$50 Walmart Hunting Challenge!

Kendall Gray
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Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 1 734
Silver searcher T
Silver searcher T 4 hours ago
Pause a 11:09 Exactly
jaydin locks fresh
jaydin locks fresh 8 hours ago
The BB gun u have is the one I got
cills TV
cills TV 9 hours ago
1k likes he will sing old town road
Alex Levine
Alex Levine 10 hours ago
Bro stop doing this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Taigeislit Fortnite
Taigeislit Fortnite 11 hours ago
Your so fake your a horrible shooter and your not safe trash redneck btw don’t watch him
wesley burks
wesley burks Day ago
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) “To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” this is the real kjv verse the other bibles will change what is says.
Tyler Vesledahl
Hi there Hi there
Jo sh
Jo sh Day ago
I have the same BB gun 😅
melting pizza
melting pizza 2 days ago
2:37 bruh
kimberly nibby
kimberly nibby 2 days ago
Not saying he is bad but I just don't really like is voice
Bug wishart
Bug wishart 2 days ago
Why do you kill animals
Jesus Castro
Jesus Castro 3 days ago
He saunds like arether fom red dead 2
DINOBOMB 07 4 days ago
It’s James marriott
Mango Life
Mango Life 5 days ago
U from Texas? I’m from Louisiana
Your Boy Vedo
Your Boy Vedo 5 days ago
Looks like he was playing Call of Duty: Modern Alabama 2 with that background music
Faim Salmani
Faim Salmani 5 days ago
maybe a knaf a throwing knaf
Elite Cloud 11
Elite Cloud 11 6 days ago
You look like the school shooter from Florida
black Mantic blue
A nof 0:28
KingTyronne 6 days ago
Wow 😲 that accent tho
M W 6 days ago
What an extremely weird dude
destroyer 1805
destroyer 1805 7 days ago
Frikin Georgians
bossalert ssjgssj_atom
That's not a go pro issa no pro
Great finds can’t wait to hunt with you next time! 🙂
TSM Swayyzzs238
TSM Swayyzzs238 8 days ago
Good vid👍🏽👍🏽
Leeroy Mitchell
Leeroy Mitchell 8 days ago
Awesome dude
Fonzo Jimenez Colon
LMFAO I have that bb gun got it from Walmart too. I pump it 12 times power is amazing.
Liam Jimenez
Liam Jimenez 9 days ago
I have that slingshot, and i also have the daisy powerline 880 and BB/pellet gun its good for hunting people say.
Kimberly Sims
Kimberly Sims 9 days ago
I had that one and it's really really good at killing squarls
Lil Wewe the rapper
Do you dip?
finley wilding
finley wilding 9 days ago
I like it can you get a BB gun/palate gun
Will Robinson
Will Robinson 9 days ago
8:23 and what are u shooting at
Susan Dominguez
Susan Dominguez 9 days ago
Since you don't like the BB gun please give it away to me I liked and subbed
Tony Coco
Tony Coco 9 days ago
Christopher Cruz headass
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez 9 days ago
U look like the Florida school shooter
wdh 3007
wdh 3007 10 days ago
In some states you might need a permit for that sling shot.. lol
Julio Valladares
Julio Valladares 10 days ago
I love that he isnt afraid to talk about Jesus in front of RUvid, keep up the good work Kendall!
Ismael Schultz
Ismael Schultz 10 days ago
Eai blz
Christian Concepcion
My favorite RUvid
ASM Arif
ASM Arif 10 days ago
You are an autistic as hole!!🙅🙅🙅 and disgusting
Jonah Narcia
Jonah Narcia 10 days ago
just out of curiosity What's squirrel taste like?
Chase Smith
Chase Smith 10 days ago
I heard they taste like chicken
Minecraft gamer colman
I have that gun. The pellet rifle
SHANNON SA 11 days ago
Did you take the go pro with?
BIC Boy 11 days ago
He fucks his cousin
Aaron Abney
Aaron Abney 11 days ago
You're like the nerd at the sleepover that fell asleep at 9...don't worry we won't put our dicks in your mouth
viperprin 12 days ago
It’s supposed to have a small five round clip that slides in through the side of the gun
ITSPAUL 13 days ago
wait your back at walmart?
