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$13,000 Turbo 350Z built with CHEAP parts vs. $33,000 twin-turbo 350Z built with EXPENSIVE parts. Does more expensive mean more better? We’re gonna find out once and for all.
Donut bought two identical Nissan 350z’s, and for the past few weeks have been modifying them to be FUN, daily drivers that you can take to the track.
Team Low (Nolan Sykes & Aaron Parker) got a bunch of really cheap parts and in the end got a slammed turbo z that shoots flames all for around $13,000.
Team Hi (James Pumphrey & Zach Jobe) on the other hand, got a bunch of really nice expensive stuff totaling an astounding $33,000.
Then we tested them to see which components are actually worth spending the money on. We’re gonna break down the cost of building these two cars, test them head to head on track, and decide which is better.
Low Car got a set of eBay coilovers of unknown origin, and Hi Car was treated to a set of KW V3s.
Next, we installed wheels and tires. Hi Car got some sick Advan RGIII’s wrapped in Bridgestone RE71s. Meanwhile on the Low Car, We bought some XXR 527s, and decided to run Federal RS-RR tires. In the end, both cars were able to achieve supercar-level braking distance by switching to super sticky rubber.
Nolan and Aaron installed more aggressive brake pads, steel braided brake lines, flushed and replaced the brake fluid, and bled the lines. Over on Hi Car, Zach and James replaced the car’s entire braking system with a 6 piston, 13 brake kit from Wilwood.
After that we went inside our Zs, installing racing seats. The Hi Car got two Sparco QRT-R seats, a Greddy steering wheel, and a hub to make it removable. Lo Car received some Corbeau DFXs racing seats.
Next, both cars were fitted with modified differentials to make sick skids easier. Hi Car got a very trick Kaaz 2-way differential. Zach spent a lot of time adjusting the spacing, making sure it was perfect. Over on Lo Car we took a different route. Instead of installing a new differential, we welded ours together!
After making a bunch of performance upgrades, it was time to alter the looks of our beloved Zs. Team Low decided to give Lo Car some plastidip.
Over on team Hi, they took their car to a professional vinyl shop.
Finally, we gave the Donut Zs some BOOST! Hi car got a Jim Wolf twin turbo setup that made it sound like a Baby GTR. And the low car got a single turbo kit by way of eBay.
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Jan 22, 2020




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Donut Media
Donut Media 28 days ago
So what do you think? After all this, are you Team Hi or Team Low?
killshot madman
killshot madman 10 days ago
99 civic or 04 subaru sti
George Paramushchak
Miata M- miata I- is A- always T-the A- answer
Gage Griffith
Gage Griffith 28 days ago
cartoondboy 28 days ago
Civcs hi lo
Savier Osman
Savier Osman 28 days ago
Do a mustang next plz
BRIAN BUSCH 3 hours ago
Y’all should do a Battle for whats best for Cheap East Hp and Performance in older mustang and Camaro. Upgrade them as equally as possible and see which one is better for the dollar and performs better
Brian Cardona
Brian Cardona 3 hours ago
camron heirendt
camron heirendt 5 hours ago
sti or wrx
DamO Gee
DamO Gee 6 hours ago
Love the effort you guys put into this!!
Toxic XD
Toxic XD 6 hours ago
Brz, 90’s civic or, s13/14
Tracy Hartzell
Tracy Hartzell 7 hours ago
Devin Gemignani
Devin Gemignani 8 hours ago
Definitely so cool that yall did this i am a huge fan! Please please do another hi low
Jaxter 8 hours ago
Geo metro hi low
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 9 hours ago
I'd like to see Hi/low car on Volkswagon golf GTI 2000-2005~ it is a very popular working man/first car still today, comes with some easy swap mods that make huge impacts. Or perhaps a subaru hi/low. Z was an excellent choice btw
Running Gag
Running Gag 10 hours ago
Have you considered doing dsm?
Christopher Pluko
Christopher Pluko 10 hours ago
90s integra or rx7s
Edward Busbin
Edward Busbin 12 hours ago
NA or NB Mazda Miata Hi/Low! Easy to find Miatas in decent condition, a world of parts to choose from. Sure everybody has done Miata mods, but nobody has ever done something like what Hi/Low is.
