Shrew squeezes through 16.5 mm hole, epic struggle

Matthias random stuff
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In my previous mouse video, I said the shrew never made it through the 16.5 mm hole. But two days after that video It actually did make it in there!
Previous mouse video: ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-iGXYZwZEZa0.html

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11 дек 2017




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Mustafa idress - مصطفى ادريس
Mustafa idress - مصطفى ادريس 2 месяца назад
What type of food for the mouse thatyou put
Matthias random stuff
Matthias random stuff 2 месяца назад
peanut butter
М Волков
М Волков 3 месяца назад
Aaaaahhhaaahaah!!! Realy awesome! You are some sort of Charlie Chaplin! )))) Thanks for video!
Tarman The Champion
Tarman The Champion 3 месяца назад
You should trap the shrew and make the opening smaller to see if it will keep trying until it does get through or if it will simply give up.
Acii 3 месяца назад
Thanks the sounds are incredibly uncomfortable
Fiya Jae
Fiya Jae 4 месяца назад
I thought mice didn’t poop where they eat... that’s obviously not true. I read that online somewhere.
Kitone_in_Japan 4 месяца назад
When you are getting fat but can’t stop eating food 😂
Philip - Money Mongoose
Philip - Money Mongoose 5 месяцев назад
The sound effects are killing me! 😂 We definitely need a "making of" video to show this!
Lee's Channel
Lee's Channel 6 месяцев назад
But he got out so easily! Time to try the smaller holes.
Days of thunder
Days of thunder 6 месяцев назад
Needs a diet
colorbar.s 7 месяцев назад
I'm so proud of him
NotSoFamous 8 месяцев назад
Stop making disturbing sounds. Its horrible.
Mangos Peaches
Mangos Peaches 8 месяцев назад
They think “I could” but never “should “
보석Nat 8 месяцев назад
So cute
TheOtherGuy 9 месяцев назад
The beginning sounded like me taking a crap.
Lion Blaze
Lion Blaze 9 месяцев назад
Awww he's so cute please do more videos about that little guy
Hula Hula Saturn
Hula Hula Saturn 9 месяцев назад
Those dog sounds though
Jell-O 101
Jell-O 101 9 месяцев назад
All that for food lol
Diabolik Pencil
Diabolik Pencil 9 месяцев назад
Everything fits anywhere if you know how to place it
Joyce Seah
Joyce Seah 9 месяцев назад
Love your sound effects XD
cynthiadustdevil 11 месяцев назад
Are these your mice? Theyre so cute!
Black Heart
Black Heart Год назад
Were all those droppings from the struggle to get in there LOL
Blendy Blender
Blendy Blender Год назад
I love the sound effects HAHAHA
pudding cat
pudding cat Год назад
I had way too much fun watching the last video😂
Xevailo Год назад
No intense Shrew-Music this time? :c
Nxnerect Год назад
next time when it gets in, slide the hole thing down so it either forces its way out or gives up
AGGRESSIVE Unknown Год назад
Strew for the win!!!
Richard Nimz
Richard Nimz Год назад
Between this and the maze, I've come to realize that shrews need more love.
Sue J
Sue J Год назад
These videos are so much fun! Thank you. Now if you put more food in the smallest one (a fattening meal for example), I wonder if the shrew would still be able to fit its larger frame through the exit. Probably not. So would it panic, or sit and wait for nature to take its course. Or would it have sense enough to realise it would get stuck, and move the food to the outside first? Probably not! 😂 Another experiment for you? ;)
Offal Teeth
Offal Teeth Год назад
Nic’s Tech and Gaming
Nic’s Tech and Gaming Год назад
Close your eyes while listening to the video :>)
Info Info
Info Info Год назад
Lol, 905construction loved this mouse video, show ur support www.905construction.ca
Abby Год назад
Omg I want that shrew it’s so cute
Jay Pham
Jay Pham Год назад
Sarius Год назад
The dubbing though
Miya Khalifa
Miya Khalifa Год назад
Next video : How small a hole human can get through
JuggernautJD47 Год назад
absolutely love the sound effects
Wim Thys
Wim Thys Год назад
sounds like you had a ton of fun making those sound effects :P
Slight Overdoze
Slight Overdoze Год назад
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor Год назад
Not sure if commented yet....maybe a surface they could grip Better? Looks like melamine...not good traction.
