$2400 Headphones? Sennheiser HD 820!

Marques Brownlee
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The most expensive headphones I've ever tried. No regrets.
Sennheiser HD 820: goo.gl/C1pbZH
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee
Headphones provided by Sennheiser for review.

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Jun 27, 2018

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Comments 4 893
camcorder 4 hours ago
A 20syl name drop was the last thing I would've expected woah
Ali Swave
Ali Swave 19 hours ago
Marques, do u produce music? Seems like u know ur stuff :D
Sam Glancy
Sam Glancy 20 hours ago
To use poor plebians this video at least has some HiFi song suggestions.
Ciprian Boldi
Meze Empyrean ! Best headphones in the world !
Austin Roy
Austin Roy Day ago
$2400 and not even wireless😂
Show Bobs
Show Bobs 13 hours ago
Commit toaster bath... Wired > Wireless when it comes to sound quality, these headphones aren't made for portability lol, at 300 ohms you need an amp to run them anyway so how can they be wireless 😂
dD Lithuania
dD Lithuania 2 days ago
for that price you should get a full orchestra in your ears
Ken Cur
Ken Cur 3 days ago
But are they better than the Philips 9500? ;D
amrosoronar 3 days ago
Man, there are a lot of "Mr-Know-It-All-Watch-Me-Lift-My-Own-Stool" in this comments thread...
Dmitry Rodionov
Dmitry Rodionov 4 days ago
Deadmau5 - Strobe A man of culture as well
Descript O
Descript O 4 days ago
This is true for anything audiophile. Getting good equipment WILL change your taste in music. You will stop listening to music you like and will search for well mastered songs. It's a crying shame that a vast majority of labels don't put the proper time into really mastering their music. Most of the most emotional songs I know aren't recorded properly and it hurts to know that it'll only be getting worse.
heaven on earth
heaven on earth 5 days ago
Sit down and listen ...headphone
doyoulikejazz 11 days ago
For 2400$ they better be so good that it kills me
Mr_Lolled 13 days ago
İm watchşng this video on a sennheiser hd 820 :)
Killian Harle
Killian Harle 14 days ago
You can hear sounds up to ~22000 hz. Why the hell do those need to be 48000 hz?
Winston 15 days ago
3:42 wtf was that in the background??!
Crimson 10 days ago
somebody moving on an office chair
MØD ØMISHA 15 days ago
Nice Buy 😊 This product is beyond amazing. Me and my entire friend circle sold our kidneys to buy this. But its totally worth it. We can now hear songs before they even release. Also, being studio headphones, I just connect these to my pc and my audio files get edited automatically. I use these to tune in every at 6 to Almighty FM, and get advice from god himself. If you go out wearing these, chicks will totally surround you. Last but not least, no Amazon Prime, but I still got free delivery!!!! Best part- It came covered in bubble wrap, and you know what we do with those ☺️
John Mead
John Mead 16 days ago
For $2,400 it better give you an AI bj
&Ö& Paneristi
&Ö& Paneristi 17 days ago
HD 820 is garbage compared to the HD800S
Chris Zarnakoupis
Chris Zarnakoupis 19 days ago
That's bullshit 2400 for headphones? That's ridiculous 😡😞
Levay •
Levay • 19 days ago
Just watching this video hurts my wallet
LIFE STARCITY 20 days ago
I want headphone companies make bluetooth noise cancel headphone with big earpad like this
Bob 22 days ago
After spending countless months researching amps, dacs, headphones and all the lovely in between. Here is what I understand about this high fidelity audio game. There is an endless array of DAC's and Amps and DAC/AMP combo's, headphones/speakers and of course high end audio cables. Let's not forget aftermarket ear pads for those headphones if they are on ear or over ears. Oh yeah, ears, we all have different ears, which hear different things, cause of course we are all unique individuals, with individual cochleas. Add to that the genre of music you listen to, and what is the recording quality of the music and source as well. Sprinkled with a little placebo effect and industry marketing gimmicks. I'll take some DSD with a side of LSD please. When I think about all this, I have to take a deep breath and collect myself because you can start to get a little crazy with all of this. Little crazy?! No full on head spinning exorcist crazy. You do realize, this is an exorbitant amount of possibilities and to be able to find the perfect setup is like finding..well I think you get the point I am trying to make. It's an endless game for the "end game" and worse of all, a giant money/time pit, sinking thousands upon thousands of dollars and research hours trying to find what they call the "end game" setup, except for there really is no "end game". It just keeps going on and on in perpetuity as audio technology advances every year. Let's also not forget that most of the time you will be watching videos or reading forums about this stuff, you can't actually listen to it and try it on before you buy it like you do with other really expensive things. So either be very rich and have the ability to spend $50,000-$100,000++ to have multiple variations of all these audio components so you can mix and match and try them all out or be an audio reviewer where gear is lent to listen and test until you find the perfect setup or multiple setups because it's like wine, you don't just drink one kind, you should have a wine cellar for all those bottles. Well then, I guess