$7 BBQ Ribs Vs. $68 BBQ Ribs

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"It's BBQ...Just eat it!"
Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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Rory Herrmann
Big Mista
Daniel Weinstock
Mike Garrett

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Sep 3, 2017

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Comments 12 985
Steven Lim
Steven Lim Year ago
No truffle, no gold, no caviar... you guys happy? 😉 In all seriousness, thanks for all your support on Worth It... You guys are the best! I'm going to try and respond to as many of your comments here & on my Instagram as I possibly can. As for all our Aussie viewers out there.. the next three weeks are for you 🇦🇺 (that's what you call a TEASER)
Jhon Houma
Jhon Houma 3 days ago
John Duggan
John Duggan Month ago
Last comment?
DuB AciD
DuB AciD 2 months ago
Before 500
Z Rotation
Z Rotation 7 hours ago
The dude in the back seat always looks excited 😂
bmt 12 hours ago
big mista seemed like such a lovely dude
mchenry2293 23 hours ago
Mane I’m hungry as hell.
Phoenix Day ago
habe u seen chef?
Ro Lee
Ro Lee Day ago
You too are actually cute together, i mean a bromance you know 😂and funny too
Ro Lee
Ro Lee Day ago
And it's cute how you feed adam
they really out here using a knife to put bbq suace on ribs
Brandon Ngai
Brandon Ngai Day ago
Kinda sad now bigmista bqq is closed
Mahdi Ahmad
Mahdi Ahmad Day ago
How many times does andrew have to say "biscuit"
Kooky Alex
Kooky Alex Day ago
The ribs from vons be good too
Wavy-Rubi27 Yt
I don’t even look like flan
Smaug Daking
Smaug Daking Day ago
Them: american bbq's are best Me: Fecking hell have u been to South Africa (I'm not South African)
Russel Miera
Russel Miera Day ago
Looks left, looks right, leans in for what looks like a kiss, says salt
Gabe Briscoe
Gabe Briscoe Day ago
"I don't know about y'all but I don't wanna do all that work I just wanna eat" *i feel that*
Arnav Gaming
Arnav Gaming 2 days ago
I heard hoe-cake🤣🤣🤣
david rubio
david rubio 2 days ago
My guy Adam always looks like he's held captive at gunpoint
Stormz X Claps
Stormz X Claps 2 days ago
I rather number 1
Brandon Tackett
Brandon Tackett 2 days ago
Adam always looks slightly confused lollllll
eric13zombie 2 days ago
Ayyeeee I’m from Long Beach
djf music productions
I want you guys job!🤤🤤THAT FOOD!💯😩
Gracey James
Gracey James 3 days ago
Did they just spread bbq sauce with a knife??? Did they just. Call ribs a snack? IM NOT OK!
Meme gangster The werewolf
Im vegetairan and im like 🤤🤤🤤
JSH_ Flame
JSH_ Flame 3 days ago
Bigmista would be a great uncle
gamora 3 days ago
6:28 kermit the frog posseses steven
Charlie McLean
Charlie McLean 3 days ago
Bigmista is my favourite person ever
Kendal Jenner
Kendal Jenner 3 days ago
“Im not DONE buttering my biscuit” 😂😂im dying
Allen Blumhagen
Allen Blumhagen 3 days ago
Most men are born with an uneven amount of ribs so there is most commonly 11
JayFanLel 3 days ago
Look at that SAUSE
oneandonly_Hydro 3 days ago
"i'm not done buttering my buiscuts" 😂
TheRiceGod 4 days ago
5:13 yeah little bit
Windy Hawkins
Windy Hawkins 4 days ago
Ugh Andrew is a perfect angel from hell
Ahmad Ilmam
Ahmad Ilmam 4 days ago
"im not done buttering my biscuit" -andrew IfyouknowhatImean
Porké Chop
Porké Chop 4 days ago
The 7$ one the meat doesn’t dangle and slip off 0/10
Adamzon Ouni
Adamzon Ouni 4 days ago
nightbot 4 days ago
the secret is saut
Tom Nash
Tom Nash 4 days ago
Big Mistas closed bc hes “grown and he can” 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Francisco . Urenda
If you're making my food and you don't look like the 1st fine gentleman, i don't want it.
HASSAN FTW 5 days ago
did he los santos
Adrian Richard
Adrian Richard 5 days ago
The best food is Mexican then bbq
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 5 days ago
7$ for that small as rib here in canada you can buy a whole ribs for 15$ which is 5 times bigger
Popnal 17
Popnal 17 5 days ago
There should be a video where one of them switches places with Adam
Kevin Dd
Kevin Dd 6 days ago
I'm pretty sure these guys sleep together..
Jeremiah Rodriguez
They should do a brisket Texas edition
lee glenn
lee glenn 6 days ago
When the man pulled out a rib fact 😂
Jolly Mello
Jolly Mello 7 days ago
*That’s nucking futs* 😂
Gallifrey Kid
Gallifrey Kid 7 days ago
These three would make a good tv show for about 1-2 seasons
Gabe Smith
Gabe Smith 7 days ago
Nobody: Adam: takes bite of rib* Absolutely nobody: Steven: 10:44
Nelina_suga .kookies
Love food so much 😩😩❤️💜
Frost 8 days ago
Hhmm where is Gordon Ramsey
mukbonkers 8 days ago
Steven ordering a strawberry soda is me every time I hang out with friends lmao
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