Biaro 1987
Biaro 1987 10 months ago
Tukang tipu lo...keliatan bngt tipu lo
Pandawa Art
Pandawa Art 6 months ago
Mohamed Irzuan Ibrahim II liat channel anak bandel. Kebongkar triknya
Mohamed Irzuan Ibrahim II
Bagi tahu saya apa yang awak lihat yang mengatakan dia tipu?
Yusep Guandi
Yusep Guandi 10 months ago
anak buah Dajjal ,,, sudah ada,, berarti sebentar lg Dajjal nya keluar... Allah hu Akbar...
howdoyouknowme 10 months ago
I don't know if people know but it says lie in the word believe on the caption
Rodney Stoddard
Rodney Stoddard 10 months ago
Mr Chris pliz you use that talent in Jesus name it be good benefit to poor people who can't afford medication bills
Alif Sengkek
Alif Sengkek 10 months ago
Fuck dadjal
Rosana Dos Santos
Rosana Dos Santos 10 months ago
Broken Toaster
Broken Toaster 10 months ago
Dove is the best actor here
Cel Paje
Cel Paje 10 months ago
Maria patay kanapala
pria suci
pria suci 10 months ago
Ilmu Dajjal
yes ss
yes ss 10 months ago
äłłäň ĞŰH
äłłäň ĞŰH 10 months ago
Olokinho meu
Satria Lambang
Satria Lambang 10 months ago
yesus Tai ANJENG
yesus Tai ANJENG 10 months ago
Lo baru satu ngidupin burung itupun memakai sihir . Nabi Ibrahim as lebih dari kau . Nauzubillah himinzalik
Amanu Bagus Sugara
Amanu Bagus Sugara 10 months ago
Itu trik oi
yesus Tai ANJENG
yesus Tai ANJENG 10 months ago
Nauzubillah himinzalik. Mungkin dia ini termasuk cucunya dajjjal . Ya Rabb lindungilah kami dari fitnah ini . Amin
Amanu Bagus Sugara
Amanu Bagus Sugara 10 months ago
Itu trik
Sari Intan Nadya
Sari Intan Nadya 10 months ago
Yoga Virgiawan
Yoga Virgiawan 10 months ago
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