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Dosto, aaj ke video me banaenge Pan Pizza ki Recipe, ye bikul restaurant style me banega, aur iske bahut saare secrets aapke saath share karunga..
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Veeba Pasta Pizza Sauce - amzn.to/2omEGrf
Dough -
Pani - ½ cup
Sugar - 1 ½ tsp
Yeast - ¼ tsp (agar 24 hr) ya fir 1 ½ tsp (agar 1 hr)
Butter - 1 ½ tbsp
Milk powder - 1 ½ tbsp
Maida - 1 ½ cup
Garlic powder - ½ tsp or fresh 1 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp box me lagane ke lie
Butter - 3 tsp
Pizza Sauce - 2-3 tbsp
Cheese - ½ cup (Mozzarella)
Topping - aapki marzi - maine tamatar, pyaaz, capsicum, olives aur corn use kie

Kitchen Products I use:
Measuring Cup & Spoon Set - amzn.to/2KZBVpq
Kitchen Weight Scale - amzn.to/2ug3G65
Instant Yeast - amzn.to/2N2wzuf (500gms, keep frozen in airtight container, will stay good for years)
Instant Yeast - amzn.to/2KZSkdn (small pack)
Pizza Screen - amzn.to/2m4zpn6 (3 pack - 6,7,8 inches)
Parchment Paper - much better than butter paper, and it is reusable - amzn.to/2MZFGvC
Good NonStick Pan - amzn.to/2zl0hsa
Whipping Cream - amzn.to/2ugPB8m
Oven For Baking - amzn.to/2udP3A5 (28liter is good enough)
Microwave - amzn.to/2ubhHmn (not good)

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Aug 29, 2018




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Watch this video for Microwave Safe Bowls ruvid.net/video/video-vmD27VwwPek.html
Priti's Kitchen
Priti's Kitchen 3 hours ago
Nalini Dhumal
Nalini Dhumal 4 hours ago
They are amazing recipes
Nalini Dhumal
Nalini Dhumal 4 hours ago
I have tried your most recipes
Dilip Nanda
Dilip Nanda 5 hours ago
Chatore nhi hai hum..
Khushboo Joshi
Khushboo Joshi 13 hours ago
Hi, please give Advice Is there any alternative of yeast?
Poonam Kejriwal
Poonam Kejriwal 18 hours ago
The pizza was tasting awesome but as you said that the dough will double in size but that doesn't happen
Snehlata Kumari
Elsie Eaves
Elsie Eaves Day ago
Which otg should i buy for family of 5-6 person ?! In surat,gujarat.
CookingShooking Hindi
I have a link to a 28 litre oven in my description box for your reference.😊
Sheetal Chhajta
Ishan Negi
Ishan Negi Day ago
Can I use instant yeast
Ishan Negi
Ishan Negi Day ago
Can I use instant yeast
Tushar jain
Tushar jain Day ago
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Anupama Sanjeev Kumar
Can u please tell the way to bake this pizza in otg ?
manoj bamne
manoj bamne Day ago
Pizza tray ki jagah kya use kr skte hai
ketaki snb
ketaki snb Day ago
Isme kitne pizza base bante hai ?
Mehak Thakur
Mehak Thakur Day ago
Bhanu Gupta
Bhanu Gupta Day ago
Pls subscribe to this channel It is a very good channel and also pls see the other videos of this channel. I have tried these recipes and they were all extremely awesome. Pls subscribe to this channep
CookingShooking Hindi
Thank you ji 🙏😊
Noveena Rasheed
Noveena Rasheed 2 days ago
I tried aalot of recipes on RUvid.. My pizza do remain raw from the side where sauce is applied.. My doigh never increase while cooking.
Small Tuber
Small Tuber 2 days ago
I didn't have black olive
Tanmay Singh
Tanmay Singh 2 days ago
Microwave oven me kaise bake karna hai pls bataiye mera dough to boht achha ferment hua hai pura double ho gaya pls bataiye microwave oven me kaise karne ka aur convection mode pe karne ka ya grill?
Shalu k.
