$101 vs $8 Omelet: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

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Expert chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Emily are swapping materials and hoping for the best! We gave ketchup ambassador Emily $101 worth of ingredients and Frank's recipe notebook, then asked her to recreate his omelet as best she could. To lend a helping hand, food scientist Rose dialed in for a brief tutorial and pep talk. On the other side, Frank received a meager $8 worth of supplies and tried to improvise his way up to gourmet. Who’s got the huevos to succeed under these mixed up circumstances?

Chef Frank is on social at @protocooks
Find Emily at @emilyslamduncan
Looking for Rose? Find her at @rosemarytrout_foodscience

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$101 vs $8 Omelet: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


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May 18, 2020




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Comments 100
Chris Tee
Chris Tee 3 hours ago
Why does that hundred dollar omelette look like a 8 dollar omelette?
Ghadifa Shafwah
Is nobody gonna realize that emily change phone?
Katerbug 22
Katerbug 22 Day ago
Is it just me or does he look like GUY the chef and I know him from GUYS Groceries Game
CoolAsFreya Day ago
I love how they still maintain the illusion of tossing the recipe book and swapping ingredients as if they were next to eachother
Morgan Wolf
Morgan Wolf Day ago
does anyone else think emiy sounds like dori ?
Ultra Instinct Ninja
I feel like frank just gets bullied to much😂😂😂
Syon Cheung
Syon Cheung 2 days ago
isnkt emily a lvl 1 chef
Jake River
Jake River 2 days ago
I only watch this when I’m hungry is that a problem 😐
L1ttl3 V1llan
L1ttl3 V1llan 2 days ago
I wonder if he’s ever had McDonald’s
Janjira Williams
Janjira Williams 2 days ago
Who the hell pay $100for omelet?it's too silly.i think the pro chef is pretty snotty.
mohammad fallah.rasoulnejad
wait who is this rose lady? she gives tips to everyone is she like cooking superhero?
Food and Frolic
Food and Frolic 4 days ago
Does anyone else skip the food scientist/Rose part here as well?😅
Aashis Kr
Aashis Kr 4 days ago
saaaaad she lost the interest in between of the cooking......
Umbreon's Locos
Umbreon's Locos 4 days ago
8 dollars it TOO much for an inlet. Never mind over 100
Tyler1272000 4 days ago
I left after 10:28. I'm back now. But I needed a break after those whiskey jokes...
Dominika 4 days ago
Don't wash your chanterelles? Boy, if I didn't wash them after picking I would have a very crunchy mushroom xD And anyway chantarelles are very sturdy, you can even soak them in water. What a weird thing to say...
Halal Recipes
Halal Recipes 5 days ago
I am promoting my mom and sisters youtube channel, please help me make them proud!
John 5 days ago
I'mma be honest: the $101 omelet sounds gross.
The BlackOps
The BlackOps 5 days ago
You're telling me this man spends 100 dollars on breakfast? 🤯
EddieTheLoaf 6 days ago
Emily level 2 now :O? It says home cook in the title.
BlueFighterr100 6 days ago
i like the videos i like pro chef vs home cook and i like how they take the pro chef's stuff and they take them to the home cook and the home cook needs someone to help them make the food and the pro chef makes foods with 8 dollers and he makes it really good thats what i like the most if you understand what i am saying leave a like in my comment! ⬇
Yongzhen Cheng
Yongzhen Cheng 7 days ago
where did Lorenzo go?
Banana Man
Banana Man 7 days ago
Emily was shoppin for an $8 omelet but accidentally bought an $8 microphone
Aziz Gezinda
Aziz Gezinda 8 days ago
In my country you can make omelet just $1
Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar 10 days ago
Its a very good recipe if you want your omelet to be ready in 5 months 😂