Kolajer Год назад
Epic foley work.
colaptesauratus Год назад
missing the shrew theme song :\
JustFixIt99 Год назад
So when do we try 16.0mm?
Patrick Meaden
Patrick Meaden Год назад
please no. these sound effects are bad
ιθκ¡ Год назад
Patrick Meaden they are pure gold
theRealRindberg Год назад
Oscar for best sound editing!!! Hands dowm!
Matthew S
Matthew S Год назад
Your wife must have wondered what was going on in the editing room when you were doing the sound effects.
Shivam D
Shivam D Год назад
The shrew more than earned that peanut butter.
Greg Feneis
Greg Feneis Год назад
The escape seemed easier than the entry. Maybe once he's all slicked down with peanut oil it's a little easier going. Maybe if you gave him 80 grit sand paper on the floor to get more pushing traction?
David Riley
David Riley Год назад
I reckon you'd find that if the holes were made of something thinner (still resistant to chewing), they'd be able to get through an even smaller hole. Just like a contortionist can fit through a tennis racket with the strings removed, but wouldnt be able to fit through a pipe of the same dimensions
bmxscape Год назад
post as many of these as u want. they're great
Ian Jefferson
Ian Jefferson Год назад
7/15" 9/14" 8/12" I wonder if those are part of the Three F's system of measurements (Furlongs, Firkins, Fortnights) ?! LOL. Love the sound effects.
Josh Myer
Josh Myer Год назад
Ah, yes, Harry Shrewdini, a well known contortionist on the Rural Canadian circuit!
ochsblogger Год назад
The other parameter that isn't tested is length of the hole. I think that if the hole was in a thin piece of board, it would be easier to squeeze through than a thick longer tunnel. If the material that has the holes bored in in it was thinner, my hypothesis is that the shrews and mouse could get through a smaller hole than what is shown here.
Mess Krio
Mess Krio Год назад
hhhhhhhhhhhhh funny sounds
microbuilder Год назад
"I could fit if I didnt have these dang arms!" *gnaw gnaw gnaw* ~Futurama
Fiya Jae
Fiya Jae 4 месяца назад
uoleo Год назад
Put a one-way door on the hole and you have yet another "better mousetrap".
Φώτης Γιακαμόζης
Can i suggest something? Try putting a "grubby" floor so the shrew can grab and pull or push it self in and out of the hole. I bet it's going to be easier and it will go through the smaller one!
Aaron Harlow
Aaron Harlow Год назад
The sound effects make this my new fav Matthias video, lol.
soundcode024 Год назад
The sound effects are beautiful
WhoopassBill Год назад
You should make a video about how to make your own soundeffects using only a balloon
McAVIT Yourway
McAVIT Yourway Год назад
and the Oscar nominations for `Best Sound Effects` are.............
African Cichlids
African Cichlids Год назад
jerky is the best lure , try a small piece in a smaller hole i bet they get in .
Selbstversorger Rigotti
Selbstversorger Rigotti Год назад
could you please film yourself by making that funny sounds. That was so funny :-)
The Egg
The Egg 2 месяца назад
Cláudio Fagundes i hope you were just kidding
Deluxe Grove
Deluxe Grove 5 месяцев назад
Cláudio Fagundes LOL. If mice made thoseb sounds, I think exterminators be in business
Cláudio Fagundes
Cláudio Fagundes Год назад
Actually it was not him, was the sound of the mouse itself
12345NoNamesLeft Год назад
I'm surprised they didn't chew those holes larger. What if you repeat that experiment altered with a very thin flaceplate like paneling ?
DesandSam Год назад
Sound effects Terry Gilliam would be proud of.
Jared English
Jared English Год назад
One of these videos is trending on you tube. Just in case you didn't know.
B1ack_Raven Год назад
8/12" ? lol
Jim Beshears
Jim Beshears Год назад
You are having way too much fun with this.....
Jim Beshears
Jim Beshears Год назад
Yes very much so.
