Guess Funny Japanese Ads with Unexpected Twist - 4

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Guess Funny ASIAN Ads | Part 1: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-MR5QgUVCmiQ.html
Part 2: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-wMJx9C1CMAg.html
Part 3: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-llUVkHJ294w.html
Are you crazy and creative enough to write copies for the Japanese commercials? The land of Sushi, Sumo and Anime has a totally different approach in marketing which looks weird, funny and cool to the western audience. This video is a compilation of the best of such Japanese commercials including that of Mouse laptop, Gin no Sara sushi, Windows 8, Mets Lychee from Kirin and shiseido makeup. Hope you enjoy the Part 4 of Guess the Funny Ads with unexpected twist at the end!!!
Use following timestamp to move to the next puzzle:
00:00 Gatsby Face Wash
00:20 Guess the Funny Swollen Foot Ad
01:30 Guess the Non Blinking World Record Commercial
03:40 Guess Piano with Ping Pong TVC
04:40 Guess the Chalk war Matrix Fantasy
05:20 Guess Couple in white and red paint commercial
06:00 Guess the Dominos Falling Ad
06:40 Guess the Girls' Invasion Commercial
07:20 Guess the Panchi Dog Ad
08:00 Guess the Mafia War TVC
08:35 Guess the Farting in elevator ad
Bonus: No Guessing, Just Funny, Cool & Weird Japanese Commercials
08:40 Mouse Laptop Commercial
10:22 Shiseido commercial




25 дек 2018




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Dandelion White
Dandelion White Месяц назад
World outside Japan: "It's an ad break! Change the channel!!" Japan: "Ad break is finished, change the channel!!!"
Parrotshootist 4 дня назад
+William Zhao Many peoples kids, or perhaps they are on youtube watching the dodgy versions of the cartoons mummy thinks are right.
William Zhao
William Zhao 5 дней назад
who watches tv these days? I haven't watched tv in 10 years. Last time I watched tv was when the economy crashed in 08-09
Parrotshootist Месяц назад
+roy 78 Go give it a try some time. Its ... illuminating.
roy 78
roy 78 Месяц назад
+Parrotshootist i have not watch tv for 3 years...
Sai Kuroha
Sai Kuroha Месяц назад
Kat's Animations
Kat's Animations Час назад
The last one tho... You can get catfished
Succ The hedgehog
Succ The hedgehog 5 часов назад
Work and play...jesus christ
Succ The hedgehog
Succ The hedgehog 5 часов назад
Holy shot these are superbolw level ads
mohammad sharif
mohammad sharif 9 часов назад
the last one made me question reality, and the mouse one made me feel funny....don't ask, I don't know why either :/
moon light
moon light 13 часов назад
Am I the only one who sneeze without blinking?
ro_ghoul 1account
ro_ghoul 1account 13 часов назад
I only guess 5 right
Chiku 14 часов назад
😱😱😱after watching that last one 🤪 m never gonna trust the internet 😰😰😰 m never search for hot asian girls 🤢🤢🤢
Top Shape
Top Shape 15 часов назад
All of them funny but I cracked on the old man in Picture and the light bulb
Fille Mile
Fille Mile 16 часов назад
4:12 That's how you do piano battle x') At least I got the chocolate right. My prove of true love for chocolate never fails me
undeadzack eye
undeadzack eye 17 часов назад
thoughout the enitre video im like What The Fuck????????????????????????????????????????????????
Gunawan Istadi
Gunawan Istadi 18 часов назад
Black Death
Black Death 20 часов назад
Wtf the last one
Carlo Benhur Arines
Carlo Benhur Arines 20 часов назад
Nice Last Commercial
Raymundo Tayag
Raymundo Tayag День назад
Got 1 wrong
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet День назад
TF I want to go in japan and search for that mouse
Mirinha Farias
Mirinha Farias День назад
Mano do céu o último com ás meninas me pegou de jeito! Muito loco mesmo! Super amei!
IM too beautiful to handle
IM too beautiful to handle День назад
So it's creative if it doesn't make any sense?
Reyhan Alexander
Reyhan Alexander День назад
I got 5, don't know if it's good or bad
Infinite Stratus
Infinite Stratus День назад
Nguyễn Mai Anh
Nguyễn Mai Anh День назад
Pain Balm
Maoh День назад
That fart ringtone is pure gold.
