$4,750 2015 Ford F250 4x4 Auction WIN! Does it RUN?

Westen Champlin
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We bought 2 trucks and we need to go pick them up. They were listed as unknown operation condition so we figure out if the 2015 ford f250 4x4 runs or not.

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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
cory parker
cory parker 3 days ago
some companies like mine will get rid of a truck once it hits 150k regardless of condition because of price value. Easily could be nothing wrong with it
Mike Courteau
Mike Courteau 5 days ago
It would be great to see how you deal with auctions.
diecast jam
diecast jam 5 days ago
I'm in the UK, when I watched you put the new front headlight cluster in to the Dodge Ram, well that headlight is bigger than some of the cars on our road, so IDK but how does Ford sell so many trucks over there in the States if no one likes them?
Bradley G.
Bradley G. 7 days ago
So did that f250 have any other minor issues? Fluids looking like crap etc? Is the title clean or a salvage/rebuilt? Did you find any history about it? Got a good flip to make some $$. Also, love the videos man. Got a new sub.
Hunter Webster
Hunter Webster 8 days ago
Where do you find deals like this, would love to get in the restoration business
Warren Pratt
Warren Pratt 9 days ago
Make sure and go tell that Moron Ford Tech that it runs!
Jim Flynn
Jim Flynn 11 days ago
Yea bring you camera to the auction!!
John Osterhoudt
John Osterhoudt 12 days ago
please show us your auction skills
minebuut gaming
minebuut gaming 13 days ago
most times auction has junkers but if someone fails to pay there bills the insurance company or the bank can seeze the car and sell it at an action to pay of the bills
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 13 days ago
That LS in the back ground... yum yum lol
Tim Pearl
Tim Pearl 14 days ago
do you go out and buy old trucks? because I have neighbors here in California who have old trucks one is a classic international 5 ton.
john black
john black 14 days ago
yes, I would like to see what you look for and how you evaluate trucks at auctions.
Dante Stellato
Dante Stellato 16 days ago
omg when i thought you said something is seriously wrong i believed u at first lol it went into third
dave walia
dave walia 17 days ago
"We are at the local scrap yard, otherwise known as the Ford dealership." best way to describe Ford brand.
craig orford
craig orford 10 days ago
dave walia priceless funny as fuck 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucas Gordon
Lucas Gordon 18 days ago
I wanna see where you buy your trucks at.
Jesse Klassen
Jesse Klassen 18 days ago
Shift the transfer case to 4 LOW and make sure that works Weston. Get a little mud on the tires.
Donald Venema
Donald Venema 19 days ago
Let’s go to an auction, Weston!
Uncle Grandpah
Uncle Grandpah 28 days ago
More auction
Rick Walling
Rick Walling Month ago
I’m ready to hit the sales
aidoist Month ago
Damn!! I want that f250 lol
john snedeker jr
I’d like to see an auction video are you going to salvage or just wholesale auctions
Cole Farris
Cole Farris Month ago
Hey Weston, I live in Oklahoma. would you be willing to sell that Ford? let me know. thanks!
Fishing with Tyler
Hey I’m 14 and live in south Dakota and looking for a car /truck but I can’t afford it and neither can my mom I was wondering if I could work for a truck around ur property
Christopher PLACE
Well at least one good truck. Ford power
Tommy Odell
Tommy Odell Month ago
Do a video of the actin video
Ted Bradley
Ted Bradley Month ago
I would be interested in auction video. always been curious how that works,
Elvis Recardo
Elvis Recardo Month ago
Appreciate the PC at 10:40 😅🤣😂
Mike Achtereekte
i love welcome to the scrape yard the ford dealership
Tim Chitty
Tim Chitty Month ago
I love that ford. I would give up my silverado in a heartbeat for it.
John Ericsson
John Ericsson Month ago
Let's go to the auction!
JacksonGeetarguy 97
Buys a real nice couple year old truck for dirt cheap that actually works. What a score man.
Zoeth Month ago
Trekan Mitchell
Trekan Mitchell Month ago
From the first video to you’re attitude hasn’t changed your videos turn out better !!!
timotha7 Month ago
Eric Glee
Eric Glee Month ago
"Alright we are down at the local scrap yard otherwise known as the ford dealership" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
swAve l2
swAve l2 Month ago
Auction vid fo sho
Robert Lee
Robert Lee Month ago
The ford tech doesnt like fords because he has to deal with their lame shit everyday, you should heed his advice.
