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So I thought I'd be adventuresome and buy a $200 Amazon Mystery Box ... I was so surprised with what was inside! xo's ~ Tati
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Aug 17, 2018




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Gerard Caccioppo
Gerard Caccioppo 5 days ago
Typical check once you start talkin you can't stop
Jamie Donovan
Jamie Donovan 15 days ago
Better Check those Pokémon cards! Some of them are worth some serious money!
Rooster Food
Rooster Food 22 days ago
The Pokemon cards expensive Thousands back
Olyvia UwU
Olyvia UwU 23 days ago
The pokemon cards are actually valuable
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig 25 days ago
Well at least you can say your very beautiful today!!!
euf1000 Month ago
dr. qcx
dr. qcx Month ago
she survived a brown recluse. *she’s unbeatable*
melissa bam
melissa bam Month ago
What cards are they tho 😂😂 What kind of box is this....
DJ Palmieri
DJ Palmieri Month ago
A quick search will get you going. "Unclaimed Baggage Store near me" Happy Shopping.
c h a n u
c h a n u Month ago
Maxmoefoe would be happy getting those pokemon cards
Nik Man
Nik Man Month ago
Farty Tarty.
Lionel Brown
Lionel Brown Month ago
I love this video. It seems like such a simple video but it really made me think and only because you are so beautiful. I thought that there has to be a woman out there with a better outlook on things. One that could find something redeeming and even fun about a Mystery Box.
Nina Swiech
Nina Swiech 2 months ago
Shes complaining about getting a brand new tshirt while wearing a torn tshirt...??? Along with many other tattered and torn garments in other videos. I know its the style right now but i just dont get it....and i love tati, i just thought it was kinda funny.
Alyssa Rogers
Alyssa Rogers 2 months ago
Where is your shirt from Tati?
Kellie Barnes
Kellie Barnes 2 months ago
This is hilarious
Stealthy_wolf. Gaming
Now with more frosting!?............. . Aw maaan
Milissa Ferrell
Milissa Ferrell 2 months ago
Pokemon cards can be SOOOO expensive
F0xx 2 months ago
Omg those pokemon cards tho 😍😍😍
Ally Wang
Ally Wang 2 months ago
Just saying that it is past midnight and I haven’t started on my homework yet, and I have two tests today and a project so wish me luck
rexaholic 2 months ago
Tati’s makeup looks SO GOOD here!! I couldn’t stop looking at her eyeshadow
S Mansha
S Mansha 2 months ago
Her cupids bow looks weird ... like i cant concentrate whys it so prominent? :/
Faith P
Faith P 2 months ago
Plot twist, this is just Taylor pranking her 😂
leianna wieninger
leianna wieninger 2 months ago
Omg I was bit by a brown recluse too so scary I actually almost died I had like the worst reaction to it and living in bodunk backwoods Maine healthcare is kinda scarce... so very scary and not fun.... now I have the worst spider phobia EVER!! I feel you girl
James Carson
James Carson 2 months ago
"HoW dId ThE SeLlEr KnOw WhO ThEy WeRe SeNdInG tHiS ToO?" Probably because you gave them your address
Samantha Shine
Samantha Shine 2 months ago
I am super allergic to many of the biting insects wherever I happen to be! Got a bug bite in Minnesota while gardening that sent me to the ER years ago! Had a spider bite here in FL about 5-6 years ago that was from a wood spider, which is a gigantic, size-of-my-hand spider that looks almost like a tree branch!!! Took a ton of antibiotics, pain meds and eventually the thing turned purple and my skin fell off! Painful and scary!!
yacsul isol
yacsul isol 2 months ago
This is made up, lol i can see that ur fakeing it
Jessi Jesterr
Jessi Jesterr 2 months ago
Should have not gotten that.
Madelyn Hart
Madelyn Hart 2 months ago
"now with more frosting! aw man...."
Aladdin Senpai
Aladdin Senpai 2 months ago
I don’t think those Pokémon cards are worth more than $15 each but they can go for 80+ dollars for newer ones not just ones from base set
Julie Crespo
Julie Crespo 2 months ago
I have a Bug bite that's making me traumatic 🤔🤔🤔 and I have a Pokemon card 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Faith Dani
Faith Dani 2 months ago
Yay!! I LOVE Bunny!
Jax 2 months ago
2:45..ur welcome
Love Birds
Love Birds 2 months ago
They actually sell your luggage so that’s probably where your shoes went along with your suitcase or whatever you had to carry around 🙂
Jestem Polakiem !!
Jestem Polakiem !! 2 months ago
I love how honest Tati is compared to SOME RUvidRS!!!
DragonMilotic 2 months ago
Those pokemon cards are acually really rare loooool
Cristin And Service Dog Gunner
We have a lost luggage place not far from here, its like the largest thrift store on some really high end brands I go there twice a year.
d t
d t 3 months ago
Certain Pokemon cards are worth a lot of money
Lily Gardner8
Lily Gardner8 3 months ago
Pokemon cards do cost in a gamershop
Lissy London
Lissy London 3 months ago
LMAO! This was so funny.
gabykeee 3 months ago
You should look up the pokemon cards..
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 3 months ago
Also those cards are worth a bit....
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 3 months ago
Lost luggage can be auctioned, donated, or just tossed.
Oh Tati I love your videos 😂 THOSE POKEMON CARDS ... I died 😩😂
ANEERZA IMIA 3 months ago
Tati pokemon cards *are* valuable lmao
RaeBae Slays
RaeBae Slays 3 months ago
Nobody: Tati: STOP IT.
Dee Dee O'Gorman-Pagan
Tati, sorry about your lousy mystery box! It was an entertaining video though:}
Nancy Ayotte
Nancy Ayotte 3 months ago
Oh you need to totally impeach Amazon Tati! I can't believe that mystery box was crap.
Kasandra Mckenna
Kasandra Mckenna 3 months ago
Nancy Ayotte
Nancy Ayotte 3 months ago
OMG! Too funny.
Vladimir Ercegovčević
You're so boringgggggg..... 🙄
Jessica Melugin
Jessica Melugin 3 months ago
Literally wish my biggest problems were tripping on carpet and having a bug bite on my arm. What a life.
Настя Пичугина
Настя Пичугина
Настя Пичугина
Настя Пичугина
Настя Пичугина
Настя Пичугина
Настя Пичугина
ReeAnna Perkins
ReeAnna Perkins 3 months ago
You are so amazing and I love your channel ! You help me get through my day :) I wish I could afford your products so I could support your business but I just had a baby and that's expensive lol please keep making amazing videos! We all love you girl
MOODY ONE81 3 months ago
That would seriously creep me out big time... I wouldn't do It
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