ᴴᴰ Syria ♦ Men against Tanks in Darayya

Tanks in Space
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the Powerfull Tank raids in the rebellious town of Darayya with Fire Support and Search missions for the SAA infantry. The rebels filmed these intense T-72 raids while under fire. The SAA Tanks with their firepower during a 2 months advance through the central Mouadamiya Street, on . . . ►More►
the route to the cemetery
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Local Council of Daraya City
Shuhadaa Daraya & SyriaVfree channel

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Feb 23, 2013




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Comments 1 134
E1itetube Day ago
Lots of diarrhea.
Brady C.
Brady C. 2 days ago
Look free kills
savagex466 3 days ago
29:30 thats awsome you can see the smoke comeing out of the beasts snout !
savagex466 3 days ago
Evil man this Assad regime is so sick why ? look at these people your killing your own people
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 8 days ago
BF4 - "Pffff! Easy! Just shoot it with RPG-7 many times!" Reality - "Holy ████!!! Run away!!!"
Crusader 16 days ago
Tub Kevin Xiong
Tub Kevin Xiong 16 days ago
No man can not take down the tank... Too Dangerous.
Taufik Indarto
Taufik Indarto Month ago
Ralsei Month ago
30:40 ammunition exploding
fian wibawa
fian wibawa Month ago
Catalin Solovastru
This mman is tero?
rine303 2 months ago
min 29 wow
Beaten by Rock
Beaten by Rock 2 months ago
Funny how the people in the coments suport the regime even they kill theire own nation and make the "hitler gruß" nazi symbol.
androcles x
androcles x 2 months ago
where's the tank support? Just 3 tanks all alone cruising through the city?
Gheyas Doski
Gheyas Doski 2 months ago
Inside that buldings are people .where is humanty ? childs . olds . yung ... all dei coz of waar no for waar
smonyboy 3 months ago
Battlefield Syria
Tim Foote
Tim Foote 3 months ago
29:40 dead man walking...
Petr Říha
Petr Říha 2 months ago
He looks like he has torn off charred hands...what do you think?
Eisen White
Eisen White 4 months ago
Where's Quickybaby when you need him to showcase and break down the stats barney style when you need him?
mack mayjinion
mack mayjinion 4 months ago
29:23 vivio para contarlo
Alfred Sung
Alfred Sung 4 months ago
this must be a nice place before the war, the condos has air conditions and satellite cable tv..
Jerin thomas Chennai Wayanad
Parasparam thammiladichu chaakedaa mirukale....!!!ninakkonnum budhiyilla dheivam orikkalum budhi tharilla....midle east complete kulamakki america enna pulayaadi monte vaakkum kettu...poyi chakeda pattikale....Anyway your vedio is awesome..i respect your courage to shoot this outstanding vedio...😯😯
JULIO CÉSAR V 4 months ago
29. Allawack bar
hirmmen Goring josaph stalin
Inhom ystghilon klmat Allah akbar 3ala nghmat rasas
zorakzoran1 4 months ago
Some realy good russian tankers.
Ali Kareem
Ali Kareem 5 months ago
Long live syria 🇮🇶🇷🇺🇸🇾
Željko Ražnatović Arkanove
29:45 I know i shouldnt have laughed but..lmaoooooo the guys arms were so fucked up it looked so funny
SireMizer 5 months ago
I counted up to 136 soldiers who ran past those tanks. That's rough due to the camera shaking and the distance, but that number is still 5 platoons!
G MAN 5 months ago
نحن العرب نقتل بأنفسنا
Hatem Abdullah
Hatem Abdullah 6 months ago
RPG !!!
Daniel's channel
Daniel's channel 6 months ago
scary, I kept thinking they might fire on this position.
Soviet Battle Mole
Soviet Battle Mole 6 months ago
Why would I waste my time worshipping someone that brings war and death, god doesnt exist, devil does.
Rob Koch
Rob Koch 6 months ago
Dude in Syria like "How come my wifi isn't working?"
תפחד מאלוהים
As long as the Islam (Asshole's) religion exist there will always be war, Facts. - Your Friendly Republican.🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸
0ᄋ 6 months ago
A horse called seriously
This reminds me of "War of the worlds"for some reason...
Brian 7 months ago
JC 117
JC 117 8 months ago
29:29. Listen to that with a 7.1 surround headset.. jesus christ.
Elitemation 9 months ago
29:30 ammo on fire or hit?
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 26 days ago
direct hit but that lighted the ammo rack on fire
ding ishikawa
ding ishikawa 9 months ago
T72AV first showed up in Damascus war zones at 2012. That kind of tank has pretty GOOOOD K1/3 armours. But also need to enhence its scope and SCOUT equipments to find AT GUYS and IED.
Al Codie
Al Codie 9 months ago
How come there's no infantry working with the tanks ?
dc. byzt
dc. byzt 9 months ago
Snipers all over the balconies and roofs they may shoot them
Peter Davis
Peter Davis 11 months ago
10:52 - 11:00 Possible American voices in background? Cant really tell but I can almost hear a bit of a Texas tone.
Marek Mostowiak
Marek Mostowiak 11 months ago
Jebac allacha
Erick Harper
Erick Harper 11 months ago
I really hate Syrians. They scream: "God it's great", but when the really soldiers are in front of them, you know what happened...
papi chulo
papi chulo Year ago
When one try hard thinks he's the shit until the whole squad comes #gta5online
Vusu Lallana
Vusu Lallana Year ago
Syria vs 1945 europe destruction
Flamer 3 months ago
Only in Stalingrad died more people than in the whole syrian civil war. You can't compare europe in ww2 with this.
Mohammad ali
Mohammad ali Year ago
in 29:30 minute the man who got out of the tank was killed by his friends because they thought he was a suicide bomber
henryparsnip Year ago
I stumbled upon this by accident, and Im glad I did. Horrifying.
Amjad Khoulani
Have you ever seen the man who flew out of the tank in 29:31 ?
SavedbyGrace 777
Katuni Strasse
CIA PAID WEAPONS AND MEN AGAINST TANK.... thats the right title
Christophe Reolon
Christophe Reolon 4 months ago
True, you can even say against a Nation.
Patricia Doran
Thank Allah that the FSA moderate wahabbi NATO "rebels" from China, France, Turkestan, UK, Saudi etc were driven out in president Bashar al assad's green buses. They ruined Darayya and they say their remains in the ruins will stink in Damascus for years to come......
Naddi HD
Naddi HD Year ago
wow.. im so glad that i dont live there.. poor country :/
charlie chapman
29:24 look closely and you can see the commander get blown out of the top and land behind the tank!!!!
@((@# snacbar bom 💥
Lemax Marian
Lemax Marian Year ago
Stop war
world in hindi
Bigggg salute to a tankmanss 🙌
K T Year ago
Syrian army soldiers fighting against terrorism are true heroes.
Romadhani Syahputra
Romadhani Syahputra 5 months ago
Yup. What is avenger/supehero?
FSA= New isis
Good job assad
Samael Lilith
Samael Lilith Year ago
good job 29:25
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