Adihl Manwa
Adihl Manwa Год назад
You have to admit that it is interesting though. :)
Peter 3337
Peter 3337 Год назад
Holey moley
Cumbria Strong
Cumbria Strong Год назад
sounds less like he's squeezing through a hole and more like he's busting a fat nut
John Bicycle
John Bicycle Год назад
Rather long
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Год назад
Can you do sound effects for your next build video as well? 10/10.
mieguistumas Год назад
I would like a video of you making the sound effects too.
mieguistumas Год назад
Mouse - No, holes are too small for the animal of my size. Shrew - Hold my beer.
Jesus is the only Savior
Jesus is the only Savior 7 месяцев назад
mieguistumas .. 😂😂
Jim Beshears
Jim Beshears Год назад
Hold my beer eh?
Riaan Oliver
Riaan Oliver Год назад
What did I learn from watching these two videos, the Shrew will out live the mice or it,s just more greedy. Second Matthias makes the funniest sound effects.
Jocke Selin
Jocke Selin Год назад
“I’m just recording the sound for my next video! I promise!”, shouted Matthias to his dear wife...
Planetesimal Год назад
I was wondering, the shrew (as did the mice) inspects the hole's lining with its snout multiple times. Do you know if they're just sniffing or if they are actively chewing through the edges to try and increase the size of the hole?
Scy Год назад
10/10 would turn down the sound again.
Alfred Neumann
Alfred Neumann Год назад
Diese Geraeuschkulisse....... einfach goettlich!
ιθκ¡ Год назад
Alfred Neumann 10/10 sounddesing
Martel DuVigneaud
Martel DuVigneaud Год назад
The Foley on this, and the previous, is really funny! :D
Thomas Lee Marry
Thomas Lee Marry Год назад
Johann At Wells
Johann At Wells Год назад
You are having way too much fun with the sound effects mate :)
Wilbert Birdner
Wilbert Birdner Год назад
All this means is that you need to make smaller holes.
BK201MXP Год назад
If you made the ground grippier they'd be able to push themselves in easier! You'd get more accurate results of they weren't limited by the low frictional force.
Gontainer Год назад
Sound effects are insane.
0xbaadf00d Год назад
They are having a hard time getting a good footing, maybe a rougher surface would encourage them to try even smaller holes?
MusicalBox Год назад
I'd do the same to have peanut butter :)
Hidro551 Год назад
You have to put plenty of food in the small hole so the mouse cant get out again.
Giuseppe Maggio
Giuseppe Maggio Год назад
put a lot of food in the pocket with 16.5 hole, I want to see how the mouse will get out XD
MidLifeMeltdown Год назад
Thinner wood may help them get through a smaller hole
Wayne Herby
Wayne Herby Год назад
Listen on headphones for added puffs and pants :P
Affra Год назад
This audio deserves an Oscar or two.
BreatheHydrogen Год назад
Well that was 53 seconds I don't regret.
Morgan Год назад
Your sound effects are hilarious!!!
XXCoder Год назад
If I recall right if you had designed it as cone entry they would be unable to find a way to exit again.
ScrewDrvr Год назад
Is the white surface laminate? If so, I bet he could make it through much easier if he could get some traction.
Nameless Assyrian
Nameless Assyrian Год назад
How much food does it have to eat to be able to get in but not get out?
Ich bin eine riesig Schwuler
Nameless Assyrian . yeah they dont do that. it was reallly super weird and unexplainable
Nameless Assyrian
Nameless Assyrian Год назад
Didn't know mice did that..crazy!
Ich bin eine riesig Schwuler
one time i had a pet mouse that ate my other mouse almost whole and she legit doubled in size (i know thats not a normal mouse thing to do. i wish i was joking.)
Euro Bum
Euro Bum Год назад
If you had left any more food in that chamber, the shrew wouldn't have been able to leave. :)
lacombar Год назад
Would a flooring with higher friction allows them to power through smaller holes ?
Steve Corwin
Steve Corwin Год назад
Both the shrew and the mouse in the previous video looked like their feet were slipping when they were trying to get through the hole. I wonder if they could get through smaller holes if they had better traction?
SpiderEyes Год назад
And if it's a wood worker mouse, it could use the sandpaper to make the hole bigger if it can't fit ;-)
swiss Год назад
120 grit sandpaper should provide excellent traction.
DoubleFamily Год назад
Решила сесть на диету, что бы пролезть и поесть.
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