ᴴᴰ Syria ♦ Men against Tanks in Darayya

Tanks in Space
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the Powerfull Tank raids in the rebellious town of Darayya with Fire Support and Search missions for the SAA infantry. The rebels filmed these intense T-72 raids while under fire. The SAA Tanks with their firepower during a 2 months advance through the central Mouadamiya Street, on . . . ►More►
the route to the cemetery
Reworked Compilation Source:
Local Council of Daraya City
Shuhadaa Daraya & SyriaVfree channel

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Feb 23, 2013




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Comments 60
chen ErMao
chen ErMao 4 days ago
5:15 a shell is flying fast towards you
sada das
sada das 6 days ago
13:44 is that an isis fighter under ruble or what?
sada das
sada das 6 days ago
I would kill em all just because of that retarded alahuakbar shit they constantly saying. On other side, we are witnessing the birth of completely new language, where there is only two words- "alahu" and "akhbar" to say, well- a lot of completely different things.
VICKY SHARMA 10 days ago
29:20 you can see someone( the man who survive) repairing the wheels.
Diego Godoy
Diego Godoy Month ago
29:08 RPG 29
jutubaeh Month ago
yör gönna nheed bigger Rät vv
indradevaputra putra
Allah is gay
اِينشتاَاَين ١2 .
29:19 head shot 😂🔥.
molando malex Malex
molando malex Malex 2 months ago
20:55 Tank1:bruh did you see anything Tank2:no not yet Tank1:fine,bring me know if you found something. Tank2:yeah whatever 😒.
الكبير الغازي
I am a resident of this city, and here is the truth This city was besieged for a period of 4 years because of their demand to bring down the criminal Syrian regime, which made the youth of this city between two options, either to enter the government’s special forces and kill them, or to take up arms and defend their children and women. I hope the world will know that the people of Syria are a peaceful people and are known for their coexistence between religions. This is not a civil war. This is a war for the presidency. We are not like Afghanistan. We are a people who want life with dignity and freedom, but the government’s response to the demonstrators was strong and produced a stronger response When the revolutionaries
Ralsei 2 months ago
just like war thunder but with infantry
Zvone Krolo
Zvone Krolo 2 months ago
Viva bashar!
Sreevivasa Raghavan
Sreevivasa Raghavan 2 months ago
These people helping earth to bear less population
johnjp 2 months ago
what is all the smoke that is coming from the tank out of a pipe or something?
Ljubican napredni
Ljubican napredni 15 days ago
Smoke cower for the infantry
Ayoub Elhou
Ayoub Elhou 2 months ago
Tanks vs Enemay
Strike 321
Strike 321 2 months ago
3:12-3:14 What a dumb place to hide,dude got splattered to shits.
nam lacrymae
nam lacrymae 2 months ago
tribute to syrian arab army! ruvid.net/video/video-dz6M-OzCYlM.html
Max Brito
Max Brito 2 months ago
24:49 this maneuver is an exemple of technology on this machine.
Dali 2 months ago
Thousands of idiots is killing each-other for the others benefits. All they have got is "Allahuaakbaaar"! God has already left them!
Dja Ya
Dja Ya 2 months ago
*SAA Donkeys Army VS Syria People*
Tarzans Necris
Tarzans Necris 3 months ago
They spek on "AllahAkbar" language? All thousands words in other languages can be replased by "AllahAkbar".. hmm.. nice
Patricia Doran
Patricia Doran 3 months ago
Thank god the humans won this war......
Formal Spam
Formal Spam 3 months ago
They shot 1 tank, and they got like 10 rockets in the same spot..
mikepodella 3 months ago
The Russians make their tanks so basic and simple that even Arabs can be taught how to drive them.
Sam Saliba
Sam Saliba 2 months ago
mikepodella My friend, don’t make fun of Arabs, for your own sake. What country are you from, let’s see if you’re any better...
mikepodella 3 months ago
