$2400 Headphones? Sennheiser HD 820!

Marques Brownlee
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The most expensive headphones I've ever tried. No regrets.
Sennheiser HD 820: goo.gl/C1pbZH
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee
google.com/ MarquesBrownlee
Headphones provided by Sennheiser for review.

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Jun 27, 2018




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Luca Einsle
Luca Einsle 15 hours ago
Wait, that's not a headphone amp, it's a high end audio interface.
JammingWave Day ago
That amp (apollo twin) doesn't support MQA. That means that your "experience" is not that different from Hifi quality...
manuar 1771
manuar 1771 Day ago
airpods: im rich this headphone: lol
Anton Helsgaun
Anton Helsgaun 2 days ago
Imagine buying a pair of headphones for 2400 and choosing the hd820
james lyddall
james lyddall 3 days ago
You brought up Daft Punk I still stick on wip3out and wipeout fusion soundtrack for freat dance music on new headphones.
Shogo 4 days ago
Can i watch RUvid videos on an iPhone with those?
JeremyForest 12 days ago
The video you did is amazing, but...the headphones are absolutely expensive! Sorry! I won't spend my hard earned money on purchasing this headphones. Sennheiser headphones are amazing. I have seen a lot of people rock the headphones. Anyway, good video content, but I will not buy these headphones.
W. Heisenberg
W. Heisenberg 12 days ago
I own 69 of these.
Kenyon Childs
Kenyon Childs 13 days ago
D'vocean - by eastghost is amazing
The WolfMan932
The WolfMan932 13 days ago
For that price, they better make my ears cum lol
disadadi 13 days ago
Why would anyone prefer closed pair over open one, if you're using them in silent environment at home?
Eighty8sh 13 days ago
If I could afford them, I'd buy them, but using them on my standard port on the motherboard will be a huge disservice to their intended use.
audiogek 13 days ago
Don't understand why he played this digital music. I was an audiophile and I recommend music with 100% acoustical instruments. And also never understood the closed headphones. I mean I want to hear the surroundings through an open back headphone because that makes me think I listen to actual speakers instead of a pair of headphones. All closed back headphones sound like a pair of headphones because you're completely isolated from ambient sound.
Nikhil Nadh
Nikhil Nadh 13 days ago
Watching with Senn cx 180 street 2... 👌
lolong 1325
lolong 1325 14 days ago
John Vartanian
John Vartanian 16 days ago
Yeah nah
Hamid Anwar
Hamid Anwar 16 days ago
but you ain't an audiophile by any means !!??!?!?!?!? i mean who the fuck listens to compressed music on a 2400 dollars pair of headphones
Vojin Milojkovic
Vojin Milojkovic 17 days ago
If i could afford them i would wear them outside for sure xd ♥
pranish shrestha
pranish shrestha 17 days ago
His headphones are expensive than my macbook
Bodybuilder X
Bodybuilder X 19 days ago
Can I use these for working out
Adarsh Sulegai
Adarsh Sulegai 19 days ago
President Donald J Trump
nice ar15 or headphonez?
Dhruv Akte
Dhruv Akte 25 days ago
I bought 6$ headphones and thought they are expensive
manash barman
manash barman 27 days ago
Does it comes in bubble wrap though?
CrveniFlash 27 days ago
HD650 is all you need....love em to death!
Al Smith
Al Smith Month ago
And then six months later you’re at the ear doctor for a hearing Aid🤭
Rafia Rasheed
Rafia Rasheed Month ago
what was it use
anast dime
anast dime Month ago
"Bought a 2.4k Professional Studio Headphone.. Lets listen to Trap now" Only an American would do that..
The Boi
The Boi Month ago
Oh yeah
TheOllieO23 Month ago
That analogy was amazing!
Eduardo Salinas
Eduardo Salinas Month ago
My dumbass was waiting for the guy start listening music
Jeff Jefferson
Jeff Jefferson Month ago
Bet Sennheiser sponsored him lol, their pretty trash for the price
Rory Lindholm
Rory Lindholm Month ago
It feels so wierd watching MKBHD Videos without the aspect ratio change
dakos 12
dakos 12 Month ago
my pc cost 4 times less
Victor Tellez
Victor Tellez Month ago
no noise-cancelling for 2400$? hahahaha NOPE
Brian Todd
Brian Todd Month ago
At 0:06 you say most ridiculous pair of headphones you've ever "owned", but at 8:20 you say "try or listen to" and telling Sennheiser you don't want to give them back. So I assume these were sent to you, and you don't actually "own".