NotDavidDuh 12 days ago
Wait Know Emily Is A Homecook
Tree-PJ 13 days ago
2019 Emily: I only amature *crying small doggo* 2020 Emil: I am home cook now >:( *small doggo*
Tree-PJ 13 days ago
Emily is exactly like that kid on Christmas
Cassidy 13 days ago
I always thought it was omlette
Tanay 14 days ago
Always. The editor seems to have some issues with Emily XD
Robin Rundqvist
Robin Rundqvist 14 days ago
8 dollars not cheap for an omelet
Intel Recon
Intel Recon 15 days ago
The ketchup lady
Matthew Chacon
Matthew Chacon 15 days ago
its hard to think his more than 70 years old, he look like he was 48 years old
Engie 143
Engie 143 16 days ago
Frank got slightly thin ;-;
Icon94 16 days ago
5:26 She soundin like Rummy from The Boondocks lol
koemlay cooking
koemlay cooking 17 days ago
Really special, you two have different skills, please praise
Big Nigga ‘
Big Nigga ‘ 20 days ago
Their should be a challenge where rose and frank do a cook off
Johannes Rost
Johannes Rost 22 days ago
Frank Even uses the good Breton salt👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Zedonus0 24 days ago
Where is this woman's applause and award for these dad jokes firing off so fast and in succession?
Markinator 9000
Markinator 9000 27 days ago
Yay Emily leveled up
jane can’t dance
Wait did they promote Emily to home cook?
Rob Caldwell
Rob Caldwell Month ago
Peeling asparagus is unnecessary:)
Kanishk Vats
Kanishk Vats Month ago
Is it me only or does it look like frank was making a joke when he said its colourless at 20:36
Zacka Fromeast
Zacka Fromeast Month ago
Who spends $101 on a omelet
First First
First First Month ago
he he he he SWISS CHEESE cheaper than anything else .....come to the SWITZERLAND for real SWISS CHEES pound 30 dollars AND WE HAVE HERE OVER 50 style Swiss cheese all of them expensive conclusion ......thats not a swiss cheese honey !
Dr. Sivathalam Sivathalam
HOW Can you Make different OMLATES 🤐
F K Month ago
I actually wanna see him make the 101 dollar omelette
A chomky seal
A chomky seal Month ago
Its hard to focus when they bring in buetiful guests like frank the salt master
XxunknownFNx Month ago
Bro frank ate that cheese like he was a mouse
James Sherrard
James Sherrard Month ago
'Leftover coffee' is a thing that exists?
Sadman Pranto
Sadman Pranto Month ago
wait... an Egg costs 0.88 USD in USA ??
Yajyu Tandukar
Yajyu Tandukar Month ago
17:25 the way Frank rubbed the butter on the omelette shows his dedication.
Pete's Gaming and Tut's
they are spending much for an omelet for a single test bite while my 0.30$ omelet can already feed a whole family .
Marcus Remigio
Marcus Remigio Month ago
What is she singing while peeling the asparagus someone tell meee
Reddy prasad
Reddy prasad Month ago
I make $0.09 omlet 😍
Joseph Zaragoza
Joseph Zaragoza Month ago
6:03 how did she know?
Ali 10
Ali 10 Month ago
Am I the only one who wanna see rose cook? Can you do one of these cook swap videos but have rose do the actual cooking rather than just giving advice.
Someone Month ago
Pathetic, when I make an omelette, I have egg with a side of egg, seasoned with egg.
John Ohkuma-Thiel
Halfway through the video, I actually forgot what they were making.
Reagan Co
Reagan Co Month ago
omelet or omelette
Jo Rae
Jo Rae Month ago
I have the same mustard as frank🥰
Carol Month ago
Everyone always give an eye when i burn my bacon.. I like it burnt! Yass!
patricia Bermudez
Emilie is better than mine xD
Mahadev 2003
Mahadev 2003 Month ago
The way she holds the whisk, is how you hold................................
Scenario_lms Month ago
I thought Emily was an amateur
Nirav Month ago
"I am a professional chef but for most part I am just a normal person".😳
Sajjad Baluch
Sajjad Baluch Month ago
i can make an omelete cost 0.075 dollar in pakistan
Marielle 24
Marielle 24 Month ago
Ngano na homecook chef mana si emily uy piste lamya kaayo, banga pajud kaayo muluto charot