Lupe Leija
Lupe Leija Month ago
What do you do with all these trucks and cars that you buy and fix
Joshua White
Joshua White 2 months ago
The Windshield is cracked!
Vintage Irish
Vintage Irish 2 months ago
“Down here at the local scrap yard, otherwise known as the Ford dealership” 😂😂
Charles Ramsey
Charles Ramsey 2 months ago
Love to go to an auction! I don't know where the auctions are? \
Charles Ramsey
Charles Ramsey 2 months ago
Just needs a windshield! I would not mind having that truck...Can the floor be washed out?
mark broad
mark broad 2 months ago
That's what their the left, because they just ain't right.
Will Robertson
Will Robertson 2 months ago
Yes to auction video
Ray Huffman
Ray Huffman 2 months ago
The transmission in my chevy just took a shit today just after i but 800$ in the brake lines
Sister Brothers
Sister Brothers 2 months ago
Hoss needs to stop eating fried chicken between donuts.
Acexand 2 months ago
best way to pick up a ford.. now just put in a scrap yard :P
Logan Woldridge
Logan Woldridge 2 months ago
Want to sell it?
Joe Gonzalez
Joe Gonzalez 2 months ago
What kinda business do you have to be able to do all these cool projects
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear 2 months ago
could you please speak up a little bit?
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear 2 months ago
bashes Ford.......starts and runs perfectly!!
Damion Davis
Damion Davis 2 months ago
Yes Do A Auction Video!👍
Jorge Martinez Jr
Jorge Martinez Jr 2 months ago
I just noticed Dodge is pulling Chevy and ford
Hayden Yorker
Hayden Yorker 2 months ago
Where did u get the trucks at what auction
Erik Kowal
Erik Kowal 2 months ago
Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer, Dozer,!
Anthony Fugitt
Anthony Fugitt 2 months ago
I would like to see an auction video.
Homie Gibiotch
Homie Gibiotch 2 months ago
Yes, auction please...
_500 2 months ago
Always check for an engine before buying?
Darl Tennant
Darl Tennant 2 months ago
Yes auction would be nice, plus want to see you do a wrap on that ford!
jeremy deoliveira
jeremy deoliveira 2 months ago
Aka f2shidy
mfk12340 3 months ago
So his project truck cost more than what I paid for my daily driver that I've been in for five years. And I drive 110 mile commute everyday. Granted shes just a little 5 speed ford ranger but I've grown attached to the old gal.
David Moore
David Moore 3 months ago
O yeah buddy. If you gotta Chevy it's just a matter of time before you will need that toolbox.lol
Josh Lane
Josh Lane 3 months ago
Yeah take us to auction I want to see
Josh Lane
Josh Lane 3 months ago
Lol you funny 😁
Joseph Mendozza
Joseph Mendozza 3 months ago
Definitely you at an auction please. That sounds like a fun time. Love these videos...thanks
joe mceachern
joe mceachern 3 months ago
Looks Alaska bound.
Nitza Ramirez
Nitza Ramirez 3 months ago
Nitza Ramirez
Nitza Ramirez 3 months ago
Ford diesel no good
Nick Randolph
Nick Randolph 3 months ago
Do you ever sell any of theses trucks?
WILLIE T 3 months ago
Maybe less jawin' and more workin'/facts!! How many miles? Donated vehicle?
Travis Schooter
Travis Schooter 3 months ago
As a ford tech I'll tell ya right now. We are mostly chevy guys. But we know were to go to make money. And everyone should know we make our money on a comission gm techs definitely aren't as busy as us ford techs. And I can positively say that as I was a gm tech for 12 years next to the ford dealership I'm at now always ford had soooooo much work and we would literally be playing around board
George Manifase
George Manifase 3 months ago
Does it run?
Troy Wittenbrock
Troy Wittenbrock 3 months ago
It is always better to blow a seal than a walrus.
Nate Green
Nate Green 3 months ago
You sell your car that you fix
Dawne Malinski
Dawne Malinski 3 months ago
Do you buy and trade
Cordovan Bee
Cordovan Bee 3 months ago
Steven Welch
Steven Welch 3 months ago
take us to a auction
Racker 3 months ago
Nice trailer for your avocation.
Btenda Dorman
Btenda Dorman 3 months ago
I own a 2015 ford f250 super duty. I love my beast.
marlboro man
marlboro man 3 months ago
I need a new vehicle how about u downat one to me a poor boy
HARLEY D 3 months ago
Man that’s a nice truck
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