$50 Walmart Hunting Challenge!

Kendall Gray
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Published on


Mar 16, 2019

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Comments 1 851
Raymond Stone
Raymond Stone 2 hours ago
My area is Ky. refused to take back a Benjamin prowler with receipt no returns on airguns or fire arms..Lawrenceburg KY..
frank chaapel
frank chaapel 7 hours ago
i have a slingshot
callo127 Day ago
Rip lucky ☹️
lambo boy
lambo boy 2 days ago
Congrats on 1 mill
Bernard Huang
Bernard Huang 5 days ago
Its a season for everything that happens not a reason😂
Landon Carter
Landon Carter 6 days ago
Why did you say back at walmart
Jack Eubanks
Jack Eubanks 7 days ago
Watch king kid vines
JMS FISHING 7 days ago
Nooo way i just got that same BB gun yesterday😱
Bradley Livingston
I have the same one as him uh huh good bird bird hunting
poke 8 days ago
At 3:07 you said "and now we are vack at walmart" but your at your house
Josey Gordon
Josey Gordon 8 days ago
My son has the same Bebe gun
berezza 8 days ago
In California, they lockup BB guns in a glass prison with a lock on the slide door and the product.
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao 9 days ago
Nereida Borges
Nereida Borges 12 days ago
I saw a wolf
Supremefrog66 13 days ago
In the video picture there is 3 20$ that equals60 $
Charles and Aiden Outdoors
Aiden and I just laughed so hard when you said Lucky was like YEET!! Great video fella.
LockBreaker 17 days ago
Inbred Arnold and the hillbilly hitmen go wabbit huntin
JuSt CoD.
JuSt CoD. 18 days ago
What a school shooter says 0:06 0:06 0:06 0:06
Joseph Hassefras
Joseph Hassefras 18 days ago
God bless you 🙏
Sarah Duffin
Sarah Duffin 18 days ago
I hate you like if you do animal killer like deer moose murderer and a coyote cute little coyote motherfucker
Jonny Parsons
Jonny Parsons 19 days ago
3:00 the chicken in the background
Frog of the apple
Frog of the apple 19 days ago
Carla Marta Randolph
He is so cool
Jacks Gaming & Vlogs
Stop huntin
Mark Sharratt
Mark Sharratt 20 days ago
All I see is 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Kannon Depyper
Kannon Depyper 20 days ago
Who else wants a 100 dollar one
Jacob Banuelos
Jacob Banuelos 20 days ago
Why does Walmart have so many weapons
The Fly tyer
The Fly tyer 21 day ago
You should go camping
Hector Corea
Hector Corea 22 days ago
Derek E. Arroyo
Derek E. Arroyo 22 days ago
You are made of skin and bons
James Games
James Games 22 days ago
1:51 Pubg.
X2pher36 0
X2pher36 0 23 days ago
8:32 try’s to quick scope😂
Michael Bebernitz
Michael Bebernitz 24 days ago
He is either southern or western
Liam Dutka
Liam Dutka 25 days ago
What the hell thay sell guns for 30$ in Canada the only thing thay sell is 50$ nerf guns
Daniel Canizales
Daniel Canizales 25 days ago
Can you geav me som guns
Bryan Winchell
Bryan Winchell 26 days ago
I have that black revolver bb is a 6 shooter and the pelit is a 8 shooter
Ana Guzman
Ana Guzman 26 days ago
My name is Abram hahahaha
Jessica Hampton
Jessica Hampton 26 days ago
go from 7:57 to 8:03 look to his right there is an animal walking backwards
Jenn Rose
Jenn Rose 26 days ago
Sub to pewdipie
Christian 781
Christian 781 26 days ago
At 2:13 were back at walmart but home
CplWyattH 26 days ago
8:38 stay low
Mark Lepka
Mark Lepka 26 days ago
dfggrdh m.q&Clare? Hadlow
I'm a fan of you
Michael Smooth
Michael Smooth 28 days ago
Hello Max Bath.... lol
Electro Zaper
Electro Zaper 28 days ago
My friend made me speak like a Korean person because he's one, SO IM GETTING USED TO SAYING a Korean accent at the teacher.
Christopher Zamora
Christopher Zamora 28 days ago
A men
BM1 ARMI 29 days ago
you said back at walmart
LegStitchedTiger Ftw
Dominick Sherzai
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain 29 days ago
This is fake there was no rabbit
Shawn Hardaway
Shawn Hardaway 29 days ago
2:44 that can kill stuff 👌
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