Jim Davidson The Devil Rides Out LIVE (HD) - 2007

Eye On Spennymoor 2.0
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11 сен 2017





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Carl Brett
Carl Brett День назад
ash hussain
ash hussain День назад
Fuking hypocrite look at where ur living now arse hole and then think about things Cunt face
ash hussain
ash hussain День назад
Fuking knob Hess ain’t got a fuking clue about life wat a sad fuking Cunt if that’s the best he can do gets laughs of other people’s misery wat a fuking prick fuking do one cunt
Steve Stuff
Steve Stuff 7 дней назад
Wow. What a cunt.
Glen Bowden
Glen Bowden 10 дней назад
Absolute Legend ! 🤣👏
Paul Hambly
Paul Hambly 17 дней назад
he's as funny as a fire in a childrens home, tory bastard
Richard de Lyon
Richard de Lyon 25 дней назад
jim we love ya....
Rupert Evans
Rupert Evans 27 дней назад
Why would you get wound up by someone saying (with an asian accent) welcome to England????
Rupert Evans
Rupert Evans 27 дней назад
A complete and utter fucking embarrassment to Great Britain.
clifford jackson
clifford jackson Месяц назад
great jim
Duane Stephens
Duane Stephens Месяц назад
im laughing so much im chewing my kitchen table
tony Wyatt
tony Wyatt Месяц назад
its not PC but at 70 years+ its ok.
Neil Owen Photography
Neil Owen Photography Месяц назад
low brow asshat
wendy_pop Месяц назад
i saw im in southend the cliffs and he was terrible so bad,
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Moon Месяц назад
Laughed my arse off at the "love juice" part.
James is i
James is i Месяц назад
There will come a day where these comedians will no longer be able to work because their audience no longer exists.
Neil Aspin
Neil Aspin 29 дней назад
Geo-s-85 Месяц назад
shite for shore eyesh
Putrifying Eagor
Putrifying Eagor Месяц назад
A True legend who doesn’t give a fuck, a dying breed, massively talented.
Wally Smith
Wally Smith Месяц назад
Jonny M
Jonny M Месяц назад
326 gluten free vegan students disliked this.
Adam G
Adam G Месяц назад
He's so funny, Brilliant!!
pete cartwright
pete cartwright Месяц назад
so funny
judd brady
judd brady Месяц назад
Jim is a dying breed absolutely a legend. God bless jimbo.
Stuart Nagle
Stuart Nagle Месяц назад
Haven’t laughed so much in years....🤣🤣🤣🤣
666khaleck 2 месяца назад
pure genius, been watching him for years, still laugh until i cry .
Hot Tub Hire Doncaster - Rotherham, Barnsley
CortezHoratio 2 месяца назад
47:00 You have to lie on the floor on your back and they stand over ya, wait for them to piss and then go up it like a fucking salmon.
The Perfect Gent
The Perfect Gent 2 месяца назад
I have never heard such vitriol spewed from a human beings mouth. Lucky Cornwall won't even have him nowadays. Waste of 5 mins of my life. Nasty little man.
marc cheynne
marc cheynne 2 месяца назад
I miss Jim so much. He is a great comedian. I hate that he has to curb his routines because of the PC wankers.
andrew bocho
andrew bocho 2 месяца назад
Pure magic. Thought I was going to die laughing.
John Knottenbelt
John Knottenbelt 2 месяца назад
Wicked, just like I like him !
Mike B
Mike B 2 месяца назад
Stranger in Town
Stranger in Town 2 месяца назад
Fucking divisive cunt. As are all of you who like this shitehawk.. here come the terrorists wearing burkas. Taking our jobs. Haha. You sad inbred cunts
george piddington
george piddington 2 месяца назад
To much stupid political correctness today's he's a very funny man
fab move
fab move 2 месяца назад
Love it Jim!! Britain’s finest 🇬🇧🇬🇧
Nick Redford
Nick Redford 2 месяца назад
“WHEN’S MY SOLDIER COMING HOME ?” (POPPY VERSION) 5 words spoken millions of times by millions of military families! This song is for all those loved ones left behind! ruvid.net/video/видео-mZAVZX_pZJs.html
BlingBlingSingh 2 месяца назад
Who ever says they are not raicist is a fucking liar we all are raicist
hopethisworks1212 2 месяца назад
He always makes me think of Jamie Oliver, another arsehole
AestheticAries 2 месяца назад
a true fucking legend and hero - and this is coming from a woman, bloody outstanding comedian
Plaza Player
Plaza Player 2 месяца назад
I was very fortunate to see Jim after the Yew Tree allegations and he toured to tell his story. It was the best £20 I ever spent in Dorking. Yes just £20. People forget it’s not real, he’s a comedian and you have a choice if you want to watch him or not. He’s so quick and intelligent, the Big Brother part of his act was priceless. It’s good to see him back touring again. By the way, the Police put him and his family through hell with those fking allegations with nothing more than a woman’s complaint. He’s right what he does now and that is, he’s NEVER alone with a woman in a room anymore. It cost him almost a £Million in legal costs alone. No apologies from the Police or anyone. Carry on what your doing my friend and it was a pleasure to see you in Dorking back in 2016.
Peopled Diagram
Peopled Diagram 2 месяца назад
Omg!! Absolutely hilarious! Jim is the Master comedian. Around 47::00 " go up it like a salmon". I broke a glass! Was listening to him whilst loading the dishwasher and just collapsed in a fit of belly laughs.
jupiter moongauge
jupiter moongauge 2 месяца назад
Now that you've stuffed ya PC up your arse let's tell it how it fucking is, yeah , Jim Davidson is a fucking cunt, a fucking moron, a fucking unfunny, full of shit, fucking cretin
Mehmet Duman
Mehmet Duman 3 месяца назад
42:30 lol
Alistair Barclay
Alistair Barclay 3 месяца назад
Bloody brilliant,
Tawny Ulcer
Tawny Ulcer 3 месяца назад
What a wanker.
Jim 3 месяца назад
Actually I am one funny super Fucker, not a person in the state of Missouri is better than I am, trust me, just ask my opinion.
Jack T
Jack T 3 месяца назад
This is Quality!
hartley hare
hartley hare 3 месяца назад
i paid good money to see this drunken t--t at yarmouth in 1993 it was a late night charity thing and not cheap, i loved jim, he was really funny back then and i looked forward to this, on the day i borrowed the works transit long wheel base van and my brother, two mates and myself prepared to camp out in it overnight on the coast road, we arrived at 11pm for the show, problem was this arrogant thing arrived very drunk and not at all funny at around 12pm in time for the last half hour, he admitted that after the last normal show of the night he and others went to a club, lost all my respect.
violentauntie 3 месяца назад
Oh snap! Jamie Oliver is indeed as Jim describes @ 43:00
Derek Custer
Derek Custer 3 месяца назад
I didn't know William Shatner could do stand up.
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