Guess Funny Japanese Ads with Unexpected Twist - 4

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Learn Meanings of Asian Companies’ Names: ruvid.net/video/video-Evzt2BGgNuI.html
What every Asian country is best at? ruvid.net/video/video-d9YqjiB9xss.html
Guess Funny ASIAN Ads | Part 1: ruvid.net/video/video-MR5QgUVCmiQ.html
Part 2: ruvid.net/video/video-wMJx9C1CMAg.html
Part 3: ruvid.net/video/video-llUVkHJ294w.html
Are you crazy and creative enough to write copies for the Japanese commercials? The land of Sushi, Sumo and Anime has a totally different approach in marketing which looks weird, funny and cool to the western audience. This video is a compilation of the best of such Japanese commercials including that of Mouse laptop, Gin no Sara sushi, Windows 8, Mets Lychee from Kirin and shiseido makeup. Hope you enjoy the Part 4 of Guess the Funny Ads with unexpected twist at the end!!!
Use following timestamp to move to the next puzzle:
00:00 Gatsby Face Wash
00:20 Guess the Funny Swollen Foot Ad
01:30 Guess the Non Blinking World Record Commercial
03:40 Guess Piano with Ping Pong TVC
04:40 Guess the Chalk war Matrix Fantasy
05:20 Guess Couple in white and red paint commercial
06:00 Guess the Dominos Falling Ad
06:40 Guess the Girls' Invasion Commercial
07:20 Guess the Panchi Dog Ad
08:00 Guess the Mafia War TVC
08:35 Guess the Farting in elevator ad
Bonus: No Guessing, Just Funny, Cool & Weird Japanese Commercials
08:40 Mouse Laptop Commercial
10:22 Shiseido commercial

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Comments 100
EPIC WORLD 2 months ago
Learn Meanings of Asian Companies’ Names: ruvid.net/video/video-Evzt2BGgNuI.html What every Asian country is best at? ruvid.net/video/video-d9YqjiB9xss.html
Bloopers and Extra
parfümlü tuvalet kağıdı
I think the last one is good but long
KILLER LOLI 2 months ago
Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson 8 hours ago
Last one 🙃
DeX Suki49141
The Mouse Ad. kills me soo cute
Nafisa ahmed
Nafisa ahmed Day ago
It's called CREATIVITY!👏
Catalina Gonzalez
Akira Seher
Akira Seher 2 days ago
In the last ad those were actually girls in the beginning and then they tricked!! 🙄
WoomyOnAVroomy 3 days ago
6:42 Yandere simulator?
hahaha lalala
hahaha lalala 3 days ago
Guess Japan has nothing against gender swap 😂
METAL- KNIGHT 4 days ago
To people of other countries. Please do not dislike Japan. Mr. Japan is a strange person but a kind hearted person.
Athena Animates
Athena Animates 4 days ago
6:41 WTH?!
Almira Jinjer
Almira Jinjer 4 days ago
i super like the mouse ad haha
azar deen
azar deen 4 days ago
Eye open ad seeeeeeeema
Miguel Sterling
Miguel Sterling 4 days ago
The lightbulb ad was hilarious😊
YandereHermione 24
lol the pictuuuure 3:18
Lunia 5 days ago
im glad I was able to identify the traps before they were revealed. only 1 kinda passed for a girl because he had feminine features being a guy
UltraMe ME
UltraMe ME 5 days ago
the last ad make me laugh, incrible make-up!
C K 6 days ago
I want the dog costume from the potato chip ad
Afsar Cartooni fans
Shocking advertisements
Sally Lemon
Sally Lemon 6 days ago
Last ad was a heartbreaker to guys and a surprise gift for girls ❤️
Sidney Boo
Sidney Boo 6 days ago
I like how I am sitting here for 13 minutes voluntarily watching ads.. worth.
Kitsune TheOne
Kitsune TheOne 7 days ago
The last ads is A BIG TRAP🤦‍♀️
Metqa 8 days ago
I guessed all but the sushi one.
Aziza Naseri
Aziza Naseri 8 days ago
Ok, I only got 3 of them right. I need ads like this in America
Chip OwO
Chip OwO 8 days ago
Anime Lover!
Anime Lover! 8 days ago
(@The Anime Man)Joey need to make this into his wtf japan list😂
Odezzy303 Productions
Omg the foot
RHJ3 Jini
RHJ3 Jini 9 days ago
Woah! What did I just saw😂
Nathaniel __Me
Nathaniel __Me 9 days ago
I love the mouse one
Prettyshie shiehie
I guessed 5. The last one is so awesome. And the chocolate commercial? Lmao
Hanna Hafizzah
Hanna Hafizzah 10 days ago
That mouse so cute hahaha
KOkinght 04
KOkinght 04 10 days ago
How is anyone supposed to know the product !!!!
Adriana 0_0
Adriana 0_0 10 days ago
What the heck is maosu😂😂😂
Ashish Kumar Belladhi
Indian Baba Gurmeeth Ram Rahim Singh Insaan an easiest way to fly as Panchi (Bird) in air.😂😂😂
Music & Film
Music & Film 10 days ago
I got 4 right
Drew Sergantes
Drew Sergantes 10 days ago
I got all Right plus i low key like all the ads😂🤦
suryanata 182
suryanata 182 10 days ago
why .....
Angel White
Angel White 10 days ago
Just in case anyone wanted to know: the mouse ad actors were from the Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 If you search up "Nogizaka46 mouse" they'll come up instantly
Washi washi
Washi washi 10 days ago
Silver Sylviakaj
Silver Sylviakaj 10 days ago
What's the song after the mouse ad
Adriely Moss
Adriely Moss 10 days ago
The last one is so epic.
My words are Ərt
My words are Ərt 10 days ago
Is it weird I actually thought the girls at the end were actually pretty?