Looks like the South Side of Chicago on any given weekend. Minus the tanks.
Kamil Dryjski
Kamil Dryjski 3 months ago
They had chances to nail that BMP or that tanks witch have reactive armor but one that had it side exposed that was good chance to kill it
Ayoub Elhou
Ayoub Elhou 3 months ago
Tanks vs Enemey
Zibo 72
Zibo 72 3 months ago
Alah Akbar, alah Akbar,alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar alah Akbar xD Is this your whole dictionary?
Alexandre8935 3 months ago
In this perfective the thanks seem inderences
pixel wortel
pixel wortel 3 months ago
The infantry of the rebels was never defeated. Daraa is still in insurgency today.
Ted 3 months ago
where is brad pitt?
Artur Rasz
Artur Rasz 3 months ago
29:30 nice shot..
Happyalltheday 227
Happyalltheday 227 2 months ago
Fuel and ammo burn
arnold estipona
arnold estipona 3 months ago
If there are no civilian living their. Just fire bomb the whole place Burn into ashes.
luisplaysgames 3 months ago
5.17 would been over.
Mister Meanie
Mister Meanie 4 months ago
Thank god the graveyards are not too far away
Diego Pacheco
Diego Pacheco 4 months ago
Are the tanks Syria?
Abdul ahmed
Abdul ahmed 4 months ago
Russia and usa didn't fight like this,they drop bomb in the sky this guys have big balls woow
Ruri Pratama
Ruri Pratama 4 months ago
Tank old
Bernardino Arellano A
Sorry about the mess.😀😅😆😁😃🤩🤣🐍
Bjørn 5 months ago
ali akbar.......poff, hahahaha
Pipito Paerata
Pipito Paerata 5 months ago
Napalm would be effective...Geneva wtf!
Leut 5 months ago
it could kill reamining civilians in the area, if there are any. napalm really wouldn't be necessary lmao
Richie 5 months ago
These tanks are sitting ducks. The only reason why the tanks were so good in Germany and Russia was because of close support from the ground troops. A few men with bazookas could take out them tanks, no problem
Leut 5 months ago
I mean, those T72Bs do have ERA, so its surely not one round that is going to take them out.
abdula 2017
abdula 2017 5 months ago
vairus MC
vairus MC 5 months ago
Linus Magnus
Linus Magnus 5 months ago
Aloha snackbars are numerous.
Alexis Seité
Alexis Seité 6 months ago
0:09 as a BF4 player, this frame made me panic
Happyalltheday 227
Happyalltheday 227 2 months ago
When you be america and russian tank come in fron ya!
Kimothelimo 4 months ago
i can say the same lmao
Mustafa CEYHAN
Mustafa CEYHAN 6 months ago
az bile oğlum size adam öldürüp Allahu akbar diyorsunuz
juhannussima teemukissa
Damn those tanks need a lot shorter guns if they want to have flexability in the cities.
juhannussima teemukissa
@Leut Youre 100% right but when youre in syria fighting isis most likely the things you are gonna shoot at are people and cars, there for you dont need such big caliber guns. (Also they are nit gonna be so far away)
Leut 5 months ago
except that would affect ranging and efficiency of the cannon
falconeaterf15 6 months ago
It's a buyers market as far as real estate goes.
Vmancanada1 6 months ago
wtf he keeps saying Allah Akbar for? Give God a break man....V
E1itetube 6 months ago
Lots of diarrhea.
Brady C.
Brady C. 6 months ago
Look free kills
savagex466 6 months ago
29:30 thats awsome you can see the smoke comeing out of the beasts snout !
savagex466 6 months ago
Evil man this Assad regime is so sick why ? look at these people your killing your own people
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 7 months ago
BF4 - "Pffff! Easy! Just shoot it with RPG-7 many times!" Reality - "Holy ████!!! Run away!!!"
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 5 months ago
@Leut ?
Leut 5 months ago
i mean, ERA lmao
Crusader 7 months ago
Tub Kevin Xiong
Tub Kevin Xiong 7 months ago
No man can not take down the tank... Too Dangerous.
Taufik Indarto
Taufik Indarto 8 months ago
Ralsei 8 months ago
30:40 ammunition exploding
Happyalltheday 227
Happyalltheday 227 2 months ago
Crew knocket out but commander survive!
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