John Allen Thomas
John Allen Thomas 13 days ago
he definitely smacked that tree on purpose first try with that slingshot ammo.. my maann
Ion even know
Ion even know 13 days ago
dude,this guy lives In the same town as me and the dude he was with is one of my old bestfriends brother 💀💀
Ethan Buckner
Ethan Buckner 6 days ago
Thats pretty cool
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez 13 days ago
I sorta enjoyed the video til he went on his Jesus loving rant
Gillen Mclean
Gillen Mclean 14 days ago
This guy looks and sounds like a trump supporter
Sapphire’s Story
Sapphire’s Story 14 days ago
Brad Branstrom
Brad Branstrom 14 days ago
You are awesome man. Love the vid keep up the good work YEE YEE
Mr.Unknown Cali-Life
Dam here in Cali everything locked up , bullets BB guns like dam you guys lucky
John Lefler
John Lefler 16 days ago
Karen Stephens
Karen Stephens 16 days ago
I got a 840 feet per secondpump bb gun
HDS BARRACUDA 16 days ago
A knaf
Zyme 17 days ago
Next video- Hunting at my School challenge
Raed AlToukhi
Raed AlToukhi 17 days ago
You never killed it you liyer
Raed AlToukhi
Raed AlToukhi 17 days ago
You are a big liyer
TheGamingRabbit !
TheGamingRabbit ! 18 days ago
A knofe
Octavio Gonzalez
Octavio Gonzalez 18 days ago
I can get a glock for $50 lmao hmu for one
Jake Snow
Jake Snow 17 days ago
Octavio Gonzalez 😏 let me get one
carlos tinoco
carlos tinoco 18 days ago
Yee hee this here video is the best dogon huntin video on all ofs RUvid yee hee
Gravity Heaven
Gravity Heaven 19 days ago
I have that BB gun and ur supposed to put bbs in the stock then shake them into the chamber it can hold up to 20 bbs in the chamber
tech 01
tech 01 19 days ago
Kenny Gonzalez
Kenny Gonzalez 19 days ago
Fck ur video🤐🤐🤐
Joy Burke
Joy Burke 19 days ago
Throwing knoves
Josiah Siu
Josiah Siu 20 days ago
Boy you so ugly
MR BOSS 20 days ago
Have thst bb in but attached a sniper scope
Hungry Donald
Hungry Donald 20 days ago
Do you use the slingshot with what does GG mean no flame sounds pleasing to dump on the haters dab with the slingshot candle can can can can all get alone if you read this can we watch when we getting so tired and tired can if you're reading this comment please dumb in the headplease just tell me does into the course because Blake it's the best fortnight Fortnite dances like bro fortnight is the heat your heat
You talk too much and you never shut up, and there goes your military career before it ever starts
Tish .y
Tish .y 19 days ago
Yikes kiddo
Charlesmore Largo
Do 100 dollars next
MrJinks112233 22 days ago
Nobody : Kendall: 👌🏽
ConnorJace Avery
ConnorJace Avery 22 days ago
Nice 🔫 Kendall Gray
Deven Trumps
Deven Trumps 23 days ago
Love ur videos and watch over and over again when I get a chance, Keep up the excellent work!
M.D. Steele
M.D. Steele 23 days ago
Im half billy goat did he just admit his dad fucks sheep.
Trevor Thornburg
Trevor Thornburg 24 days ago
butt head
butt head 24 days ago
He never stops talking and I hate your voice
denverbmxboiz bikeislyfe
My names Abram too haha
Economic Bassman
Economic Bassman 24 days ago
this dude is so fake
Boneless Waffles
Boneless Waffles 25 days ago
Friendlyneighbor Dude
I thought you had to were orange during hunting 🤔
dead demon503
dead demon503 25 days ago
Poor ppl be like
Skydiver Diver
Skydiver Diver 25 days ago
You could have bought the sling shot and an arrow with a broadhead and shot the arrow out of the sling shot.
Adam Anglim
Adam Anglim 25 days ago
Yesssss.. the lost gopro is found. I really wanna see the footage!!!! Luckyyyy
Tyler Vesledahl
Erick Mendez
Erick Mendez 25 days ago
Shooter Nelson
Shooter Nelson 25 days ago
Show us the vid of the gopro or is it lost. Please reply
Rockstar chica Cute female chicken
Can you do the $50 fishing challenge I would enjoy that
Treyson Thelusma
Treyson Thelusma 25 days ago
This dude is mad funny he said we can buy batteries and electrocute whatever comes to the drinking hole? 😂 I mean it does make sense doesn’t it?
Alvin Tosh
Alvin Tosh 26 days ago
you can pump the gun up more than ones.
Nick Wrye
Nick Wrye 26 days ago
Old country boi
Avery Meadows
Avery Meadows 26 days ago
Love your vids
Bertha Padilla
Bertha Padilla 26 days ago
50$cool 😈
Wyatt Funk
Wyatt Funk 26 days ago
This guy is anoying.
zeusxD 1
zeusxD 1 26 days ago
idk why but i got annoyed by your accent
Freedom Operator
Freedom Operator 26 days ago
Is a bag of corn seriously almost 20 bucks?
Real good example of Incest
Bethany Nyholm
Bethany Nyholm 26 days ago
I have the same gun!!!!!
He had no front sight
Demon Man123
Demon Man123 27 days ago
tbh I thought he said nofe not knife lol
Mr.steved1 27 days ago
You know what is funny that could be the same gun I had We don’t know
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