$1000 LOUIS VUITTON Earbuds vs Airpods REVIEW - Are They Worth It Ep 01

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Today in this video I compare the newly released $1000 Louis Vuitton headphones earphones earpods airpods to the infamously popular Apple Airpods . There are many apple airpod memes , but just wait because the Louis Vuitton airpod memes will be even funnier (i think..) I do a comprehensive unboxing of the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones and then I compare them to my Apple Airpods and see which one I like better! What do you think?
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Feb 2, 2019




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Comments 1 161
steven knopcks
steven knopcks 11 days ago
hi blazendary love youre vids about bape clothing I love bape clothing and shoes
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 13 days ago
Love your videos
zz xx
zz xx Month ago
Weird flex
EzNess Prime
EzNess Prime Month ago
“The Louis Vuitton AirPods are made by MW07 and there like 700$ less. Your literally paying 700$ extra for the logo” 😂
Lochy Hardie
Lochy Hardie Month ago
Hypebeast- they r not a real brand Puts LV on Hypebeast- Where can I get em
Kevin Reeves
Kevin Reeves Month ago
wasting money 101
Jullius De leon
Jullius De leon Month ago
Louie’s look nasty asf on wars tho
Angelina Doan
Angelina Doan Month ago
So Asian have to use chopsticks for everything
Let's Moo
Let's Moo Month ago
Wiso der Deutsche Titel?😂
vRexordKiller -_-
The Louis Vuitton ear buds are ugly
sara m
sara m Month ago
i only know the louis ones because of lil yatchy's insta post but ok
BrokenHearts Live
iSaucyGenius Month ago
That police car edit had me dead
righty xboy
righty xboy 2 months ago
Sean Davis
Sean Davis 2 months ago
What you know bout X factor water!!??
MGaming 2 months ago
Apple users crying right now
DanT 2 months ago
So when the batteries die in 2 years?
Spazzy 2 months ago
Can I hit 100 subs before a video?
Clos48 00
Clos48 00 2 months ago
How u know they noise canceling when no one is their to make any noise lmao
Joy Orbison
Joy Orbison 2 months ago
Your skin is looking a lot clearer bro. Congrats
Sky Cloudd
Sky Cloudd 2 months ago
Imagine they make Supreme wigs
Suavè Tv
Suavè Tv 2 months ago
LV replaced mine for free
patient zero
patient zero 2 months ago
Anyone willing to support a young rising channel?❤️ We are young and striving ✊
Mrs ANG’
Mrs ANG’ 2 months ago
I so want a pair now!
ScrenZG 2 months ago
Bro i subbed!
Kaywop 2 months ago
Didn’t even mention Uzi smh
Max B
Max B 2 months ago
So AirPods are for broke people now
gamer tums
gamer tums 2 months ago
you are a redard
DjIceyhot 2 months ago
Why do you do all this extra bs to extend the time of the video🤔
Dylan Adkins
Dylan Adkins 2 months ago
Get it to 100k likes
Miss Misophonia
Miss Misophonia 2 months ago
Next thing Gucci is gonna come out with wireless earbuds
SausagePizza 2 months ago
Lmao he’s comparing the 2 but he doesn’t mention the apple AirPods at all 😂😂
Alex Kellner
Alex Kellner 2 months ago
IF life is pizza then is pizza life?
Eddie Huster
Eddie Huster 2 months ago
TikTok Daddy
TikTok Daddy 2 months ago
Rich kid, what do your parents do.
Nicolai S.
Nicolai S. 2 months ago
are y'all also having the title in german? wtf?
PixelPugaPC 2 months ago
spick and spaaaaaaaaan
Squicy Boi
Squicy Boi 2 months ago
Yeah blazendary they will be something they will be bad
Vasttie ツ
Vasttie ツ 2 months ago
But I am watching this with AirPods on?😂
Maxim Korol
Maxim Korol 2 months ago
AirPods are 160 and last 24 hours, these cost 1,000 and last 9 hours
Freegor Beats
Freegor Beats 2 months ago
Tf is the instrumental behind, i litterally just hear the hi hats, it's anoying
Ethan DeRoller
Ethan DeRoller 2 months ago
Who else didn’t like so he does not ruin them
dannyyy -
dannyyy - 2 months ago
Ckyle Soriano
Ckyle Soriano 2 months ago
Blazendary one of the best hypebeast youtuber
Emil Lugovoy
Emil Lugovoy 2 months ago
Indiana jones jr.
Indiana jones jr. 2 months ago
What stage autism do u have???
edges snatched •
Indiana jones jr. he doesn’t have “autism”’ are you calling him that just because he spent money on something he chose to buy, with his OWN money?
Gabby Yocum
Gabby Yocum 2 months ago
You should try out the power beats
Mr Pacyyy
Mr Pacyyy 2 months ago
Fun fact if you think blazendary is SSPOILED Wrong he earned his hype beast stuff with his money 4 years to get to today
Barbara Negrao
Barbara Negrao 2 months ago
souja pods tho
OH YEAH YEAH 2 months ago
You can’t take my sauce ohtrapstar in the back ground beat yea yea
George Fonmoa
George Fonmoa 2 months ago
how he gonna use them for working out if they cant get wet?