Shalu k. 2 days ago
Please tell how to bake this in otg
CookingShooking Hindi
I have used an OTG only 😊👍
NityaKo Kaman
NityaKo Kaman 2 days ago
Number plzzz
Supriya Bhosale
Supriya Bhosale 3 days ago
Very nice 👍😋
Sanl Agrawal
Sanl Agrawal 3 days ago
Thank you sooooo much fo r tooooooo goooood recipe. My pizza come up yummmmmmmmy
CookingShooking Hindi
You can share the photo by tagging us on Instagram @cooking.shooking 😊
Sanl Agrawal
Sanl Agrawal 3 days ago
I want to share photo of my pizza but I couldn't find any option for that
Arati Shejale
Arati Shejale 3 days ago
Superb 👌
Sanjana Bagore
Sanjana Bagore 3 days ago
Thanks I tried and it's come very tasty and delicious😍😋
Vashu Bihani
Vashu Bihani 3 days ago
Moosa Baqresa
Moosa Baqresa 3 days ago
Please make chicken pizza
NITIN KUMAR 3 days ago
Tere bap ka bap heeheehee
A dough fridge me kitne din tak hum rakh k use kr sakte ha sir? kya a dough bana k hum freezer me rakh sakte ha kya sir jab dil chaha pizza banane k ly pls reply me
shivam kumar
shivam kumar 4 days ago
Oven me bana jaruri hai please reply me
Istaraku Food Vlogs
It helped in making my food vlog video...thanks for the tips😊
Bhuwan Prakash Vishwakarma
chatora mat bola kar be
Gargi Moulick
Gargi Moulick 4 days ago
Pls tell microwave timing
Feroze Mohamed
Feroze Mohamed 4 days ago
Is it normal for the cheese to become brown? After around 10 mins the cheese becomes brown and if i remove it the dough is undercooked. I don't have a cast iron tawa yet so using the default tray that came with my oven. If anyone used a CONVECTION oven, share your set timing please.
Feroze Mohamed
Feroze Mohamed 2 days ago
@prachi Mahajan i used Amul Diced Mozzarella Cheese.
prachi Mahajan
prachi Mahajan 3 days ago
I think you used processed cheese that's why cheese become brown and dried ...Use mozerella cheese it will be perfect
preeti patel
preeti patel 4 days ago
Yeast ky hota h or kha milega
Feroze Mohamed
Feroze Mohamed 4 days ago
Its available in almost all super markets and online as well. Its used in baking products like breads
Aishwariya tope
Aishwariya tope 4 days ago
24 ghante mai aata double 😂🤣
Vaibhav Mangrulkar
From where you buy olive
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar 5 days ago
O ,
Shashindran KV
Shashindran KV 5 days ago
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Utkarsha Malik
Utkarsha Malik 5 days ago
How much flour to take for 4 medium pizzas...and also tell about yeast
Smriti Singh
Smriti Singh 5 days ago
Can I use microwave instead of oven?
shivam saroj
shivam saroj 2 days ago
Yashwant Dhole
Yashwant Dhole 6 days ago
Please Please Bhai solution do. Convection mode me jab bhi pizza banane jata hu tab pizza base ka bottom kaccha reh jata hai aur tab tak cheese bhi kala pad jata hai. Usme maja nahi ata. Kya kare????
Feroze Mohamed
Feroze Mohamed 4 days ago
Exactly same problem. Suggestions i received was to use Cast Iron Tawa, pre heat it for long duration so tawa is hot. This seem to be the solution. But i dont have a cast iron tawa thats flat. If you have it. U can try that. And also share experience.
poonam gupta
poonam gupta 6 days ago
Isko kadhayi m nahi Bana sakte bhaiya
Rashid Softech
Rashid Softech 6 days ago
Gluten is not good for health
Puja Kumari
Puja Kumari 6 days ago
Duniya ki best pizza hai ye bhai ..I made it ..
Gurpartap Singh
Gurpartap Singh 6 days ago
Tried your recipe and the result was............ Fantastic, amazing, cheesy, tasty ,yummy thanks. Edit : if i can make pizza at home so why should i buy it from the market.
Suyash Srivastava
Super Good. job
little miss angel
little miss angel
Venkata Raghava
Venkata Raghava 7 days ago
Garam paani se yeast mar jayega you should use lukewarm water
Diabetes Educator SHIVI SHUKLA
Pls tell why my pizza base becomes so crispy.. What can i do?? I used ready made pizza base..
