$1000 LOUIS VUITTON Earbuds vs Airpods REVIEW - Are They Worth It Ep 01

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Today in this video I compare the newly released $1000 Louis Vuitton headphones earphones earpods airpods to the infamously popular Apple Airpods . There are many apple airpod memes , but just wait because the Louis Vuitton airpod memes will be even funnier (i think..) I do a comprehensive unboxing of the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones and then I compare them to my Apple Airpods and see which one I like better! What do you think?
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Feb 2, 2019

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Comments 1 028
Breezy Films
Breezy Films 4 days ago
WHATT! For once Apple isn’t the most expensive thing on earth😱
Natalie Contreras
What does your phone say when you connect to them? Does it say Louis Vuitton? Lol
Ramiro Sucks
Ramiro Sucks Month ago
Apple LV collar be like: AirPod LV avaible now for only 99999999
Spencer Green
Spencer Green Month ago
Bruh u dumb just were both duh
Mr.cardvaughan 12
Mr.cardvaughan 12 2 months ago
Who else met Giancarlo at sneaker con
Ohgregory 3 months ago
Top 10 earbuds airpods are users are afraid to call cheap
steven knopcks
steven knopcks 3 months ago
hi blazendary love youre vids about bape clothing I love bape clothing and shoes
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 3 months ago
Love your videos
Lmao Lmao
Lmao Lmao 4 months ago
Weird flex
EzNess Prime
EzNess Prime 4 months ago
“The Louis Vuitton AirPods are made by MW07 and there like 700$ less. Your literally paying 700$ extra for the logo” 😂
Lochy Hardie
Lochy Hardie 4 months ago
Hypebeast- they r not a real brand Puts LV on Hypebeast- Where can I get em
Kevin Reeves
Kevin Reeves 4 months ago
wasting money 101
Jullius De leon
Jullius De leon 4 months ago
Louie’s look nasty asf on wars tho
Angelina Doan
Angelina Doan 4 months ago
So Asian have to use chopsticks for everything
Let's Moo
Let's Moo 4 months ago
Wiso der Deutsche Titel?😂
vRexordKiller -_-
vRexordKiller -_- 4 months ago
The Louis Vuitton ear buds are ugly
sara m
sara m 4 months ago
i only know the louis ones because of lil yatchy's insta post but ok
BrokenHearts KG
BrokenHearts KG 5 months ago
iSaucyGenius 5 months ago
That police car edit had me dead
righty xboy
righty xboy 5 months ago
Sean Davis
Sean Davis 5 months ago
What you know bout X factor water!!??
MGaming 5 months ago
Apple users crying right now
DanT 5 months ago
So when the batteries die in 2 years?
Spazzy 5 months ago
Can I hit 100 subs before a video?
Clos48 00
Clos48 00 5 months ago
How u know they noise canceling when no one is their to make any noise lmao
Joy Orbison
Joy Orbison 5 months ago
Your skin is looking a lot clearer bro. Congrats
Sky Cloudd
Sky Cloudd 5 months ago
Imagine they make Supreme wigs
Suavè Tv
Suavè Tv 5 months ago
LV replaced mine for free
patient zero
patient zero 5 months ago
Anyone willing to support a young rising channel?❤️ We are young and striving ✊
Mrs ANG’
Mrs ANG’ 5 months ago
I so want a pair now!
ScrenZG 5 months ago
Bro i subbed!
Kaywop 5 months ago
Didn’t even mention Uzi smh
Mai FN
Mai FN 5 months ago
So AirPods are for broke people now
gamer tums
gamer tums 5 months ago
you are a redard
DjIceyhot 5 months ago
Why do you do all this extra bs to extend the time of the video🤔
Gang Activity
Gang Activity 5 months ago
Get it to 100k likes
Miss Misophonia
Miss Misophonia 5 months ago
Next thing Gucci is gonna come out with wireless earbuds
SausagePizza 5 months ago
Lmao he’s comparing the 2 but he doesn’t mention the apple AirPods at all 😂😂
Alex Kellner
Alex Kellner 5 months ago
IF life is pizza then is pizza life?
Eddie Huster
Eddie Huster 5 months ago
Jackson Waer
Jackson Waer 5 months ago
Rich kid, what do your parents do.
Nicolai S.
Nicolai S. 5 months ago
are y'all also having the title in german? wtf?
PixelPugaPC 5 months ago
spick and spaaaaaaaaan
Squicy Boi
Squicy Boi 5 months ago
Yeah blazendary they will be something they will be bad
Vasttie 5 months ago
But I am watching this with AirPods on?😂
Maxim Korol
Maxim Korol 5 months ago
AirPods are 160 and last 24 hours, these cost 1,000 and last 9 hours
Freegor Beats
Freegor Beats 5 months ago
Tf is the instrumental behind, i litterally just hear the hi hats, it's anoying
Ethan DeRoller
Ethan DeRoller 5 months ago
Who else didn’t like so he does not ruin them
dannyyy -
dannyyy - 5 months ago
Ckyle Soriano
Ckyle Soriano 5 months ago
Blazendary one of the best hypebeast youtuber
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