Brian Todd
Brian Todd Month ago
Yo, @Marques, what happened to the saturation/contrast at 7:30 ? Got all jacked up compared to previous scene from same angle just before.
Rory Lindholm
Rory Lindholm Month ago
Brian Todd Like did you watch the video
Sidharth Month ago
markass brownie Question: is it better than Sony WH1000XMK3.
Tracomaster Month ago
I tried these and frankly, they sounded pretty shit. that was maybe because I was comparing them to the orpheus
Kevin Kosmo
Kevin Kosmo Month ago
Thank you for Daft Punk's Contact recommendation
Sidney Mcmillin
Sidney Mcmillin Month ago
that first MOIST noise right at the begging
Genca Genadijev
Genca Genadijev Month ago
And i thought my m40x were hella expensive
Martin P
Martin P Month ago
The m40x is a great for a beginner audiophile beleive it or not! They're actually better than the 50x, and you can get even more out of them with a dac and amp. Even without it still sounds good, they're easy to drive.
MedicTiger 28
MedicTiger 28 Month ago
A car or head phones that aren’t even wire less
Brenden John
Brenden John Month ago
That "visual" demonstration on how to explain the different sounds is genius and very helpful for people with a hearing disability such as myself. This particular headphone in a balanced configuration is the very model of headphone I hope to one day own. It may seem ironic, but I actually do a lot of HiRed audio recordings for professional classical musicians for some 6.5 years or so now, slowly building up my reputation locally. I have always wanted to be able to have 4 of these headphones connected to my PC so the musicians can hear and review the edit I work on for them at the same time. Anyhow, nice video Mr!
James Ji
James Ji Month ago
listening to this on a pxc550. I feel poor.
SkinnerValt Month ago
They really look ridiculous
Ogreclocked Month ago
nice vid etika
DarkCube Month ago
I can either buy 8 replicas of my pc or buy one of these. Or a cheap car Of course I didn't buy neither of them.
John2891 Month ago
I mean, hopefully he’s listening to flac files at least, if youre listening to digital music...
Mr Mordacai Smith
mark ass brownlee
Jonathan Mejia
Jonathan Mejia Month ago
Where's the nurophones reaction bro
brian sarduy
brian sarduy Month ago
2400? That's my months rent. Wtf
Manuel Gutierrez
Fuk the headphones, where do I buy that t-shirt?
SurfaceHalo308 Month ago
How did I just find this channel and it has 9 million subs
toby hogan
toby hogan Month ago
So loud it *Hz* your ears.
Manjinder Singh
Manjinder Singh 2 days ago
Rqiny -
Rqiny - Month ago
If you'd commented this when the vid came out, you'd have a billion likes lol
Big Boy
Big Boy Month ago
K-MTB Month ago
with $2400 those headphones better give me some sucky sucky
ADUSN BasedGod
ADUSN BasedGod Month ago
Sennheiser is a great audio company. I have a pair of HD 800s and they're phenomenal
James Ji
James Ji Month ago
I play 2 instruments, drums for 6 years and cello for 2 and a half.
James Ji
James Ji Month ago
ADUSN BasedGod
ADUSN BasedGod Month ago
@James Ji I'm actually a broke Sailor lmao I'm just really into music
James Ji
James Ji Month ago
U rich boi
kavin natraj
kavin natraj Month ago
PN H Month ago
The description makes absolute sense to me.
Santosh Nair
Santosh Nair Month ago
The fact that such ridiculously priced headphones (and any products for that matter) is definitive proof that some people will always be stupid, ignorant and dumb to create demand for them. :)
Santosh Nair
Santosh Nair Month ago
@kniti i get your point. but this price point is ridiculous as there are lot of quality headphones in the 300-600 range itself. anyone who is spending this amount of money on these headphones need to be really ignorant of reality. Get a 1000$ headphones and give the money to charity, i say!
kniti Month ago
well they are better than any other headphones in the "normal" pricerange.. The reason for the price is the stupid slow and tedious manufactoring process of doing everything by hand and testing them every step by professionals.. It's definately not worth the price for most, but if you're an enthousiast and end up spending that kind of money on audio anyway i see no issue in paying a large sum for an extraordinary handcrafted product
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