Taekook Shipper
Taekook Shipper 10 days ago
Ana Jungo
Ana Jungo 10 days ago
I want a dress like the mouse ads.
Haiyah...3 wrong guess
Hailah Johnson
Hailah Johnson 11 days ago
The dog one was so disturbing.....i'm uncomfortable😟
Az. M.
Az. M. 11 days ago
Every answer i gave were wrong 😭
Erika Aquino
Erika Aquino 11 days ago
I guessed 8 of them lol
Florencia  Sie
Florencia Sie 11 days ago
Even if it's weird, at least it makes you watch the whole ads lol
V4X DN 11 days ago
dang the mouse ads are awesome
my kuya is a silonga but my bebe is a salonga
damn that chocolate 😆
xVx_L3v1_xVx_KillMe #9943
Once you know the context they are actually really, really good. 😁
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley 12 days ago
I don't understand the last ad
Haylz 12 days ago
Thanks to Light Yagami, I knew what the Consumme ad was ;)
littleMschat 12 days ago
Its so obvious they were guys yet they looked so natural in it?? I watched til the end but what was that ad about?
Eunice Go
Eunice Go 12 days ago
Okay wtf believe me or not but I got all correct? It’s my first time watching all these ads- well except the chocolate ad
K-Mafia Love
K-Mafia Love 12 days ago
Nancy Tingibobz
Nancy Tingibobz 12 days ago
The chocolate ad was quite neat😅
priya riya
priya riya 12 days ago
4:59 must
Donnyta Tablon
Donnyta Tablon 12 days ago
6:00 fvcked up
Fish buddy
Fish buddy 12 days ago
That makeup was really impressive though.
Christopher Labedzski
The one with girls chasing that guy about a soda drink was a bit strange, if I was that guy I say begone thots
Jasmin Kate
Jasmin Kate 13 days ago
I guessed 5 right answers. Philippines: commercials are more on jingle or songs Thai: drama commercials with funny ads too Japanese: unexpected and super funny
Cannon Ryuzaki
Cannon Ryuzaki 13 days ago
rasenGun kelly
rasenGun kelly 13 days ago
I got 6 correct 😂
Manny'sboy no
Manny'sboy no 13 days ago
TwoSetViolin will check the clip that plays ping-pong while playing a piano.
Manny'sboy no
Manny'sboy no 13 days ago
Japan is the best country..... I have to be honest... I mean they are the original creator of The greatest medium in the world... "Anime" and this kinds of commercials and videos.... Very nice.... Japan is just amazing.
kelgo 13 days ago
Skip this ad in 13 mins .....
Yuu Yuu
Yuu Yuu 14 days ago
You know shit gonna be crazy when girls run into the room yelling senpai
Lexonovo 14 days ago
6:40 my fav
Kiro 14 days ago
Enedina Cruz Perez
Enedina Cruz Perez 14 days ago
That last ad got me All those dudes ....was a turn on
Roku daime
Roku daime 14 days ago
That first one had me laughing so hard! XD Also, the domino one...poor guy lol. The mouse girls one was the best though. Soooo friggin' cute!
Leonel Endruw
Leonel Endruw 15 days ago
Trailer is better than long movie 😂
Tony Davies
Tony Davies 15 days ago
The Mouse Advert was the coolest haha
KAIROS THE HUSKY 15 days ago
Hikari Shishen
Hikari Shishen 15 days ago
the last ads..I do notice that 'girl' that putting 'her' leg on the chair as guy at first...then I think maybe that just a tomboy..😂then the truth started to surface and my mind blowned..like wth?
peachy mistake
peachy mistake 15 days ago
Rajendra Belwal
Rajendra Belwal 15 days ago
Destinia Jenialita
Destinia Jenialita 15 days ago
I don't know about you but the Mouse add is kinda cute especially when there is the cat
potatoes potatoes
potatoes potatoes 15 days ago
She makes me want to blink for her...
Danje Estrada
Danje Estrada 15 days ago
Am I thw only one who didn't consider this as a funny one?
Danje Estrada
Danje Estrada 15 days ago
Hayden Tuttle
Hayden Tuttle 15 days ago
Im sold
愛Mari 16 days ago
Thats kimura takuya!
Iraila 16 days ago
Just start to watch the last ad: why that gurl who stand at the blackboard is freaking tall??? Just finished it: Everything make sense now
Phea Sreyphors
Phea Sreyphors 16 days ago
OMG 😮 😱💥. The last one is awesome 😂😂😂😂. But, I got two ads right 😆😆.
UMAR BAZ khan 16 days ago
Ivioreee Just Ivioreee
I don't know bout you guys But that 2nd Ad is hilariously disturbing🤣
Trixie Tipay
Trixie Tipay 16 days ago
i got two points lol the milk and light bulb
Mahdi Afrasiabi
Mahdi Afrasiabi 16 days ago
The mouse ad was the cutest! :) i like to friend with a Japanese girl
CrystalPaint [Official]
11:55 He didn't need to change again
Just a normal Person
the last guy with glasses from the last ad is cute
Adanma Kanu
Adanma Kanu 16 days ago
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Adanma Kanu 16 days ago
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Action girl
Action girl 17 days ago
Best adds ever
Delkenz Rodriguez
Delkenz Rodriguez 17 days ago
hahahhahah funny nice vid
Lana Drews
Lana Drews 17 days ago
The one with the chocolate was funny but you need to see the full clip to get it
La Vinci
La Vinci 17 days ago
I love how i all guessed them right xD
Shiela Saang
Shiela Saang 17 days ago
6:11 killed me😂😂😂
Shiela Saang
Shiela Saang 17 days ago
DemonBee 17 days ago
Is the last one a misic vid? its so dope!
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