Breathtaking Colors of Nature in 4K III 🐦Beautiful Nature - Sleep Relax Music 4K UHD TV Screensaver

Balu - Relaxing Nature in 4K
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Enjoy the peaceful and colorful nature views in beautiful 4K UHD. Helps Relax & Fall Asleep FAST! 2 hours long. Relax with beautiful birds, flowers, and more!.. Music for relaxation, sleep, meditation, yoga, study. Sit back, relax and enjoy :)
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All the footage was recorded, edited and color corrected by us, we don't use stock footage in our channel, our footage is 100% Original :)
Video Footage Copyright exclusively belongs to Balu Relaxing Nature.
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Feb 26, 2018




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Balu - Relaxing Nature in 4K
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Antonia Mrsic
Antonia Mrsic 22 days ago
Is it allowed to use your video for a music video? I've made a song about a junglebird, and your video could really make mine so much nicer! Please reply :-)
Aboe Zakaria A.A
Aboe Zakaria A.A 3 months ago
can I use these videos for my voiceover during short stories on youtube? or do I have to buy it first?
BIBLE REPORT 3 months ago
Balu- Relaxing nature, can I used your video for my background ? I will make a music video, and I will use this video? do you allow me? thank you so much please reply
SaKuara 102
SaKuara 102 4 months ago
Maria Shamim
Maria Shamim 6 months ago
cool okaay!
Muhammad Waqas Maqb00l
The Undiscovered Pakistan
Stunning! Great job with Camera 🎥 👍
Relaxing Sound
Relaxing Sound 8 days ago
Good work.
Kulwant Singh
Kulwant Singh 9 days ago
Beautiful 🌹🍹
DJ ANELIS 9 days ago
Pretty world without People
Yolanda Rodriguez
teoria 9 days ago
I am sad that I am watching these on youtube
สมพงษ์ สมประสงค์
สวย 🐦🐦🐦🐦🎼🎶🎵🎧🎧🎧🎧🐦🐦🐦☘️🌱👍👍👍👍👍👍🎼🎶🎵👌☘️
哒哒哒哒 10 days ago
Michael Pfaffenrot
Michael Pfaffenrot 10 days ago
looks wonderful on MacBook
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz 10 days ago
Por el Amor de Dios, cuanta Paz
I’m shut down Forever
even at 480p this video looks amazing...
Kobir Miazi
Kobir Miazi 11 days ago
আল্লাহর দান কতজে মহান
Abhi Patel
Abhi Patel 14 days ago
What a wonderful world....
Tom Bloe
Tom Bloe 18 days ago
Love this❤
So beautiful 🌹🐦🎼
nice "Beauty and health "
Walter Jayasinghe
Walter Jayasinghe 19 days ago
Very beautiful......thanks a lot
ad78 20 days ago
this is awesome together with my Hue sync box with hue play and Iris!
Apurv Jadhav
Apurv Jadhav 21 day ago
Watching it on 720p IPS mobile screen 🙄
Martín Cruz Fernández
Sleep & Relax Music
I love it. Save me from anxiety attacks and connect me with empowering energies. Thank you very much!!!!
김기생 22 days ago
Antonia Mrsic
Antonia Mrsic 22 days ago
So beautiful! I was just thinking if I can use your video for other purpose? I've written a song about a junglebird and I would like to make a music video for that song. Please let me know what you're thinking. :-)
RTB ERKop 25 days ago
T5 Shamim
T5 Shamim 27 days ago
ramandeep singh
ramandeep singh 29 days ago
God bless you birds
André Rocha
André Rocha Month ago
Muito obrigado pelo vídeo, parabéns
Ahsan Ali
Ahsan Ali Month ago
A Question to everyone plz: is all this beautiful creation without a Great and masterful creator? And was Stephen hawking not a stupid in denying the existence of God??
NEO Gamer
NEO Gamer Month ago
4k uhd video on my 120p screen 🔥
Captain Shihab
Captain Shihab Month ago
Beautifull 😪
Hoàng Vinh
Hoàng Vinh Month ago
Hình anh thế giới thiên nhiên that là đẹp và tieng nhạc nghe rất nhẹ nhàng
Dehati TV
Dehati TV Month ago
Watch Punjab village life and rural areas nature scene
Roza Temurzieva
Roza Temurzieva Month ago
God Is a Greatest Designer and Creator ..Astonishing beauty we see in His creation ..Such attention to the detail
Edu Rodriguez
Edu Rodriguez Month ago
Quiero dar las gracias por todo el amor que nos da la vida!
I love Islam
I love Islam Month ago
Ahmad J Zaigham
Ahmad J Zaigham Month ago
Long shots of beautiful living beings, thanks for sharing, amazing quality. Subhaan Allah!
Paul T's World
Paul T's World Month ago
Well done for shooting all your own footage! That’s what I do and it makes this so good.
Z for Zorrito
Z for Zorrito Month ago
This was relaxing and entertaining! Want to see a movie that's also relaxing and entertaining, sit back and watch my movie, Foxy One Cool Fox
Afshan Mansoor
Afshan Mansoor Month ago
ALLAH'S creation is so beautiful.
mess Json
mess Json Month ago
i really love this video!!!! so beautiful the video is!!
Luu Nguyen
Luu Nguyen Month ago
GT-AVIATOR Month ago
Wow looks beautiful especially if you're watching on a native 4k screen
Rancang Bangun Sejateg
What camera type?
Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf Month ago
So beautiful
I fell asleep to this
ganesh s
ganesh s Month ago
Me too
////// Month ago
Assia World
Assia World Month ago
I love watching this 💕💕🍃🍀🌿🌴
Assia World
Assia World Month ago
Hi! How are you ? I am from Morocoo 🇲🇦💕
Karlita Month ago
PERU 😍😍😍
erick souza
erick souza Month ago
Muito lindo as coisas de deus
lucas Julio
lucas Julio 2 months ago
Muito legal adoro nossa ainda mais quando na minha smart TV 4K nossa fica legal demais
xiaofei zhang
xiaofei zhang 2 months ago
Please tell me what the soundtrack to this is.
white wolf
white wolf 2 months ago
класс 4d видео в первые смотрю всю красиво
gredhk08 2 months ago
Testing my redmi note 8 pro 🤣
Mariusz anonimowy
Good smartphone 👍
500 subs with 0 videos challenge!
imagine making a living out of seing nature and its animals!!! a dream job!
Relax 2 months ago
😍😍Я в восторге просто, душу переполняет чистота, искренность, умиротворение😍😍
channel DHP
channel DHP 2 months ago
Tuyệt vời
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