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ROBLOX God Simulator is a Roblox simulator game where you can choose to be different gods and kill other gods. For some reason, when I started the game, I got $30 million in a glitch!!!
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➡What is Roblox?
Roblox offers kids millions of 3D worlds to explore, players to meet, and games to play in a family-friendly environment, freely accessible from any device anywhere.
We call Roblox the ‘Imagination Platform’ for good reason. In Roblox, all the 3D worlds, games, and experiences are created by the players themselves.
Once a player has signed up and chosen their avatar, they are given their own piece of real estate along with a virtual toolbox for building. By playing games and building cool stuff, players can earn Roblox dollars (or “Robux") to buy avatar accessories, additional skills, or more tools and materials to build with.
As a community-created platform, Roblox gives players a safe, moderated place to meet, play, chat, and collaborate on creative projects. If so inclined, they can even go on to learn how to build and code immersive experiences for others, all at their own pace.
➡ About My Channel
Hey everyone, it's your friend Thinknoodles and welcome to my RUvid channel! Join me, my dog Kopi and other friends on our adventures in video games. Here you can find all kinds of family-friendly gaming videos. I play lots of different games from Minecraft, Subnautica Below Zero, Pokemon, and ROBLOX to your favorites or just plain random mobile games, indie games and more!
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 1 521
Loxyy Day ago
Holy i have not played this game since this game came out
Shadow Mind
Shadow Mind 2 days ago
That happened to me the first time I joined and then I just bought the best things and left since there was nothing else to do
bitezumm 5 days ago
I did not watch dis but I think I did it on my own but I don’t know how? LOL
Crittz 7 days ago
he legit bought 2x Xp and Money Boost xddddddd
peti oo
peti oo 13 days ago
that was a glitch think
Chryzler Crisologo
Chryzler Crisologo 14 days ago
Play brain out
Eshaan Suri
Eshaan Suri 17 days ago
Stacy Miller
Stacy Miller 17 days ago
and I love Roblox and I love think noodles
Stacy Miller
Stacy Miller 17 days ago
I love God
Stop Dreaming
Stop Dreaming 18 days ago
Mythology Island Poptropica much??
Mcnoob Mcnoob
Mcnoob Mcnoob 18 days ago
IT fake
CJB Burtis
CJB Burtis 20 days ago
He got from star program youtuber
Lil D3
Lil D3 20 days ago
think the god
Jorge Ivan Guerrero Cardona
Good game
Robux juice
Robux juice 28 days ago
don't be shy just show your face
Angela George
Angela George Month ago
Think noodles, I got 30 million coin s glitch on my ipad
jongie cruz
jongie cruz Month ago
he cheated
Cosmic Collisis Reborn
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Month ago
Think God
Onionplayz Month ago
This is not a glitch there are certain blocks to give you certain money the thing that you broke gave you 30 million
Excort Month ago
play god sim 2
unicorns3609 unicornforever
Hades Is not evil, and is probably one of the most heroic gods
Vs graverider x Xbox
I am the god I am max level
m kirt
m kirt Month ago
Tan Xiang
Tan Xiang Month ago
God simulator i get gliched 20 million coin and now i get last pet
Burgeroll Time
Burgeroll Time Month ago
hey guys do you think he shond stop useing the wheird face cam thing like this if you think its a good idea
Mr. Splat
Mr. Splat Month ago
Hellfire is hellflame
Jessen Fernando &Playing Games
3:57 or 3:58 The Part Thinknoodles got 30M Money
Elijah YM
Elijah YM Month ago
Hey, Thinknoodles there is already a God Simulator 2! And its so much better than the first!
Alicia Wood
Alicia Wood Month ago
Thats dumb
Nojukas Malakauskas
I ban yuo sorry u hacker
The Blue Ninja
The Blue Ninja Month ago
That actually happened to me but it was 50000000
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Month ago
it happed to me too
Emo Reis
Emo Reis Month ago
''True'' is like,''False'' is no like
Emo Reis
Emo Reis Month ago
You Loaded Money
AmonGamerTV Month ago
There Is A New Character Called Posiden, PLEASE MAKE A PART 2
Garrett Brueshaber
jeff kowalski
jeff kowalski Month ago
I’m so sad, they got rid of the first god sim for a second one, I had so much progress!
Ric darbin
Ric darbin Month ago
Hey thank you for you give me legend pets in ninja legend
1000 subs With no vids
So that’s what happened when I started with 30 mil
Wild Child
Wild Child Month ago
NATHAN GARCIA 2 months ago
Ray WU
Ray WU 2 months ago
I want those money! I wish I had roux and not glitchy in that game..... like if u want me to play and no glitch!
Can We Get 100k Subscribers with 39 Videos
i am from greece and i loved this video
Ima make it t PERP
Ima make it t PERP 2 months ago
I think he’s jacking Jk he would neve cheat
Mallika Parti
Mallika Parti 2 months ago
Poseidon is there
PD Network
PD Network 2 months ago
zac tg
zac tg 2 months ago
Anyone play tabs cus when I Looked at this I was artimas XD Reply iF you did
Aaron plays games
Aaron plays games 2 months ago
Wow 150,000 robux for free you got that's how much it costed
Josh Eye
Josh Eye 2 months ago
You are a noob
Snake Venom
Snake Venom 2 months ago
The second hades
Marwan Sirhan
Marwan Sirhan 2 months ago
I got 99999999999999999999999 glitch i am at level 99999999
Sadie Abdullah
Sadie Abdullah 2 months ago
Hamster Plays 99
Hamster Plays 99 2 months ago
Maybe the creator is a fan of yours
Hidhay Yunos
Hidhay Yunos 2 months ago
Do more
MG Pimiyangit Clasher
I LOVE ❤️ YOUR VIDEOS o want the glitch .-. U are so lucky
Myriam Minkin
Myriam Minkin 2 months ago
the glich would have been helpful but i am at that level where it would do nothing
Oniel Smith
Oniel Smith 2 months ago
No u were not
Snezana Petkovska
Snezana Petkovska 3 months ago
you just cheated
the Common gamer defender
Umm he pronounced Cerberus wrong
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