AnimalMotha Month ago
Almost through the video, I just realized that Emily's outfit (red apron over green shirt) evokes the image of a tomato.. the basis for ketchup. Well played Emily, well played.
Tanner Utzig
Tanner Utzig Month ago
That joshua weissman reference there
Jeremy Bradley
Jeremy Bradley Month ago
Frank: don't do this Emily: Does that exact thing
Bernadet Angel Mañosa
ShyamWolf Month ago
My only question for frank is simple "What chainsaw did you use to cut down that asparagus?" If i used that thick of asparagus my grandma would kick me out of the kitchen.
Satrio Arif
Satrio Arif Month ago
i didn't know omelet can be as $101 expensive...
SoundStorm Studios
Congrats to Emily for advancing to Level 2! Proud of her!
Kati BAGBY Month ago
"2:38" When someone wish somthing only use *67Q.dlam.uno* this in particular was better than the rest 💳
marianne bratton
"2:29" Whenever anyone want somthing simply consider using *AYqi.dlam.uno* It is fascinating on all devices! axx සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය
ArtByAidan 2001
ArtByAidan 2001 Month ago
Why do Americans call it an omelet when it's omelette?
Kayla S
Kayla S Month ago
"No color at all! It's beautiful!" I need to find someone to talk about my paleness the way Frank talks about Emily's omelet.
johnny quesada
johnny quesada Month ago
Definitely!! Cook is love !
Micheal Badtke
Micheal Badtke Month ago
*cough cough* Bacon Drippings *cough cough*
Creatively _ Random
His stove is probably more expensive then anything i own
sicheng zhou
sicheng zhou Month ago
Coffee sugar and bacon, that’s what Homer Simpson would have for his morning beverage
Celeste Burgeson
Frank should go on the price is right
Muhammad Arief Rizqita
Best i can do is $1
scifirocks Month ago
Sorry to break it to you, but that's as French as french fries, that's more of a fine dining restaurant. I've been to France a lot, and frequently would order omelettes, they were always served as we'd have them in the UK. The family friends we'd stay with would also serve them this way. I've never been to a fancy restaurant in France, but in general they're not served like that.
K chertelf
K chertelf Month ago
I my asparagus in the microwave...
kratos16478 Month ago
i love how genuinely supportive and nice both chefs are
Jonny Flowers
Jonny Flowers Month ago
“The test isn’t that confusing” The test: 5:28
Azzam Hafidzulhaq
Frank, Emily and Rose are my fav! They're sweet and kind, and seeing them in one video together always bring me joy! Wish u guys all the best, Epicurious team!
gameshareprime 2 months ago
Frank: imma start by making my own chicken.
Chef Kevin
Chef Kevin 2 months ago
I would challenge Frank any day into a hot wing contest. I grew up in upstate NY near a bar that has won numerous awards for there wings, I traveled and lived around the country and learned a lot about different cuisines and fused them into one most awesome recipe. my recipe comes out to be around $19 if not already in pantry for just the sauce
Noodles 2 months ago
How is a omelet 101$ like the 😤😤😤😤
blacksinister 113
blacksinister 113 2 months ago
Are they Canadian's or americans
M.A. Q
M.A. Q 2 months ago
I love her personality funny cute ,right.
ma cristina manzano
ma cristina manzano 2 months ago
Frank you're not normal and that's a compliment.
To The Moon
To The Moon 2 months ago
Gordon be like its Fuking bland (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ you donkey..!!!
Explained 2 months ago
Explained 2 months ago
I thought Emily was a level 3 chef for a second when I saw her using the whisking tactic frank talked about but then.... SHE RAISED HER ARM. In the description they called her ketchup ambassador. Makes sense but their following the meme?
Кирилл Бирюков
Me when im losing in a game: I'm a salt master (Sorry)
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