Carlos Argumaniz
Carlos Argumaniz 2 months ago
You know if there not branded lui there 300
Legit Checkz
Legit Checkz 2 months ago
You are spending more for the packaging buying Louis.😂😂😂
New-Past fashion
New-Past fashion 2 months ago
Why does it seem like this man doesn’t know what he’s talking about lol just has the money to buy shit lol
Chase Keller
Chase Keller 2 months ago
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 2 months ago
This video makes you look like a virgin
Mellrick Pranza
Mellrick Pranza 2 months ago
I have my Samsung Gear Icon X Earpods for just $180 or 8000 pesos here in Philippines, It plays 3 hours just like LV earbuds and practically speaking this Gear Icon X earpods will do great for practical people only 😂
DoNt Do DrUgS
DoNt Do DrUgS 2 months ago
Is that a marshmallow in ur left hand in the thumbnail?
Connor Warburton
Connor Warburton 2 months ago
Man's living off his parents money smh
Cokoflip 2 months ago
RiCh KiD
MINTY 4 2 months ago
G.P Greg Paul? 😂
Jack O’Brien
Jack O’Brien 2 months ago
lmao please don’t like the video it’s hurt my soul to them burn
CodytheNerd 2 months ago
Watch someone pull out these and get arrested because cops think it's a grinder
Blue_ theKid
Blue_ theKid 2 months ago
who else watching in 2067 ?
Brandon Kirfman
Brandon Kirfman 2 months ago
They were actually 995$ just to Keri know not 1000
StyFocused/LoL 2 months ago
AirPods are just bad.
Trillz On Top Music
Trillz On Top Music 2 months ago
And you all thought AirPods were a meme...
noah 2 months ago
what makes lv so much more special than regular brands
Chicago Hypebeast
Chicago Hypebeast 2 months ago
Biggest brick of the century, it might be a flex, but the technology is terrible. The case is 3x the size of the AirPods, so they will have to be kept in a bag, and 3 hours of battery life.. that's only like a short flight. Props to LV for dropping these, but they should probably have picked a better base model product like bose.
Smoking Buddha
Smoking Buddha 2 months ago
Why pay that much for some headphones I wouldn’t even waste money on AirPods I could buy so much more important things or things that have important use with the money you wasting on those headphones 1.5k for some wireless headphones that’s just pointless
Jj CuberYT
Jj CuberYT 2 months ago
I was using earbuds when i was solving in blindfold in rubiks cube hahaha btw nice vid boii left a like
2pro5you _
2pro5you _ 2 months ago
U have more money than sense
javier hernandez
javier hernandez 2 months ago
Just get an LV wrap for your AirPods lmao
Jake George
Jake George 2 months ago
you inspire me so much i really like your vids and i like u in general (NO HOMO) but it sucks cause im in australia i just wanna say keep doing what your doing it is amazing :)
陳奕翔 2 months ago
Sennheiser sounds better
Scxrlynxx 2 months ago
Slime Man Roblox
Slime Man Roblox 2 months ago
Thought it was Batman Logo for a sec.
J O R D A N 2 months ago
Wired>Wireless just saying...
Chrome Exotic
Chrome Exotic 2 months ago
Tbh if they sponsored this video then ofc you would say they are good or elts they don’t pay you
SMB Lux 2 months ago
i’m not rich enough to watch this
Sik BeAts
Sik BeAts 2 months ago
Sounds like the gear icon x 2018.
Wilcox 41
Wilcox 41 2 months ago
Could you imagine if LV just would partner with apple and have a LV case and AirPods🤤🤤
Gabe 2 months ago
watching with wires :(
Lil_ Luuii
Lil_ Luuii 2 months ago
This took so long
Noah Gatti
Noah Gatti 2 months ago
Hey guys cheapthrills and today I’m gonna show you how to make AirPods 1get apple headphones and cut the wires 2 take a toaster and plug it into a outlet near your tub 3 fill the tub with water 4 next sit in the tub and put the headphones in 5 next take the toaster put on toast and drop in tub
Velocity clan
Velocity clan 2 months ago
oH tHaTs HoT
John Guidry
John Guidry 2 months ago
Did he use flex tape to cover his address
TRAVIE ?¿ 2 months ago
I havent watched a blazendary vid in a while
Naru Exorcist
Naru Exorcist 2 months ago
the case looks like Louis Vuitton yoyo
michael zoarth
michael zoarth 2 months ago
well then gimme ur air pods 🤣🤣
Kid0njupiter 08
Kid0njupiter 08 2 months ago
Headphones EarPods AirPods earbuds😂😂😂
Max Souza
Max Souza 2 months ago
Go to boston got sole
jacob hull
jacob hull 2 months ago
Louis Vuitton is dumb
Kuldeep Manak
Kuldeep Manak 2 months ago
I rather just some Bose for 99$
It’s Dorsey
It’s Dorsey 2 months ago
If u like blazendary like this 🔥🔥
Waizzo 2 months ago
я ебу тому ебало
Stephen Arellano
Stephen Arellano 2 months ago
They both overpriced
Ryyan Rehman
Ryyan Rehman 2 months ago
everyone smash that like button 👍🏽
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 2 months ago
Oh yeah yeah
Sire Varnage
Sire Varnage 2 months ago
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