$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

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“Pasta-la vista.”
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Jeremie Cazes

Filippo Cortivo

Francesco Sinatra

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Oct 30, 2016




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Comments 30 271
Clydi Chan
Clydi Chan 10 hours ago
Adam shouting at 0:45 is everything
Sunny Allen Phoenix
Sunny Allen Phoenix 12 hours ago
Anything with truffle is going to be worth $$$! More
a҉s҉t҉r҉a҉y҉ 13 hours ago
*_when you realized the black pasta was a jojo reference_*
Mrs Hameed
Mrs Hameed Day ago
They never not like anything 😂
jover r
jover r Day ago
Adam actually talked I. This episode
Jahnavi Singh
Came from the new episode with thr Pasta Sisters
calci Day ago
The Shane and Ryan cameo
Thikra.r Day ago
Steven is good and the blonde guy is good but they are not good together..........and I liked the camera man I think his name is Adam.
noukkiedewaard 2 days ago
Does anyone else feel like Adam is the son playing a gameboy in the backseat of the car watching his two gay dads have a discussing about their most obsessed topic: food... No? Just me? Okay bye
Abhishek Mukhi
Abhishek Mukhi 2 days ago
andrew is a cactus
Khalid Kahia
Khalid Kahia 2 days ago
do falafel
LittleGoldwynYT MC
5:15 Jojo References XD
Nelson Mayen
Nelson Mayen 4 days ago
Shane and Ryan just come out the door in the beginning.
Blared YT Gaming
Blared YT Gaming 4 days ago
why is the last one so expensive when the plate is so small
iced tae
iced tae 4 days ago
I just wonder how much money they use during these series XD
Lance Pantino
Lance Pantino 4 days ago
Sarah Mary
Sarah Mary 4 days ago
'i love it wen u call me big pasta' now we know how 'i love it wen u call me senorita' came....XD
jordan dass
jordan dass 4 days ago
last seconds of the video.. I like it when you call me SENOORITAAA
Reyna Soraten
Reyna Soraten 5 days ago
that white truffle pasta is simply so beautiful....god I'm hungry now
Daniel Ko
Daniel Ko 5 days ago
5:28 Hi Steven, I'm *wait what*
Gurleen Dhillon
Gurleen Dhillon 5 days ago
Riya Abraham
Riya Abraham 6 days ago
I just want pasta now 😭😭
editsbyrachel 6 days ago
Someone get me some pasta please.
angie torres
angie torres 6 days ago
adam pasta fact was :))))
Dazed & Confused
Dazed & Confused 6 days ago
I'm glad the camera guy figured it out. Feed me!
Bobby Jimboy
Bobby Jimboy 6 days ago
Holy hell, is there a worth it episode where the most expensive dish doesn't include truffles or caviar???
Michael J
Michael J 6 days ago
Oh wow an Italian Irishman
xxxticklemyballs 6 days ago
0:01 Ryan and Shane omgg
delon handoyo
delon handoyo 6 days ago
3:42 her screm
Edward Jung
Edward Jung 7 days ago
5:04 *OH NO! NIGERUNDAYO!!!* (Does anyone get the reference?)
Rick Moises
Rick Moises 7 days ago
Do you make pasta here? Chef: no no no, we are not an Italian restaurant. i thought french cooking was about the highest quality of components to a dish even if it has made by hand.
Little Daddy Jason P
they make something so simple look so good
Raize Arcania
Raize Arcania 7 days ago
Steven and Andrew are the pasta, and Adam is the sauce 👌
Andrej Tomas
Andrej Tomas 7 days ago
the only good show on buzzfeed
Cristina Garcia
Cristina Garcia 7 days ago
I feel like this was just an excuse for them to have a date 😏
Yeetininthe 90’s
Who thought that the $8 pasta was the $100 pasta
KING GIRON 7 days ago
*steven pushes andrew in the wall* Andrew:this is wet..... And im wet 😅😅😅
Met Product33061
Met Product33061 8 days ago
Pasta is my favorite food I choose $100 pasta Spot 3
Goace Florin
Goace Florin 8 days ago
Who the hell eats pasta with bread?!
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming 8 days ago
In the first half
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming 8 days ago
Did any one notice Shane from buzzfeed unsolved
TIMEISON GT 8 days ago
3:52 Naaaa aaaaa Woha
Mark Ilyas Adrian Binalla
Wait, was that the Ghoul Boys Ryan and Shane?
xxxticklemyballs 6 days ago
Yesss omg someone finally noticed
Franz Leslie
Franz Leslie 9 days ago
French Chef: no no no we dont make handmade pastas here, we're not a Italian restaurant *Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location*
Niel Chathambally
At the start steven hugs him, less than 2 seconds later andrew IM WET NOW😏😂
Agent_ R3KS
Agent_ R3KS 9 days ago
Was this before Andrew made the last one or after
P0S1T1V3 9 days ago
Vabbè caso mai porco dio
Rose Laurant
Rose Laurant 9 days ago
why does andrew remind me of onision
urmi harbola
urmi harbola 10 days ago
Andrew is the type of guy on whom you have a crush on and it never goes away but whenever you see him it keeps getting worse
Tap_Electric 10 days ago
I like how steven and adam only take one bite of the truffle pasta and then andrew just finishes it all to himself😂
Little cringe nugget
Vote Adam for president
Tucker Harrison
Tucker Harrison 10 days ago
I like how Adam just sits in the back of the car on his phone the entire time
Yankee Gohome
Yankee Gohome 11 days ago
The $8 dollar pasta looks more appeasing to me than the $100 dollar one. Putting big chunks of truffle on top of something won't make anybody a good cook.
Yankee Gohome
Yankee Gohome 9 days ago
@Lenin our savior Truffle is bourgeois. All truffles should be eliminated!
Lenin our savior
Lenin our savior 9 days ago
Who said he’s a good cook just because of the truffle?
Zainab Zaidi
Zainab Zaidi 11 days ago
I don't like how Andrew never agrees with Stephen and is also so skeptical of everything anyone does.. like how he looked at Adam eating that pasta.. I don't like it mommy!
Sylvia N.
Sylvia N. 12 days ago
xxxticklemyballs 6 days ago
mint suga
mint suga 12 days ago
Indeed, Andrew's deep voice is like a fine wine🍷
Jordan Howard
Jordan Howard 12 days ago
Pasta sisters is the embodiment of the American Dream.
Valezunga 12 days ago
can we talk about the face Andrew does every time he feeds Adam
RynoRex 11
RynoRex 11 12 days ago
"I want to take a moment to prepare to eat it" 31mill people:😭🤤
Steven Urbina
Steven Urbina 9 days ago
RynoRex 11 31.3
The Borg
The Borg 12 days ago
Loudest I've ever heard Adam say anything is "NO" at the one way street😂
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