$7 BBQ Ribs Vs. $68 BBQ Ribs

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"It's BBQ...Just eat it!"
Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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Rory Herrmann

Big Mista

Daniel Weinstock

Mike Garrett

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Sep 3, 2017




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Comments 13 364
Steven Lim
Steven Lim 2 years ago
No truffle, no gold, no caviar... you guys happy? 😉 In all seriousness, thanks for all your support on Worth It... You guys are the best! I'm going to try and respond to as many of your comments here & on my Instagram as I possibly can. As for all our Aussie viewers out there.. the next three weeks are for you 🇦🇺 (that's what you call a TEASER)
PhaneSarkes 2 months ago
『Guido Mista』
『Guido Mista』 3 months ago
Cookie19 3 months ago
Steven Lim eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!
Jhon Houma
Jhon Houma 4 months ago
John Duggan
John Duggan 5 months ago
Last comment?
Anand Sankar
Anand Sankar 11 hours ago
I think Adam is the real star of the show!! 😂😂
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 12 hours ago
i always come back to this video because i just love bigmista and his whole vibe. such a great dude!!
Jaeden Nato
Jaeden Nato 21 hour ago
The chef in the last place was like big joe but slimmer
Billy Gracias
I’m torturing my self by watching these kinda food mmhhmhmhmhmhhmhmhmhmhmhmhh
Stephen Harrington
These are great little shows! I've been binge watching the episodes
Ben Starzec
Ben Starzec Day ago
i want all these lmao im an american who just moved to germany and while i love some of the food over here i miss the stuff i cant really get :/
fallingdownlk 2 days ago
B1SQ1T 3 days ago
Watching this at 1 am while hungry is torture
WhyDon’tWeBesson 2/5
Nobody : Restaurants : Cooking with wood Mr beast : plants 20 millions trees
Rooster Boy
Rooster Boy 6 days ago
Im here after Big Mistas closed down
更大的家伙 7 days ago
Can i have your job
tomo 7 days ago
In the expensive place, they enjoyed the biscuit more than the ribs.
Mirror Mirror Media
Are you going to wait for me? *Was totally not going to wait* Ya.
Jdf07 -
Jdf07 - 9 days ago
The first guy is a fricking chicken finger licking legend love the sense of humour
Xavier Delawrence
Xavier Delawrence 11 days ago
Humans have 24 ribs
Mads Lindbøg Bøhm CK3
that camera man
K R I S L Y N.
K R I S L Y N. 12 days ago
to barbeme and to barbeque😂😂😂
Trevor Nock
Trevor Nock 12 days ago
You should try my ribs 😋
Fangirl_4_ever Zin in
Do yall never dip ribs into garlic sauce in America in the Netherland we do lemme tel you thats delicious ❤
Vlogs with myself And my friend
Everytime I watch these I get hungry now I started to eat and I was watching this while I ate ribs
青Pickle 14 days ago
watching this video just made me hungry
Rowan Mueck
Rowan Mueck 14 days ago
The hoe cake😂😂
Joseph Freeman
Joseph Freeman 14 days ago
The meat ain’t falling off the bone😤
Moler J Sliva
Moler J Sliva 14 days ago
Wait.. There are $7 ribs?
Craig Paul
Craig Paul 14 days ago
Anyone else think that they fake laughed at that joke 1:11
Siale Sapoi
Siale Sapoi 14 days ago
Ahh ribs
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 15 days ago
BigMista was such a nice guy , He’s really friendly I love when He said “ Rib Fact !” 😂😂😂👍🏼
Mathew Jenvey
Mathew Jenvey 15 days ago
Wot a bunch of vots were is the braai Were my sout Africans at🇿🇦
Dave McBroom
Dave McBroom 15 days ago
I dunno...Even after your review, I'd prefer the $7.00 ribs. You seemed to like them, and you can buy a bunch of ribs for the same price as the other guys.
panda bear
panda bear 15 days ago
Bigmista ribs makes me wanna be an american citizen
Blazing with Andy
Blazing with Andy 16 days ago
Texas styles better
Scared Pancake45
Scared Pancake45 17 days ago
I cant stand eating ribs now..... i got food poisoning from it. Thats why😭
John Hopkins
John Hopkins 17 days ago
Barrel and ashes is permanently closed
Edward Myers
Edward Myers 17 days ago
Big black man know how to cook I'm eating from him bro. They do bbq right
jinxer !
jinxer ! 17 days ago
Everybody in California can now cook their own ribs!!! I'm sorry Not
Legend Killer
Legend Killer 17 days ago
None of that meat fell off the bone!! Idk boys! I dont think you have had the best ribs yet!!!
RisingStarL96A1 17 days ago
Big mista
にたい私は死 18 days ago
HA HOE CAKE HAHAHAHA i’ve never seen a woman
victor manuel lora robles
next video, how humans taste like poor middle class rich
Angelito el Papasito
I had to switch to porn when my mom walked in
black cat
black cat 18 days ago
Come to kansas city and do this
Alan E
Alan E 18 days ago
"Just eat it!" Too much talk!
Aman Waseem aman
Aman Waseem aman 18 days ago
MXRGツ 19 days ago
Steven is missing a rib
steve kaufman
steve kaufman 20 days ago
jinx, double jinx.. you can't talk anymore, "I get to eat everything"
Micheal Nguyen
Micheal Nguyen 20 days ago
Dave and Busters is my worth it winner
charlie kim
charlie kim 20 days ago
You guys should come to Memphis
Renmar John Rafil
Renmar John Rafil 20 days ago
can someone give this people their own show on netflix?
Christian Montes
Christian Montes 22 days ago
I really need to stop watching this while I'm hungry
Cash Savage
Cash Savage 22 days ago
My guy said slow and low burh its low and slow f u mean
Project KJ
Project KJ 22 days ago
I grew up in TX and I have to have a pickle slice with every bite of BBQ. It's just perfection, to me. Love this episode.
Fluffy Dumpling
Fluffy Dumpling 22 days ago
I love how Adam didn't care about the biscuit and just took a rib and left.
Azathoth 22 days ago
All that for 7$? That's my winner
d.darreeen _
d.darreeen _ 22 days ago
You know whats the secret? *looks around at the empty kitchen* S A L T
DaRkMirRoR265 22 days ago
That $68 rib didn’t look as appealing as they made it seem lol
Bennybobo Bear
Bennybobo Bear 23 days ago
Darryck Russom
Darryck Russom 23 days ago
the way he said arkansas pissed me off lol
Tricia ʕ*ᴥ*ʔ
Tricia ʕ*ᴥ*ʔ 23 days ago
Time flies, since this video came out 2 years ago...
Xxgacha WolfxX
Xxgacha WolfxX 23 days ago
Legit like this comment in the future you will have their jobs eating good damn food and judging if their worth it
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