Rexsus1 15 hours ago
Do a GTI
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 15 hours ago
Fox Body Hi low
Objectified Cross
Objectified Cross 17 hours ago
Hopefully in the next season you compare parts from reputable brands instead of no-name garbage on the low-car. Would be a much much fairer comparison. As anyone with a brain wouldn't touch that no-name crap.
Cooper Talburt
Cooper Talburt 18 hours ago
you should do a jeep high low series with the grand cheroke or the wrangler
Houston Hall
Houston Hall 18 hours ago
I'd like to see some kind of offroad build in the next hi-low. Be something a little different 👍👍
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 19 hours ago
I’d like to see a Miata next but there’s a lot of great suggestions in here already like an e36 or a Honda Civic.
William Cruz
William Cruz 23 hours ago
Miata Hi/Low!!!!!
cabe zamudio
cabe zamudio 23 hours ago
Do the e46 M3 hi low
Anthony Hearn
Lancer evo’s or wrx’s pls and thanks
Jr Deluna
Jr Deluna Day ago
billy yan
billy yan Day ago
What if you guys had the same bugget but one buys expensive other buys cheap. The cheap car can have more but more low quality stuff lol I wonder if it will balance more
Isamel Madrigal
Infinity q50
Chase M
Chase M Day ago
cameron olson
Do a hi/low with jeep wrangler
Elijah Cavin
Elijah Cavin Day ago
So pick and choose the things you spend the money on. Like the wheel and tire and paint
Do a front wheel drive car like a lancer gt or a Honda civic
Alexis Magana
How about am Mazda Miata
Tyler Anderson
Do sport trucks next!
max ginn
max ginn Day ago
Do some fox body mustangs or some 2000 camaros
Pikachulova7 Day ago
You guys worked really hard, loved this series and all I learned about installation and stuff
klaidi vrouzai
Do it with dodge charchers
Kern Edward
Kern Edward Day ago
Next time, consider limiting where you can shop (eBay/Amazon vs parts store)? Or new vs used parts?
Greg Garma
Greg Garma Day ago
Mustang or camaro
I went to Google headquarters and I got this shirt
Can you do a high low of a Dodge Charger or Chsllenger
LaVincent Noland
I was like to see you guy do a scion xb
Sakunthala Sakunthala
Please do civic hi low and try matching it with the type r level I think you will have an awesome fake type r for cheap and for showing off
Nikolast 2 days ago
Hope you do more of this videos
Callum Evans
Callum Evans 2 days ago
I really want to see a new season of this. I NEED a new season of this
the pizza Player
the pizza Player 2 days ago
Do this again but wit BRZ
Carlos J
Carlos J 2 days ago
Do something completely different modify some Silverado's or F-150's
leslie mathiason
leslie mathiason 2 days ago
BMW m5
JKballer 13
JKballer 13 2 days ago
subie wrx 05!!!!!! pls
Hayden Deen
Hayden Deen 2 days ago
I loved this season! I think you should do an off-road season with a 90s Jeep YJ
SnifferSock 2 days ago
F body camaros would be easier on the budget but harder to get 2 in similar condition.
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza 2 days ago
Do a brz next
Shifty Lucas
Shifty Lucas 2 days ago
integra hi low
AELHIIL HARAN - 2 days ago
How about GT86 or a BRZ or a FRS
Ty Samwell
Ty Samwell 2 days ago
Mitsubishi 3000gt Or Eclipse High Low
Stephen DeFrees
Stephen DeFrees 2 days ago
Go for a hi low off road build Do a suburban or bronco
bertws6 2 days ago
Bones12x2 2 days ago
The other huge difference that isnt represented in this video is what the cars will be like after a couple years of steady use...especially occasional track use and daily driving. The cheap car will be broken and useless and the KW's and Garret turbos and Advans and Willwoods etc on the high car will still be just fine as long as the car is tuned properly and taken care of.
Aaron Castro
Aaron Castro 2 days ago
Mazda miatas or Toyota Supras
Fabian Lopez
Fabian Lopez 2 days ago
ABQ gang
Octavian M. Draghici
Hi guys! Congratulations for the show. For the next one I would like too see a third option added into the competition, the Medium priced car. The car I would choose would be a Golf (V or VI maybe).
Kanishi 2 days ago
You gotta do civics. You just have to.
Jake  Guevara
Jake Guevara 2 days ago
Full send hi low mk3 Supra baby !
Trails with Travis
This series was actually so entertaining, keep it up
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