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So I thought I'd be adventuresome and buy a $200 Amazon Mystery Box ... I was so surprised with what was inside! xo's ~ Tati
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✔ S N A P C H A T
✔ I N S T A G R A M
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✔ F A C E B O O K
✔ E M A I L

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Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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Comments 100
Tin Cole
Tin Cole 3 hours ago
i wanna fukk your husband lol
Shannon McPherson
Shannon McPherson 4 hours ago
Tati!!! The Shiny pokemon cards are amazing!! They can be worth so much!!!
Lily H
Lily H Day ago
no one: Tati: sTOp IT!
Shin Yoo
Shin Yoo Day ago
the "aww man" on the pop tards though :) i feel you, because i cant rlly find any in germany :D
Kiekkxx *
Kiekkxx * Day ago
Those pokemon cards are very rare
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar Day ago
Plot twist: Taylor pocketed the money and made the box himself
ItstheG-dats Day ago
“i was attacked” -tati♥️😂 love ya lol!
Alex Wills
Alex Wills 2 days ago
This video has me cackling 😂😂
Hello its me
Hello its me 2 days ago
Those Pokemon cards can be pretty expensive
Corey Stepp
Corey Stepp 4 days ago
I'm guessing his favorite hero is Gambit
D Gail
D Gail 4 days ago
I’m gluten too!!!
Trish the Dish
Trish the Dish 4 days ago
Hey girl, Trish the Dish here , I love you I so think you were chilling with Jeffery before you mane this 🤗 “ hi, how are ya”
Kelsy Frame
Kelsy Frame 4 days ago
those Pokemon cards are rare!
Lavinia Tomba
Lavinia Tomba 4 days ago
Wow, you look extra good in this video
Leoh 4 days ago
I think the Pokémon cards could possibly be rare (idk for sure tho, they look rare)🤷‍♀️ -i have them- i *used* to have them 😅 but I aint got rare ones so idk
Angel 4 days ago
I was attacked........by a bug
Take a shot every time she says “stop it”
Jaden2905 jewett
Jaden2905 jewett 5 days ago
"i tripped on the rug and I made all sorts of dramatic sounds, and my husband thought I was actually dying.."
Fangirling.1.0.1 5 days ago
James looks at Tati with pure love thats what i want in life.
anne prouse
anne prouse 5 days ago
Antibiotics 'just in case' is literally the reason for antibiotic resistance 😞
anne prouse
anne prouse 2 days ago
+M V Understood. It was only the wording that made me query it. 'just in case' isn't the same as 'this could be dangerous if you don't take antibiotics so my medical opinion is that you should' but may well just have been the way it was abbreviated for the video.
M V 2 days ago
If it were a brown recluse bite she could lose the arm or die of sepsis in a matter of days. It's not like she had the sniffles, insect bites that spread like that are a legitimate reason to use antibiotics. I know someone that ended up paralyzed in half their body from the infection a brown recluse bite caused.
Karen Gray
Karen Gray 5 days ago
Next time please order a beauty mystery box p s big fan love your vids
Eliza Zaib
Eliza Zaib 5 days ago
eligia marteliz
eligia marteliz 5 days ago
Pokemon can be worth a lot
Lulu's Bowtique Supply
I honestly thought at the end Taylor would be like Sike! I made that box up. Lol
Helping Hunnys
Helping Hunnys 6 days ago
You should do a $100 makeup mystery box!!
RaikoNekoChan 7 days ago
You should auction the Pokemon card on eBay
Foxy 7 days ago
Tati is now teaching James Charles about the domino effect 0:13
Life of a Pepper
Life of a Pepper 7 days ago
The Seattle bug was James 🤭
Alli Grable
Alli Grable 7 days ago
Little does she know her and James are done.
Monique Espinoza
Monique Espinoza 7 days ago
No bo🤣
Monique Espinoza
Monique Espinoza 7 days ago
Abigail Keating
Abigail Keating 7 days ago
2019 anybody?
brownie bee
brownie bee 8 days ago
A little kid made that box..... I cant, it was so thoughtful coming from him or her.
maya joseph
maya joseph 8 days ago
i had never heard of tati until the james scandal but OH MY GOD I LOVE HER
Olivia Sister squad
Olivia Sister squad 19 hours ago
Caroline May ME TOO
André St.Amour
André St.Amour 21 hour ago
DatgurlZara 2 days ago
Fancy Kitty
Fancy Kitty 2 days ago
Mee too
maya joseph
maya joseph 2 days ago
+Andrea Dersom yes she is, i never really kept up w the beauty community before this tho 😂
Abigayle Hynes
Abigayle Hynes 8 days ago
As she says the purchasing of an abandoned storage unit Safiya’s video about that is on my recommend.