MarcellusTheGreen День назад
Best thing about Japanese commercials is the pretty Japanese young ladies.
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi День назад
Damnit, I thought the 1st one was bubblegum
*SOFIA* ALIE* День назад
I actually enjoy the mouse coomercical
EPIC WORLD День назад
All Mouse Commercials by Nogizaka 46- ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-3ieA1iyTlZQ.html
Tristam Takasu
Tristam Takasu День назад
Kana Hashimoto😍😍
Justice Kings
Justice Kings День назад
Japan is full of crazy people!
ChriscentProductions День назад
That lifeless expression at 9:34 ... I like it 😂😂
ItsMe Jeremy
ItsMe Jeremy 2 дня назад
Its amazing what two bombs can do to a country
Gwayne-樣/-sama Anime On Piano Easy
10:30 me: starting to do Chika dance 10:33 Me: fk!
Gwayne-樣/-sama Anime On Piano Easy
That sushi one........ WTF JAPAN!
Gwayne-樣/-sama Anime On Piano Easy
4:45 if my ads were like this, I would never skip one!
Gwayne-樣/-sama Anime On Piano Easy
3:54 yup! Those are real asians
Ana sanadze
Ana sanadze 2 дня назад
i guessed 5 ads yaaay
Sylveon and Eeveelution
Sylveon and Eeveelution 2 дня назад
"Bonus: No Guesses, Just Cool Ads" 9:22 *Pop up an ad*
sovit bajracharya
sovit bajracharya 2 дня назад
That ad with giant foot was the best .
Reena Sinha
Reena Sinha 2 дня назад
I was not able to guess even one
Reena Sinha
Reena Sinha 2 дня назад
6:40 real life anime
Kanata Kun
Kanata Kun 2 дня назад
Denis Cavalcanti d Sv
Denis Cavalcanti d Sv 3 дня назад
^^ kkkk 3:02 ^^ kkkk 6:01 ^^ kkk è celular 8:38
Kornél Széplaki
Kornél Széplaki 3 дня назад
the even more strangest thing is I guessed out everything perfectly.. xd
DredgeX97 3 дня назад
That last ad has me really thinking about having to ask for someone's birth certificate next time I date someone.
mohammad sharif
mohammad sharif 9 часов назад
if I may say that's a wise decision :|
Spojler 3 дня назад
My mind going to explode :O Thing different, thing Japan :)
Aether Jaye Saturday
Aether Jaye Saturday 3 дня назад
ok so the last one was unexpected...... I must have been blind to not notice they were guys... Or they were never guys *gasps
Ka Te
Ka Te 3 дня назад
3:09 dat Chopin at the end tho
Rolyn Sion
Rolyn Sion 3 дня назад
Saying "WHAT??" hahaha... nice Catch 😍
김태양 3 дня назад
11:25 *IT'S A TRAP*
Aeshabella Malapit
Aeshabella Malapit 3 дня назад
12:55 oh god TRAPS
Dumangga Lampung
Dumangga Lampung 3 дня назад
I feel dead at 11:30😣😣😣😖
Decade 7
Decade 7 3 дня назад
It's just the last ad! It makes me question about the distinction of two different genders. Now, I'm so confused!
Johnny Guy
Johnny Guy 4 дня назад
The ads are hilarious holy moly
Azahar Sempei
Azahar Sempei 4 дня назад
James Landon
James Landon 4 дня назад
4! I GOT 4 RIGHT!!!
Kurumi Tokisaki
Kurumi Tokisaki 4 дня назад
Can someone please tell me the name of the song at 3:10? Thanks
Briony Schubert
Briony Schubert 4 дня назад
is it bad that i got all these right? XD
jose garcia
jose garcia 5 дней назад
Oh my god I have to learn Japanese, I really wanna know what they say
Kenley 1234
Kenley 1234 5 дней назад
That first one. Was that for face or hair
BeckRow 5 дней назад
That last one was so f***ing epic.