Diabetes Educator SHIVI SHUKLA
@Feroze Mohamed thanxx...
Feroze Mohamed
Feroze Mohamed 4 days ago
But frankly, ready made base don't do justice. Its better if you can make your own pizza base.
Feroze Mohamed
Feroze Mohamed 4 days ago
@Diabetes Educator SHIVI SHUKLA for ready made pizza base reduce the time of baking. For me 5 mins was enough to melt the cheese. You can saute veggies beforehand.
Diabetes Educator SHIVI SHUKLA
@Arpita Shukla ok Thanks
Arpita Shukla
Arpita Shukla 5 days ago
@Diabetes Educator SHIVI SHUKLA you should try making pizzabase at home. It would be much tastier and hygienic😊
Rashmi Bhan
Rashmi Bhan 7 days ago
Pls tell me pizza ooper se pak gaya but niche se kachaa reh gaya oven mai.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 7 days ago
Your all dishes are very tasty
villager queen
villager queen 8 days ago
Starting ch sugar ton baad ki paea tuci please punjabi vich das dao
Prabhpreet Singh
Prabhpreet Singh 8 days ago
Thanks 🙂🙂
Mona Methwani
Mona Methwani 8 days ago
Can we bake on gas?
Mahendra Choukse
Mahendra Choukse 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-MPXSWoUBqo0.html Please Subscribe
Raksha sharma
Raksha sharma 8 days ago
Koi mujhe btaao plzzzzz anybody tell me what can is use if I don't have that pan
smita varne
smita varne 8 days ago
Gehu ke aate ka yese hi banana he
Neha Dhiman
Neha Dhiman 8 days ago
Kaunsa OTG,!! ???? PLS HELP
Dimpal lifestyle
Dimpal lifestyle 8 days ago
Tip:don't watch this when you r hungry or craving 🥺😍😍
Tanzeem Shultana
Tanzeem Shultana 8 days ago
Yummy food😃😃😃😃😃😃
Sumbul Khan
Sumbul Khan 8 days ago
OTG me how to make?
Parasaras Kitchen
Looks yummy
Ganga Dangwal
Ganga Dangwal 8 days ago
Aap dominos band krwaoge....😂😂😂😂
Chirag Baranda
Chirag Baranda 8 days ago
Maide ki jagah par maida+gehu atta use kar sakte hai?
Amba dutt Joshi
Amba dutt Joshi 8 days ago
Ham chatore Nahi Tu hai chotora
Deepika Bhardwaj
Deepika Bhardwaj 9 days ago
Can we Fermenate it for 7-8 hrs
Radhika maan
Radhika maan 9 days ago
Hello dear I have IFB 25SC4 microwave. Mujhe pizza bake krne k liye kitna preheat time aur baking time rkhna hoga..
RAKESH GARG 9 days ago
Sir we don't have the ovan what u use , so plz extra lines for microwave mode what mostly peoples use
Jayant Sant
Jayant Sant 7 days ago
Pizza needs to be baked. Microwave is for cooking. So not possible if you have only microwave option. However if it has convection option, you can use for baking. Alternatively, it equally comes out very well in ordinary pan.
Tejal Patel
Tejal Patel 9 days ago
it's amazing
Manisha vt
Manisha vt 9 days ago
Ye yest kahs milta hai
aarti dhamiwal
aarti dhamiwal 9 days ago
Can u please tell me which brand mosserella cheese...used.........
Vibha Yadav
Vibha Yadav 9 days ago
Very nice pizza
Shambhavi Mishra
Shambhavi Mishra 9 days ago
Your channel is the ultimate source of good receipes.Tried it for the first time...and it was the best pizza i had till date TYSM🤗🤗🤗
Shambhavi Mishra
@Rashmi Bhan I reheated the microwave for 20 mins in convection mode ...then placed the pizza for 30 35 mins..I hope this will help you!
Rashmi Bhan
Rashmi Bhan 7 days ago
Pls tell me mene try kiya but niche se kachaa reh gaya ooper perfect tha
nagesh pandey
nagesh pandey 9 days ago
Bhai material description likhke dal sakte ho kya.
pooja singh
pooja singh 9 days ago
Agar oven na ho toh kadhai me bana sakti hun sir
Samiksha Varshney
You are a brilliant chef...... 👌👌👍👍
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