Raphaella Marinho
I gotta say this is one of Tati's funniest videos I've watched so far (and I find a lot of them quite funny), but just because of the begining... When she said 'I'm not having a good day' I knew nothing good could come out of that video. Hahahahahahaha Wrong day to open the box, Tati. Wrong day.
Jessica Kott
Jessica Kott 9 days ago
I *love* this makeup look!
Just Jen
Just Jen 9 days ago
Poshmark has some amazing ones! I bought one from Lilamyg which was $50 and I got $245 worth of products! Al luxury brands!!!
Madeleine S.
Madeleine S. 9 days ago
Those are actually some good ass Pokémon cards
Mia Allen
Mia Allen 10 days ago
Tati, you need to come to unclaimed baggage in Scottsboro, AL. It’s where the lost luggage goes!
Noelle Talkington
Noelle Talkington 10 days ago
I hate u ruined James career
Pidge Holt
Pidge Holt 9 days ago
He sexualised straight men?
The Fairy GodDog
The Fairy GodDog 9 days ago
Noelle Talkington he deserved it
K Unicorn
K Unicorn 10 days ago
Ofc your making things dramatic. Just like the James Charles situation
K Unicorn
K Unicorn 7 days ago
The Fairy GodDog if you “ have a life “ then don’t comment back to me. You sound like an idiot anyways
The Fairy GodDog
The Fairy GodDog 7 days ago
+K Unicorn And do you know James Personally? Didn't think so. Your logic makes no sense lol
The Fairy GodDog
The Fairy GodDog 7 days ago
If anything you seem immature and like a kid for getting mad over me just replying to a dumb comment made by a triggered kid online. Bye hun. I actually have a life. Don't got time to worry about you.
K Unicorn
K Unicorn 8 days ago
The Fairy GodDog oml don’t even start with me ok? Do u have any proof that James is actually a predator!? No u don’t your just being a stupid little kid following trends and believing everything you here. Do you know james Charles personally? No you don’t. So don’t assume
Daisy Anne
Daisy Anne 10 days ago
Ur my hero !❤️❤️❤️❤️
Starleen Cooley
Starleen Cooley 10 days ago
Some pokemon cards are extremely valuable and those seem really nice
Jennifer salas
Jennifer salas 10 days ago
Hailee Brooks
Hailee Brooks 10 days ago
I actually cannot deal with how beautiful you are 😍😍
hjbbb Bbb
hjbbb Bbb 10 days ago
Loveeee yoouuuuhh
Brittney Shilts
Brittney Shilts 10 days ago
This was a bust but I really enjoyed this video as well as you and James. ❤️
Via Leah
Via Leah 10 days ago
Please be my family
KELM McCamey
KELM McCamey 10 days ago
I live in Seattle also I followed u cause the sister scandal and am bench watching your vids cause my grandma died last night so u are helping
KELM McCamey
KELM McCamey 10 days ago
I watched 12 vids of hers alone last night
hjbbb Bbb
hjbbb Bbb 10 days ago
KELM McCamey ❤️❤️ condolence
Retro 10 days ago
Those pokemon cards are so cool
Sienna Cullimore
Sienna Cullimore 10 days ago
I love my new mom
Milly Bobby
Milly Bobby 10 days ago
How is one born so beautiful?
Dazerlazer22 10 days ago
Love you Tati!!
julieonna good
julieonna good 11 days ago
I love youu😘😘
Morgan Roth
Morgan Roth 11 days ago
Are you okay
No Name
No Name 11 days ago
Those pokemon cards are rare hun you got way more then what's in the box the price should have been way bigger for those cards
No Name
No Name 6 days ago
No Name
No Name 6 days ago
+Hazeyy Dazeyy how do u even know all u saw was blurry glimpses most of the cards. I doubt you do know if they are or are not.
Hazeyy Dazeyy
Hazeyy Dazeyy 6 days ago
No Name I do know they aren’t rare 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
No Name
No Name 10 days ago
+Hazeyy Dazeyy yeah my generation said the same thing about the cards that are supper rare now so dont preach unless you know
Hazeyy Dazeyy
Hazeyy Dazeyy 10 days ago
No Name no they’re not😂😂
Șuteu Denisa
Șuteu Denisa 11 days ago
Wowww How poor you are better you die
Justine 11 days ago
Maybe bcs taylor is a male the seller put male stuff in there. But it’s still rip off so 😂
Puzzaz Pufferfish
Puzzaz Pufferfish 12 days ago
I love you Tati stay strong and I hope you find true friends you deserve it your always so honest but nice 💛✨
Tim Coulson
Tim Coulson 12 days ago
U r such an amazing person❤️❤️❤️
Crystal Vazquez
Crystal Vazquez 16 days ago
Why would people even buy that
ryansmommy09 18 days ago
I laughed so hard!!!
Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis 19 days ago
Tati is stunning 😍😍
Davida Ohayon
Davida Ohayon 19 days ago
Tati that Pokémon card is worth like one hundred dollers u need to chill
JourneyofEmily 20 days ago
okay tmi but if a guy did that to me on a date i’d literally be like “oof that was hot, marry me?”
Vicky M
Vicky M 21 day ago
I thought I was the only one that gets many chills from "Storage Wars" and the airport suitcase rage! I now love you more than I already did!
Emily Foster
Emily Foster 22 days ago
Hey Pokemon cards have value. Ranging from a couple cents to a hundred or two dollars
Mary Pavy
Mary Pavy 23 days ago
Laughed so hard I was crying
Laura Beauty
Laura Beauty 25 days ago
Kayleigh Moon
Kayleigh Moon 26 days ago
I'll take those pokemon cards.
neptunesvortex 27 days ago
Hey tati.... look up "unclaimed baggage" in scottsboro, Alabama. Awesome store and that's where your luggage went
Megan Romancak
Megan Romancak 29 days ago
I always rewatch the videos about your beauty favorites! I've never had a product you recommend fail me! Sending love your way!XOXO
Samaira Sen
Samaira Sen Month ago
You both were so excited for the card story and I got so excited and then the perfume thing happened and I laughed so hard. The story was so lovely. 'I played for a few minutes but I was okay' I died 😂😂😂
Samaira Sen
Samaira Sen Month ago
I was watching lectures on RUvid and ended up watching Tati's makeup tutorials and got hooked for life. Love you Babe.
Alicia Endl
Alicia Endl Month ago
From what I have seen the eBay mystery boxes are better then the amazon. I got one from eBay for $25 and had $128 dollars worth of stuff
Amy Cosgrove
Amy Cosgrove Month ago
😩 I feel so bad for you!
June Arnold
June Arnold Month ago
you can give your pokemon cards to your nephew its an EX or megaEX
Ale H
Ale H Month ago
order another
Lana Guignard
Lana Guignard Month ago
Lol love this video
Mahnoor Liaqat
Mahnoor Liaqat Month ago
Gosh she talks so extra like girl u making me feel bore
samantha tingle
samantha tingle Month ago
oof, got a bad one.
Pia Michelle
Pia Michelle Month ago
Haha Taylor definitely made this mystery box himself and probably didn’t say anything to creep you out 🤣
Yamila Nahir Saud
Winston Gow
Winston Gow Month ago
Lol, those did look like some good Pokemon cards though! You should do an eye inspired by the coolest one!
Lytra Month ago
That Pokemon card is worth about $20, the first one at least. The second one is about $10
kfalco7 Month ago
Love your hair this color and straight like this .... beautiful!
Teo Khvadagiani
Teo Khvadagiani Month ago
Westbrook is famous basketballer
Maddy More
Maddy More Month ago
REPORT IT!!!!!!!!
Abigail Standiford
I am cracking up so hard 😂😂 makes me want to buy a mystery box for shits and giggles
Kass Foley
Kass Foley Month ago
Having one of those rewatch videos day and I'm love this one because I'm in a bad mood and I get the complaining ahahhaha
Linda Van Vuren
Linda Van Vuren Month ago
Like like like like like
Bella Ronika
Bella Ronika Month ago
Id love to get the pokemon cards omg ^^ And omg this video escalated so quickly 🤣
Jesi Nau
Jesi Nau Month ago
Ew. Worst mystery box ever. I would seriously report the seller.
Angelica Moen
Angelica Moen Month ago
Those pokemon cards might be Worth more than that box...
Professional Commenter
I forgot how whiny she is.. I'm out.
Jeni smith
Jeni smith Month ago
Omg is this real????
Heidi Sands
Heidi Sands Month ago
I have to apologize this was entirely way to funny. I have tears streaming right now.
Michaela Leblanc
Michaela Leblanc 2 months ago
Ugh, please just cut the mindless chatter and just open the packages. It’s super annoying!
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez 2 months ago
They gave you manly items like the tshirt because it was under Taylor's name haha
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