that sums it up for me, anyone else want to chime in please do. I am not an audiophile, just a guy that likes better audio quality than average. So I would say I fit somewhere in the middle? My current listening pleasure for the past 3 years or so is a pair of Sennheiser HD600's, bone stock with no customizations, with a Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, and a DarkVoice 336SE tube amp, using my Mac Pro and listening to mp3's ranging from 192 kbs to 320 kbs on iTunes, sometimes FLAC audio files through VOX, some Tidal/Spotify. The entire audio part of the setup cost me around $700 and believe me when I say that I am SO very satisfied with the sound quality, that I can't imagine spending hundreds or thousands more to get something else, but like I said, we are all different. This setup might be a joke for another audiophile. I see it as a tunnel without an ending. There is always something better, so if you seek it, it will find you..and your wallet. (Sorry for my long rant, but I had a lot to say!) Edit: I just realized I really AM an audiophile, I just don't want to spend the kind of money to BE an audiophile. I achieved a level of happiness with my current setup and I put a stop right there. Because I very quickly found myself looking up more headphones, and more amps/dacs. Becoming addicted to this is extraordinarily easy. You forget the whole reason you started was to just listen to your music in higher quality, but then it quickly becomes something else.
Lol Hi
Lol Hi 23 days ago
Ok he spent $2400 on head phones and they aren’t even wireles
Santosi 23 days ago
any other song recomendation on tidal?
IN A FLASH 24 days ago
I don’t care who you could be but a $2400 is not worth it and will never be worth it!
person person
person person 24 days ago
Harsh Bansal
Harsh Bansal 25 days ago
Make a video of bang and Olufsen too!!!
AmiDoesStuff 26 days ago
Good luck with no headphone jack, 2 k down the drain
Big746 21 day ago
Every DAC or Amp has headphone Jack and if you're talking about no headphone Jack's on phones these days then you're dumb because they are not meant to be powered by a phone hints the 300 ohms impedance
Nirvana fan
Nirvana fan 26 days ago
If its $2400 it should be able to pay me back
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 27 days ago
Mark ass brownie
rocket zot
rocket zot 28 days ago
I listened to Contact, it just made me a little scared and uncomfortable.
SomeOneOnline 29 days ago
"And I regret nothing."
Ringo Jiro Nicolas
Ringo Jiro Nicolas 29 days ago
Daamnn nice choice, Random Access Memories, great album👌👌
Rockony 29 days ago
Try for gaming like call of duty
Rehan Sheikh
Rehan Sheikh Month ago
Listening this on my 2nd hand pair of ath m50x (Rs. 4000 / $57). Proud of the purchase 😎
Mritiunjai Sinha
Yeah About that! I've been wondering if I should buy AT headphones it has been in my wish list for a long time now! But im so confused between M50x, Sennheiser 420s and JBL live 500
Arodzz Staabzz
Arodzz Staabzz Month ago
I dont care if it sounded like a live studio playback these arent worth $1500. These are to take rich people's money!
these sound significantly worse than the cheaper hd800s
Peter Gašperan
Peter Gašperan Month ago
Its like having speakers on your ears. Wait.
MrDragonfyr Month ago
I use the ROG Strix Fusion 700 headset. Completely love them. The misses who sits next to me (watching catch up tv on the laptop) can't hear anything when I'm blasting music. They are a bit expensive, but totally worth it. As always, another great video. Thanks Marques
Karanic illness
Karanic illness Month ago
One day I'll get the sennheiser HD 820 one day
Karanic illness
Karanic illness Month ago
Nice video NOW I WANT THEM
Prudhvi Raj
Prudhvi Raj Month ago
Why didnt you done jabra elite 65t review marques
Manav Singh
Manav Singh Month ago
So yeah im poor
Aung Ko
Aung Ko Month ago
These are for audio engineers who are making $1000 per song and much higher not for you normal listeners guys.
CA Tushar Agarwal
Just bought of 2 of them one for me and one for my dog. They are incredible.
justin Month ago
Your dog must be a dogiophile then, right? No? ok.. 😅😅
Mike P
Mike P Month ago
you gotta have a good amplifier to get the best sound out of them. on a mobile device, you need a good headphone amp. your phone on its own with lossy files is not going to bring out the difference over something that costs 10% of the price
Shantanu Singh dhiman
1:34 Frequency response from 12 to 43,800 Hertz While humans can hear frequency from 20 to 20,000 Hertz ! Marketing jargon ?
Unscripted Xeno
Unscripted Xeno 6 days ago
No it's not with this wide of a range the audible frequencies will sound better.
Asef Jamil Ajwad
Asef Jamil Ajwad 18 days ago
It has a big range so that it performs really well in the human audible range
Wende Weiss
Wende Weiss Month ago
and headache
Wende Weiss
Wende Weiss Month ago
sub base?
ProfessorToasty Month ago
No, they can actually produce those freqencyes. You may not be able to hear them, but you can feel them. For example you can feel the base.
Shantanu Singh dhiman
Sup guys I'm cabby HD here ! Auto generated subtitles 😆
Taylor Shockley
Taylor Shockley Month ago
am i the only one that notices the image change at the end lol
Frozia Month ago
Not really, higher impedence means it can take a higher load, not surprised at all
Nicholas Burns
Nicholas Burns Month ago
I have the HD800s want these
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