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World of Tanks battle, gameplay on the British tier 10 tank destroyer FV217 Badger.
The FV217 Badger shocks anyone who faces it with its listed insane frontal armor of 355mm. However, the 355mm of armor only exists around the gun, and the rest of its frontal armor is only around 210mm in thickness (and around 270mm at view spots). This may give the wrong impression though since the 210mm part of its armor is decently sloped which adds about another 90mm of armor resulting in 300mm on its upper frontal plate. It wields a nasty 123mm gun which provides the highest DPM in the game.
WoT How to play tank destroyer FV217 Badger - 10114 damage, 5800 damage blocked, 8 kills, 1564 base experience
Awards received: Ace Tanker, Radley-Walters' Medal, Kolobanov's Medal, Pascucci's Medal, Steel Wall, High Caliber, Top Gun
Map: Ruinberg - Standard
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In the replay used the sight «OverCross» by dab97 from modpak PROTanki wgmods.net/21/
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PC Specs: chassis Gamemax StarLight B-Blue, motherboard Gigabyte B360M D3H, processor Intel Core i5-8400 2.8GHz, RAM Crucial DDR4-2666 16GB, graphics card Asus GeForce GTX 1060 ROG Strix 6GB, SSD Goodram IRDM 120GB, HDD Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200rpm, PSU Zalman ZM500-GS 500W, monitor Acer Nitro VG270bmiix
Dragon and Toast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100251
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 48
Михаил Комар
mmdirtyworkz 4 months ago
Best Replays World of Tanks
One battle in the Front Line +700-800k
Ronald Mondriaan
Ronald Mondriaan 4 months ago
A Great performance especially the moment when he destroyed the Jagdpanzer and the T 28 in at about 30 seconds , yes a man with skills, well done
Robert Hart
Robert Hart 4 months ago
No premium shells used that I saw. 10k damage. For the win! Well played. Nice awareness, anticipation and target selection against the T28 and Jpz100, then again with the BC 25T and T44. Well played battle.
JoeTuub77 4 months ago
You mean only premium APCR shells are fired...
Stholz 4 months ago
One more again, no skill, but full premium shells.
Best Replays World of Tanks
Not full
The_Dev1l_ In_I
The_Dev1l_ In_I 4 months ago
Это не его победа, а вражеского т44, он же дебил
This Is Me
This Is Me 4 months ago
Имба какая-то :)
Best Replays World of Tanks
Британский уклон ))
c4iBMTC is7
c4iBMTC is7 4 months ago
Nice player! Saludos desde argentina
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 4 months ago
If WOT was a skill game and not a pay to win game not one Belarusian would make mid level. Cheating scum@WOT say they try to make a fair game. Yeah don't know the meaning of it money hungry fucks.
Network 23
Network 23 4 months ago
Wow... U are realy Panzer general dude! Last shot on arty was perfect 👍. gg
EDWARD ROBOTNIK 4 months ago
2:20 Dat hurt tho
Cục Cứt Biết Đi
We don't need him, kill him
rucussing 4 months ago
Joe Yakout
Joe Yakout 4 months ago
I was facepalming myself watching a waste of 3 shells into that conq while he could have switched to Hesh and finished it off already.
Tosan Esoko
Tosan Esoko 4 months ago
T44 noob!!!
cvarcic 4 months ago
Nice badgering :D P. S. Great vid of this battle , specially when arty kills his team mate. Cheers mate!!
Toto caca
Toto caca 4 months ago
Maîtrise !
John Doran
John Doran 4 months ago
Only thing I can see you did wrong was not to yell “F- ARTY” constantly during the match like I do.
Mark Riley
Mark Riley 4 months ago
Great job, but I can't help thinking that the E100 Td did him a favour by taking out his own teams Lowe, 1 hit from the Lowe would have taken the Badger down to almost no HP. Nevertheless well played 👏🏻
GOLDY _AG 4 months ago
One thing, did he really need 45 gold ? 😂 AP still more than 270 mm of pen ... Edit: what shittys moves do the enemy team ...
Brice 4 months ago
Yeah ! Pure farming
Akira False name
Akira False name 4 months ago
嘘だろ・・・・・・・・・・・・ あの状態で当てるのは ある意味 天才だと思う」・・・・・・・・・・・・・
jacob black
jacob black 4 months ago
sit in front of jag just to trade for 1k what a dumb move
Nhan Pham
Nhan Pham 4 months ago
5:41 super noob WoT
읭읭이 4 months ago
in this video i am pretty sure that this man is from RU server, but it will be nice to show which server this guy is from
k k
k k 4 months ago
Gold noob
CCXJack 21
CCXJack 21 4 months ago
@Best Replays World of Tanks The standrad pen is good with such dpm. Very good actually.
Jov Pal
Jov Pal 4 months ago
@John Doran LMAO I have alot of good games without GOLD noob 268 is more than enough to carry games idiot
John Doran
John Doran 4 months ago
Are you just salty that he had a better game then you will ever have? The gold doesn’t pick its own targets and drive the tank around. If you want to run 24 gold rounds in a JPZ for the 420 pen then feel free my brother. Would it make a difference with the outcome? Unlikely.
Jov Pal
Jov Pal 4 months ago
This guy is correct fv217 badger is a gold noob and the uploader is a complete numbskull the badger has the lowest pen since it has the highest dpm good heavens 272 pen still not enough? LMAO
CQ L 4 months ago
He's not a noob. Yes he use gold but he aimed weak points as well
lucy482 4 months ago
Very well done, but ouch! Felt that shot from the Jag for 1,100+.
Piter19962 4 months ago
TFU !! To hell with gold players !!
Best Replays World of Tanks
@cnjelly7876 But it’s not my fault that lately, more and more players are using premium ammo
cnjelly7876 4 months ago
@Best Replays World of Tanks Yes because all those T8 tanks cannot be penned by anything other than gold when you are driving a Tier 10 vehicle, only 1 of the tanks in that list may give you trouble and that is the jpz I get really disappointed lately in these World of Tanks videos they are more and more becoming infested with premium ammo spam giving the impression you cant do anything without it.
Best Replays World of Tanks
Let's compare the standard ammo Badger with other tier 10 tank destroyers prntscr.com/of6cub
Luonteri 4 months ago
Basic skill level of an arty player; in a clutch situation kill your own top tier heavy tank.
Adrian Roberto Montero Conteras
that guy was to scared
XXX 4 months ago
Arties average iq is below 80 so i dont even mind getting hit in similar situation.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 4 months ago
Ya, don't understand that one myself, he had all the time in the world to stop and take a quality shot versus shooting on the run like he did
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