Piyush Shinde
Piyush Shinde 5 дней назад
9:24 best song best heart touching.dance was also good.....😃😃😃😃
Jeremy Woods
Jeremy Woods 5 дней назад
I watched the one where a couple of men dressed like werewolves were arguing about high speed internet. Turns out a well-timed youtube ad isnt so different than japan ads
nekojin anime/music
nekojin anime/music 5 дней назад
YoNa kc007
YoNa kc007 5 дней назад
I watched the full video and I guess only one ad right.
surrender yourthrone
surrender yourthrone 6 дней назад
5:59 what. the. heck.
surrender yourthrone
surrender yourthrone 6 дней назад
5:01 you won't regret it
Aarthi Bandi
Aarthi Bandi 6 дней назад
Tere is a lot of creativity in ads I like it 😉
HeritageDrPepper 6 дней назад
I only missed one!!! WTF lol. I had seen 3 of them before, though. That being said, who else watched that last one 2-3 times? lol. The first time I watched it I thought most of them were fairly pretty but could see the guyish features on some, the second time around I could suddenly see almost all of them definitively as guys except for the one that winked.
Dzrian 6 дней назад
Myles Kim Oncines
Myles Kim Oncines 6 дней назад
at first sight on the last one I was sure they were guys..........
W Al123
W Al123 6 дней назад
Only got sushi, soft drink, and coffee one right
W Al123
W Al123 6 дней назад
Already wtong from the first one and I'm still laughing
All Genre Channel
All Genre Channel 7 дней назад
Wkwkwk tolol
Torisugiru Decade
Torisugiru Decade 7 дней назад
This is why I don’t trust Japanese women because they might be dudes dressed up as girls
Gabriella Eller
Gabriella Eller 7 дней назад
While I am watching this video mother keeps looking at me asking why I am laughing, probably she thinks I am talking with some guy.
Five Aces ♠️
Five Aces ♠️ 7 дней назад
When you are able to watch nearly 13 minutes of Japanese commercials, yet can't even wait 6 seconds for RUvid ads
Ανάργυρος Καρνέζης
Novranda Alifthari
Novranda Alifthari 7 дней назад
What's the song in non-blinking girl ads, anyone?
kyuborg kim
kyuborg kim 7 дней назад
does anyone notice, that the 12:55 guy kinda looks like EXO's "Do"
Prof MD 8
Prof MD 8 7 дней назад
3:11 why does the song remind me of your lie in april huhuhu
Vijay Rawani
Vijay Rawani 7 дней назад
I m spritualy disturb what I do
NIGHT 7 дней назад
the boys were really cutr at the end
muhammad lathif
muhammad lathif 7 дней назад
Now I realize from that last video that Japanese man and woman can be customize like video game protagonist
Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き
Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き 8 дней назад
これ見てつくづく思うんだけど最近のCMやばくない?この頃と比べてクオリティ落ちまくっているというか、かけられるお金が減ったのかな? とにかくヤバい
BuVi Gamer
BuVi Gamer 8 дней назад
She eat the chocolate She blinked And the Kid Died
Quatrei Quorizawa
Quatrei Quorizawa 8 дней назад
Lol Good video idea. I got 2 mistakes, one was the first, unprepared lol
Stine Herskedal
Stine Herskedal 8 дней назад
that first one dude! XD
Hector Capistran
Hector Capistran 8 дней назад
I guessed most of them!!! I just fail the sushi and ringtone ones!!!
Teemu M.
Teemu M. 9 дней назад
TV channels now are full of idiots who make Ironic bullying shows, sadism or scapegoating, reruns on 30 years old series, TV shop shows and low class programs.
Hillary Lacsamana
Hillary Lacsamana 9 дней назад
Senpai has pink tip socks~~!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~
Otaku Sama
Otaku Sama 9 дней назад
Me the whole video: wtf???
bailey lawrence
bailey lawrence 9 дней назад
ive never seen any of these and i got all of them right
majinfreecell 10 дней назад
4:46 ZA WARUDO!!!
Rhis B
Rhis B 10 дней назад
Anyone know the song in the last ad?
MeraX272 10 дней назад
6:54 are the cast from the japanese show "innocent lilies"
HAMZA ALI 10 дней назад
SUPEr ethical nation ads= superlols
rocketpower ANIME
rocketpower ANIME 10 дней назад
Haha thst first one..wow
Mastama 10 дней назад
sometimes i like to change the vpn to japan, just to see somkind of this ads on youtube
MATYAR SONIC 11 дней назад
if you're smart you would know that they were guys there is no FUCKING way women just sit there QUIETLY WHILE SMILING AT A ANOTHER RANDOM WOMAN
juutarou 11 дней назад
3:40 6:01 not Japanese Ad
TST Not_Sniper.17th
TST Not_Sniper.17th 11 дней назад
I’m watching ad video and still getting ads
S2MarinaS21 11 дней назад
7:45 C. Space Travel
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